List of Corporate Headquarters in ADDIS ABABA

Search a company in Ethiopia with your criteria (trade name, adress, Ethiopian registry number...). provides business and credit information about Ethiopian firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
Follow changes in legal forms, executives and legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Ethiopian register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Ethiopia, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Ethiopian company.

Snap Computer Centre KARE PARMACETUCALS PLC PHARMA SHARE COMPANY WECARE PHARMACEUTICALS PLC JUSTICE FOR ALL-PRISON FELLOWSHIP ETHIOPIA Ethio Vet Plc ETHIO INDIA PACKAGING PLC ETHIOPIAN INSURANCE CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN PETROLEUM ENTERPRISE POLY-GCL PETROLEUM INVESTMENTS LIMITED ETHIOPIA BRANCH M & M TRANS-AFRICA TRADING PLC At-Shim Trading Tad Trading Atsk Trading T-Hab Trading P.L.C T- Hab Trading Plc M And M Trans Africa Trading P.L.C M & M Trans Africa Trading Plc Taytu Trade And Industry Plc Tamkey Trading AL SAHABA PLC Al Baraka Al-Buruj General Trading P.L.C Al-Amin General Trading P.L.C Al-Amin General Trading Plc JAA TRADING PLC New Sunrise Trading Newsunrise Trading Newsunrise Tradingnewline Trading P.L.C ASCOM MINING ETHIOPIA PLC Dana Trading Plc G.L General Trading Plc Virtual General Trading Veer General Trading Plc SUNSHINE CONSTRACTION P.L.C Sunshine Construction Private Limited Company Sunshine Higher Clinic SUNSHINE BUSINESS PLC Sino Ethiopian Sunshine Pharmaceuticals Plc SUNSHINE BUSINESS PLC MARRIOTT HOTEL ADDIS ABABA ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES GROUP Ethiopian Cement Corporation ETHIOPIAN SHIPPING & LOGISTICS SERVICE ENTERPRISE SHIPPING SECTOR ETHIOPIAN RAILWAYS CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN STEEL PLC ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORP Beam International Plc HAFDE PLC Elem-Tech Trading Seleshi Aylew Ref Ele & A/C Mach Riper Service Almeda Textile Factory Plc Almeta Impex Plc Bekele Abshiro Plc BEKELE ABSHIRO PLC BEKELE ABSHIRO ENTERPRISE PLC MODERN ZEGE LEATHER PRODUCTS INDUSTRY PLC Elmi Tour Operation Elmi Tour Operation P.L.C Ethio-Sung Bine Leather Garment Plc Ae Alemet Ethiopian Import & Tour Lemma Bekele Alemu ZELEALEM COFFEE EXPORTER Genuine Leather Craft Plc Genuine Leather Crafts Plc Haileslassie Ambaye Coffee Exporter Hagere Leather Zone Beruktawit Bekele Abebe Team Tag Plc (Tagco) HAILESELASSIE AMBAYE INDUSTRIAL PLC ZAF PHARMACEUTICALS PLC ETHIOPIAN PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING S.C. MNS MANUFACTURING PLC MAMD CHEMICAL MERBLE MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLIERS Pharma S.C MEDICA PHARMA P.L.C SUN PHARMA PLC AMBA PHARMACEUTICALS P.L.C BARO PHARMACEUTICALS P.L.C Pharmaceutical And Medical Supplies Import And Distribution Yusra Pharmaceuticals And Medical Equipment Wholesale S.A.H PHARMACEUTICALS AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS IMPORT PLC Micro Pharma Pvt Ltd Co MICRO PHARMA P.L.C TTY PHARMACEUTICALS AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES PLC PHARMA UNION PLC Mulu Pastry SPOT PHARMACEUTICALS AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES PLC Ture Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies Plc Medicor Africa Pharmaceutical And Medical Supplies Pl PEARL PACKAGING INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY MULU ABRAHA VENUS MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICALS PLC SAS PHARMACIES CADILA PHARMACETICALS ETHIOPIA PLC METALS AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION METAL AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION FDRE METALS & ENGINEERING