List of Corporate Headquarters in ADDIS ABABA

Search a company in Ethiopia with your criteria (trade name, adress, Ethiopian registry number...). provides business and credit information about Ethiopian firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Ethiopian register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Ethiopia, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Ethiopian company.

DIRE INDUSTRIES P.L.C GMT INDUSTRIAL P.L.C I.T.A Agro Industry Plc. Indut Industrial P.L.C Indut Industrial Plc Gmt Industrial Plc Dire Industries Taza Industrial P.L.C INDUT INDUSTRIAL P.L.C VILLAGE INDUSTRY PLC. Pacific Industries Plc SKY INDUSTRIES PLC MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY ZONA INDUSTRIAL P.L.C Adal Industrial P.L.C Beza Industry Plc Ybel Industrial Plc Avon Industries P.L.C Meha Industry Plc Avon Industries Plc SUZO INDUSTRY PLC Agro-Vet P.L.C Takem Agro Industry Siet Agro Plc Agro Prom International Plc Abadayu Industrial & Agriculture P.L.C BALATON AGRO INVESTMENT PLC AYETU AGRICULTURE AND TRADING, PLC AFRIFLOWER PLC Akaki Metal Products Factory CRAFTS CONSTRUCTION PLC MOENCO FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH ETHIOPIA JEMEA TRADING PLC ACTION FOR BASIC DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES METAD AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PLC Inter-Aman Plc ADAM AMAN HAGOS MAHMOOD AMAN TRADING EST PHARMA UNION PLC BALEZAF ALCOHOL & LIQUORS FACTORY PLC Adonay Ethiopia Tours & Travel Tom Ethiopia Tours And Travels Zagwe Ethiopia Tours And Travel Splendor Ethiopia Tours & Travel Ethio Travel And Tour F.K Explorer Ethiopia Travel & Tours Plc Splendor Ethiopia Tours And Travel BEST TRAVEL AND TOURS P.L.C Mass Travel & Tours Ethio-Fin Travel & Tour Ethio Renaissance Tours And Travel Ghion Travel & Tours Plc Grand Holidays Ethiopia Tours & Travel HADISH TEKLE BUILDING CONTRACTOR BATU TANNERY PLC ADDIS ABABA FOAM AND PLASTIC ENTERPRISE ADORN TRANSFORMER PLC ETHIO TELECOM ETHIO AGRICEFT PLC ETHIO-LEATHER INDUSTRY P.L.C Ethio Vet Plc Ethio Investment Group Plc ETHIO- DER TOUR & TRAVEL PLC Ethio Cement Plc Ethio Ceramics Plc Ethio Noble Plc Ethio - Polymers P.L.C ETHIODER PLC Ethio-Import Export Plc Ethio Leather Industry Plc ETHIO LEASE ETHIOPIAN CAPITAL GOODS FINANCE BUSINESS SC ETHIO GABANA TRADING PLC ETHIO ICT VILLAGE ABYSSINIA BALTENA ETHIOPIAN PULP & PAPER FACTORY S C MESFIN GOAL ETHIOPIA OROMIA PIPE FACTORY PLC GIZACHEW GETACHEW AUTO SPARE PARTS Partnership Agency R.G. & Partners Plc R.G. & Partners Private Limited Co Perfect Solutions Partners P.L.C Bd Equipment Part Supplier Plc Addis Spare Parts Imports & Distribution Share Company Nor Spare Parts Plc Prefabricated Building Parts Production Enterprise Tesno Desalegn Spare Part Rocky Autospare Parts Galaxy Auto Spare Part Right Auto Spare Parts Meaza Spare Part Asnake Auto Spare Part New Era Auto-Spare Parts ALFA AUTO SPARE PARTS IMPORTER Katera Auto Spareparts Noah Auto Spare Part & Tyre, Battery, Trading A W THOMAS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Azeb Tadesse Auto&Motor Cycle Spare Parte Airora Auto Parts Importer Weldu Bitewllign Spare Part B A S F Ethiopia Ltd P L C MITSUBISHI ETHIOPIA TRADING PVT LTD CO INCHCAPE ETHIOPIA LTD G C S - N C R Ethiopia SHEBA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS ETHIOPIA PLC THE MOTOR & ENGINEERING COMPANY OF ETHIOPIA S.C. MEDTECH ETHIOPIA PLC MIDROC CONSTRUCTION ETHIOPIA PVT LTD FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA TOTAL ETHIOPIA S C MAERSK ETHIOPIA PLC FEDERAL POLICE OF ETHIOPIA MIDROC ETHIOPIA P.L.C NATIONAL OIL ETHIOPIA P.L.C MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF ETHIOPIA FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH ETHIOPIA