List of Corporate Headquarters in ADDIS ABABA

Search a company in Ethiopia with your criteria (trade name, adress, Ethiopian registry number...). provides business and credit information about Ethiopian firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Ethiopian register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Ethiopia, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Ethiopian company.

Global Private Limited Company AWASH INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. Source Awash International Business Plc AWASH INSURANCE COMPANY S.C. LION INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C NIB INTERNATIONAL BANK SC Addis International Bank S.C ADDIS INTERNATIONAL BANK S C TEKEZE TRANSIT SERVICE & GENERAL BUSINESS P.L.C L.H Agro Industry Plc Pharma Birbir Agaata Engineers MENGESHA ADEM Menona Import & Export Enterprise Erkab Plc Yesuf Unis Wezir Travel Agency Henon Bread Plc Vision On Africa Jafer Kedir Abamoga Good’S Lebanon Snack Agaata Engineers Construction Plc Mohammed Nasser Oumer Kalifa ADULT AND NONFORMAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION IN ETHIOPIA ADIAMAT ETHIOPIA TOUR & TRAVEL AGENCY Omicron Engineering P.L.C MULUGETA MEKONNEN IMPORT AND EXPORT Lalibela Restaurant STIFTUNG SOLARENERGIE - SOLAR ENERGY FOUNDATION Abergelle Slaughterhouse Plc DESERT LOCUST CONTROL ORGANISATION FOR EASTERN AFRICA Marget Plc Al-Entisar General Plc Al-Entisar General P.L.C Target Electromechanical Works Argaw Gebre Elias Argaw Car Decore Carg General Importer Edgetu Taddesse Andarge Al-Juzar General Trading P.L.C Shangri-La Restaurant Target Private Employment Agency Target Business Consultants Plc Ibex Lalibela Restaurant White Flower General Treding Plc Mahirge Engineering Plc Da Jonat Refrigeration Engineering Plc Carg Auto Glass Importers NERGEK ELECTRO MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS AND IMPORTER AmCan Concierge Services, PLC KANORIA AFRICA TEXTILES PLC Abebaw Anagaw Kebede ABEBECH GOBENA YEHITSANAT KEBEKABENA LIMAT MAHIBER Kana Industry & Trading Danas Enterprise Giordana`S Kitchen Restaurant Lake Tana Tour P.L.C. Kana Yelimat Mahiber Kana Import-Export Prv. Enter. KANA PUBLIC HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY KANA YEBEGO ADRAGOT MAHIBER KANGAROO PLAST P L C T.A .Kanzen Yehia And Sons Private Limited Company Fana Plc KANGAROO SHOE FACTORY Heldana Yetbarek Kassa Fana P.L.C Kanzen Investment Holdings Pvt.Ltd.Co. Teferi Godana Kindale Hana Tesfaye Kebebe T.A. Kanzen Yehia & Sons Plc T.A.Kanzen Yehia & Sons(G.P.) T.A.Kanzen Yehia & Sons P.L.C COMMERCIAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA CONSTRUCTION & BUSINESS BANK S.C. Excel Plastics P.L.C ABAY TRANSFORMERS PLC Damu Hotel MAMO KACHA PLC Taurus Import & Export ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES GROUP ETHIOPIAN PETROLEUM ENTERPRISE NATIONAL LEATHER AND SHOE CORPORATION Ethiopian Cement Corporation ETHIOPIAN GRAIN TRADE ENTERPRISE ETHIOPIAN AIRPORTS ENTERPRISE ETHIOPIAN RAILWAYS CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN STEEL PLC ETHIOPIAN INSURANCE CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION Ethiopian Television Enterprise ETHIOPIAN PRINTING CORP Danas Enterprise Ethiopia Plc ETHIOPIAN MARBLE PROCESSING ENTERPRISE ADORN TRANSFORMER PLC SAMSON Girma Abera & Sons Plc Girma And His Son BANK OF ABYSSINIA ABYSSINIA BALTENA ERNST & YOUNG ETHIOPIA PLC WALIA STEEL INDUSTRY P.L.C Ethio Vet Plc EthioLink ETHIOLINK INTER TRADE PLC Ethiorose ETHIODER PLC ETHIO LEASE ETHIOPIAN CAPITAL GOODS FINANCE BUSINESS SC NATIONAL METAL WORKS CORP A.T. Herto Trading Plc INFINITY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PLC Abbahwa Trading P.L.C JP TEXTILE (ETHIOPIA) PLC The Oromia Cooperative Promotion Commission Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Societies Union Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union Limited OROMIA COFFEE FARMERS COOPERATIVE UNION OROMIA EDUCATION BUREAU GREEN COFFEE AGRO-INDUSTRY PLC Fine Chemical General Trading Plc MIDROC ETHIOPIA P.L.C ETHIOPIAN MARBLE INDUSTRY ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN ROADS AUTHORITY ETHIOPIAN FREIGHT TRANSPORT CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN TRADING AND AGENCIES LTD ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORP ETHIOPIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND B.H. Trading & Manufacturing Plc Misaf Trading MINUGSA TRADING Abc Plastic Factory Plc Addis Ababa Tannery S/C Pharmacure Plc MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MOYEE COFFEE PLC M.A.B.D MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES PLC Ethio Creative Arts And Communication Creative Computer System P.L.C Nur Business Creation Plc ELNET TECHNOLOGY PLC Kas International Trading Plc STAR SOAP & DETERGENT INDUSTRIES SAUDI STAR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PLC SOUTH EAST AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IZATCO TRADING COMPANY PVT CO CRAFTS CONSTRUCTION PLC TUFFA SHAY & SONS PLC Gassp Pvt Ltd Company AEMFI EIFTRI FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH ETHIOPIA JEMEA TRADING PLC ACTION FOR BASIC DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES METAD AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PLC Inter-Aman Plc AMAN MUSSA ADEM ADAM AMAN HAGOS Belayneh Assefa Assefa Daniel ASSEFA KARA BUILDING CONTRACTOR Sofia Aman Hassen Samson Assefa Solomon Assefa Yared Assefa Advertising Tsehay Assefa Achame Tamirat Assefa Girma ENGIDAYE ASSEFA Assefa Belachew Balcha Aman Shekur Shifa Hashim Aman Hassen AMAN WRAKE BUSERA WONDOWSSEN ASSEFA BUILDING CONTRACTOR BC-4 Sultan Haji Aman Eba Assefa Getachew Car Decor Getachew Assefa Mekonnin Yetmwork Assefa Fantaye Omer Aman Imam Tameyalew Assefa Bekele Aman Import-Export Enterprise Aman Import & Export Enterprise AQUARIUS AVIATION PLC Ethiopian Wildlife Association AFRIFLOWER PLC Kaluworks Ethiopia Plc GEOMARK SYSTEMS PLC GULLELE SOAP FACTORY SH. CO. LIONS INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC Lions International Trading Plc International Trading Won International Trading Robin International Trading Plc CITRUS INTERNATIONAL TRADING P.L.C Jos International Trading P.L.C FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC Rotation International Trading P.L.C Brook International Trading Plc International Trading Plc /Itco BUNNA INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. Geom Luigi Varnero Impresa Costruzioni P.L.C GIGAR TRADING CRYSTAL TANNERY SHARE COMPANY ADAMA STEEL FACTORY Abyssinia Trading Plc Afro Trading Shimelis Desta Abyssinia Steel Trading Plc Araya General Trading AJORA GENERAL TRADING Sil Ethiopia International Inc Sim Ethiopia SILAFRICA ETHIOPIA INDUSTRIES PLC Saica Ethiopia Trading SOCIETY FOR WOMEN AND AIDS IN AFRICA ETHIOPIA Unitrac Engineering Consultancy Plc RAMA CONSTRUCTION PLC East African Group Ethiopia Plc EAST AFRICAN PHARMACEUTICALS PLC East African Agri-Business P.L.C. EAST AFRICA TANNERY PLC African Lakes (Eth) Plc E SYSTEMS AFRICA EAST AFRICAN AVIATION EAST AFRICA BOTTLING S.C. EAST AFRICA HEARING AID CENTER PLC East African Industrial Park East African Trading House Ltd East Africa Investment Securities Pvt Ltd Rabeko East Africa P.L.C Rabeco East Africa Plc ALTA COMPUTEC PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Tesurcon Trading Plc Abokker Trading Pvt Ltd PENIEL INDUSTRY PLC EDNA MALL H T S PLC Akir Construction Plc Aser Construction P.L.C Adam Construction Plc AMAL CONSTRUCTION A.M.B. Constuction ABAS CONSTRUCTION PLC AKWOS CONSTRUCTION PLC ARI CONSTRUCTION PLC AJED CONSTRUCTION PLC Tesfalem Trading Plc TESTI TRADING P.L.C Tesfalem Trading MEKAMBA P.L.C Natan Private Employment Agency Elico Awash Tannery Limited MENAGESHA BIOTECH INDUSTRY PLC Abeba Giday Trading House Pvt Ltd Co Abay Engineering Plc ABAY ENERGY PLC Sunshine Construction Private Limited Company A B B Midrock Industrial Services P L C Eco Plastic Plc ALMAW BEKALU ASRES Homa Construction Plc Mesp Africa Business Plc HST CONSULTING P.L.C HST CONSULTING P.L.C HST PLC Akaki Metal Products Factory ETHIOPIAN PULP & PAPER FACTORY S C Abay Bank Share Company ABAY BANK SC JELARAM PLC MORRELL AGRO INDUSTRIES, PLC OK PLASTICS P.L.C DEVELOPMENT BANK OF ETHIOPIA DASHEN BANK S.C DASHEN BANK S.C. GLITTER TRADING AND LOGISTICS PLC Yoha Trading OLIYAD TRADING Omesa Trading ORYX TRADING PLC Bora Trading Plc Oxygen Trading ZOMA TRADING KIFLE TSEGAY Kero Trading Private Limited Company Cos Trading & Technical Plc KERO TRADING PLC GS TRADING PLC KERCHANSHE TRADING PLC Niksat Advertising And Printing K - SAM TRADING PLC KAM TRADING PLC K.I.W Trading Plc Kabew Trading Plc Kabed Trading Plc KECHENAMBA TRADING PLC Kiremt Trading Kam Transit P L C KAM TRANSIT P.L.C. Konimix Trading KETENBERI TRADING PLC Feksadat Agro Industry Plc KIBCO TRADING K.O.J.J. FOOD PROCESSING COMPLEX PLC TOP FLOWER PLC WEYNISHET TAHIR AHMED BEKAS CHEMICALS P.L.C JOYTECH PLC Mugher Cement Factory GECKO TRADING PLC Goh Import And Export Ltd Goh Import & Export Plc WORLD BANK B A S F Ethiopia Ltd P L C Zemenwan P.L.C S.A BAGERSH PLC ADAGO MIDROC TRADING P.L.C. Chemtex Plc ADDIS ABABA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY GETACHEW SEYOUM ENGIDA Engida Kiros General Importer Zemen Capital Service Plc Excellence Pvt Ltd EXCEL COMMERCE P.L.C Excel Information Technology Plc ABEBE MULUGETA KASSAA SEMAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING MA IMPORT EXPORT MEKAR IMPORT & EXPORT PLC Cds Limited Import & Export Z.A Import Export Abat Import And Export Plc AL STAZ MOTORS IMPORT AND EXPORT P.L.C EKT IMPORT AND EXPORT TEFERI GETAHUN IMPORT & EXPORT ATMA IMPORT AND EXPORT Sam General Import & Export Trading Company TADESSE DESTA IMPORT AND EXPORT OBOLEYAN COFFEE EXPORT PLC DAYE BENSA COFFEE EXPORT PLC Tariku Fufa Desis Bekele Abshiro Plc Agaz General Trading Plc Adera General Trading P.L.C Al Buruj General Trading Al-Buruj General Trading P.L.C KOMBOLCHA STEEL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY PLC BSHAW GENERAL TRADING PLC Source Awash Tour & Travel Wateth Engineering Plc Wateth Engineering P.L.C Watt International P.L.C WATO COFFEE DEVELOPMENT PLC NATURE WATCHDOGS HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATION Abbahawa Trading Plc Auto World Trading Search Tour & Travel P.L.C Search Tour And Travel Plc Autoworld Mahtot Electrical And Computer Engineering Autoworld Trading ASNAKECH THOMAS AMARO GAYO COFFEE ORGANIC Laphto Italian Machine Tools Plc Alpha Tour And Travel