CORPORATION MALAM ENGINEERING PLC Alama Engineering Service HAJUTA TRADING PLC HYDRAULICITY TRADING ETHIOPIAN AIRPORTS ENTERPRISE ETHIOPIAN MARBLE INDUSTRY ETHIOPIAN ROADS AUTHORITY ETHIOPIAN ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION ETHIOPIAN PRINTING CORP ETHIOPIAN FREIGHT TRANSPORT CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN TRADING AND AGENCIES LTD ETHIOPIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND ETHIOPIAN PRISON ETHIO TELECOM ELNET TECHNOLOGY PLC BIRHANU ASEFA BUILDING CONTRACTOR AND WATER WORKS GENERAL CONTRACTOR BEZA MAR AGRO INDUSTRY P.L.C ELFORA AGRO-INDUSTRIES P.L.C I.T.A Agro Industry Plc. Green Coffee Agro-Industry Plc Dugda Agro Industry Jacaranda Integrated Agro-Industry S.C Timiret Agro Industry S.C Selale Agro Industrial Trading Plc Rasdashen Agro Industry Plc Takem Agro Industry Lh Agro Industry Plc Helen Agro Industry P.L.C Toren Agro Industries Plc UPPER AWASH AGRO INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE Agro-Vet P.L.C Siet Agro Plc Agro Prom International Plc Abadayu Industrial & Agriculture P.L.C BALATON AGRO INVESTMENT PLC AYETU AGRICULTURE AND TRADING, PLC APINEC AGRO INDUSTRY PLC P L C U Abyssinia Trading Plc Great Abyssinia Private Limited Company BANK OF ABYSSINIA ABYSSINIA BALTENA Yod Abyssinia - Sar Bet Oasis Abyssinia Plc. Abyssinia Film Production Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food Abyssinian Flight Services P.L.C Abyssinia Fine Arts And Vocational Traning Center Abyssinian Tours And Travel Abyssinian Flight Services Plc Johnny Abyssinia Tours & Travel Belle Abyssinia Tours Plc Discover Abyssinia Tours Bella Abyssinia Tours World Abyssinia Trading Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restourant Plc. Addis Spare Parts Imports & Distribution Share Company SAUDI STAR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PLC ATMA IMPORT AND EXPORT BMY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES PLC Emily Medical Medical Faculty Consultancy Zag Automation SEMAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING ICON IMPORT D.G.K Import HGG IMPORT Naos Import NHY IMPORTER DANIEL ASEFAW TEWOLDE AWASH WINE S.C Model International Plc MAG INTERNATIONAL P.L.C ORCHID INTERNATIONAL GENERAL IMPORTER Dami International Plc /General Importer Inter-Aman Plc Atlantic International Trading P.L.C Ameg International Plc Get-As International Plc GET-AS INTERNATIONAL P.L.C Mohan International Gatmets International Plc Getabel International Plc GEBSOL INTERNATIONAL PLC GAGE INTERNATIONAL HUMANITERIAN DEVELOPMENT Orehid International General Importer Godber International INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION AGENCY PLC Gulla International Private Ltd Braze-Mart-International General Trading P.L.C Yemas International Plc GAWT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS P.L.C All Tour Operations Plc All Tour Operations P.L.C Bega Tour Operation Ethioland Tour Operation Empire Tour Plc TAM GEO ENGINEERING P.L.C KEGNA ENGINEERING PLC SABA ENGINEERING PLC TANA ENGINEERING P.L.C EBBA ENGINEERING PLC TERRACE ENGINEERING PLC Tba Engineering Plc Taby Engineering P.L.C Taby Engineering Plc Tamson Engineering Plc Trans Africa Engineering Techtra Engineering Plc Techtra Engineering P.L.C T.S.D. Engineering P.L.C CANAAN ENGINEERING PLC Technical Service Development Engineering Plc LUHANA ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION PLC NATIONAL METAL WORKS CORP ALL MART Dora Constraction P.L.C Cheetah Print And Advertising Plc Fasil Abraha/Redet Dagem Engineering & Construction GEMSHU BEYENE CONSTRUCTION PLC Rift Valley Gemstones Import & Export Gemt Sanitory Plc G.E.M Engineering GEM ENGINEERING