NESTLE WATERS ETHIOPIA SHARE COMPANY United Nations Childdren S Fund-Ethiopia BAYER CROPSCIENCE (ETHIOPIA) PLC GREAT ETHIOPIA RENAISSANCE DAM PROJECT ETHIOPIA E-SERVICE CELTIC ETHIOPIA PLC FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA HOUSE OF FEDERATION Sunshine Construction Private Limited Company Techno-Mak P.L.C TECHNO - MAK PLC MENAGESHA BIOTECH INDUSTRY PLC Addis Company P.L.C ADDIS PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY PLC Admas Pharmaceuticals Plc ADDIS PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION JERR P.L.C RAMA CONSTRUCTION PLC Abeba Tours Ethiopia Aberus Ethiopia Tours VAST ETHIOPIA TOURS PLC Bega Tours Ethiopia Image Ethiopia Tour Ramidus Ethiopia Tour Nomadic Ethiopia Tours Witness Ethiopia Tours FKLM ETHIOPIA TOURS GEOMARK SYSTEMS PLC OK PLASTICS P.L.C TADESSE SATCON CONSTRUCTION PLC ABAY TRANSFORMERS PLC BROADCOM INTERNATIONAL ETHIOPIA Samrawit Enterprise Plc ST PAUL'S HOSPITAL MILLENNIUM MEDICAL COLLEGE HYBRID DESIGNS PLC MULUGETA MEKONNEN IMPORT AND EXPORT ABAY ENERGY PLC HANSON TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC B.H. Trading & Manufacturing Plc COBA IMPACT MANUFACTURING PLC ARBITRAGE INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC Africa Safari Service AWASH INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. N I B International Bank Addis International Bank S.C ADDIS INTERNATIONAL BANK S C ADDIS INSURANCE BROKERS Addis International Trading Addis International Catering Plc Ado International Plc ADDIS INTERNATIONAL CATERING Al Buruj General Trading UNIVERSAL PLASTIC FACTORY PLC East African Group Ethiopia Plc EAST AFRICAN PHARMACEUTICALS PLC East African Agri-Business P.L.C. AFRICAN UNION COMMISSION African Lakes (Eth) Plc AFRICAN BAMBOO PLC PAN AFRICAN VETERINARY VACCINE CENTRE (PANVAC) African Soft Plc EAST AFRICAN AVIATION All African Plc (Gasfaw Global Co. Ltd) ALL AFRICA LEPROSY AND REHABILITATION TRAINING CENTRE African Peace And Security Programme, Institute For Peace And Security Studies East African Industrial Park East African Trading House Ltd African Adventure Tours Centre for African Women Economic Empowerment AFRICAN STEEL INTERNATIONAL GROUP P.L.C African Steel International Group Plc Organization Of African Unity AFRICAN CONSTITUENCY BUREAU AFRICAN SOCIETY FOR LABORATORY MEDICINE AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT AID ASSOCIATION African Development Consultants & Associates CENTER FOR AFRICAN LEADERSHIP STUDIES Access Capital Services S.C MUGHER CEMENT FACTORY Awaley General Trading Plc NOVIS PLC Centers for Development Consulting Consultancy DIANOL CONSULTANCY SERVICE PLC Delta Production & Commercial Enterprise P.L.C Et Consult Doha Cleaning Service Plc MELA RESEARCH PLC Daa Construction Machineries Rental Service ECOM CONSULT P.L.C. ADVA CONSULT COMEX SERVICES PLC Dr Michael Dejene Public Health Consultancy Services Sna Leather Products Selam Development Consultants Modern Center For Business Services MARIL DEVELOPMENT CONSULT PLC SAS CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS LTD SUDCA YENIGD AGELGILOT PLC LE MONDE HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY PLC Dadimos Development Consultants Mohammed Leather Production Birhan Research And Development Consultancy DILIGENCE CONSULTANCY SERVICE PLC Iddea Development Promotion Consultancy & Training San-Mech Consult PLC ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES GROUP ETHIOPIAN AIRPORTS ENTERPRISE ETHIOPIAN RAILWAYS CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN STEEL PLC ETHIOPIAN INSURANCE CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN ROADS AUTHORITY ETHIOPIAN PRINTING CORP ETHIOPIAN ROAD CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN RETAIL TRADE CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY ETHIOPIAN SUGAR CORP WECARE PHARMACEUTICALS PLC BERHANENA SELAM PRINTING ENTERPRISE BERTA CONSTRUCTION P L C GEO TOOLS TRADING AND SERVICE PLC YOT CONSTRUCTION PLC YEKABDI AGRO PROCESSING PLC SUNNY STEEL PIPE MANUFACTURING PLC Toren Agro Industries Plc Yumo Tours Plc Yotek Construction Plc Rocky Valley Tours & Photo Safaris Ethioguzo Tour And Travel Plc Ethio Guzo Tour And Travel Yumo Tours International Agency Misoso HIV Victim Children and Youth Support Organization ROTO PLC Orooro Tour MONITOR OVT LTD CO Oro Oro Tour Company Red Jackal Tour Operator P.L.C Nergek Electoro Mechanical Contractors & Importers Connection Travel & Tour Operator Ego General Importo R. Equator Tour And Travel AVA TOURS OPERATOR PLC Equator Engineering Construction Plc. Abyot Endale Wordofa Yoha Trading COUNTRY TRADING PLC Eyob Trading Plc Kero Trading Private Limited Company Afro Trading KERO TRADING PLC HR TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY GOGO TRADING PLC Yeayne Trading Yilak & Sons Trading P.L.C Yodahe General Trading P.L.C Yufo General Trade P.L.C Y.E.S Trading P.L.C Bora Trading Plc Yirga Trading P L C Yobtede Trading P.L.C Yadot Engineering And Trading P L C Vetro Trading Plc Yetem Trading Plc YANET TRADING PLC Yirga Trading Plc Yelfx Trading Plc Yeshoafre Trading Plc YIHUNTA TRADING PLC ETHIOPIAN FREIGHT TRANSPORT CORPORATION Signet It Solutions Plc Ethiopian Fruit & Vegetable Marketing S.C. (Etfruit) Ethiopian Fruit And Vegetable Marketing Enterprise MACCFA FREIGHT LOGISTICS PLC MEKONNEN SEID PRIVATE FREIGHT TRANSPORT SENDEDO GENERAL TRADING PLC Ababu Hashim Freight Transport Sanad It Supplies P.L.C SIYONAT HOTEL ABA WOLDETENSAE GIZAW MOTHER AND CHILDREN'S WELFARE ASSOCIATION Digitech Trading YE ETHIOPIA GOJI LIMADAWI DIRGITOCH ASWOGAJ MAHIBER Mesfin Semu Negia Eve General Trading Kurubeal Ambaye G/Egizabhair AGAR ETHIOPIA CHARITABLE SOCIETY SHEGER CHILD AND FAMILY DEVELOPMEN CHARITABLE SOCIETY UNION OF ETHIOPIAN WOMEN CHARITABLE ASSOCIATIONSA SALINI IMPREGILO S.P.A. ETHIOPIA BRANCH ARADA CHILD AND FAMILY CHARITABLE SOCIETY KORE AREA CHILD AND FAMILY CHARITABLE SOCIETY Netsereab Tewolde Giday Egis Ameg International Plc Yoftahe Feleke Gizaw Deginet Gutema Diro Shimelis Tesfaye Gizaw Advertizing Works Assegid Habte Shafi DEREJE GIDYELEW EXPORT Savc And Trading Samatco Trading Sam Textile P.L.C Shoa Tannery Ltd Swift Trading STAPLES TRADING Shoa Tannery S.E.A Trading Plc Salagay Trading Plc SOLTADS TRADING PLC SATMAK TRADING P.L.C Sadula Trading P.L.C Sadula Trading Plc SEDA TEXTILE PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY Sadis Trading Sora Tours Sozit Ture Soten Trading Plc Sterling Trading P.L.C Shubash Trading Sharyem Tours Surprise Tour ABBAS TRADING & TRANSPORT ENTERPRISE Abba Travel Agency Plc NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICES AGENCY Abba Travel P.L.C Abba Tour And Travel Plc FEDERAL MICRO & SMALL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OROMIA TRADE AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT AGENCY YETEBABERUT BEHERAWI PETROLEUM S.C Yetebaberut Beherawi Petroleum S.C Abbahwa Trading P.L.C Abbahawa Trading Plc Ethiopian Sugar Development Agency Saba Tebieb And Jewelery Works Plc Ateb-International P.L.C Etsub Baltena DEBRE MITMAK TSADKANE MARIAM MIHRETE BIZUHAN MAHIBER Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Ems Tikur Abbay Shoe Sc EBBA ENGINEERING PLC Fitsum Tedla Tebeje Fitsum Tedela Tebeje Nice Cleaning MOYEE COFFEE PLC LICON MANUFACTURING PLC MO-YA FOOD COMPLEX, P.L.C K.O.J.J. FOOD PROCESSING COMPLEX PLC Sugure Food Complex Plc Wakene Food Complex P.L.C BOOEZ FOOD COMPLEX PLC HORA FOOD COMPLEX PLC ROYAL FOAM SPRING MATTRESS MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISE N C R CORPORATION ETHIOPIA NATIONAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA NETWORK OF NETWORKS OF HIV POSITIVES IN ETHIOPIA ORGANIZATION FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AMBO MINERAL WATER FACTORY ZOMA TRADING ZABLON TRADING PLC Zablon Trading P.L.C Izone Trading Company TIMEX TRADING PLC Blue Tops Trading Blue Tops Trading Plc BLUENILE FOR P.P. & CRAFT PAPER BAGS MANUFACTURING Blue Nile Hotel DAMA TRADE Dina Trading Plc Dana Trading Plc Daru Trading Plc DISTRICT TRADING PLC DCL TRADING PLC CoQua Trading Plc Excel Plastics P.L.C GERBI ENTERPRISE GENERAL BUSINESS PLC Christian Relief And Development Association Cds Limited Import & Export A Electronics Services SCMS ETHIOPIA EKOS STEEL MILL PLC Walta Security Service And Commision Plc LION SECURITY SERVICE PLC EVERY BLOCK DISTRIBUTORS PLC ELECTROCOMMERCIAL S.C. Elecsa Addis Security Service Company Plc Epion Computer Solutions Plc Salini Necso Joint Venture Taz Stationery & Secretarial Service Sebhatu & Sons Property Administration And Security Service Plc Bespo Electromechanical Services Plc Iss - Institute For Security Studies ETHIOPIAN CATHOLIC SECRETARIAT Era Computer Services Plc ESTIFANOS MEKASHA IMPORT AND EXPORT EGAA AGRICULTURAL INPUT SUPPLIERS PLC ETHIO COMMERCE & ENGINEERING CO LTD Che Global Enterprises QOPH ENGINEERING ENTERPRISE PHILIPS ETHIOPIA PLC ERNST & YOUNG ETHIOPIA PLC ACOS ETHIOPIA PLC ETHIOPIA, HFH Ethiopia Plastic S.C. Ethiopia Hotel ECOM ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIA COMMODITY EXCHANGE Exotic Destinations Ethiopia AIESEC in Ethiopia ORGANIZATION FOR SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA ORGANISATION FOR SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA BUNNA INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. BERHAN INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C. ALEMAYEHU TEKLE GETAHUN L.H Agro Industry Plc Pharma Birbir MENGESHA ADEM Negase Redea Tekle DESALEGN FIKADU ADVERTISING Fekade Tilahun W/Giorgis Fantaye Tekle Soreta Mehari Teka Tekle MR GETAHUN TEKLE D.B.A ELSON TV Tekle Haimanot Health Center ALEM STEEL P.L.C THREE Y FELEXBLE PACKAGING PLC Beam International Plc Beza International Plc BEZA INTERNATIONAL B.A International P.L.C Berhan General Import Dami International Beacon International Plc JIJE LABOGLASS PLC KIFIYA FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY PLC COMMERCIAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA CONSTRUCTION & BUSINESS BANK S.C. The Oromia Cooperative Promotion Commission Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union Limited Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Societies Union OROMIA COFFEE FARMERS COOPERATIVE UNION S.SARA COFFEE EXPORTER ENTERPRISE HANNA YIGEZU IMPORT EXPORT AND COMMISSION AGENT YIBELU MOSSIEWA YIMAM ENTERPRISE BELAYAB MOTORS P.L.C Salayish Travel Agency TSEHAY INDUSTRY SHARE COMPANY 3 Day'S International Hotel Ketema Tesfay Importer JH SIMEX PLC INTER CONTINENTAL HOTEL Muzein And His Children Plc Shegaw Amenu Belay Temesgen Belaye Betretsidk Belayneh Kinde Import Export Belayneh Assefa Belaynesh Tekele Belayab Enterprise P.L.C BELAYAB ENTERPRISES P.L.C BELAY WELASHA COFFEE AND SPICES PLC TADESSE BELAY BUILDING CONTRACTOR DEVELOPMENT BANK OF ETHIOPIA DASHEN BANK S.C DASHEN BANK S.C. SHOA TRADE INDUSTRY P.L.C Selale Agro Industrial Trading Plc Shoa Trade & Industry P.L.C. Shoa Trade & Industry Plc Shoa Trade Industry P.L.C SNAP TRADING & INDUSTRY PLC Stic Trade & Industry P.L.C MEHRTEAB LEUL & ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICE ETHIOPIAN INVESTMENT COMMISSION ETHIOPIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION ETHIOPIAN ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION Ethiopian Wildlife Association FAFFA FOOD SHARE COMPANY NATIONAL TOBACCO ENTERPRISE (ETH) S.C Undp Ethiopia Timber Production P.L.C MANGO PRODUCTION PLC Debol Multimedia Production P.L.C. Nice Paper Products Factory Mebruk Plastic Product Factory Plc TEA PRODUCTION AND MARKETING ENTERPRISE NATURAL GUM AND FOREST PRODUCTS PROCESSING & MARKETING SECTOR Nardelli Paolo Cement Products Heni Leather Products Ruth And Hirut Milk Production And Milk Processing Plc Martha Kassa Milk and Milk Products Shop MODERN ZEGE LEATHER PRODUCTS INDUSTRY PLC Techno Hafez Metal Product Education Materials Production And Distribution Enterprise Zeleman Production Serawit Multimedia Production P.L.C Old Milk House Mua Milk Enterprise Yeab Milk Simba Building Products Plc Yedon Films Production Y.F Film Production Afro Dan Plc Soma Agri & Industry Products Trade P.L.C BAKO AND ADDIS ABABA VISION FOR THE BLIND AND THE NEEDY ASSOCIATION USAID ADDIS ABABA SAMI ADDIS TRADING PLC Volcafe Addis Ababa Ltd ADDIS ABABA GOLF CLUB ADDIS ABABA HILTON PLC Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital ADDIS ABABA CITY ADMINISTRATION ADDIS ABABA HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AND CONTROL OFFICE ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise Veronica Hotel Addis Ababa Hilton Addis Ababa Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa Addis Agents ALU-ADDIS P.L.C ADDIS ABABA CITY ROADS AUTHORITY Addis Fana General Merchandise And Hotel Trade S Corporation Sekor Ethiopia OLIYAD TRADING MEGA PRINTING PLC Protouch Printing Abel Printing COMMERCIAL PRINTING ENTERPRISE Boling Printing Press ALPHA PRINTERS PLC Central Printing Press Plc Artistic Printing Enterprise Ami Printing And Advertising Private Enterprise BOLE PRINTING ENTERPRISE Master Printin Company Kuskuam Mariam Printing Press GOAL PRINTING & ADVERTISING PVT LTD COMPANY INTRADE P.L.C Intercontinental Addis Hotel Interfaith Peace Building Initiative Ipi INTERNATIONL ORGANISATION FOR MIGRATION InterAfrica Group PINNACLE INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANT ELAWIT PRINTING PRESS BURAYU PACKAGING & PRINTING INDUSTRY Tibeb Printers Trading Plc A.G. Telecommunication Internal Cable Network And Pabx Works Taye Tulu Feyissa Eskender Taye Teferi Taye Belay Mengesha Enterprise TAYE AND BINI YAM GENERAL IMPORTER My Art Dipa Printing And Advertizing Taye Tadios Star Business Group P.L.C. HABESHA TANNERY PLC Abyssinia Trading Plc GECKO TRADING PLC BEZA MAR AGRO INDUSTRY P.L.C ALFOZ PVT LTD CO F Trading P.L.C HYDRAULICITY TRADING KERCHANSHE TRADING PLC PENIEL INDUSTRY PLC AJORA GENERAL TRADING MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Midroc Construction Ethiopia Plc MUYA ETHIOPIA P.L.C STAR SOAP & DETERGENT INDUSTRIES SAUDI STAR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PLC B.G.I ETHIOPIA PLC AFCOR ETHIOPIA P L C AGECA ( ETHIOPIA) COMPANY AMREF HEALTH AFRICA ETHIOPIA NATIONAL AIRWAYS AGAR ETHIOPIA A.F.E.T. Ethiopia Ethiopia Saw Mill Amran Ethiopia PALM ETHIOPIA P.L.C THE ARABIAN TRADING CO ETHIOPIA LTD Affit Ethiopia P.L.C Affit Ethiopia Plc ACORD ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIAN PETROLEUM ENTERPRISE Ethiopian Cement Corporation ETHIOPIAN MARBLE INDUSTRY ETHIOPIAN TRADING AND AGENCIES LTD ETHIOPIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND INFINITY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PLC ETHIOPIAN ELECTRONICS PLC ETHIOPIAN ELECTRIC POWER ETHIOPIAN ELECTRONICS PLC ETHIOPIAN MINISTRY OF EDUCATION H Mayler Private Company Al - Eman Trading Al- Eman Trading Plc EKT TRADE AND INVESTMENT PLC Pharmacure Plc ZAF PHARMACEUTICALS PLC PHARMA BIRBIR P.L.C Pharma S.C FAWES PHARMACEUTICALS PLC MEDICA PHARMA