Agency SELENDAWA TEXTILE SHARE COMPANY Freetown Restaurant Towfic Sherif & Company GERBI ENTERPRISE GENERAL BUSINESS PLC HANSON TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC Access Capital Services S.C ALEMAYEHU GELAN PLC ETHIOPIA CUTTINGS PLC Addis Company P.L.C Mulugeta Medium Clinic MULUGETA & FAMILY PLC Mulugeta Zewdie Ashenafi Mulugeta Afework Mulugeta Abebe Shifaw Rahel Mulugeta Arada Plastic Nigusu Mulugeta Abebe Mulugeta Afework W/Yohahhes Mulugeta Medum Clinic Mulugeta Abate Mekonnen Mulugenet Pvt Ltd Company Mulugenet P.L.C KIFIYA FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY PLC YOT CONSTRUCTION PLC AHADUKES FOOD PRODUCTS SC NATIONAL MOTORS CORPORATION PLC ELLI PLC ADVANTAGE INDUSTRIAL PLC ALEM STEEL P.L.C OSAKA STEEL P.L.C SUNNY STEEL PIPE MANUFACTURING PLC EKOS STEEL MILL PLC HABESHA STEEL MILLS PLC EAST STEEL PLC Sheba Steel Mills Plc AARTI STEEL PLC GEC STEEL MANUFACTURING PLC NOVA STEEL MANUFACTURING PLC SENTINEL STEEL PLC Sunny Side Educational Institute Plc Zuqala Steel Rolling Mill Zuqualla Steel Rolling Mill Enterprise HH STEEL SECTIONS P.L.C MAME STEEL MILL P.L.C Zamil Steel Industries Ethiopian Iron & Steel Factory MESROY INTERNATIONAL PLC Walta Information Center S.C MEDTECH ETHIOPIA PLC ETHIO TELECOM Dematech Ethiopia PLC. ETHIO-NIPPON TECHNICAL CO. S.C MSB CONSTRUCTION PLC EQUATORIAL BUSINESS GROUP PLC UNIVERSAL PLASTIC FACTORY PLC AYKA ADDIS TEXTILE AND INVESTMENT GROUP P.L.C BERHANENA SELAM PRINTING ENTERPRISE Ethiopia Travel And Tour ETHIO- DER TOUR & TRAVEL PLC Ethio Travel And Tour JY ETHIOPIA TOUR & TRAVEL PLC Ethio- Der Tour And Travel Plc Ethioguzo Tour And Travel Plc Ethio Guzo Tour And Travel Ethio-Fin Travel & Tour Horizon Ethiopia Tour And Travel Plc ETL TOUR AND TRAVEL Ethan Tour And Travel Plc DJEN G / MESKEL IMPORT AND EXPORT DEJENE LEMESSA TRADING Dejen Trading Plc Dejene Abaynen FEDERAL PRISON ADMINISTRATION OF ETHIOPIA DEJEN AGROBUSINESS PLC Dr Michael Dejene Public Health Consultancy Services C.G.F.Business Group Plc Amazon International Amazon Printing And Advertising Plc POLY-GCL PETROLEUM INVESTMENTS LIMITED ETHIOPIA BRANCH OROMIA INSURANCE COMPANY S.C OROMIA SEED ENTERPRISE OROMIA PIPE FACTORY PLC OROMIA RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION OROMIA REGIONAL HEALTH BUREAU OROMIA CREDIT AND SAVING SHARE COMPANY OROMIA AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE Mujib Commercial Centre Tilahun Gugsa Advertising & Artistic Promotion P.L.C ENDOWMENT FUND FOR THE REHABILTATION OF TIGRAY CoQua Trading Plc ADDIS ABABA FOAM AND PLASTIC ENTERPRISE COUNTRY TRADING PLC Sam Textile P.L.C UNITED SYSTEM INTEGRATORS P.L.C UNLIMITED PACKAGING PLC CMYK MEDIA SHAMA BOOKS AFCOR ETHIOPIA P L C ACOS ETHIOPIA PLC AGECA ( ETHIOPIA) COMPANY AMREF HEALTH AFRICA ETHIOPIA NATIONAL AIRWAYS AGAR ETHIOPIA A.F.E.T. Ethiopia Amran Ethiopia Tour & Travel Plc Amran Ethiopia Affit Ethiopia P.L.C Affit Ethiopia Plc ACORD ETHIOPIA ASCOM MINING ETHIOPIA PLC Auto Nova Ethiopia Plc ACTION FOR THE NEEDY IN ETHIOPIA LOVE IN ACTION ETHIOPIA VISION FOR ETHIOPIA ASSOCIATION PRECISION IMAGE COMPUTER AND RELATED EQUIPMENT IMPORT Abinet Building Materials Manufacturing Enterprise AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING CO. OF ETHIOPIA (AMCE) MNS MANUFACTURING PLC B S COSMETICS MANUFACTURING PLC COBA IMPACT MANUFACTURING PLC Tk Manufacturing Company LICON MANUFACTURING PLC MAMD CHEMICAL MERBLE MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLIERS Henok Eshetu Metal Manufacturing HOPE ADVANCE MANUFACTURING PLC Ocfa Metal Manufacturing QUALABELS MANUFACTURERS PLC Manu Advertising UNILEVER MANUFACTURING PLC MAFER PLC TRANSSION MANUFACTURING PLC AMCE - AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING CO. ETHIOPIA HIBRET MANUFACTURING AND MACHINE BUILDING INDUSTRY ROYAL FOAM SPRING MATTRESS MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISE HEALTH CARE FOOD MANUFACTURERS PLC NICE COSMETICS MANUFACTURING PLC BELAYAB CABLE MANUFACTURING PLC SUN PHARMA PLC SHEGNA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC NESTLE WATERS ETHIOPIA SHARE COMPANY N.Y.G Constraction P.L.C ALLURE COMMUNICATIONS PLC Wagtech Ethiopia Plc LABORA INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC STAR BUSINESS GROUP P.L.C. SOLEDAL BUSINESS PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY SIVATEX IT SOLUTIONS Sheba Tannery Shebel P L C Sheba Exports Shebatra Pvt.Ltd.Co Sheba Real Estate Plc Sheba Travel Agency Genale Construction Plc GHION GAS PLC BRIDGETECH P.L.C OROMIA TRADE AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT AGENCY SAAM TRADING ENTERPRISE Senke Trading Enterprise F Trading P.L.C Feynet Trading Plc Faks General Trading Enterprise Ben Trading Enterprise Ekram Trading Enterprise Eften Trading Enterprise Saam Trading Enterprise SATCON CONSTRUCTION PLC JUPITER TRADING ALMAZ SEYOUM BEYENE BEZA MAR AGRO INDUSTRY P.L.C Tami International Plc Bekele Abshiro P.L.C BEKELE ABSHIRO ENTERPRISE PLC SHERATON ADDIS HOTEL Stagioni (Sheraton Addis) Summerfields (Sheraton Addis) ORCHID MACHINERY RENTAL SEBLE HABTAMU IMPORT AND EXPORT Mulat Abegaz Edible Oil Factory & General Exporter WARKA TRADING HOUSE P.L.C YEKABDI AGRO PROCESSING PLC PRIMROSE SERVICE PROVIDER PLC PROCUREMENT SERVICES ENTERPRISE Sebhatu & Sons Property Administration And Security Service Plc Fantahun Werlde Advertising And Printing Service KALEB SERVICE FARMERS HOUSE P.L.C Kaleb Service Farmers House Plc Pc House Wim’S Holland House House Ware Mart CHAMBER PRINTING HOUSE PLC Lexicon Promotion Service Plc WONDESEN FEYISA SEWING SERVICE Jrome Guest House Station Coffee House GREEN PROFESSIONAL SERVICES G.S.H General Sport House PRIN INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY & RESEARCH SERVICES PLC PRIN INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY & RESEARCH SERVICES Midroc Energy House Electro-Mechanical Services Plc AGENCY FOR GOVERNMENT HOUSE Express Advertising And Promotion Service Enterprise Wow International P.L.C Mohamed Abdullahi Ogsadey Imp/Exp Ethio Cement Plc Ethio Ceramics Plc BHP BILLITON WORLD EXPLORATION INC ELITE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES PLC AGP POULTRY PLC JAF EAST AFRICA HOLDINGS PLC A.G. Transit P.L.C A.N.S General Importer Pommy International P L C FREIGHTERS INTERNATIONAL P.L.C HAKAMMAZ COSMETICS & PLASTIC FACTORY PLC Ethiopia Crown Cork & Can Manufacturing Industry Share Company CESP ENGINEERING PLC E T General Trading Plc G.L General Trading Plc Segel General Trading Plc O General Trading P.L.C Derole General Trading Plc Rhobot General Trading Plc Rhobot General Trading P.L.C WONGEL GENERAL TRADE PLC Rotterdam General Trading P.L.C Rich General Trading REM KALN GENERAL TRADING PLC Tomnet General Trading Plc WALIA LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS PLC NAS FOODS PLC AMBO MINERAL WATER FACTORY Equatorial Paint Factory LEGU TRADING P.L.C TEPPI GREEN COFFEE SELAM BALTINA Walia Travel & Tours Hirna Travel & Tours T Tam Travel And Tours Plc T-Tam Travel And Tours Jacaranda Tours & Travel P.L.C Abay Travel & Tourism Fana Travel & Tours Mass Travel & Tours Karamara Restaurant KARAMARA ENGINEERING PLC Tracon Trading Plc VOLUNTEER HEALTH SERVICES Fine General Service S.C Abh Services Plc Living Word Evangelical Church Development And Relief Service Voir Foreign Trade Auxilary And Transit Service Fa It Services Plc Brand Travel Services Plc ADDIS LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION & PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT SERVICE Tds Travel And Tour Services Afrox Express Service Plc Koreb Tour & Travel Service P.L.C INFORMATION SYSTEMS SERVICES PLC EQOS SERVICE PLC Tedy Tour & Travel service PLC Gran Express Travel & Tour Services Bizuhan Service Travel Agency Yalemdinber Tour & Travel Service International Trading Manufacturing & Services /Itmas/ ... Grant Express Travel & Tours Service Plc COMEX SERVICES PLC KIBCO SERVICE AND INVESTIMENT PLC Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals And Medical Supplies Corporation Ethiopian Grain Trade Ent.P CAMELS TRADING ENTERPRISE P.L.C Consolidated Manufacturing And Trading Enterprise Merchandise Wholesales & Import Trade Enterprise /Mewit/ Madowe General Trading Enterprise Kuluge Trading Enterprise Afro Asia Technical Trading Enterprise Beyut Automotive Trading Enterprise Iron Egele Trading Enterprise Eknams Trading Enterprise Camels Trading Enterprise Plc Bulehora Trading Enterprise Venus Trading Enterprise Maytes Trading Enterprise Sarrina General Trading Enterprise Zebra International Trade Enterprise Agad Engineering Trade Enterprise Betelhem Trading Enterprise Plc ENYI GENERAL BUSINESS PLC ZEMILLI PAINTS FACTORY PLC VIVID PLC Trans Nation Airways Plc Tana International Trading Plc TANA ENGINEERING P.L.C TANA DRILLING AND INDUSTRIES P.L.C MINISTRY OF REVENUE ETHIOPIA BISHOFTU AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY ASTUNET BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Taw Business Enterprise AFAR PASTORALIST DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION BISELEX ETHIOPIA PLC Shoa Trade & Industry P.L.C. Volcafe Addis Ababa Ltd GEO TOOLS TRADING AND SERVICE PLC NATIONAL TOBACCO ENTERPRISE (ETH) S.C National Tour And Travel Plc ZEMEN BANK Ahmedin Abdella Ahmed AECOM URS INTERNATIONAL HOUX TRADING PLC AFRO GERMAN CHEMICALS EST. P.L.C Afro Dan Plc Afro Pack Plc AFRO-CONTINENTAL PLC Afro Chemical And Steel P.L.C AFRO-EUROPEAN ENGINEERS PAGRIK ETHIOPIA PLC F E CONSTRUCTION PLC ZAF PHARMACEUTICALS PLC PHARMA BIRBIR P.L.C Admas Pharmaceuticals Plc Pharma S.C FAWES PHARMACEUTICALS PLC MEDICA PHARMA P.L.C AMBA PHARMACEUTICALS P.L.C BARO PHARMACEUTICALS P.L.C PHARMA SHARE COMPANY Pharmaceutical And Medical Supplies Import And Distribution PYRAMIDPHARMA PLC Micro Pharma Pvt Ltd Co Beker Pharmaceuticals Novel Pharmaceuticals P.L.C MICRO PHARMA P.L.C Spring Pharmacy P.L.C Demeco Pharma Plc PHARMACHEM ENTERPRISE IMPORTER PHARMA UNION PLC ASURA PHARMA PLC DROGA PHARMA PLC Taza Industrial P.L.C Consultancy AG CONSULT ADVA CONSULT REPI SOAP AND DETERGENT S.C. Pepi Soap & Detergent Sh Co Asharaf Agricultural And Industrial P.L.C Eagle Travel Agency Ethio Eagle International Plc GOVERNMENT OF ETHIOPIA NATIONAL OIL ETHIOPIA P.L.C GOAL ETHIOPIA GOMEJU OIL ETHIOPIA PLC Al Baraka ECOM CONSULT P.L.C. Ethiopia Hotel Alemayehu Deresse Alemayehu Zeleke Nigussie ALEMAYEHU TEKLE GETAHUN RASHID ESMAEL EXPORTER Zemare Flour Factory YARED ZEMERE COMPANY Zelalem Addis Welele Cement Product Zemichael