Negem Lela Ken New Association Of Women Living With Hiv/Aids Awquraa Forign Employment Agency ZEDAGEM BALTENA Aquapure General Trading P.L.C Awqurra Private Recruitment Agency Awquraa Tagem Travel Agency EPHGEM TRADING PLC Rediete Dagem Engineering And Const. Mesay Tulu Gemoa A-Z IMPEX Z.A Import Export ZAMU PLC East African Group Ethiopia Plc ETHIOPIAN GRAIN TRADE ENTERPRISE Ethiopian Grain Trade Ent.P Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organisation Ethio Investment Group Plc ENAT BANK SHARE COMPANY NISIR MICROFINANCE INSTITUTION S.C. ESHET MICROFINANCE INSTITUTION ETHIO JAPANESE SYNTHETIC TEXTILES S C FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA SHER ETHIOPIA PLC GOAL ETHIOPIA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ETHIOPIA SCMS ETHIOPIA Sekor Ethiopia SOS SAHEL ETHIOPIA SOS SAHEL ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIA E-SERVICE GODESIGN ETHIOPIA Goh Import & Export Plc ADAMA STEEL FACTORY Adama Real Estate Plc A.Z Real Estate Aldar Restaurant General Mercantile Plc Sol Studio Plc Sems Studio Plc Sasanet System Abadir Super Market HERMARSEG SUPER MARKET - GETACHEW SHUMYE SOLTADS TRADING PLC SAMUEL DERESSA PHARMACETICAL MEDICAL SUPPLY IMPORTER PLC SENTINEL STEEL PLC Sanad It Supplies P.L.C WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE AUTHORITY Super Shine Investment Plc Sur Plusic Suppliers Sanad Supplies Plc Super Double T General Trading P.L.C Amare Copier Technical Services And Supplies Selam Stationary Importer & Supplier AFRICA HEALTH CARE SUPPLIES AND SERVICES PLC STUDIO SAMUEL FOUNDATION Bekat Human Resource Supply Agency Inter Supply P L C Ethiopean Red Cross Society ECOM CONSULT P.L.C. WEGAGEN BANK S.C BEKI TRADING PLC B.G.I ETHIOPIA PLC DMC CONSTRUCTION PLC TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS PLC HAKZED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PLC Tewodros Abera Building Contractor BERHAN TOBIAW BUILDING CONTRACTOR Fine General Service S.C DELIVER I.C.T & TELCOMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY P.L.C PENIEL INDUSTRY PLC K.H. Trading P.L.C Midroc Construction Ethiopia Plc SHOA TRADE INDUSTRY P.L.C HANSON TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC Shoa Trade & Industry P.L.C. Shoa Trade & Industry Plc Shoa Trade Industry P.L.C SNAP TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC Stic Trade & Industry P.L.C SNAP TRADING AND INDUSTRY PLC GAMB SHOE TRADING & INDUSTRY M K Trade And Industry P L C Sebrina Import HILAS PHARMACEUTICALS IMPORT MA IMPORT EXPORT Danwon Import BIZ ADDIS IMPORT and EXPORT Wahda Importer Plc Sibruna Import & Export P.L.C Ikhlas Import & Export Plc ABEBE SHIFETA H/WELD Tizazu Liyew Importer Plc Tunnel Import Julyeb Import SCEPTO IMPORT HELYOS IMPORTER A.H.F. International Importer & Export Plc K.S.General Importer Abc Trading Abbahwa Trading P.L.C Abbahawa Trading Plc NAS FOODS PLC Abdos Trading A.M.H- Trading Afro Trading Abokker Trading Pvt Ltd AMBER TRADING Amal Trading Company Limited Abidan Trading P. L. C. Ady Trading Abkm Engineering And Trading Plc Absera Trading Comp. Absera Trading Comp Abokker Trading P.L.C Abrtant Trading P.L.C Abokker Trading Co. Plc Abokker Trading Plc SILAFRICA ETHIOPIA INDUSTRIES PLC ABAY TRANSFORMERS PLC UNITED BROTHERS PLC UNITED BANK S.C Zemen Translation Yourali Translation And Stationery Revitalization General Trading P.L.C. Ethio-Austria Imp-Exp. Plc Astco P.L.C TERA INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING BUSINESS PLC BURAYU DEVELOPMENT PLC Zta Technology Solution Plc Core Tech It Solutions Te Computer Solution C-Solution V-TECH COMPUTER SOLUTIONS Nota Computer Solution Turbo Computer Solutions P.L.C Epion Computer Solutions