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Stars Wood-Sobhy Zaki Barbour YASIN FOR IMPORT AND TRADE El Reda Company For Import And Export WEB MASTER EL SALAM HOSPITAL Chest Disease Hospital DAMIETTA FEVER HOSPITAL HALAYEB - KATILO FOR DAIRY PRODUCTS & JUICE FAYEZ EL SAID IBRAHIM SHABAN AL SAYED HASSONA ABDOU SHADY MOHAMED SALEH SHOAIB Estshara AL AHRAM FOR EXPORT & INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL OFFICE FOR TRADING & TRANSPORTATION Damit for Int'l Trade & Transportation Tayeb Transportation & Trade MEDIMIX COMPANY AL FAR STARS WOOD BARBOUR-SOBHI ZAKI BARBOUR AL MOSHER FOR EXPORT, IMPORT & SHIPPING Moushir Export, Import & Shipping ABDO ALI ALI ABOU MOSTAFA AND HIS PARTNERS Sheta For Export & Import- Nagy Mohamed Sheta Sheta for Export & Import- Nagy Mohamed Sheta NOUR COMPANY FOR EXPORT & IMPORT EL TAWHID FOR EXPORT AND IMPORT AND TRANSPORT AND CLEARING ELDAWLEYA FOR EXPORT & IMPORT & FURN MFR Egyptian Ukranian for Export; Import & Maritime Transport ZAIN MISR COMPANY FOR IMPORT & EXPORT Cairo Three A International For Trading CAIRO THREE A FOR GRAINS SILOS & TRANSPORTATIONS OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE S.A.E Spices Agriculture Crops Preparation ABDEL-RAZZAK FOR FURNITURE Atlas Logistics Badran Farm for Poultry Baz Farms Poultry Breeding Mobasher Hotel Modern Marble & Granite Damietta Detergents Chemical Industries Damietta LNG Construction DAMIETTA INTERNATIONAL PORTS COMPANY SAE DAMIETTA SPINNING AND WEAVING COMPANY DAMIETTA RAILWAY STATION Damietta Governorate DAMIETTA WORK BUREAU Damietta Cargo & Container Handling Damietta Shipping & Marine Services Damietta Butagas Packing Station DAMIETTA FOR TRADING & ENGINEERING DAMIETTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DAMIETTA ENGINEERING AGENICIES OFFICE RIBCO GAS DAMIETTA CO. Damietta Egyptian Chamber of Commerce Damietta Potable Water Free Zone In Damietta Damietta Agricultural Cooperative for Vegetables & Fruits Production & Marketing Damietta General Cooperative Crops Marketing Agrarian Society Damietta National for Land Reclamation & Agriculture Development ESTACOZA SEA FOOD WALID AHMED BADAWY PETROJET PIPES MANUFACTURING COATING PLANT SPECIAL FREE ZONE Nour Pack Co. EL MANAR FOR PLASTIC Int'l Trade Agencies THE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY DAMITRANS Int'l Commercial Agents Int'l Freight Works Office Andalos Touristic Hotel Mertex For Import & Expot EL ARAFAT CO. FOR CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING & TRADING Masters Import, Export & Trading Future Marble American Language Center REDA AL ASMR Egy Nile For Import Export MARINE LOGISTICS CO Reedy Shipping Agency EL READY SHIPPING AGENCY ELREEDY AND PARTNERS FOR SHIPPING AGENCY EL REEDY SHIPPING COMPANY ELREEDY AND PARTNERS FOR SHIPPING AGENCY EL HODA COMPUTER SERVICES EL ANSAR FOR TRANSPORT & TRADE Misr Trading & Agents MISR TRADING & AGENCIES CO. Golden Fish Import & Export Co. EL ETRBY IMPORT & EXPORT Cairo Three A Stevedoring Cairo Three A for Grains Silos & Transportation CAIRO THREE A FOR STEVEDORING S.A.E CAIRO THREE A POLYPROPYLENE RAFFIA BAGS FACTORY Rabbea Office Import & Export Rabeaa Office for Import & Export Rabeea Office for Import & Export Makah Group for Import, Export Bussinessmen Services & General Pharaonic Int'l Trade Office EL AELAAT Shatea Import; Export & Custom Clearance Alshatea Import Export & Customs Clearance CAFCO Egy Nile Misr Zamzam Import & Export AL TAHRER PHARMACY Development Import & Export Home Factory Islamic Furniture Factory Al Sheraa For Import & Export Asal Furniture EL FAR FOR FURNITURE YASSER HASSAN SSH FOR SOFTWARE EL SHENAWY SONS CO. Abd El-Fattah Imam Sons Borg Shipping Moustafa Transport DELTA SYSTEMS Delta Rice MODERN CAR EL MOTAHEDA FOR AIR CONDITIONING Fardous for Trade & Supplies AHMED LOTFY ZAKARIA AND PARTNERS HERAT CO. FOR IMPORT AL FATH COMPANY FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT SAFO Nour Pack Manufacturing & Trading REDA KAMEL MOHAMAD IBRAHIM-ELREDA OFFICE FOR IMPORT & EXPORT Nile Pastry/Harrat ALMAROUF SHIPPING CO. LTD UNITED AFRICAN SHIPPING LINES U A S L NOURA MANAGEMENT CO. SAFINAZ IMPORT AND EXPORT AMIR EL BAZ PIONEER CO. Mohamed Ali Balboul Sons Sweets Factory North America Trade And Imports HALA GROUP FOR TRADING National Trade & Shipping AL MANAR FOR COMPUTER GAMAL REZK CO Egypt Helb Trading WALEED 4 U Waly Marble Factory Mossaad Badawi & Co. Sweets Factory KASR EL GAMAL FOR FURNITURE EL GAMAL SONS FOR FURNITURE & DECORATION Wadi Agriculture Equipment Nasr El-Din Eissa Sweets Factory Azab Furniture Factory Amir Ice Factory Abu Setta Sweets Factory EL FAHD FACTORY Mossaad Yassin & Co. Pastries Factory Badry Sweets Factories- Mohamed Moustafa El-Badry & Brothers EL NAGAR FACTORY FOR CEMENT BRICKS Ali El-Sewesy Factory Bab El-Moltazem Frozen Foods Factory Abu Tabl Sweets Factory Abu Al Hoda Upholstery Ribbons Factory Abd El Rahman Teaaleb Sons Sweets Factory Ahmed El-Manshi & Co. Factory DAMIETTA PORT MOHAMED EISSA assal gallery I B M FOR COMPUTER & INTERNET SERVICES Ahram Exchange Marwa Poultry ROYAL FURNITURE Reda Import & Export COMPUTER HOME Royal Trader For Trade & Shipping Services ARAB INT'L TELECOMMUNICATION INSTITUTE ( TOURISM & HOTELS - COMPUTER - LANG El-Helb Pesticides & Chemicals EL HELB PESTICIDES AND CHEMICALS COMPANY Watania Pharmaceutical Industries MIDDLE EAST GROUP DNM TEXTILE FOR SPINNING, WEAVING AND DYEING Sherbiny Brothers Trans Part United Import & Export-Abd El-Fattah Abd El-Rahman Ragab & Co. Al Shams For Trading Agencies Misr Italy Mills MISR ITALY CONCENTRATES AND FOOD INDUSTRIES Melouk Furniture DAMIETTA PORT AUTHORITY Gelatto Italiano EHAB ABOUELAB Ice Cream of El-Madina El-Menawra Semafro Trans International DAMET CO. Reda-Amr Reda El-Refaie Amro Ahmed Fawzi Dorgham For Import And Export Mohamed El-Said El-Mezahy Sons Trade & Distribution Queen Hall

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