H/Selassie Askachew NEGASH DANIEL ZEMICHAEL Zemen Construction Jemal Private Employment Agency Zemen Translation Kemale Negash Bsher Aklilu Zemariam Gebretensay Jemal Siraje Welebo Reshad Shamil Zemia Jemal Seid Yemer Jemal Redi SAID JEMAL RAHMETO PLC Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory Plc KEMAL ABDELA INTERNATIONAL PLC GREAT ABYSSINIA PLC Debre Brehan Tannery Genelec Engineering Abc Trading Aynie Trading EBUNA TRADING PLC Benas Trading HG GARMENT PLC Abysinia Technology Adaptation Center Plc ABYSINIA BALTNA ABYSSINIA FLOWERS PLC Abyssinia Film Production I-Pos International Trading Plc Abyssinian Flight Services P.L.C A & A Bussiness Center Abyssinia Fine Arts And Vocational Traning Center Abyssinian Tours And Travel Abyson Industries Plc A & A Bussines Center Abyssinian Flight Services Plc ABYSSINIAN FLIGHT SERVICES P.L.C Abize International Business P.L.C Abyssiania House Holds And Office Furniturer'S ORBIS TRADING & TECHNICAL CENTER Al-Afra Private Employment Agency Alem Private Employment Agency Al-Beshir Foreign Private Employment Agency Ray Foreign Employment Agency Bahja Foreign Employment Agency Adem Private Employment Agency Rehan Foreign Employment Agency Fanos Private Employment Agency Fitaw Private Employment Agency Awquraa Forign Employment Agency Fayza Private Employment Agency Fere Private Employment Agency Fortuna Private Employment Agency Abuzer Private Employment Agency Salem Private Employment Agency Fuad Plc. And Private Employment Agency Feker Private Employment Agency FAWE-ETHIOPIA CHAPTER Getachew Degefa Oda Bamacon Engineering Plc ALEMAYEHU KETEMA GENERAL CONTRACTOR Desalegn Alemayehu Seyoum Alemayehu Mengiste Abraw Alemayehu Nigussie Teffera Alemayehu Aragie General Electrical Material Shop ALEMAYEHU NEGUSSIE PLASTIC SHOES AND SOLE FACTORY & PP WOVEN BAG MANUFACTURING RAHEL ALEMAYEHU LAW OFFICE ALEMAYEHU ADMASSU GENERAL CONTRACTOR ADDIS ALEMAYEHU TAMIRE OINTMENT GRAIN & SERIAL CROP EXPORTER EYERUSALEM ALEMAYEHU TEKLU LEUL ALEMAYEHU BCA MACCFA FREIGHT LOGISTICS PLC MITSUBISHI ETHIOPIA TRADING PVT LTD CO INCHCAPE ETHIOPIA LTD G C S - N C R Ethiopia SHEBA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS ETHIOPIA PLC THE MOTOR & ENGINEERING COMPANY OF ETHIOPIA S.C MIDROC CONSTRUCTION ETHIOPIA PVT LTD TOTAL ETHIOPIA S C FEDERAL POLICE OF ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIA TANNERY SHARE COMPANY MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF ETHIOPIA FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH ETHIOPIA United Nations Childdren S Fund-Ethiopia BAYER CROPSCIENCE (ETHIOPIA) PLC GREAT ETHIOPIA RENAISSANCE DAM PROJECT ETHIOPIA E-SERVICE CELTIC ETHIOPIA PLC Ethio-Trans Express Plc Transform Ethiopia Development Association Uni-Trade Ethiopia Tewodros Ethiopia Transport Fanos Ethiopia Tours Travel Ethiopia Plc THE ARABIAN TRADING CO ETHIOPIA LTD Tibeb Ethiopia THE TECHNICAL TRADING CO (ETHIOPIA) LTD TRANSPARENCY ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIA TRADING BUSINESSES CORPORATION Wajag Trading Ethiopia Roots Tour And Travel Sof Omar Tour & Travel Plc Stone Age Tour And Travel Plc PITTARDS ETHIOPIA TANNERY SC OVID CONSTRUCTION PALM ETHIOPIA P.L.C ALFOZ PVT LTD CO Aged and Children Pastoralists Association AGED AND CHILDREN PASTORALISTS ASSOCIATION ACPA Abdos Trading A.M.H- Trading Abidan Trading P. L. C. Abc Plc Afatco Trading P.L.C Ady Trading Aecur Trading P.L.C Aecur Trading Pvt.Ltd.Co. Aecur Trading Plc Abd Mus Trading Absera Trading Comp. Absera Trading Comp Abokker Trading P.L.C Abrtant Trading P.L.C Abokker Trading Co. Plc Reco Trading REEM TRADING PLC Red Sea Trading P.L.C RED SEA TRADING PVT LTD S.G Trading Tad Trading K.H. Trading P.L.C M Trading Plc G.T.F Trading Plc Atsk Trading Ethex Trading Plc TIMEX TRADING PLC T-Hab Trading P.L.C T- Hab Trading Plc TIT TRADING PLC TBAB TRADING PLC Nexus Hotel Addis Ababa Ethiopia Nexus Hotel On Point Management Solutions SUASTAINABLE NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION SUNARMA E M COMMUNICATIONS PLC Rafco Technologies P.L.C CAWEE AA ADVANCED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PLC A.M.Y General Trading P.L.C Amy General Trading Plc HAB GENERAL TRADING P.L.C Yodahe General Trading P.L.C Yaregal General Trading Plc Yechalal General Trading Yufo General Trade P.L.C Bony General Trading Hab General Trading P.L.C W.Ch.General Trading P.L.C D.S.Y. General Trade Plc S.M. General Trading Ghty General Trading Plc. Ghty General Trading Plc Z.T General Trading Sally General Trading ENSH GENERAL TRADING P.L.C HABESHA TANNERY PLC Synergy Habesha Films Production SYNERGY HABESHA FILMS AND COMMUNICATIONS Habesha Tours And Travel Agency Habesha Habesha Cement Share Company Habesha Leather Habesha Private Employment Agency HABESHA BREWERIES S.CO. HABESHA BREWERIES S.CO. HABESHA TOUR AND TRAVEL AGENCY HABESHA CEMENT S.CO National Cement S.Co.( Addis Ababa Office) NATIONAL CEMENT SHARE COMPANY Aselefech Tsegaye And Bekele Tefera Pvc Systems Assembling Partnership Association For Forced Migrants FLAWLESS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, PLC INFORMATION NETWORK SECURITY AGENCY Online System House (For Enterprise Solutions) PUBLIC SERVANT SOCIAL SECURITY AGENCY Tekron Cosmetics & Detergents Heni Tours And Events Volunteers for Family Development/VOFAD Tz Computer Maintenance Service General Procurement Services And Trading SCMS ETHIOPIA Green Gold Ethiopia Plc Musema Ahmed Taeir Ahmed Abdi Arte Fatuma Ali Ahmed Ruman Abdi Ahmed Sami Ahmed Abdela Ahmed Waji Abas Ahmed Mohammed Alisarhan Ahmed Ahmed Mustefa Ahmed AHMED ABDU MAHAMMED Jemila Ahmed Ali Ahmed Said Kahsay Kalid Alewi Ahmed Ahmed Mahmoud And Family Plc Ahmed Mohammed Naji Ahmed Abdela Jewas Ali Ahmed Travel Agency Abdi Abubeker Ahmed Anwar Endris Ahmed Hadra Shukur Ahmed Dawud Ahmed Hussen Ahmed Kedir Beyene Abdu Systems Ali Abdu Ali KOONFEYEKUN INTL BUSINESS PLC ALNUR IMPORT AND EXPORT INDUSTRIAL PLC Abdurazak Mahfud Abdu Saeday Reja GIC - GENERAL INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL PTV. LTD. CO. Choice 2000 General Import And Commission Agent Bluenile For P.P. & Craft Paper Bags Manufacturing Plc BLUENILE FOR P.P. & CRAFT PAPER BAGS MANUFACTURING Btwo General Importer & Exporter P.L.C Hsa General Import & Export Photon Engineering Plc Heni Leather Products Paradiso Engineering Work Plc Rocky Valley Tours & Photo Safaris Sorenie Pvt. Ltd. Co. Helen Gebrenigus Coffee Exp. Monleni Plc EYOHEM GENERAL IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY NEW MILLENNIUM HOPE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Teresa Longo Eugenio Ashtho Engineering Plc ST PAUL MILLENNIUM MEDICAL UNIVESITY COLLEGE MARUBENI CORPORATION Solomon & Eleni Importer, Exporter & Foreign Trade Auxi... Artistic Printing Enterprise GEZ CHEMICALS AND PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Spotlight Education Support Center SPOTLIGHT COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING PLC Adiam Business Plc Amal Trading Co. Plc Samatco Trading Amal Trading Company Limited S.E.A Trading Plc Salagay Trading Plc Sagla Trading House Sima Trading Plc SATMAK TRADING P.L.C Sadula Trading P.L.C Sadula Trading Plc JEMAR HULEGEB INDUSTRY SC GMT INDUSTRIAL P.L.C Naytra Logistics PLC BERTA CONSTRUCTION P L C WORLD VISION ETHIOPIA LIBYA OIL ETHIOPIA LIMITED Ethiopian General Installation Supply Plc ETHIOPIAN PHARMACEUTICALS SUPPLY AGENCY Farmers’ Shop S&S FARMS PLC Black Lion International Plc Lion Bar LION MCCANN LION SECURITY SERVICE PLC The Lions Den Hotel GENERAL INSURANCE BROKERS NYALA INSURANCE INSURANCE COMPANY Vigilant It Solutions Plc ETHIO AGRICEFT PLC ETHIO-LEATHER INDUSTRY P.L.C Ethio Investment Group Plc Ethio Noble Plc Ethio - Polymers P.L.C Ethio-Import Export Plc Ethio Leather Industry Plc BATU TANNERY PLC BEST TRAVEL AND TOURS P.L.C Abat Insurance Brokers & Consultants B.I.T.T Plc Bdh Tewodros Kassa Abebe YIBELU MOSSIEWA YIMAM ENTERPRISE HYG IMPORT AND EXPORT PLC Yfgi General Import And Export Yemkab General Import Export Askasd Import & Export Addis Vet General Import And Export BIZ ADDIS IMPORT and EXPORT SHI SOLOMON HAILU SUPERMARKET P.L.C HAFDE PLC Habtamu Tsegaye Deneke Nile Coffee Export Plc HOPE FOR ALL Hailu Shita Leyewe TAF OIL PLC Anteneh Worku Hiruy H.H.H.D TRADING PLC Hoha Engineering Plc SOUTH WEST ENERGY (HK) LTD ULTIMATE MOTORS PLC Horata Engineering Plc Henok Yitbarek Alemu Kal Pastry,Bakery Hotel HASET WHOLESALE BUSINESS SHARE COMPANY Haji Ahmed Mechot Harun HADUSH HAGOS GENERAL CONTRACTOR Nebiyu Heavy Trucks Spare Part Hikas Engineering Richard Hintz & Family Plc Hareg Audio Video Production Plc Kiflom G/Hiwot Araya Holeta Roses Plc Hamza Oumer Ethiopian Standards Agency GAYO PASTORAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Village Ethiopia Plc Explore Ethiopia Travel And Tour Negem Lela Ken New Association Of Women Living With Hiv/Aids VISION FOR ETHIOPIA F.K Explorer Ethiopia Travel & Tours Plc HUNDEE-OROMO GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE LEATHER INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH DEVELOPMENT AND INTER CHURCH AID COMMISSION Pentagon Trading Plc MIDROC GOLD MINE P.L.C RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMNT CENTRE- MINISTRY OF MINES BUA OBSA GOLD AND TANTALUM MINING AND MARKETING COOPERATIVE SOCIETY UNIVERSAL INVESTORS S.C SAFE WATER MINING PVT LTD CO HIFAM/SEID ALI PP BAGS MANUFACTURING FACTORY Belayab Enterprises Plc Belayab Enterprise P.L.C BELAYAB ENTERPRISES P.L.C BELAYAB MOTORS P.L.C TNT CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING Tewa Construction TIWON CONSTRUCTION Tabco Construction WT & T CONSTRUCTION PLC GRANITE CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING PLC Centers for Development Consulting BCaD-Consulting Management PLC ICT4Development Consulting PLC Aw Thomas & Co KEGNA PP BAGS FACTORY PLC Kenenisa Hotel Snap Computer Centre Sit Computer Harmee Education for Development Association DIANA Starcom Network Solutions Plc ETHIOPIAN MAGICAL FARM FAIRFAX TECHNOLOGIES LLC RUNGO LIQUOR DEPOT PLC Bd Equipment Part Supplier Plc Dana & Associates Plc Dana Trading Plc DANROMA GENERAL IMPORT & RETAIL ENTERPRISE HENOK KEBEDE IMPORT AND WHOLESALES LAMBADINA TOUR & TRAVEL AGENT PLC GERMANTECH GENERAL TRADING PLC Deming Trading Plc DAN LIFT TECHNOLOGY PLC TECHNOSTYLE P.L.C Leuleberhn Lakew Yemisrach Zerihun Lakew GETANEH DENEKE GENERAL IMPORTER Awraris Hotel Migbare Getaneh Awraris Bekele Bayou KALEAB GETANEH ZEWELDE Awraris Abate Yimer Tesema H Mariam Getaneh