Plc Dtf Computer Solution Teranet Computing Solutions P.L.C Icode Computer Solution Addis Company P.L.C SIVATEX IT SOLUTIONS INFORMATION NETWORK SECURITY AGENCY Global Private Limited Company MERAHI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Al-Sam Plc AMIBARA GENERAL AVIATION SERVICE ORBIS TRADING & TECHNICAL CENTER Finfinne Construction Plc Finfine Hotel Finfine Restaurant ADAMA DEVELOPMENT P.L.C Ahmed Abdi Arte Ruman Abdi Ahmed Abdifikir Plc Dina Trading Plc Abdi Abubeker Ahmed Aged and Children Pastoralists Association AGED AND CHILDREN PASTORALISTS ASSOCIATION ACPA DROGA PHARMA PLC FEDERAL PRISON ADMINISTRATION OF ETHIOPIA Abdi Jemal Abdi Jemal Ahemed Alkader Ahmed Abdi ELECTRIC WORLD PLC PASTORALIST WELFARE ORGANIZATION Abdi Kemal Ali Guryasamo Trading And Industry P.L.C PASTORALIST CONCERN Abdi Tariku Dano KCON TRADE AND INDUSTRY HIMET TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC NETSANET EXPORT Bwap Export Plc BEWAP EXPORT PLC MAX EXPORT Agtd General Export P.L.C B.H.B General Export Addis Exporter Plc Addis Exporter Ltd (Plc) Ens Import & Export Plc EKT IMPORT AND EXPORT REY IMPORT AND EXPORT PLC Demak Exporters Wfn Export SEFRASH EXPORT KPR EXPORTS PLC ADDIS EXPORT PLC HST CONSULTING P.L.C BLACK STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING Zemen Capital Service Plc ZEMEN BANK Zemenwan P.L.C Zemen Construction UNIVERSAL PLASTIC FACTORY PLC AFRICA PRINTING P.L.C. COMMERCIAL PRINTING ENTERPRISE Artistic Printing Enterprise Artistic Stationery P.L.C Artistic Stationery Ltd Addis Abeba Foam SINA CONSTRUCTION PLC Kas International Trading Plc Tds International Trading Plc K.A.S.Int.Trading International Trading THE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO (S C) LTD A.Z. International Trading DAT INTERNATIONAL TRADING P.L.C Zaytems International Trading ASK INTERNATIONAL TRADING P.L.C A.S.K International Trading A.S.K. International Trading Plc Tds International Trading P.L.C VIVA COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY P.L.C BUNNA INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. OROMIA CREDIT & SAVING S.C ETHIOPIAN NURSES ASSOCIATION COUNTRY TRADING PLC Fa It Services Plc EHEALTH IT SERVICE PLC ORBIT ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PLC ANBESSA SHOE SHARE COMPANY ETHIOPIAN SUGAR INDUSTRY SUPPORT CENTRE SHARE COMPANY FINE GENERAL SERVICE SHARE COMPANY CAUSTIC SODA SHARE COMPANY SELENDAWA TEXTILE SHARE COMPANY TSEHAY INDUSTRY SHARE COMPANY Oda Share Co. Oda Share Company Shebelle Transport Share Company Sime Enterprises GERBI ENTERPRISE GENERAL BUSINESS PLC Elmi Olindo & Co. Plc Adei Abeba Yarn Share Co. Clinic Techno-Mak P.L.C TECHNO - MAK PLC Mekdim Technologies Private Limited Company MB PLC Partnership Agency R.G. & Partners Private Limited Co Partners Consultancy And Information Services ABH PARTNERS PLC Amelework, Birtukan & Family Poultry Partnership A W THOMAS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Ibc General Partnership PARTNERSHIP FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION MSE AUDITORS PARTNERSHIP ABAKO INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS Islamic Trade & Partner HAKFEN EXPORT TRADING PARTNER ABAKO INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS /AB Winwin Business Partners Plc PARTNER FOR REFUGEE SERVICE PRS Micheal Anteneh & Tariku Engineering Partnership VOLCAFE RUNGO LIQUOR DEPOT PLC Goh Import And Export Ltd HYG IMPORT AND EXPORT PLC Netfam Import And Export Co. Ltd. A.A.H Import And Export P.L.C Ahfa Plc Akaki Metal Products Factory CONSTRUCTION & BUSINESS BANK S.C. Wagtech Ethiopia Plc Legu Trading P L C Guna Trading LABORA INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC