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Danfo Vision SMEs Centre ADAMUS RESOURCES LIMITED MEDEL AFRICA LTD CIRRUS OIL SERVICES LIMITED OWERE MINES LTD Inter Global Partners LTD J.K. HORGLE TRANSPORT & CO LTD ORICA (GHANA) LIMITED GOLD COAST MATCOM (GCM) LIMITED ST. MICHAEL DIAGNOSTICS LTD NOBLE GOLD BIBIANI LTD. GEODRILL GHANA LIMITED GOLDEN STAR BOGOSU PRESTEA LTD EMIGOH GHANA LTD Rjp Manufacturing And Marketing Limited Twifo Oil Palm Plantations Ltd GHANA AIRPORT C¡ CUTS ACCRA AZAR CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED Alhaji Sulemana Industries Ltd GULF AFRICA TRADING & INDUSTRIAL CO LTD AYUM FOREST PRODUCTS LTD Jescan Construction Ltd. Pro-Grup Construction Ltd. SPAAN CONSTRUCTION Ancol Construction Ltd Ansufa Construction Asofat Construction Babcok Construction Ltd Marine Construction Co Ltd VOLTA ALUMINIUM CO LTD TRANS-FRESH CO LIMITED Rosac Ceramic & Trading Co Ltd Alco Construction Ltd. DK CONSTRUCTION GEMM CONSTRUCTION Gibson Construction Ltd. Gkwart Construction Co. Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. BLOWSACKS INDUSTRIES LIMITED COOLEX GHANA LTD TELOUS COMPANY LTD Joskati Enterprise ELECTRO LAND GHANA LIMITED CENPOWER HOLDINGS LTD EPROCESS INTERNATIONAL S.A. BusyInternet Ghana Ltd Altec Systems Limited Le Bistro Restaurant Le Magellan Restaurant The Orangery Crepe & Salad Bar Videx Security Solutions Ltd Lexnet Consult B Baldi Consultancy Aldo Consulting & Engineering Services Ltd New Age Computer Africa Centre for Development EMS Enterprise Insurance Co. Ltd Expert Couriers Experts Consult Ltd. Expro Innovations Exquisite Expressions Gh. Ltd. EXQUISITE EXPRESSIONS GHANA Innovative Expressions Engineer Development Co Ltd Readers Printing Press THE EAGLE INSTITUTE LTD EXCEL COURIER GHANA LIMITED EXPRESSPAY GHANA LIMITED EXPRESS TRADING AGENCY Bernswett Co Ltd Besworld Group Ltd COMET GHANA LIMITED South Akim Manufacturing Ltd Lifeforms Ltd Marcus K. Sarpong Enterprise Adoma Sarpong CAD Speed Champs Sports Bar & Restaurant Gold Star Line Ltd. Lopak Travel & Tours California Marble DHL Ghana Ltd. DHL Ghana DHL EXCEL SUPPLY CHAIN KASAPREKO COMPANY LIMITED Kasap Ltd. Kasapreko Co. Ltd. Printpack Ghana Ltd Kasap Limited NESTLE GHANA LIMITED PRINTEX GHANA LIMITED NESTLE CENTRAL AND WEST AFRICA LIMITED Agrico Supplies And Services Limited asanka supplies inc. gateway supplies ltd MSF CONSTRUCTION Hagas Construction Ltd Capital View Hotel Franrico Construction Ent Gasop Oil Ltd N & Kama Ltd New Page Enterprise Construction Work Alfredo Maxma Stationery All 4 Kidz CADBURY GHANA LIMITED BARNEX (PRESTEA) LIMITED SAM-WOODE LIMITED Champion Trading Company Ltd KAMA INDUSTRIES LIMITED Mamai HALLIBURTON INTERNATIONAL Transel Ghana Ltd Danacom International Gh Ltd MIM TIMBER CO LTD Oti Yeboah Complex Ltd GRECO GHANA LIMITED GHANA BAR ASSOCIATION ICB BANK GHANA USM ALPHA-DEL HEALTHCARE LTD MAGNA INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT LTD SEA ENTERPRISES LIMITED Global Haulage Company Limited Transroyal Ghana Limited TOTAL