TSEMEX GLOBAL ENTERPRISE PLC B.S. Consult UT SOLUTIONS PLC I.C.T Solutions Sota It Solutions Plc Signet It Solutions Plc IE NETWORK SOLUTIONS PLC Starcom Network Solutions P.L.C WECARE PHARMACEUTICALS PLC H Mayler Private Company Meron Wondimu INFOTEC P L C Infomed Technologies P.L.C Infomed Technologies Plc Infomed Technologies ONTEX HYGIENIC DISPOSABLES PLC Trgrace General Trading TRACON TRADING P.L.C Sascon Industrial Trade And Transport FRIENDSHIP TANNERY PLC TOP PLC ETHIOPIA, HFH Ethiopia Saw Mill Agtech Trading P.L.C WONKA GENERAL TRADING PLC Wheel Trading HGG IMPORT MESAF TRADING PLC Mieca Trading Madiba Trading Plc MSA TRADING PLC Saleh Ahmed Baminif & Bros. Micro Sun And Solutions Plc Kool Weha Bottlers Yotek Construction Plc YITBA CONSTRUCTION PLC Ye-Eze Construction YERER CONSTRUCTION PLC Software Development Ets Software Plc Mayked Software And Security Plc Silver Line Software Consultancy Unitrac Trading And Contracting Ltd UNITY TRADING P.L.C Unitrade P.L.C INTRADE P.L.C Yeayne Trading COFFEE PROCESSING & WAREHOUSE ENTERPRISE PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Coffee Processing And Warehouse Enterprise INTERLINK AFRICA IMPORT Intercontinental Addis Hotel INTERGOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY ON DVELOPMENT ENDURANCE YOUTH ASSOCIATION Interfaith Peace Building Initiative Ipi INTERNATIONL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION Interior Motifs & Design Trading ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT CENTER InterAfrica Group R.G. & Partners Plc R.G. & Partners Private Limited Co Yurdanos Hailu Bureta BALEZAF ALCOHOL & LIQUORS FACTORY PLC MUYA ETHIOPIA P.L.C MITCHELL COTTS ETHIOPIA LTD AMLUTECH ETHIOPIA Abdulekeder Nyala Oil Factory Badreg Enterprises AMBO MINERAL WATER SC_ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC POWER COPORATION /EEPCO ETHIOPIAN ELECTRONICS PLC ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC POWER ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS PLC ETHIOPIAN ELECTRONICS PLC ETHIOPIAN ELECTIC POWER ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC UTILITY ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC POWER CORPORATION Getk PROLOGUE MARKETING PLC AKSEKER ETHIOPIA CASING PLC General Chemical And Trading Private Limited Company GENERAL CHEMICALS AND TRADING PLC Conim General Trading Plc FAHEM GENERAL TRADING C.E.S General Trading P.L.C Cache General Trading P.L.C FLORA AGRICULTURAL ESTATE PLC Ameko Plc YENCOMAD INC. P.L.C SINTEC ETHIOPIA P.L.C ALPHA PRINTERS PLC SAVE THE CHILDREN - OFFICE ETHIOPIA Off-Road Ethiopia Tour Office Teach Plc Solomon Tesfaye Household And Office Furniture Sada Mohamed Household And Office Furniture Negat Household And Office Furniture Paulos Household & Office Furniture World Food Program Ethiopia Country Office Tikuir Abay Household & Office Furniture Fortune Enterprise TESHOME GABRE-MARIAM BOKAN LAW OFFICE Yobir Office Machines Urban Development Capacity Building Office ADULIS HOUSEHOLD & OFFICE FURNITURE WORKS PLC WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME NILE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LIMITED Yee Shakkiso Gold Producing And Marketing Cooperative Society Plc TASTY FOODS PLC Ayan Food Factory FOOD, MEDICINE AND HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL AUTHORITY OF ETHIOPIA HILINA ENRICHED FOOD PROCESSING CENTER P.L.C MO-YA FOOD COMPLEX, P.L.C NUTRAFRICA AGRO INDUSTRY & FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD CO Panorama Food Court Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food Food and Agricultural Research Management Ltd Africa CONSORTIUM FOR USAID FOOD FOR PEACE PROJECT M S ENEY INVESTMENT PLC Mtg General Importers EYASU DRUGS & MEDICAL SUPPLIES IMPORTER & DISTRIBUTOR DEMELASH MAMO GENERAL IMPORTER Markos Kebede Import And Export Company Llc D.G.K Import DEMISSIE BEYECHA IMPORTER SAMUEL DERESSA PHARMACETICAL MEDICAL SUPPLY IMPORTER PLC Jami Pharmaceutical Importer & Distributer Plc Dami International Plc /General Importer Danko General Importer DAMINAROF IMPORT AND EXPORT Davica World Wide Import & Export DANIEL ABADI DESTA - ALDAN IMPORTER Berhan General Import Dami International Danwon Import Addis Spare Parts Imports & Distribution Share Company DOUBLE ZBM IMPORT AND EXPORT Yesuf New Era Animal Medicne Importer & Distributor Plc Mak Bell Import Export ZINTU MEAZA SIMA Midroc Construction Ethiopia Plc NATIONAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIAN PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING S.C. Caroga Pharma Drug And Medical Supplies Importer And Wholesaler CAROGA PHARMA ETHIOPIA PLC YOHA INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL PLC TTH PHARMACEUTICALS & MEDICAL DEVICES TRADING P.L.C HARENA PHARMACEUTICALS TRADING PLC AUROBINDO PHARMA LIMITED Nazareth School CURE ETHIOPIA Health Care Food Manufacturering P.L.C Ubuntu Leadership Institute International Leadership Institute Abdulkadir Ali Ousman A Electronics Services Te Computer Solution C-Solution Walta Security Service And Commision Plc Elecsa Addis Security Service Company Plc Salini Necso Joint Venture Taz Stationery & Secretarial Service Bespo Electromechanical Services Plc PIERRE COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS ETHIOPIAN SOCIETY OF SOCIOLOGISTS, SOCIAAL WORKERS AND ANTHROPPOLOGISTS Teknet Ethiopia Computer Service Plc Iss - Institute For Security Studies CAUSTIC SODA SHARE COMPANY IMPACT ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICES& DEVELOPMENT IMPACT ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE AND DEVELOPMENT African Peace And Security Programme, Institute For Peace And Security Studies ASB HOTEL PROPERTIES PLC ASP HOTEL PROPERTIES Atlas Private Limited Company Ta Computer Plc Afi Computer Technology ATLAS COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY PLC 251 COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING PLC SWAN MANAGEMENT PLC WATER WORKS DESIGN & SUPERVISION ENTERPRISE Ab-Astamy Origin Ethiopia Tour & Travel DEBRE BIRHAN NATURAL SPRING WATER PLC ORIGIN INVESTMENT PLC OROMIA WATER WORKS CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE Water Fit General Trading Abay Fiber & Water Proofing P.L.C OROMIA WATER MINERALS & ENERGY BUREAU MINISTRY OF WATER, IRRIGATION AND ELECTRICITY World Fiber Glass And Water Proofing Engineering Origins Ethiopia Tour And Travels REWORK INC BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT CONSULTING FIRM SHERRO WATER PROOFING PLC Iwmi - International Water Management Institute Ministry Of Water Resources Rift Valley Water Technology P.L.C TESFAYE TEFERI CERTIFIED AUDIT FIRM RIFT VALLEY WATER TECHNOLOGY PLC Ethio-Drilling And Water Engineering Plc Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise BIRHANU ASEFA BUILDING CONTRACTOR AND WATER WORKS GENERAL CONTRACTOR Water Works Construction Enterprise STM SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES MANUFACTURING BRIGHT OFFICE FURNITURE MANUFACTURING PLC Nobe Manufacturer And International Trading Plc GETACHEW ASSEFA BUILDING & WATER WORKS CONTRACTOR Nile Business Group Plc Star Business Group P.L.C. Equatorial Business Group(Ebg) Road Business Group Plc Osac Business Group Plc ETHIO CANADIAN BUSINESS GROUP Ethio Candian Business Group P.L.C Rech General Business P.L.C Saron Business Group P L C Seka Business Group Plc DOUBLE S BUSINESS GROUP PLC Smart Business Group Smart Business Group Plc Unity Business Group Plc Dyr Business Group Plc Cross Continental Business Group P.L.C Cross Continental Business Group Plc DIRE INDUSTRIES P.L.C Dire Industries ACME ENGINEERING & TRADING PLC Astco P.L.C A.T.M.T. Comtech P.L.C AVICOM TRADING PLC Adazom Trading Plc AFRICAN BAMBOO PLC MOENCO MOTOR & ENGINEERING COMPANY OF ETHIOPIA LTD BEKER GENERAL BUSINESS P.L.C Marianne Trading Plc Berchaco Ethiopia Private Limited Company BRIGHT ETHIOPIA KMG ETHIOPIA Yeshi Ethiopia Plc B.G.I ETHIOPIA PLC Bega Tours Ethiopia Blen Ethiopia Travel Beinahco Ethiopia Village Ethiopia P.L.C BDFC ETHIOPIA INDUSTRY PLC LIGHT ETHIOPIA SS COMMUNICATIONS PLC S.S. Communications P.L.C Midroc Foundation Specialist Plc Midroc Aviation Plc DERBA MIDROC CEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY DERBA MIDROC CEMENT PLC Mahavir Industries Plc Alganesh Shiferaw Ayele MESFIN HYDRAULICITY TRADING Hakame International Trading Belayneh Kinde Import Export Davimpex Enterprises Bahir Dar Tannery Plc Bahr Dar Tannery Bahir Dar Tour And Travel Agency NARDOS COFFEE EXPORT Menar General Business BAHIRDAR UNIVERSITY Nardos Trading Company Nardeli Pawlo Jerard Christian Relief And Development Association TENA KEBENA GINFLEN ENATSDA MAHIBER Solomon Gobena ARDAN RISK AND SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED Fratelli Nardelli Nardelli Paolo Cement Products Nardos Nikodimos Tesfaye Fairfax Technologies Llc - Ethiopian Branch Tensae International Business Enterprise Plc Tensae International Business Enterprise (P.L.C.) Teji International Plc Ethiopian Medical Association ETHIOPIAN MEDICAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATION ETHIOPIAN NURSES ASSOCIATION Ethiopian Leather Industries Association Ethiopian Millers' Association Smayaz Transact International P.L.C E.T.F Construction Raey Construction P.L.C GOSSAYE HAILIYE Rehobot Construction Plc Henock Construction Machinery Rental Daa Construction Machineries Rental Service A.M.M Construction Machinery Rental Service Plc EISA MOHAMMED CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY RENTAL BOKE CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE Sur Construction S.C. Cactus Construction Plc Sa Construction P.L.C NKH CONSTRUCTION PLC Universal Construction Pvt. Ltd. Co. Gad Construction Plc DMC CONSTRUCTION PLC SEA CONSTRUCTION KM CONSTRUCTION PLC MLD CONSTRUCTION PLC Rahma Trading Plc ROBANS TRADING PLC VOCA ETHIOPIA China-Africa Overseas Products S.C PETRONAS CARIGALI OVERSEAS SDN BHD CHINA-AFRICA OVERSEAS LEATHER PRODUCTS S.C Semayaz Transact International Mohammed Delil Beshir Aman Egmak Technical Trading Ltd Mamma P.L.C Mamo Woldeyes Wush Wush Tea Development Enterprise WELDEYESUS BUSINESS P.L.C TIRUZER ETHIOPIA FOR AFRICA (TEA) ABOGNE GENERAL TRADING Ahs Electric Plc AYBAR ENGINEERING PLC AHEAD ENGINEERING PLC AIESEC in Ethiopia Elsabete Abaye Car Decor Ambassa Enterprise Plc Abadir Engineering P.L.C Abadir Engineering P.L.C. Adibek Export Plc Abkm Engineering Arfab Engineering AGERTU ENGINEERING PLC Abadir Enterprise Tiss Abaye Plc Abcon Engineering