Lions International Trading Plc LEGU TRADING P.L.C Jemalali Trading Co Sadula Trading Plc K.I.W Trading Plc Sadis Trading Bahilawi Trading Plc Lee & Kao International Trade Company Limited Laser Trading LITHOGRAPHY TRADING PLC Liha Trading Plc LYOS TRADING PLC Lihem Trading Qadi Trading Logeta Trading Plc Al-Lode Trading Enterprise Ellis Trading LOVERAH TRADING PLC U.S.I.L Trading P.L.C Farmatech International P.L.C Farmatech International Plc FREIGHTERS INTERNATIONAL P.L.C Alemayehu Mengiste Abraw ABRAHAM ABEBE MENGSTE F E CONSTRUCTION PLC GEOMARK SYSTEMS PLC INFRACON CONSTRUCTION Ethiopia Plastic Share Company UNITED SYSTEM INTEGRATORS P.L.C UNLIMITED PACKAGING PLC Dynamics Engineering DYNAMIC SANITARY SERVICE Esayas Tsegaye Muluneh ABEBE MULUGETA KASSAA Taye Tulu Feyissa Trademap Media Plc MULU ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING PLC ADAMI TULU PESTCIDES PROCESSING S.C. Kuluge Trading Enterprise MULUGETA & FAMILY PLC Mulugenet Pvt Ltd Company TRANSSION MANUFACTURING PLC TULU MOYE GEOTHERMAL OPERATIONS PLC Tameru Muluneh Addis Worku Tulu NATIONAL MOTORS CORPORATION PLC HG GARMENT PLC WEYNISHET TAHIR AHMED SHEBA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS ETHIOPIA PLC H.H. International SATCON CONSTRUCTION PLC SARON ROSE AGRO FARM P.L.C STAR SOAP & DETERGENT INDUSTRIES Star Business Group P.L.C. ALLIANCE FLOWERS PLC Alliance for Development World Alliance Plc Professional Alliance for Development in Ethiopia STAR AFRICA PLC Star Avenue Chemicals P.L.C ALLIANCE FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT/APED ALLIANCE FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT AND RELIEF ORGANIZATION ABDULALIM MUSSA FOUR STAR HOTEL SARO MARIA FOUR STAR HOTEL ZFARM STAR P.L.C CHAGNI STAR BUSINESS PLC Gyb Star Commercial Trading Plc ETHIOPIAN STEEL PROFILING & BUILDING PLC EAST STEEL PLC Ethiopia Crown Cork & Can Manufacturing Industry Share Company Save Lives Ethiopia MIDROC GOLD MINE P.L.C Minaye Private Limited Company MINAYE PLC Adera General Trading P.L.C OSAKA STEEL P.L.C AVICOM TRADING PLC DERBAN MEDTECH PLC Ethiopian Honey Beewax Producer & Exporters Assosation ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC POWER DIANOL CONSULTANCY SERVICE PLC ABAY BANK SC TRACON TRADING PLC NESTLE WATERS ETHIOPIA SHARE COMPANY AMAN WRAKE BUSERA WEBUILD SPA SAS CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS LTD ETHIO GABANA TRADING PLC ZONA INDUSTRIAL P.L.C ZEAL CONSTRUCTION PLC ALFAKEB ALUMINIYEM AND METAL PRODUCT P.L.C ZELALEM GETACHEW BUILDING CONTRACTOR Zelalem Nigus B.C MY WISH ENTERPRISE PLC BANOO TRADING CHANYALEW ZEWDE BURAYU INFINITY ENGINEERING PLC Access Capital Services S.C ADORN TRANSFORMER PLC Dematech Ethiopia PLC. CESP ENGINEERING PLC Saba International Shipping Plc NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICES AGENCY KIFIYA FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY PLC MENAGESHA BIOTECH INDUSTRY PLC OVID CONSTRUCTION Chemtex Plc AYNALEM GASHAW BC AFRIFLOWER PLC Ethiopian Fruit & Vegetable Marketing S.C. (Etfruit) MOENCO DIRE INDUSTRIES P.L.C GREAT ABYSSINIA PLC HAKAMMAZ COSMETICS & PLASTIC FACTORY PLC Al-Afra Private Employment Agency WATER WORKS DESIGN & SUPERVISION ENTERPRISE EDOUARD GARABEDIAN Habesha Leather META ABO BREWERY S.C K.O.J.J. FOOD PROCESSING COMPLEX PLC MOHA SOFT DRINKS INDUSTRY MOHA SOFT DRINKS INDUSTRY S.C MISSION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM BEDELE BREWERY S C BEDELE BREWERY SC Delelegn Alem Tefera WORKSHET BEKELE DEMISSE FOREIGN TRADE AGENT Leulseged Kebede Agengehu Kebede Minuta Lute ERMIAS AREGA KEBEDE Zewde Leyew'S Children General Inportor Endalkachew Mekonnen General Refrigeration And Industrial Electrical