List of Corporate Headquarters in STANLEY

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SOUTHERN STAR FISHERIES LTD STANLEY DAIRY LIMITED STANLEY SERVICES LIMITED STANLEY READYMIX LTD Stanley Growers Ltd STANLEY ELECTRICAL LTD Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Capstan Gift Shop Stanley Electrical Ltd - The Print Shop GOLDEN TOUZA LIMITED SYNERGY INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD J.K. (Marine) Ltd SURE SOUTH ATLANTIC LTD South Atlantic Marine Service Ltd SOUTH AMERICAN ATLANTIC SERVICE LIMITED SOUTH ATLANTIC SQUID LTD FALKLAND ISLANDS COMPANY LTD Fortuna Ltd CONSULTANCY SERVICES FALKLANDS LIMI Consultancy Services Falklands Ltd FALKLAND ISLANDS RADIO SERVICE Falkland Islands Legal Services Ltd FALKLAND SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED Shorty'S Diner And B&B THE GIFT SHOP LTD FALKLAND ISLAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Automotive Section Falkland Islands Wool Company Ltd FALKLAND ISLANDS MEAT COMPANY Falkland Islands Development Corporation FALKLAND ISLAND SHIPPING LIMITED Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Home Builder Falkland Islands Televison Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Shipping Agency Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Home Living Falkland Islands Tourist Board Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Vehicle Hire Falkland Islands Tours & Travel Ltd THE FALKLAND ISLANDS GOVERNMENT TREASURY Falkland Islands Company Ltd -West Store Café Falkland Islands Museum And National Trust Falkland Islands Company Ltd - Warehouse And Camp Shipping LIFESTYLES LTD Ian Stewart Construction Ltd Deano'S Bar ARGOS EVERGREEN LIMITED ARGO PEREIRA LTD Chalmer Nominees Co Falklands Ltd FALKLAND OIL AND GAS LIMITED BEAUCHENE (FALKLAND ISLANDS) FISHING AND TRADING COMPANY LTD SEAFISH (FALKLANDS) LIMITED Seafish Chandlery Ltd CONSOLIDATED FISHERIES LTD DORADA MARINE LTD Nores Marine Limited BYRON MARINE LTD ARGOS MARINE LIMITED Sulivan Shipping Services Ltd SULIVAN SHIPPING SERVICES LIMITED