Plc. ALLIED CHEMICALS PLC ALTA COMPUTEC P.L.C GMM GARMENT PLC Gmt Industrial Plc Daniel Abate Gebru Amest Santim General Business Plc Amest Santim General Business P.L.C ETHIOPIAN IMPORT-EXPORT CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH EIAR Ethiopian Institute Of Architecture , Building Construction And City Development Ethiopian Institute Of Agriculture Research, Debre Zeit Research Center ETHIOPIAN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Ethiopian Development Research Institute ETHIOPIAN INVESTMENT COMMISSION ETHIOPIAN SHIPPING & LOGISTICS SERVICE ENTERPRISE SHIPPING SECTOR SUB SAHARAN BIOMEDICAL P.L.C. GLITER BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY GLITTER BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY WMG BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING PLC MELA RESEARCH PLC Bio Tech Plc BIOTECH PLC Biosol Plc West Pharma Trading P.L.C ADDIS PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY PLC Am Ltd.Co. TTY PHARMACEUTICALS AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES PLC Ethiopia Plastic Share Company ETHIOPIAN AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES CORPORATION LIFE & PEACE INSTITUTE (LPI) DKT ETHIOPIA Discover Ethiopia DANGOTE INDUSTRIES(ETHIOPIA) PLC Don Door Ethiopia SHOA TRADE INDUSTRY P.L.C Shoa Trade & Industry Plc Shoa Trade Industry P.L.C KCON TRADE AND INDUSTRY HIMET TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC Agro-Vet P.L.C Agricultural Equipment Corporation Mulunesh Nasa Construction Equipment Supplies Takem Agro Industry Siet Agro Plc Agro Prom International Plc Abadayu Industrial & Agriculture P.L.C REHOBOT PRINTERS P.L.C Diamond Enterprise PLC Shi-Sida Engineering P.L.C ALL AFRICA LEPROSY AND REHABILITATION TRAINING CENTRE Alert/Ahri Center Biny Plc ESFRE TRADING AMBER TRADING Amaj Trading Asena Trading P.L.C Y.E.S Trading P.L.C Abeba Tours Ethiopia Adonay Ethiopia Tours & Travel Tom Ethiopia Tours And Travels I C Ethiopia Tour And Travel Plc Fest Ethiopia Travel & Tour Plc Holiday Ethiopia Travel & Tour Zagwe Ethiopia Tours And Travel Splendor Ethiopia Tours & Travel Priceless Ethiopia Tours Plc Ramidus Ethiopia Tour And Travel Splendor Ethiopia Tours And Travel BURNOUS DESIGN A Cappelli And Ethiopia Plc High Chem Ethiopia P.L.C A.Cappelli & Co. (Ethiopia) Plc Spare Ethiopia P.L.C Freesia Ethiopia P.L.C PATH ETHIOPIA Ye Ethiopia Cancer Association AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN ETHIOPIA P L C U Nusra Trading Plc Enock Plc AL-ASR INDUSTRIES PLC Beam International Plc MENKEM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS P.L.C BERHAN INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. WERETA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PLC Eyaya International Busines Plc Benyas International Business P.L.C Zerfam International Business P.L.C Dhm International Business Plc Beza International Plc BEZA INTERNATIONAL B.A International P.L.C I.T.A Agro Industry Plc. Dugda Agro Industry Dugda Agro Industry Plc A-Z IMPEX Almeta Impex Plc Aldam Export & Import MONET PLC ANBESSA SHOE SHARE COMPANY Anbessa Shoe S.C Ethiopian Meadows Plc Ethiopian Mapping Authority Metal Crowns Ethiopia Plc Ethiopian Minieral Development S.C ETHIOPIAN MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS M K T Y Information Technology Services Plc INOVA PACKAGING P.L.C Inova Polybag P.L.C Defense University ;College Of Health Sciences CADILA PHARMACETICALS ETHIOPIA PLC Ens Import & Export Plc YESHAMBEL MENGESHA IMPORT AND EXPORT ETHIOPIAN ROAD CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN RETAIL TRADE CORPORATION GREAT ETHIOPIAN RUN Yonatan Bt Plc Yonatan Beyene Ccsi Plc Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organisation Shebelle Ethiopia Conference Services Plc METAHARA SUGAR FACTORY ETHIOPIAN SUGAR INDUSTRY SUPPORT CENTRE SHARE COMPANY Agmas General Trading Saz General Trading MANAMA GENERAL TRADING PLC Makarios General Trading P.L.C Naf General Trading MODAN GENERAL TRADING PLC Mcs General Trading Plc M.C.S General Trading Plc MDB GENERAL TRADING PLC Mujaf General Trading P.L.C MYSERU GENERAL TRADING PLC Mahammed Sheriff General Trading Quba General Trading Weyto International General Trading P.L.C. Des General Trading Des General Trading Plc Leyet General Trading P.L.C Debrenihigo General Trading Plc BOLE PRINTING ENTERPRISE BIFTU ADUGNA BUSINESS SCO AWASH WINE S.C Tewodros Engineering Business PLC Hailu Melaku & Sons Plc REHOBOT PROMOTION Hailu Advert FINE GENERAL SERVICE SHARE COMPANY Hailu Kebede HYWAS ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS DIVERSE ELECTRO-MEDICAL P.L.C Haicof Private Limited Company Mallima Pvt Ltd JIGRA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PLC Hailu Electronical YACIT COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PLC WOLDEABE ENTERPRISE HANNA YIGEZU IMPORT EXPORT AND COMMISSION AGENT Fuad Ahemed Mohammed PHILIPS ETHIOPIA PLC TADESSE UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR AFRICA Ali Ibrahim Abdufatah Mohammed Mohammude HAMDI MOHAMMED IMPORTER & EXPORTER Mohammed Seid Abdd Abdu Hussen Mohammed Abdu Mohammed Oumer Mohammed Muhdin Mohammed Yassin Mohammed Ali Abdela Mohammed Ali Adnan Mohammed Ali Plc Mohammed Utba Ali Abdurazak Mohammed Dawd Gash Abera Mola Environment & Development Association Tewodrose Abera Oda Enterprise Tewodros Abera Building Contractor A.A. Printing And Advertising Tsega Berhanie Abera YOHANNES ABADI IMPORT TRADING ENTERPRISE Aber International Trading & Engineering P.L.C Aber International Trading And Engineering Plc Aber International Trading & Engineering Plc TESHOME ABERA AFRASSO Mohammedsalh Adem Abera Iprint Digital Advertising Plc I-Print Digital Advertising Plc Legesse Sherefa Pvt Ltd Co Hovis Computer Solutions S.Co V-TECH COMPUTER SOLUTIONS Nota Computer Solution Turbo Computer Solutions P.L.C Global Computing Solutions P.L.C. Global Computing Solution Plc Genesis Computer Solutions Global Fodder Solutions Epion Computer Solutions Plc Kemer Computer Solutions Dtf Computer Solution GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTION Teranet Computing Solutions P.L.C THE EMERALD ADDIS HOTELS PLC Edna Addis Hotel CRYSTAL CAPITAL SERVECES S.C CHRISTIAN TESFAYE Batu Tannery (Pvt) Ltd Christina General Trading MEGA PRINTING PLC Abakiy General Business P.L.C Belt General Business Plc Ca Business Pvt. Ltd. Co. Fora General Business Plc Lay General Business P.L.C Gissila General Business Plc WOYN CHEMICALS GENERAL BUSINESS PLC W.S.M. GENERAL BUSINESS PLC Shs Industerial General Business Plc Sefa And His Family Busuness P.L.C Z.N.B. General Business Plc BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES GLOBAL ETHIOPIA Mezk General Business P.L.C Family Restaurant Gbs General Business Plc CHRISTIAN TESFAYE LAMBEBO Bizcom General Business P.L.C Dejast General Business P.L.C Syscom P.L.C Syscom Plc Jemalali Trading Co JAA TRADING PLC Jaz Trading Plc United System Integrators P.L.C System Integration Experts FARIDA TANNERY P.L.C Et-Comp Enterprise M A SHERIF P L C Marta Asrat Semmu Nice Cleaning CLEANWAY PLC Doha Cleaning Service Plc FIRE WORKS CLEANING PLC BEJO CLEANING SERVICE Addis Engineering Addis Tibeb Plc Addis Agents Addis Business Addis Exporter Plc ALU-ADDIS P.L.C Addis Exporter Ltd (Plc) Addis Foundry Face Of Addis Addis College ADDIS GUZO Danmic Addis P.L.C. Addis Garment S.C Addis Industries Ltd S H Co Addis Tyre Company S C Ethiopian Coffee Export Enterprise Organic Coffee NYALA MOTORS S.C. Hayda P.L.C A.T.G. Trading House Warka Trading P.L.C Ethiopian Fire And Security Plc Ethiopian Sugar Development Agency Tewodros Sisay MEHRTEAB LEUL & ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICE THE UNITED INSURANCE CO.SC. ALFARAG TRADING P.L.C TSEGAYE TIKO SENBETU IMPORT EXPORT Roshan P.L.C North Holdings North Holdings Investment Inc. Ethiopia Imagine Ethiopia Tours National Insurance Company Of Ethiopia Sc Bivac International (Ethiopia Branch) Plc North Holdings North Holdings Investment Inc (Ethiopia) Insight Ethiopia Tours Indigo Ethiopia Tour Travel Plc SARON ROSE AGRO FARM P.L.C Walia Tannery DAMA TRADE METEMAMEN MICRO FINANCING INSTITUTION Abeba Aynom Kahssay L T D Ethio Granite General Business Plc Pioneers Ethio-Aviation Ethio Queen Business Enterprise Ethio-Trade Export Co Pte Ltd Ethio-Alpine Tour Ethio Fiber Glass KENERA INTERNATIONAL TRADING P.L.C K.A.S.Int.Trading S.SARA COFFEE EXPORTER ENTERPRISE SEVEN HILLS PACKAGING SOLUTIONS PLC Lewa Plc Addis Ababa Bottle & Glass Share Compnay Hiwot Transport & Technical Servive S.Co Adot - Tina Hotel Adot Tina Hotel Adottina Hotel Kidist Hiwot Tessema Research Institute Shalbo General Import And Industry P.L.C Million Birhane Royal Borehole Drillers Plc Right Spot Travel And Tour Plc Right Spot Travel And Tour P.L.C Timkat Tours Rohobot Narottamdas Karamchand & Brothers. (G.P) Rehobot Lower Clinic Comfort Car Rent & Tours Rohobot Furniture ETHIO SCOTT WARREN P.L.C. ASMEN PLC Falcon Travel Agency EARTH ADVERTISING Ami Printing And Advertising Private Enterprise Wer Printing And Advert Wevo Advertising And Printing Metro Printing And Advertising Jam Printing And Advertising Arc Printing And Advertising Plc Gashem Travel Hassen Suleyman General Trading Muzdulefa Private Employment Agency Elule General Metal Work Yehuleshet Higher Clinic Darule Nesredin Private Trading Enterprise Mullege Pvt. Ltd. Co. Mullege Plc Gulelat Gesett GULELE PLASTIC INDUSTRY LIMITED S A BAGERSH LEGEHAR Abduljelil Wule Siraj GEMSHU BEYENE CONSTRUCTION PLC MEHARI REDAI GEBERE GEDEB ENGINEERING PLC Nejat Wahabey Abdulkadir Gebeta Restaurant And Café Mekonnen Gebeyhu Tenaye Beyene Tesfaegzi Beyazn Chane Eseyneh Dr. Tesfaye Beyene Beshir Nebeyu Household And Office Furniture Mugeb Engineering Cabey Plc CABEY P.L.C Sileshi Nigussie Beyene Admire Ethiopia Travel Plc Ethiopian Experience Travel Dinsho Trading Company Bulala Dinkiti Agricultur Trade & Industry Plc Dinknesh Teka Redi Dina Stationery Dina Trading Plc Tewfik Bergu Din Dinkinesh Ethiopia Tours MOHA SOFT DRINKS INDUSTRY S.C Asnake Alchol Drinks Industry D.H GEDA TRADE & INDUSTRY PLC Addis Downtown Trade And Industry Plc Adugna Dinsa Tolera Des General Tarding Pvt.Ltd.Co. Dino Bedru Woulsibo Dinsho Wholesale Trading Plc Darulie Nesredin Plc MESKEREM LIQUOR AND SOFT DRINK FACTORY Dinocer Show And Leather Product KINFE LEGESSE G/CONTRACTOR Abubeker General Business Plc Abay Kinfe Teklu Kinfe Stationary Abou Baker Mohammed Sheikh Mulalem Bekele Kinfe Furniture Factory Abaubeker