Workshop BLUENILE FOR P.P. & CRAFT PAPER BAGS MANUFACTURING EBUNA TRADING PLC BUNO GENERAL TRADING PLC ETHIO CANADIAN BUSINESS GROUP BERHANENA SELAM PRINTING ENTERPRISE AMBO MINERAL WATER FACTORY ADDIS GUZO Red Sea Trading P.L.C OK PLASTICS P.L.C PINETREE TRADING PLC GECKO TRADING PLC AGP POULTRY PLC ETHIOPIA CUTTINGS PLC EQUATORIAL BUSINESS GROUP PLC GOGO TRADING PLC Hahu M Trading Plc Mieca Trading Misaf Trading MSA TRADING PLC ETHIOPIAN AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES CORPORATION ETHIOPIA TRADING BUSINESSES CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN TRADING BUSINESSES CORPORATION GRAIN AND COFFEE TRADING BUSINESS UNIT HAGBES P.L.C Excel Plastics P.L.C MORRELL AGRO INDUSTRIES, PLC MIDROC ETHIOPIA P.L.C AWASH INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. Elico Awash Tannery Limited ADDIS ABABA FOAM AND PLASTIC ENTERPRISE Addis Ababa Foam & Plastic Enterprise Source Awash International Business Plc AWASH INSURANCE COMPANY S.C. ABYSSINIA FLOWERS PLC Ameha Fesha Source Awash Tour & Travel Awash Power Engineering P L C AWASH AUTO BATTERIES PLC Addis Foundry Awash Commercial Transactions Plc Middle Awash Agriculture Development Enterprise Osuman Hunde Awash Upper Awash Agro Industriy Enterprise Awash Melkassa Aluminium Sulphate & Sulphuric Acid S.C NEURONET PLC WARKA TRADING HOUSE P.L.C DERBA MIDROC CEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Inter Soltec Private Ltd.,Co Inter Soltec Private Limited Company Inter Soltec Private Ltd.,Co. NETWORK MAP TRADING AND SERVICE S- Nitco Trading KANORIA AFRICA TEXTILES PLC ALEM STEEL P.L.C GHION GAS PLC KENERA INTERNATIONAL TRADING P.L.C ADVANTAGE INDUSTRIAL PLC NATIONAL TOBACCO ENTERPRISE (ETH) S.C BATU TANNERY PLC OROMIA SEED ENTERPRISE GEZ CHEMICALS AND PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Water and Land Resource Centre THE MOTOR & ENGINEERING COMPANY OF ETHIOPIA S.C. MOTOR & ENGINEERING COMPANY OF ETHIOPIA LTD Tracon Trading Plc ADDIS ABABA HILTON PLC Hilton Addis Ababa SHERATON ADDIS HOTEL AFRO GERMAN CHEMICALS EST. P.L.C A.G Plc Ethio-Education Consultants Etec Institute Of Educational Research Educational Media Agency Integrated Community Education and Develoment Association It Consultant Et Consult ELIXIR RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY PLC Kotebe College of Teacher Education Educational Materials & Distribution Enterprise Encore Employment, Training And Consultancy Net Consulting Engineers & Architects Assoicated Engineeing Consultants Plc (Aec) LEAD INTERNATIONAL CONSULT Equator Engineeering Construct Plc Chartered Structural Consulting Engineers (Csce) Allied Telectronics Engineers Plc SOCIETY FOR EDUCATION,ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ETG DESIGNERS CONSULTANTS P.L.C DELOITTE CONSULTING PLC ET ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY PLC EDGE CONSULT ENTERPRISE Bef Educ Consultant National Educational Consultancy And Development P.L.C. GEO TOOLS TRADING AND SERVICE PLC KERCHANSHE TRADING PLC Amal Trading Co. Plc ALTA COMPUTEC PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY ALTA COMPUTEC P.L.C Abdurahman Kemal Tola ABYSINIA BALTNA SELAM BALTINA Walta Security Service And Commision Plc Assela Malt Factory Walta Information Center S.C ENAT BALTNA Lebanese Alsultant Restaurant L.T.A.Private Limited Company Fal Trading ALTAYSIR TRADING PLC WALTA MOTHERS AND CHILDREN HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION ADOT BALTENA MINTWABE WORKU DESTA BALTENA PLC I-SALE TRADING LEYUNET BALTENA BSHAW GENERAL TRADING PLC Meridian Hotel S.SARA COFFEE EXPORTER ENTERPRISE K-Way Trade Am Ltd.Co. SHI SOLOMON HAILU SUPERMARKET P.L.C Saleh Ahmed Baminif & Bros. Dym