P.L.C SUN PHARMA PLC AMBA PHARMACEUTICALS P.L.C BARO PHARMACEUTICALS P.L.C PHARMA SHARE COMPANY Pharmaceutical And Medical Supplies Import And Distribution SHEGNA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Micro Pharma Pvt Ltd Co Beker Pharmaceuticals Novel Pharmaceuticals P.L.C MICRO PHARMA P.L.C Spring Pharmacy P.L.C Demeco Pharma Plc PHARMACHEM ENTERPRISE IMPORTER ASURA PHARMA PLC DROGA PHARMA PLC F E CONSTRUCTION PLC E.T.F Construction N.Y.G Constraction P.L.C Engineering Construction Plc SEA CONSTRUCTION Seoul Engineering And Construction Ltd Sazer Engineering & Construction P.L.C Mela Engineering & Construction P.L.C. Mela Engineering & Construction Plc Ye-Eze Construction Agaata Engineers Construction Plc GEOTEC ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION Reaz Engineering And Constraction P.L.C REAZ ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PLC Zeray Construction Engineering Plc New Era Construction Plc LS ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PLC 3M Engineering And Construction Plc 3 M Engineering & Construction P.L.C HYDRO CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING CO. LTD Maya Construction & Engineering P.L.C SUNSHINE CONSTRACTION P.L.C Sunshine Higher Clinic SUNSHINE BUSINESS PLC MARRIOTT EXECUTIVE APARTMENT Sino Ethiopian Sunshine Pharmaceuticals Plc SUNSHINE BUSINESS PLC MARRIOTT HOTEL ADDIS ABABA Aki Africa Asia Trading INITIATIVE AFRICA Ethiopia Crown Cork & Can Manufacturing Industry Share Company GULLELE SOAP FACTORY SH. CO. Habesha Habesha Leather HABESHA BREWERIES S.CO. Akir Construction Plc ETHIOPIAN MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS ETHIOPIAN INTERFAITH FORUM FOR DEVELOPMENT DIALOGUE AND ACTION Faisal Ahmed Mohamed FAIRFAX TECHNOLOGIES LLC Fairfax Technologies Llc - Ethiopian Branch ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH CHILD AND FAMILY AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH CHILD AND FAMILY AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH DEVELOPMENT AND INTER CHURCH AID COMMISSION Fa It Services Plc Faisal Idris Mohammed Sairishna Hitech Agri Consultancy Plc MAIN DEPARTMENT FOR IMMIGRATION & NATIONALITY AFFAIRS Abdurhaman Mustafa Indris Refugee And Returnee Affairs Department Shaghai Restaurant Sunpair Private Limited Company Empire Cafe And Bakery Sunpair Plc Abadir Coffee Trading Plc Electro Mechanica Santilli & Figli Plc FREBET CONSTRUCTION PLC Finfinne Construction Plc J.K. Kothari & Kamal Gulab Chand Sheth (G.P) J K Kothari And Kamal Gulakchand Sheth Gp Channel Enterprise FACILITATOR FOR CHANGE Chain Engineering Plc Chancho Flowers Plc Meseret Chane Asrese Furniture / Wood Work Mesret Chane Saw Mill FRONTIERI CONSULT PLC Tiret Community Empowerment For Change Association Narotamdas Karmchand And Brothers Et Change Import TULU MOYE GEOTHERMAL OPERATIONS PLC BISHOFTU AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY BAZEN AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT PLC Bazen Agricultural Industrial Devt Plc TRACON TRADING PLC LIONS INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLC Artistic Stationery Ltd HOPE FOR ALL H.H. International Hope 2020 HOPE FOR CHILDREN AUSTRALIA HOPE ADVANCE MANUFACTURING PLC HOPE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOPE FOR CHILDREN ORGANIZATION HOPE FOR CHILDREN ASSOCIATION ADDIS ABABA TANNERY SHARE COMPANY IE NETWORK SOLUTIONS PLC Kas International Trading Plc AEMFI EIFTRI ABIACO IMPORT EXPORT PLC SEBLE HABTAMU IMPORT AND EXPORT Goh Import And Export Ltd SEMAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING Aldam Export & Import EKT IMPORT AND EXPORT ATMA IMPORT AND EXPORT Abbaf Import Export Plc ELIAS ESHETU GENERAL IMPORT EXPORT Ablife Import Export LE CHATEAU