Mohammed Sheikh Abubeker Hussen Foge Abubekere Mohammedsalah INFO MIND SOLUTIONS PLC Rasmi Industrial Solutions Plc James Lane JIMMA ENTERPRISE PLC Betel Engineering METALS AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION. METAL AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION FDRE METALS & ENGINEERING CORPORATION Metals & Engineering Corporation Akaki Basic Metals Industruy Gatepro Metal Engineering GATEPRO P.L.C MEET ENGINEERING PLC N.A Metal Industry And Engineering Moti Engineering P.L.C Mofet Engineers Plc Mela Engineering & Construction P.L.C. Mela Engineering & Construction Plc Maurizio Metal Construction Engineering MULU ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING PLC Partnership Agency Active Partners Group Co. Ltd Pizzeria Italia Ethiopian Adventure Travel ETHIOPIAN APICULTURE BOARD Fiker Leather Craft At-Shim Trading AGRICALTURAL EQUIPMENTS & TECHNICAL SERVICE S.C Telason It Solution P.L.C Sat Solar Engineering Plc Wecode Ict Solutions Plc Etenesh Shoatsega Atsktrading Shewatsehay Asrat Asefa Haish Tesfatsion Electro Mechanical Gadget Ict Solution Atronus International Ict Solutions Perfect Solutions Partners P.L.C Quality Computers Quality Computer & Accessories Quality Computers And Accessories Plc Laser Computer Trading INTERNATIONAL STATIONERY & COMPUTER ACCESSORIES Maryland Computer And Accessories SOLTADS TRADING PLC Debre Berhan Tannery Plc Universal Travel Agency P.L.C UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION PLC Universal Leather Products S.C. UNILEVER ETHIOPIA PLC UNIVERSAL MEDICAL COLLEGE PLC Universal General Trading ELECTROCOMMERCIAL S.C. Central Electronics Electro Light Plc K G M ELECTRONICS ULTIMATE ENGINEERING PLC Omega Electronics Plc Electric World P.L.C Center For National Health Development In Ethiopia ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH CHILD AND FAMILY AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH CHILD AND FAMILY AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION Awash Power Engineering P L C AWASH AUTO BATTERIES PLC ASFA PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Asfa P.L.C. Asfa Plc Meseret Assefa Gion Industry Chemical Kadisco Chemical Industry Plc NATIONAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO LIMITED National Chemicals & Engineering Industries Plc AGIP ETHIOPIA SHARE COMPANY Sekor Ethiopia Sintec Ethiopia Plc CHESHIRE SERVICES ETHIOPIA SOS SAHEL ETHIOPIA SEFERIAN & CO ETHIOPIA LIMITED Securicor Ethiopia SOS SAHEL ETHIOPIA Scenic Ethiopia Tour SNAP TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC Hope 2020 HOPE FOR CHILDREN AUSTRALIA HOPE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOPE FOR CHILDREN ORGANIZATION SEID YASSIN P.L.C. SPRINTER TECHNOLOGIES ERP SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES PLC Yasin Kedir Mohammed ABEBA GIDAY TRADING HOUSE PLC Dawit Desalegn Ejo NETWORK OF NETWORKS OF HIV POSITIVES IN ETHIOPIA Nejat International Plc Nejet International Plc Nejat Computer Service Plc Nejib Mohammed Ali NBE Nejat Berhan Mohammed Abya Mechnical Engineering Plc ETHIOPIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN COFFEE MARKETING ETHIOPIAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY ETHIOPIAN CUSTOMS AUTHORITY Ethiopian Commodities Plc ETHIOPIAN COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY ETHIOPIAN HORTICULTURE COOPERATIVE Adorsam Business Plc Alpha Business Plc RADAR BUSINESS PLC ALUM BUSINESS PLC AMEL BUSINESS PLC Zoar Business P.L.C ADM BUSINESS PLC A K T Business Group P.L.C A.K.T. Business Group Plc Jinka Business P.L.C ASMAINT BUSINESS PLC Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise GAD BUSINESS PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Adadi Business Group P.L.C Mkty Information Technology Services Plc Megasys Trading MEGA GRAPHICS Mega Travel Agency Chemtex P.L.C ETHIOPIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Indut Industrial P.L.C Omic Electro Mechanical Wale Electro Mechanical Work Masco International Plc Kuriftu Tour Travel Agent And Car Rental Plc Kuriftu Diplomat Restaurant FUTURE MANAGEMENT CONSULT National Consultants National Advertising NATIONAL ALCHOL & LIQUOR FACTORY NATIONAL VETEREINARY INSTITUTE HADICAP NATIONAL Negash Hussen National Hiv/Aids Counselors Association Natol Trading Plc JIJE LABOGLASS PLC CLS LOGISTICS SERVICES Abdela Mohammed Shifa ABDELA SHIFA MOHAMMED Jemal Abdella Mohammed Abdulber Seman Mohammed Abdulkadir Mohammed Sherif Aberus Ethiopia Tours Alaynesh Ethiopia Tours Kti Kas Ethiopia Tourism P.L.C Image Ethiopia Tour Ramidus Ethiopia Tour Marvelous Ethiopia Tour Focus Tours Ethiopia Witness Ethiopia Tours King Dawit Tours Ethiopia Diversity Tours Ethiopia Ethiopian Tyre And Rubber Economy Plant Plc Ethiopian Wine Trek Wadi El Sundus Petroleum Co Ltd/Ethiopia Branch All Mart ICON IMPORT Naos Import ORCHID BUSINESS GROUP PLC ORCHID TRANSIT PLC ORCHID COFFEE EXPORT ORCHID INTERNATIONAL GENERAL IMPORTER ADAMI TULU PESTCIDES PROCESSING S.C. Nani International Ltd N I B International Bank NYALA INSURANCE S.C Lema Plastics P.L.C Ab Plast P.L.C Ab Plast P.L.C. BUSSER GENERAL TRADING Bitmas General Trading P.L.C Bonda General Trading Plc Dairy Development Enterprise NATIONAL CHEMICALS CORPORATION Chempharma P L C Bekas Chemicals Plc Bekas Chemicals P.L.C ROCKY MOUNTAIN CYBER SECURITY GEOSYNTHETICS INDUSTRIAL WORKS P.L.C Lina Leather Inc. YE ETHIOPIA GOJI LIMADAWI DIRGITOCH ASWOGAJ MAHIBER Cornerstone Abadir Super Market Cornerston Training Center Champion Communications, Marketing Tigray Multipurpose Marketing Federation Ltd. Cooperative Kg Corner Cafe And Restaurant Kolfe Genet Marketing Center S.C. Abco Marketing And Distribution Plc Silver Bird Marketing Plc Tafesecorner Hotel Tigray Multipurpose Marketing Fderation Bisrat House Market WAFA MARKETING AND PROMOTION PLC Weave Promotion And Marketing Plc Tigray Multipurpose Marketing Federation P.L.C Weave Promotion And Marketing P.L.C HERMARSEG SUPER MARKET - GETACHEW SHUMYE WALLIA LEATHER PLC FEDERAL MICRO & SMALL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY World Wide Plc Wallia Intercity Businesses Enterprise Hawally Private Employment Agency CARE DEVELOPMENT AND SERVEISES Alex Leather Articles Factory Challenge Coffee Traders Plc Christian Aid Ethiopia ETHIOPIA COMMODITY EXCHANGE ETHIOPIAN COMMODITY EXCHANGE ECX TEA PRODUCTION AND MARKETING ENTERPRISE Ethiopian Fruit & Vegetable Marketing S.C. (Etfruit) Ethiopian Fruit And Vegetable Marketing Enterprise NATURAL GUM AND FOREST PRODUCTS PROCESSING & MARKETING SECTOR Armauer Hansen Research Institute ARMUER HANSEN RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIMU INARA FARMERS MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVES UNION HAGBES P.L.C Et Consult Ambasel Trading House Plc Ambasel Trading House Ambassel Trading Ahmed Nurhussien Zeinu Ahmed Nur Hussien Zeinu A-1 Tech Plc Hunsen Trading YETEBABERUT BEHERAWI PETROLEUM S.C Yetebaberut Beherawi Petroleum S.C Ethio Root International Plc Ethio International Trading Company Pvt Ltd INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK RESEARCH INSTITUTE ETHIOPIA Alek-Ethiopia International Business Ethio Link Inter Trading Plc INTER RELIGIOUS COUNCIL OF ETHIOPIA Ethio-International Traading Co. Plc Agroethio International Trading ETHIO-INTERNATIONAL FOOTWEAR CLUSTER COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD Ethio Eagle International Trading Ethio-Eagle International Trading BROADCOM INTERNATIONAL ETHIOPIA Concept International Ethiopia Ethio Adam International Tour And Travel DORCAS AID INTERNATIONAL ETHIOPIA INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE ETHIOPIA Fs Plc Nazrawi Garment And Trade Plc MIERAF TEFERA IMPORT AND EXPORT DEGOLO COMMERCIAL PLC ICM COMMUNICATION PLC GETMAZ GENERAL BUSINESS P.L.C COMPANY Ahmed Nuredin Abdella Ahmed Hassen Abdella RAHJI ABDELLA AHMED HR TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY AMERSON GENERAL TRADING PLC AMELSON GENERAL TRADING PLC MEDANI GENERAL TRADING PLC Alkon General Trading Plc Tekron General Trading Plc KK PLC KK PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY AMARE PLC ABRAHAM ABEBE MENGSTE LESHA P.L.C ETHIOPIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATE JERR P.L.C Jerr P.L.C Zebra Grill Zebra Tour And Travel Nile Industrial & Commercial Plc Nile International Trading Plc Nile Insurance Company S C Off-Road Ethiopia Tour Plc Lombardia SEMIC ENGINEERING & TRADING PLC Acme Engineering And Trading P.L.C Acme Engineering And Trading Plc Abkm Engineering And Trading Plc Web Engineering & Trading Plc RENSYS ENGINEERING AND TRADING PLC Mahi-Seid Engineering And Trading Plc SWISS GRAPHIC GENERAL TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC BLACK STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING Yassin Private Employment Agency SEID YASIN SEID YASSIN ALI COFFEE EXPORT ENTERPRISE Studio Gp Plc Merha Transit P.L.C MARINE TRANSPORT AUTHORITY Green Gold Eth. Plc GOLDEN TRADE COMPANY DESTA PLC Hasen Seman Mohammed Hassen Seman Mohammed NORISH B & C Alminium P.L.C MARS CONSTRUCTION Giga Construction Plc SINA CONSTRUCTION PLC Dabus Construction Transport Construction Design Share Company Wangus Construction P.L.C Afro-Tsion Construction P.L.C Lh Agro Industry Plc Evolve Agro-Industry Plc Yusra Pharmaceuticals And Medical Equipment Wholesale S A H PHARMACEUTICALS AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS IMPORT PLC HILAS PHARMACEUTICALS IMPORT Memory Computer Trading P.L.C Memory Computer Trading Plc Sime Mechal Dame Muleta Debelo MAG INTERNATIONAL P.L.C MAGI AGRO FORESTERY PLC Memleka Private Employment Agency B.A Memorial 3M Private Employment Agency Emage Logistics And Business Plc Aberash Memorial Development Organisation Ba Memorial Computer Center Image International P L C Adenagir Dekuse Jemaneh Abdelkader Beshir Wendemagegn Dawit Kassaye Amemi M/S. Solomon Wondemagegn Plc Storm Imaging Printing And Advertising Eshetu Lema General Contracter Areema General Business P.L.C St. George Metal & Milling Parts Import Enterprise MCC IMPORT ENTERPRISE Mesfin Woldu General Importer Miftah Yimam Import And Export Mustefa Mohammed Imad Medmet Import & Foreign Trade Auxiliary C.N Makris Human And Vet Drug And Medical Supplies Importer And Wholesaler Merchandise Wholesales & Import Trade Enterprise /Mewit... Meruna Import & Export P.L.C Mohammed A. Ogsadey Imp. Exp. ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY MOHAMMED KILIFA PAPER AND SPICE MANIFACTURE It Consultant SWITCH COM NETWORK SYSTEMS P.L.C SORETI INTERNATIONAL TRADING KILIMANJARO INTERNATIONAL TRADING P.L.C SOCIETY FOR ECO-TOURISM AND BIO-DIVERSITY CONSERVATION Arat Kilo Lower Clinic Medco Bio Medical Consultancy plc PREMIER SWITCH SOLUTIONS S.C. ARAT KILO CHILD CARE HAILIE TEKILAB GOGO TRADING PLC GASCO TRADING PLC Sime Enterprises Eve General Trading Sasanet System Tt Coffee Exports Queen Sheba International P L C Al-Sam Plc Kifiya Financial Technology MELAK TRADING PLC J K Kothari And Kamal Gulakchand Sheth Gp My Flavour Flavour Cafe & Fast Food Ruhe Long And Flat Products Consultancy Plc Melak Liyew P.L.C Anduamlak Temesgen Medium Clinic Yilak & Sons Trading P.L.C Melaki Bassie Tsaga ADAMA DEVELOPMENT P.L.C EVERY BLOCK DISTRIBUTORS PLC SETS GENERAL TRADING P.L.C Fese Trading Plc TSEHAY FELEKE & FAMILY TRADING PLC Dala Auto P.L.C CHALA DABA FALATH PETROLUEM Ethio-Falkon Trading Faisal Ahmed Mohamed Bakal Abdulkadir Osman Nyala Shoe And Leather Products Factory Dala Auto Plc Meftuh Salah Sofian Endalkachew Alaminew Al Afia Higher Clinic Abjala International Plc AFRICA PRINTING P.L.C. COMMERCIAL PRINTING ENTERPRISE Artistic Stationery P.L.C Artistic Stationery Ltd Saba Construction Plc Sabe P.L.C Saba Engineering P.L.C Sabahar P.L.C SABA ENGINEERING PLC Saba Pastry Saba International Shipping Plc Saba Ayele Molla Robera Pvt. Ltd. Company Robera Private Limited Company Robera Pvt Ltd ROBERA PLC Amin Musse Hassen Gegziabher Melkay WOINU CURTAIN TRADE P.L.C. Avis General Trading Plc Asimba General Trading Abget General Trading P.L.C Awaley General Trading Plc General Trading Agency P L C Awlie General Trading Plc Aykaze General Trading Plc AMDEHUN GENERAL TRADING P.L.C Amdehun General Trading Plc OMO CAR RENT & TOURS Yumo Tours Plc Alemgenet Trading And Industry Plc ALEMGENET TRADE & INDUSTRY P.L.C Abba Tour And Travel Plc Batti Travel And Tour Bucka Tour And Travel Plc Bitanya Tour And Travel Ben Travel And Tour Plc Tsa Tour And Travel Plc Fasil Abraha/Redet Dagem Engineering & Construction Primrose Plc Global Nomad Travel Ethiopia Plc Hess Travel Ethiopia Kibran Tour And Travel Ethiopia Host Ethiopia Travel Adonay Ethiopia Travel Plc Image Ethiopia Tour & Travel Plc Kurat Ethiopia Tour And Travel COLBA TANNERY PLC THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION Core Tech It Solutions Centerline It Systems Plc Channel Enterprise CARE INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIUM FOR USAID FOOD FOR THE FUTURE The Cave Hotel CARETINA PHARMA INTERNATIONAL PLC SCAA CUPPIN Contecna Inspection S.A COMPBRIDGE IMPORTER FARID INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL PLC VIVA COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY P.L.C Winston Churchill Hotel Ministry Of Capacity Building Rahel Legesse General Import And Export Enterprise Legesse Sherefa Pvt Ltd Co. Legesse Sherefa Plc Rahel Legesse General I/E Enterprise Hagos Legesse Teferi Gellatly Hankey & Co. Red Sea Sc WEALS MULTI TRADE P.L.C Hule Trading P.L.C M & M TRANS-AFRICA TRADING PLC AYNALEM GASHAW BC Modulex Ethiopia Agency Kebede Basha Gudu Huluka General Trading M Advertising Mitiku Argaw Huluka AYNI INDUSTRIES PLC M.A.M. TRADING EST. 1984 DOUBLE 'M' TRADING P.L.C Abreha Gebray Nigussie M And M Trans Africa Trading P.L.C M & M Trans Africa Trading Plc HAGAYNO TRADING PLC Educational Media Agency ETHIOPIAN MEDIA WOMENÕS ASSOCIATION ADEY TENSAE MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT PLC Daynamic Foods And Detrgent Materials Trading Oyaya Multimedia Banitha Media Communication Promotion Plc Trademap Media Plc Mercy Multi Media Production P.L.C. Supermax Optical Media P.L.C Zewge Theater Media Promotion & Advertizing Plc SELET HULLING PLC One Stop Tourism PAUL RIES AND SONS (ETH) LTD. Paul Ries & Sons /Eth./ Ltd. Paul Ries And Sons (Eth) Ltd. Ethiopia Amalagamated Ltd Samuel Nigussie Wondimu Anene Trading Plc/Yidnekachew Wondimu Argaw Eden Wondimu Haile ACP SERIC P.L.C DCL TRADING P.L.C Zeleman Communication, Advertising and KEMBATTA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION Aida Pvt Ltd Awda Plc Awda Pvt. Ltd. Co. Silverstar Engineering Plc A A S International Aas International Waas International P.L.C TOP SERVE TRADING PLC Conserve Trading P.L.C BERHE HAGOS GENERAL CONTRACTOR FANTANESH WOLDE MIHERET BERHE HAGOS GENERAL CONTRACTOR Towers Consult P.L.C Tigiste Teferra Befekadu Tewodros Belay STUDIO MICHAEL TEDROS HORRA TRADING Tewodros Andergachew Imports Jemal Oumer Ramsha Blue Drops Restaurant ENAT BANK SHARE COMPANY G.E.M Engineering GEM ENGINEERING SRI SAI GROUP J.K. Kothari & Kamal Gulab Chand Sheth (G.P) Indut Industrial Plc OROMIA PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND PROPERTY DISPOSAL AGENCY PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND PROPERTY DISPOSAL SERVICE TRANSNATIONAL COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY UNITED BROTHERS PLC UNITED BANK S.C Zta Technology Solution Plc Positron Technology Solution P.L.C ALUMINIUM METAL WORKS Net Trading Pvt Ltd Co Ahadu Bunna RADAR CONSTRUCTION Zamra Construction Plc RED SEA CONSTRUCTION PLC ADDIS INSURANCE BROKERS K. MIKEDEM GENERAL IMPORT & EXPORT ENTERPRISE KEGNA ENGINEERING PLC S.Sara Coffee Export Ethiopia ETHIOPIAN COFFEE EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION ECEA ETHIOPIAN COFFEE GROWERS,PRODUCERS AND EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION Great Abyssinia Private Limited Company G-Root Private Limited Company ELFORA AGRO-INDUSTRIES P.L.C Green Coffee Agro-Industry Plc Jacaranda Integrated Agro-Industry S.C Timiret Agro Industry S.C Selale Agro Industrial Trading Plc Rasdashen Agro Industry Plc Helen Agro Industry P.L.C Toren Agro Industries Plc Sebeta Agro-Industry P.L.C I.P.S Plc Tesfaye Tegegn Ayenew Gashem Travel Agency Plc Gashem Travel & Tourism PLC Ethiopian Steel Profiling And Building Plc. Ethiopia Steel Profiling & Building Plc Delta Production & Commercial Enterprise P.L.C DRY PORT SERVICE ENTERPRISE Emebet Samuel Debebe EMEBET ABEBE DOSE Emebet Worku Eideti Emebet Tadesse Gutema Emebet Banme Wakesiro Huzu Trading Plc Hurso Trading Plc Preem Flower & Gift General Trading Plc NARED GENERAL TRADING P.L.C Saint Honoré Ba Shawieh Trading Plc GRARBET TEHADISO MAHBER Supreme Trading Plc Wegagen Hotel WEGAGEN BANK S.C Nani International Plc Nizar International P.L.C Commerce Link Eyasu Tilahun Gashawbeza Yohannis Negash G/Yohannis AMIBARA GENERAL AVIATION SERVICE Abasha Restaurant All African Plc (Gasfaw Global Co. Ltd) Mossa Negash General Importer & Distributer Asnake Addissu Negash Exporter GASHEW TESFAYE PLC BASHANFER TRADING PLC NEGASH AKELE BUILDING CONTRACTOR Tesfaye Gashaw Wolde HADEED TRADING PLC MODERN BUILDING INDUSTRIES P.L.C Medpharm Inc Ethiopia Branch Capital Stationery Samjo International Plc Shamo International Kajo International Company Plc Finchaa Sugar Factory Dashen Construction Dashen International Travel Dashen Medium Clinic RAS DASHEN ENGINEERING Boston Medical Plc Boston Medical Techno Brain It Solutions Plc MODJO TANNERY SHARE COMPANY Techno-Mak P.L.C TECHNO - MAK PLC ALPHA-TECH LLC Digi-Tech TECHNO SERVE TGROVE TECHNOLOGIES PLC Pga Tech. P.L.C Pga Tech. Plc TEAMY COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES PLC Alem Technologies P.L.C. Ecom Technologies Plc I T S TECHNOLOGY AND TRADING PLC NICO TECHNOLOGIES PLC Elem-Tech Trading RAMAT TECHNOLOGIES PLC Today Computer Technology Plc Save Lives Ethiopia Select Construction P.L.C ACCESS BANK ETHIOPIA GAFAT ENGINEERING FACTORY ETHIOPIAN LEATHER DEVELOPMENT SC Nile Source Plc Shiwork Mercantile Segon Marill Afar Salt Production Sh.Co SICS IT OUTSOURCING P.L.C. BST SURVEY SOULUTIONS PLC Gricaltural Equipments & Technical Service S.C Assela Malt Factory Yousif Lemma Ali Silver Fleece Industries Almeda Textile Factory Plc Yichalal Transit Service P.L.C Yana Outsources Service Plc Novis Plc THE UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY SC Yanet Mesfin Plc Aweke Mesfin Bekele Aweke Mesfin Export Enterprise Mesfin Endawork Semu Mesfin Semu Negia Mesfin Industrial Engineering Sh.Co Eco Ethiopia Tour Opration And Travel Agent Dukale Wakayo Dankola Coffee Exporter MASSIDA SOLUTIONS PLC Ethio Electrical Trading ZEEYON COMPUTECH PLC Gist Engineering P.L.C Ga Engineering Services Plc GTB ENGINEERING COMPANY GOJO ENGINEERING Savc And Trading Bazabu Trading (Search Promotion) Ethiopia Plastic S.C. BM ETHIOPIA GARMENTS AND TEXTILE SHARE COMPANY Abba Travel Agency Plc Eco Ethiopia Tour And Travel Agency Footprints Ethiopia Tour And Travel Agency Advance Tour And Travel Agency Koreb Tour And Travel Agency P.L.C Emmaus Tour And Travel Agent Shama Travel Agency And Car Rent Fenan Tour Travel Agency Plc Elephant Tour And Travel Agent Active Airline Travel Agency Delight Tour And Travel Agent P.L.C Forship Travel Agency S.C. Shala International Travel Agency Xin Jingshen Tour And Travel Agency P.L.C Maranata Tour & Travel Agency Royal Tour Operation & Travel Agency M.J Tour Operation And Travel Agent Wudnesh Shimeket Tour And Travel Agency Medhin Travel Agency Ben Tour Operation And Travel Agency Bereket Dairy Farm And Poultry Cooperatives Enterprise A.Ha.A General Trading P.L.C Dora Constraction P.L.C D.M.C. Plc DANET CONSTRUCTION PLC EDOUARD GARABEDIAN Medicor Africa Plc ADDIS ABABA TANNERY SHARE COMPANY PU PVC LEATHER SHOE AND SOLE FACTORY PLC Nice Paper Products Factory PIKO JUICE FACTORY P.L.C Tea Processing & Packing Factory Plc PARK SHOE & LEATHER PRODUCTS FACTORY A.B.C Plastic Factory P.L.C Ethiopia Fiber Products Factory Rainbow Paint Factory Ltd REEM PLASTIC FACTORY PLC Mebruk Plastic Product Factory Plc NEFAS SILK PAINTS FACTORY FINFINE FURNITURE FACTORY Progress Ready Garment Factory ORYX INTERNATIONAL PLC GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY Justice For All-Prison Fellowship Ethiopia Ethiopian Wildlife And Natural History Society Seleshi Aylew Ref Ele & A/C Mach Riper Service Gemt Sanitory Plc ZOORYA TECHNOLOGY BRIGHT PAINT FACTORY PLC Ruskuo Shoe & Plastic Factory Plc MOPLACO TRADING P.L.C. MARIANNE TRADING PLC Mer International Trading Mekorom Trading MARKAN TRADING PLC Motor Truck Company Limited Motor Truck Plc MOTOR TRUCK CO LTD Tamerat And His Family Wood And Metal Work Mekdim Technologies Private Limited Company MURABAHA TRADING PLC Melkam Tours Moplaco Trading Co. Ltd. ADC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PLC South West Development P.L.C Batu Tannery Bale Tannery Plc BETHEL ENGINEERING PLC TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS PLC GLORIOUS P.L.C Glorious Private Limited Company NEURONET PLC Centro Business Trading Plc MUSIC MAYDAY ETHIOPIA Make Tech Computer System Plc Make Tech Computer Systems Plc Pathnet Systems Plc Mekdela Computer Systems P.L.C. Omega Pc Systems Plc Mustefa & Sons P.L.C Meaza Stationery P.L.C Exceed It Systems Mengesha Tesfaye Taddese Concepts Data Systems Plc Appdiv System Development Private Enterprise Hexagon Computer Systems Taye Tulu Feyissa Menilik Stationery Ingenious Computer Systems Plc ETHIOPIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY Z Private Limited Company Rift Valley Gemstones Import & Export DELOSHAKI GEMSTONE EXPORT Agtd General Export P.L.C B.H.B General Export Wonberta General Import & Export Plc Wonberta General Import & Export P.L.C Gonde Import & Export Enterprise Desalegn Mengistu Gkirstos Export TADESSE DESTA GENERAL IMPORT EXPORTER Earnest Import & Export YOHANNES GAREDEW EXPORTER PLC Ge.De.Do.Se General Export & Import Eskinder Tadesse General Import,Export & Co.Ejent Kemal Abdella International Plc Kemal Abdela International Plc Comet Trading House P.L.C Commercial And Industrial Machine And Equipment Ager Fikir Theatre Abdifikir Plc Mikreselassie Takele Teferi Mikiad Plc Canvas & Metal Demisse Bekele Mikias Dental Service MICROLINK MOBILE Department of Sociology, Addis Ababa University USAID ADDIS ABABA ADDIS ABABA HILTON PLC Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital ADDIS ABABA HOUSING DEVELOPMENT PROJECT OFFICE Hayel Saeed Anam And Company Addis Ababa Branch Ltd Hilton Addis Ababa ADDIS ABABA CITY SOLID WASTE RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL Addis Cardiac Hospital P.L.C Debol Multimedia Production P.L.C. DIANOL CONSULTANCY SERVICE PLC Multimedia Digital Studio And Communication ETHIOPIAN INTERFAITH FORUM FOR DEVELOPMENT DIALOGUE AND ACTION Wings Education And Midia Plc Jewel Of India Yididia Mengistu HADIA SEED PRODUCTION AND AGRO INDUSTRY PLC TAM GEO ENGINEERING P.L.C St. George Interior Decoration & Art Gallery Papageorgiou General Trading Addis Geosystems Cí Petros George Afri Geoinformation Engineering Plc Geom. Antonio Carnevale St. George Union Printing Plc Adabai Agro-Food Industry Consult Ag Consult ,Consulting Hydrogeologists And Engineers Prime Business International Plc Supreme Information Technology Solutions PLC Edra Printing Technology Plc Symbol Technologies P.L.C Bravocom Telecom Service Provider Plc ESHI ICT SOLUTION PLC IMPERIAL ICT SOLUTION PLC SUN OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES PLC Delta Instrument Technology Plc Wubtaye Belayneh Abebe Wolencheti Town 13Th Meredaja Idir WUBKON PLC Belaynesh Tekele Ameha Fesha Cheva Impex Ethiopia Plc DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS ETHIOPIA PLC Expedition Ethiopia Ramcafe Ethiopia Exporters Plc Ethiopia Private Employment Agency Exotic Destinations Ethiopia The Motor And Engineering Company Of Ethiopia Ltd Kafco Plc THREE Y FLEXIBLE PACKAGING PLC ENEREDADA ELDER PEOPLE ASSOCIATION Sebrina Import Seble Trading Plc Seble Sahlu Tezera Beles Plc Kassa Bell Plc Belete Shibeshi Plc Belete Shibeshi P.L.C Y.Z BETE-SELAM GENERAL BUSINESS P.L.C KEFI MINERALS (ETHIOPIA) LIMITED Developing The Family Together NURTURE EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT Belete Teshale Wassie Pvt Ltd Africa & Alem Transport S.C. Africa & Alem Transport Share C0. Alem Haile Admastel S.Co. Alem Electronic Trading ALEM GIRMAY MELES Alem Senay Pvt.Enterprise Alem Mengistu Melese Enterprise Almasad International Business P.L.C Delelegn Alem Tefera Alem International Pvt Ltd Abay Souvenir P.L.C African Soft Plc Asechalew Stationary Abraham Stationery ETHIO JAPANESE SYNTHETIC TEXTILES S C Sol Studio Plc Studio Net P.L.C Sems Studio Plc Teddy Studio Plc Reve Studio Plc HITEK STUDIO CLIMAX STUDIO Bell Global Plc Belka P.L.C BELKA PLC BELESS PLC Bella Italia MINISTRY OF DEFENCE The Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia Ministry Of Education Ministry Of National Defence Of Ethiopia FIKER LEATHER CRAFT PLC Bis Capital Services P.L.C Capital Hotel And Spa Royal Service Ethiopia Plc Royal Service Ethiopia SIDAMA COFFEE FARMERS COOPERTIVE UNION Esayas Tsegaye Muluneh MAX EXPORT GREAT LAND MOTORS & ENGINEERING P.L.C Tsegaye Music Printing Advertising Promotion Solomon Tsegaye Berhane TSEGAYE TADESSE KEFICHO TSEGAYE TADESSE GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND WATER WORKS AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS SOCIETY OF ETHIOPIA Haftu Fisiha G/Mesekel ADC PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Agimas General Trading ETDA GENERAL TRADING P.L.C Ayalkem Yabsera General Trading Plc GLOBAL INSPECTION SURVEY AGENCY - GISA Ayalneh Trading P.L.C Alfarag Trading Plc Al Farag Trading Pvt. Ltd. Co. Yod Abyssinia - Sar Bet Oasis Abyssinia Plc. Eastern Private Limited Company ARBITRAGE INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC National Plastic Industry Plc La Cupola MANGO PRODUCTION PLC Air Advertising Poly Clinic Of Addis Ababa Uzaze Travels- Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise Addis Ababa Butchery Association Addis Ababa Foam & Plastic Enterprise Addis Ababa Muger Cement Factory Veronica Hotel Addis Ababa Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa ADDIS ABABA WATER AND SEWERAGE AUTHORITY US EMBASSY ADDIS ABABA GOLDEN TULIP ADDIS ABABA HOTEL Addis Abeba Tannery ADDIS ABABA CITY ADMINISTRATION ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY Addis Abeba Foam Addis Abeba Car Sale,Purchase & Rent Rent P.L.C Electromechanical Engineering S.C Elmec Engineering Plc Electro Mecce Engineering Service Grous Electrical Engineering Co.Ltd WADFTP GENERAL CONTRACTOR NETSANET EXPORT Netsa P.L.C Solomon Mekonnen W/Gebriel Amazing Ethiopia Tour Ethio Arab Tour And Travel Agency Plc Ethiopian Tourist And Travel Agency Association Adinas Agera Tour And Travel Fanos Ethiopia Tour Operations And Travel Agent Ardi Tour & Travel Agent Ethiopian Tourist & Travel Agents Association (Ettaa) ABDURAHMAN IDRIS AHMED AMAT Research & Consultancy plc Nebiat Hassen Ahmed Tarik Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Alhadi Mohammed Berhan Ahmed Adem Ibrahim Nebat Ahmed Endris Abdurahman Kemal Tola WEINESHET TAHIR AHMED Abdurahman Meki Mohammed Nebat Ahmed Endris Enterprise Ahmed Reta Ali Coffee Exporter Abdulkerim Reja Ahmed Abdurahim Ahmed Hamed Cork Hospitality And Leisure Service Plc Meridian Hotel GHION HOTELS ENTERPRISES Bekele Molla Hotels Plc MANAGEMENT SCIENCES FOR HEALTH, INC Motera Hotel Ygf Hotel Hotel Paramount Mimosa Hotel M.N Int. Hotel Segar Travel Management P.L.C. Z Hotel Ghion Hotel Umma Hotel K.Z. Hotel Kz Hotel Emad Hotel Union Hotel Icon Travel And Event Management MTDN PLC DREAMLINER HOTEL Yilma Hotel Taitu Hotel Meskel Flower Hotel Global Hotel Tds Hotel Safe Construction Plc Engineering Construction Plc Sharpcon Construction P.L.C Sharpcon Construction P L C SUNSHINE CONSTRACTION P.L.C Seoul Engineering And Construction Ltd SOYEN CONSTRUCTION Sazer Engineering & Construction P.L.C NUDER CONSTRUCTION Bird'S Eye Plc BROSOL ENGINEERING PLC Bethel Guest Home B.A.S. Engineering Bwap Export Plc Bole Guest House Bab Engineering Education For Development Association Temsalet Dairy Farm Family Restaurant Debre Zeit Tamirat Desta Igiso Hayat Dembel Travel Agency Amel-Getd Trading Plc E. T. I. Inc. NG ICT DEVELOPMENTS TILAHUN MESAFINT GENERAL IMPORT & EXPORT KIBRET DEMISSIE Buffet De La Gare St. Marys General Educational Development Plc Integrated Community Education and Develoment Association Swift Trading Heritage Travel Ethiopia Abiy Roads Travel In Ethiopia Paradise Ethiopia Travel PAN AFRICAN VETERINARY VACCINE CENTRE (PANVAC) Panafric Global Plc PAN AFRICA CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS PLC OM INTERNATIONAL PLC OLAM INTERNATIONAL Model International Plc YETI AGRO FORESTRY PLC Orbit Engineering And Construction Plc Gw Bid Whole Seller General Trade Plc Aaccsa Arbitration Institute DRB INTERNATIONAL PLC Orbit Techno Commercial Agency And Import P L C Forbidden City Restaurant Fiorella Barbui Barbet Bar & Restaurant Addis Corrugated Sheet Production Plc Awqash General Trading Plc Addis General Trading Plc Access General Trading FA-BER Construction Plc FREBET CONSTRUCTION PLC Fere Building Constraction Plc Finfinne Construction Plc ETHIOPIAN INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGICAL SURVEYS Gohmedtech AMBASSADOR GARMENT AND TRADE PLC Nomadic Ethiopia Tours ALPHA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Crystal Tannery S.C Mugher Cement Enterprise Blue Nile Construction S.Co. African Business & Development Consultants Plc Basic Education Network Ethiopia BLESS AGRI FOOD LABORATORY SERVICES PLC WISE TEAM P.L.C Alpha Trading Partners Plc VOLCAFE Synergy P.L.C Synergy Aluminium Technics P.L.C MARATHON MOTOR ENGINEERING P.L.C MARATHON CORPORTION LTD Elico Leather Industry Pvt Ltd Co Ture Plc Duka Travel, Tours And Lodges S.C. Centro Business T. Plc. CORPORATE COMPUTER CENTER CENTER FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Hora Tannery INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF ADDIS ABABA STAR PHARMA ETHIOPIA (SAMPLE) PLC Ecological Products Of Ethiopia Send a Cow Ethiopia ETHIOPIAN DAIRY CATTLE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Ethiopian Honey Beewax Producer & Exporters Assosation Consolidated Contractors Kuwait W L L Ccc Et Auto Craft Computer Professionals United /Cpu/ Plc PHE Ethiopia Consortium ADDIS ABABA CITY ADMINISTRATION HEALTH BUREAU SAMATCO NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICES AGENCY Nile Foods & Confectionery Plc Crown Trading Plc Bole Printing AFRICAN UNION COMMISSION THE UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR AFRICA NATIONAL METAL WORKS CORP Hafde Tannery Hafde Private Limited Co Abba Travel P.L.C Dym Business P.L.C Acsessable Ethiopia organization of people with disablity ABIACO IMPORT EXPORT PLC KAZALI KEDIR IMPORTER AND EXPORTER PUNT GENERAL TRADING & COMMISSION AGENT Doom Consent General Trading Plc TATEK MECHAL GENERAL CONTRACTOR BINIYAM TADESSE GENERAL CONTRACTOR Rainbow Plastic & Foam Industry P.L.C German Foundation For World Population CHESHIRE FOUNDATION ACTION FOR INCLUSION Qingzhou City Foundation Engineering Plc ETHIOPIAN FOAM AND THERMOPLASTIC IND GOAL PRINTING & ADVERTISING PVT LTD COMPANY Gg Auto Spare Parts Computer Professional United S C EMMANUEL UNITED CHURCH

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