Business P.L.C Centro Business Trading Plc Bizuye Trading B Z A TRADING PLC BUSSER GENERAL TRADING Centro Business T. Plc. RADAR BUSINESS PLC BELT GENERAL BUSINESS PLC GAD BUSINESS PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Taw Business Enterprise Target Business Consultants Plc B.Z. Durri Trading Plc Gatway Travel & Business Plc City Business Computers (Cbc) Sky Standered Business Plc Tagrow Business P.L.C Ruly Business P.L.C Addis Tower Business Center L.H Agro Industry Plc Pharma Birbir MENGESHA ADEM JESUIT REFUGEE SERVICE DAMA TRADE Yoha Trading Dinsho Trading Company DOBA INDUSTRIAL TRADING PLC DCL TRADING P.L.C CoQua Trading Plc Deming Trading Plc Dejen Trading Plc Bora Trading Plc ZOMA TRADING Dokimas General Trading Daru Trading Plc DISTRICT TRADING PLC DCL TRADING PLC Doba Industrial Trading Dolche Trading Dolphin Trading P.L.C BARKUMA DOKA TRADING PLC DOCNET MEDICAL TRADING PLC Deming Trading Plc Delgon Trading P.L.C HOPE FOR ALL Hope 2020 HASET WHOLESALE BUSINESS SHARE COMPANY Happy Nation Tours Huriya Wehabye Mercy Ministry Happy Children's Home HALEKA WELDEHAUMOT AND COMPANY New Way Plc W.Y. Miracle Trading BOLLORE TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS ETHIOPIA JEMAR HULEGEB INDUSTRY SC S.A BAGERSH PLC Ethiopia Saw Mill N I B International Bank M/S. Solomon Wondemagegn Plc COBA IMPACT MANUFACTURING PLC UT SOLUTIONS PLC I.C.T Solutions Techno Brain It Solutions Plc Telason It Solution P.L.C Sota It Solutions Plc Signet It Solutions Plc Vigilant It Solutions Plc IE NETWORK SOLUTIONS PLC Wecode Ict Solutions Plc Atronus International Ict Solutions WEBSPRIX IT SOLUTIONS PLC CLEAR ICT SOLUTIONS UNITED BEVERAGES SHARE COMPANY ADM BUSINESS PLC WORLD BANK SEA CONSTRUCTION PHILIPS ETHIOPIA PLC Yee Shakkiso Gold Producing And Marketing Cooperative Society Plc RAMA CONSTRUCTION PLC Addis General Trading Plc Gad Construction Plc Giga Construction Plc MIDROC CONSTRUCTION ETHIOPIA PVT LTD Midroc Foundation Specialist Plc Midroc Aviation Plc DERBA MIDROC CEMENT PLC OROMIA EDUCATION BUREAU Taye Belay Mengesha Enterprise COMMERCIAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA COOPERATIVE BANK OF OROMIA (S.C) The Oromia Cooperative Promotion Commission Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union Limited Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Societies Union OROMIA COFFEE FARMERS COOPERATIVE UNION EAST AFRICAN PHARMACEUTICALS PLC African Lakes (Eth) Plc African Business & Development Consultants Plc PAN AFRICAN VETERINARY VACCINE CENTRE (PANVAC) African Soft Plc EAST AFRICAN AVIATION All African Plc (Gasfaw Global Co. Ltd) African Peace And Security Programme, Institute For Peace And Security Studies East African Industrial Park East African Trading House Ltd African Adventure Tours AFRICAN STEEL INTERNATIONAL GROUP P.L.C African Steel International Group Plc Organization Of African Unity AFRICAN CONSTITUENCY BUREAU African Development Consultants & Associates CENTER FOR AFRICAN LEADERSHIP STUDIES THE AFRICAN CHILD POLICY FORUM-ACPF AFRICAN FEDERATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATIONS MOYEE COFFEE PLC Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital Addis Cardiac Hospital P.L.C St. Marys General Educational Development Plc St. George Interior Decoration & Art Gallery St. George Union Printing Plc St. George Metal & Milling Parts Import Enterprise Saint Honoré Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Ems ST PAUL'S HOSPITAL MILLENNIUM MEDICAL COLLEGE Santa Maria Construction Plc ST. GABRIEL GENERAL HOSPITAL ST PAUL'S HOSPITAL MILLENNIUM MEDICAL COLLEGE ST PAUL'S HOSPITAL MILLENNIUM MEDICAL COLLEGE SPHMMC ST GEORGE BREWERY Kategna Restaurant - Gabon Street Branch KADISCO GENERAL HOSPITAL Brass Maternity And Children Hospital BETHEL TEACHING GENERAL HOSPITAL St. Lalibela Household And Office Furniture ST JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE CATHOLIC SCHOOL St. Mariam Leather St. Mary Cafe And Restaurant ST MARY'S UNIVERSITY Welfare For The Street Mothers And Children Organization Wesmco ST FRANCIS INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION SCHENKER PACKING AND FORWARDING COMPANY Agaz General Trading Plc Amaj Trading Asena Trading P.L.C Jaz Trading Plc Adazom Trading Plc ALFOZ PVT LTD CO TAMRAT TALEGETA LAW OFFICE ROYAL FOAM SPRING MATTRESS MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISE S.Sara Coffee Export Ethiopia Ethiopian Coffee Export Enterprise ETHIOPIAN COFFEE EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION ECEA ETHIOPIAN COFFEE MARKETING EDN ETHIOPIA COFFEE EXPORT PLC Lucy Leather Lucy Jewellery Lucy Guest House Lucy Gazebo Restaurant TRANS ETHIOPIA PLC ABIACO IMPORT EXPORT PLC AGRICALTURAL EQUIPMENTS & TECHNICAL SERVICE S.C ADDIS INSURANCE BROKERS TESFAYE TEFERI CERTIFIED AUDIT FIRM TEFERI GETAHUN IMPORT & EXPORT Teferi Godana Kindale Eskender Taye Teferi NEW FLOWER GENERAL TRADING PLC Tesfaye Teferi & Co, Chartered Certified Accountants, Management Consultants BORU ABDI PLHIV CHARITY ASSOCATION Uni Private Limited Company SAMPLE TEST -4 LLC Teferi Genana Borri SPLENOR TECHNOLOGY PLC Tropical Pharma Trading Hajuta Trading Tana International Trading Plc TESTI TRADING P.L.C TIMEX TRADING PLC TBAB TRADING PLC Et-Taz International Trading TAMRIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC Telkam Trading Plc Tamirat Beyene General Trading Plc Tamirat Beyene General Trading P.L.C Maky Tx Trading S.G Trading F Trading P.L.C G.T.F Trading Plc Ethex Trading Plc GS TRADING PLC HR TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY MELA RESEARCH PLC M.A.B.D MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES PLC MULUGETA MEKONNEN MELESE Tetrode Electronics Technology Institute INFINITY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PLC INFRA NET TECHNOLOGY PLC Novelnet It Technology And Industry Betel Engineering Elmec Engineering Plc MEET ENGINEERING PLC EY ENGINEERING Energy Engineering Plc Yelf Engineering P.L.C Elcom Engineering P.L.C Yerer Engineering Plc Yerer Engineering P.L.C Jenet Engineering Kegna Engineering Plc Gecon Engineering Plc PERNO ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING COMPANY BELES ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Tewodros Ethiopia Transport Nice Cleaning PRIMROSE SERVICE PROVIDER PLC Primrose Plc Tewodrose Abera Oda Enterprise Tewodros Engineering Business PLC Ethiorose Holeta Roses Plc Lafto Roses Plc Roseto Gustavo GOLDEN ROSE AGROFARMS LIMITED Teshetee Robe Anota Linssen Roses Ethiopia Plc Syngenta Agro Servcies Agency Rezene Teferi T/Haimanot Kero Special Beleche , Ethiopian Traditional Tea Bonne Anne´E De Re An Pvt Ltd Company Ethiopean Pulp And Paper S C TILAHUN MESAFINT GENERAL IMPORT & EXPORT JOYTECH PLC BALEZAF ALCOHOL & LIQUORS FACTORY PLC KOMBOLCHA STEEL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY PLC Rahma Trading Plc A.Cappelli & Co. (Ethiopia) Plc ZEREYAD GROUP TRANSIT AND FORWARDING PVT. LTD. CO. Abdela Mohammed Ali Jemal Abdella Mohammed Nejib Mohammed Ali Adnan Mohammed Ali Plc Mohammed Utba Ali Jemila Ahmed Ali Ali Hayredin Mohammed Mohammed Ahemed Ali Jelal Mohammed Hassen Genet Jemal Mohamed TSEMEX GLOBAL ENTERPRISE PLC Che Global Enterprises TGT ENTERPRISES Che Global Enterprises BERTA CONSTRUCTION P L C Hora Tannery Hora Tannery Plc HORRA TRADING Horata Engineering Plc

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