IMPORT & EXPORT PLC ZAMU PLC Abdio General Import And Export Co.Ltd Abba Import Export Consulting ALMAW BEKALU IMPORT EXPORT TRUST IMPORT AND EXPORT ENDOTO IMPORT AND EXPORT PLC SACHEM IMPORT & EXPORT P.L.C ALMELA IMPORT & EXPORT Lucky Import Export Enterprises BEDRU SEID BESHER IMPORT AND EXPORT Betseha Denekew Import And Export Aman Shikur Import And Export Lucent Pvt Ltd Co Lucent Private Limited Company AL SAHABA PLC Al Baraka Ethiopia Plastic Share Company ETHIOPIA TANNERY SHARE COMPANY AGIP ETHIOPIA SHARE COMPANY Bekele Molla Hotels Plc Emu General Importer Afatco Trading P.L.C ETHIOPIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE AMBO MINERAL WATER SC_ETHIOPIA ETHIO JAPANESE SYNTHETIC TEXTILES S C BEN AUTO SPARE PARTS ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Bio Tech Plc INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY Sa Construction P.L.C Jambo Construction Plc Jantekel Building Construction Plc PLAN CONSTRUCTION PLC Saba Construction Plc Gad Construction Plc Adam Construction Plc Dashen Construction SINA CONSTRUCTION PLC SOYEN CONSTRUCTION RADAR CONSTRUCTION DANET CONSTRUCTION PLC Zamra Construction Plc AMAL CONSTRUCTION A.M.B. Constuction ABAS CONSTRUCTION PLC Zemen Construction AJED CONSTRUCTION PLC Jefor Construction & Real Estate Jefor Construction And Real Estate MSA TRADING PLC T.D.K. General Trading Plc A.M.Y General Trading P.L.C Amy General Trading Plc Addis General Trading Plc Saz General Trading General Trading Agency P L C HAB GENERAL TRADING P.L.C ABOGNE GENERAL TRADING Naf General Trading O General Trading P.L.C MDB GENERAL TRADING PLC Alkon General Trading Plc Derole General Trading Plc Hab General Trading P.L.C Des General Trading Des General Trading Plc D.S.Y. General Trade Plc Debrenihigo General Trading Plc Danyoh General Trading P.L.C T.D.K. General Trading P.L.C Dokimas General Trading Tedak General Trading P.L.C Safco General Trading P.L.C Consolidated Contractors Kuwait W L L Ccc Et Daniel Teka Mako Rabeco East Africa Plc LIBYA OIL ETHIOPIA LIMITED Guna Trading GENERAL CHEMICALS AND TRADING PLC GIGAR TRADING Agaz General Trading Plc G.T.F Trading Plc GS TRADING PLC G.L General Trading Plc Z.T General Trading Gift Trading P.L.C Genet Trading GMLER TRADING PLC GUZOMART TRADING PLC MAX EXPORT KIBRU TESFAYE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO Amare Afework Import Export ENAT BANK SHARE COMPANY ENAT BALTNA Mohammed Argaw Mohammed Kedir Oumer Midroc Foundation Specialist Plc MIDROC GOLD MINE P.L.C Midroc Aviation Plc DERBA MIDROC CEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY DERBA MIDROC CEMENT PLC Nile Foods & Confectionery Plc NILE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LIMITED TASTY FOODS PLC NAS FOODS PLC FOOD, MEDICINE AND HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL AUTHORITY OF ETHIOPIA HEALTH CARE FOOD MANUFACTURERS PLC HILINA ENRICHED FOOD PROCESSING CENTER P.L.C Adabai Agro-Food Industry Consult CONSORTIUM FOR USAID FOOD FOR THE FUTURE Flavour Cafe & Fast Food Health Care Food Manufacturering P.L.C World Food Program Ethiopia Country Office Panorama Food Court CONSORTIUM FOR USAID FOOD FOR PEACE PROJECT Rahel Food Processing P.L.C Addis Modjo Edible Oil Complex S.C ADDIS MODJO EDIBLE OIL COMPLEX SC NARDOS COFFEE EXPORT Nile Coffee Export Plc DERBAN MEDTECH PLC METALS AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION METAL AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION FDRE METALS & ENGINEERING CORPORATION JAF EAST AFRICA HOLDINGS PLC J And F Company Roshan P.L.C Wonberta General Import & Export Plc Wonberta General Import & Export P.L.C Gonde Import & Export Enterprise Btwo General Importer & Exporter P.L.C ABEBE MULUGETA KASSAA Hsa General Import & Export WENBERTA GENERAL IMPORT AND EXPORT PLC NUTRAFRICA AGRO INDUSTRY & FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD CO BLESS AGRI FOOD LABORATORY SERVICES PLC SELENDAWA TEXTILE SHARE COMPANY TILAHUN MESAFINT GENERAL IMPORT & EXPORT Abc Trading Abdos Trading At-Shim Trading A.M.H- Trading A.T.G. TRADING HOUSE ATL TRADING Abidan Trading P. L. C. Asena Trading P.L.C Atsk Trading Natol Trading Plc Abrtant Trading P.L.C Ar Stone Trading Plc Patn Trading Plc ANHAMA TRADING PLC Atlantic International Trading P.L.C Atlantic International Trading HST CONSULTING P.L.C TECHNOSTYLE P.L.C Amelework, Birtukan & Family Poultry Partnership Global Private Limited Company Source Awash International Business Plc AWASH INSURANCE COMPANY S.C. LION INTERNATIONAL BANK S.C NIB INTERNATIONAL BANK SC TEKEZE TRANSIT SERVICE & GENERAL BUSINESS P.L.C Agaata Engineers Menona Import & Export Enterprise Erkab Plc Yesuf Unis Wezir Travel Agency Henon Bread Plc Vision On Africa Jafer Kedir Abamoga Good’S Lebanon Snack Mohammed Nasser Oumer Kalifa ADULT AND NONFORMAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION IN ETHIOPIA ADIAMAT ETHIOPIA TOUR & TRAVEL AGENCY Omicron Engineering P.L.C Lalibela Restaurant STIFTUNG SOLARENERGIE - SOLAR ENERGY FOUNDATION Abergelle Slaughterhouse Plc DESERT LOCUST CONTROL ORGANISATION FOR EASTERN AFRICA Marget Plc Al-Entisar General Plc Al-Entisar General P.L.C Target Electromechanical Works Argaw Gebre Elias Argaw Car Decore Carg General Importer Edgetu Taddesse Andarge Al-Juzar General Trading P.L.C Shangri-La Restaurant Target Private Employment Agency Target Business Consultants Plc Ibex Lalibela Restaurant White Flower General Treding Plc Mahirge Engineering Plc Da Jonat Refrigeration Engineering Plc Carg Auto Glass Importers NERGEK ELECTRO MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS AND IMPORTER AmCan Concierge Services, PLC KANORIA AFRICA TEXTILES PLC Abebaw Anagaw Kebede ABEBECH GOBENA YEHITSANAT KEBEKABENA LIMAT MAHIBER Kana Industry & Trading Danas Enterprise Giordana`S Kitchen Restaurant Lake Tana Tour P.L.C. Kana Yelimat Mahiber Kana Import-Export Prv. Enter. KANA PUBLIC HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY KANA YEBEGO ADRAGOT MAHIBER KANGAROO PLAST P L C T.A .Kanzen Yehia And Sons Private Limited Company Fana Plc KANGAROO SHOE FACTORY Heldana Yetbarek Kassa Fana P.L.C Kanzen Investment Holdings Pvt.Ltd.Co. Teferi Godana Kindale Hana Tesfaye Kebebe T.A. Kanzen Yehia & Sons Plc T.A.Kanzen Yehia & Sons(G.P.) T.A.Kanzen Yehia & Sons P.L.C Damu Hotel MAMO KACHA PLC Taurus Import & Export NATIONAL LEATHER AND SHOE CORPORATION ETHIOPIAN GRAIN TRADE ENTERPRISE Ethiopian Television Enterprise Danas Enterprise Ethiopia Plc ETHIOPIAN MARBLE PROCESSING ENTERPRISE SAMSON Girma Abera & Sons Plc Girma And His Son BANK OF ABYSSINIA WALIA STEEL INDUSTRY P.L.C EthioLink ETHIOLINK INTER TRADE PLC Ethiorose NATIONAL METAL WORKS CORP A.T. Herto Trading Plc JP TEXTILE (ETHIOPIA) PLC OROMIA EDUCATION BUREAU GREEN COFFEE AGRO-INDUSTRY PLC Fine Chemical General Trading Plc Misaf Trading MINUGSA TRADING Abc Plastic Factory Plc Addis Ababa Tannery S/C M.A.B.D MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES PLC Ethio Creative Arts And Communication Creative Computer System P.L.C Nur Business Creation Plc ELNET TECHNOLOGY PLC SOUTH EAST AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IZATCO TRADING COMPANY PVT CO TUFFA SHAY & SONS PLC Gassp Pvt Ltd Company AMAN MUSSA ADEM Assefa Daniel ASSEFA KARA BUILDING CONTRACTOR Sofia Aman Hassen Samson Assefa Solomon Assefa Yared Assefa Advertising Tsehay Assefa Achame Tamirat Assefa Girma ENGIDAYE ASSEFA Assefa Belachew Balcha Aman Shekur Shifa

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