PETROLEUM GHANA LIMITED New England Estate Ltd. New Age T&M Co Ltd KANE-EM INDUSTRIES LTD AFRICAN MINING SERVICES (GHANA) PTY. LIMITED Cash Trade Ltd SCANCOM PLC Amponserisco Enterprise Ltd PHARMACARE INDUSTRIES LIMITED World Transport Company Ltd Goldlink Travel & Tours Ltd Hotel de Joko Lakeside Motel TOTAL LOGISTICS LIMITED Le Chef Restaurant & Fastfood Total Logistics Freight Ltd NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION IN WEST AFRICA TEXTILE PRO LTD Eurofood Ghana Limited GLOBAL GARMENTS AND TEXTILES LTD Ghana Wildlife Society SALOM PHARMACY LIMITED Star International Consultants SINAR IMPEX Drake Impex Ltd Forestry Impex Co Ltd GHANDAH IMPEX (GHANA) LIMITED Goabi Impex PLATINUM IMPEX LTD Sinar Impex Ent MENKISH IMPEX LIMITED DAO International CHIRANO GOLD MINES LIMITED International Business Group Ghana Limited Legon Fishing Company Limited African Motorbike Ltd. GHANA OIL COMPANY LIMITED INTERBETON B V VIVO ENERGY GHANA LIMITED ALUMINIUM ENTERPRISES LIMITED TRANS ATLANTIC CO LTD GHANA RUBBER ESTATES LTD GHANA NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION A KANNIN CONSTRUCTION LTD BONTE GOLD MINES LTD CROWN CHANNEL GHANA LTD Darko Farms Co Ltd KWATSONS GHANA LIMITED GHANA RAILWAYS CO LIMITED DURAPLAST GHANA LIMITED HIRALCO COMPANY LIMITED West African Mining Services Ltd SCANBECH GHANA LIMITED European Truck & Trailer Part Ltd INTERPLAST LTD Delta Associates Ltd Delta Holding Ltd Delta Unic Ltd Delta Paper Mill Sir Tee Enterprise DELTA TRUST LTD Delta Air Lines DELTA PAPER MILL LIMITED Delta Recruitment Consult Delta Shipping Co. Ltd. Direct Compact Ltd SOFFISH VENTURE LTD Intertek Ghana Ltd. INTELLEKT GHANA AKUABA TRAVEL & TOURS AGENCY JOBSFIELD CO LTD KUMASI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT XO TRADING LIMITED Strategie Traders Ltd COASTAL MOTORS & TRADING LIMITED HOLMAN BROTHERS GH LTD TRADE WINDS CHEMIST LTD Camb Trading Co. Ltd. Export & Trading Co. Ltd. AFS SECURITIES GHANA LIMITED Grandeur Consult Travel And Tours GHANA AIR FORCE FASON HOG FOODS LIMITED USSUYA GHANA LTD All Minerals Enterprise IMEXCO GHANA LIMITED ENERGOPROJEKT GHANA LTD. African Mining Services ACCRA ABATTOIR WEST AFRICAN DECOR TILES Nasy Construction Ltd Osnad Construction Ltd Revda Construction Rolex Construction Ltd Satis Construction Ltd Spaan Construction Ltd The Modern Constructions Co Ltd Yomen Construction Ltd Anaba Construction Ltd CONTRUCTION TECHNOLOGISTS LTD McDan Construction & Painting Ltd Gemm Construction Ltd CP Construction Pioneers EMEFS Construction Ltd. HAGAS CONSTRUCTION KRANE CONSTRUCTION Krane Construction Ltd. Sam Construction Ltd ADC Construction Ltd Asare Farms & Co Ltd Bacon Construction Ltd Canash Construction Works Ltd China International Construction Co Consar Ltd DK Construction Ltd Damax Construction Ltd Dave Construction & Co Ltd Fix Construction Co Ltd CHIC Ghana Ltd KWATSONS ELECTRICAL GHANA LTD Crest Restaurant Dynamic Insurance Brokers Gh. Grand Restaurant Kings Restaurant

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