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Search a company in Czech Republic with your criteria (trade name, adress, Czech registry number...). provides business and credit information about Czech firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Czech register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Czech Republic, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Czech company.

DDB, a.s. JUBA Technik s.r.o. MS Prague s.r.o. Congress Concept s.r.o. BOHEMIA BIKE a.s. Dynamic Energys s.r.o. Millcreek Evropa s.r.o. StartUp o.s. PLASTIA s.r.o. Projekt Hotel Prague s.r.o. UBX Praha - Smichov s.r.o. Opalintina s.r.o. DOMUS EVENTIS project One s.r.o. v likvidaci SIMASPED s.r.o. Star Events,s.r.o. EUROPEAN EVENTS PROGRAMMING LTD. s.r.o. v likvidaci Alice Chrastova EPAM Systems (Czech Republic) s.r.o. T-Systems Czech Republic a.s. T-Systems Czech s.r.o. REHALAND international s.r.o. Areal Kbely a.s. MAGIC STAR, s.r.o. EUROLEASING CZ s.r.o. QMK,s.r.o. v likvidaci BA DA, s.r.o., v likvidaci Best Trade Solution s.r.o. FTM, s.r.o. W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s. Semrush CZ s.r.o. Medea Property, s.r.o. A - casting s.r.o. Nadacni fond Avast GLOBAL RECYCLING a.s. Glovato Technology Group s.r.o. NORDMEDICAL s.r.o. ITA-COMP.CZ s.r.o. v likvidaci Orion Plus s.r.o. COCHLEAR EUROPE LIMITED, organizacni slozka Cochlear Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, odstepny zavod JetBrains s.r.o. Nadace The JetBrains Foundation JetBrains Distributions s.r.o. JetBrains Group s.r.o. UNICA a.s., ve spanelstine UNICA S.A., v anglictine UNICA Ltd., v nemcine UNICA A.G. v likvidaci BREEZE COMPANY spol. s r.o. United Powers s.r.o. EXPOBUILD s.r.o. Agora Central Europe - spolecnost pro demokracii a kulturu Corporate Investment & Lawyers s.r.o. Schneider Food, s.r.o. RODASNEP s.r.o. Prague North Technology Centre a.s. Geoterra a.s. CZ Airlines, a.s. v likvidaci MS TRANSPORT, s.r.o. Solutions Trans s.r.o. v likvidaci General Dentist s.r.o. Le-Doc Consulting s.r.o. Vysehrad BH, s.r.o. Bytove druzstvo Vysehrad Bytove druzstvo Vysehrad v likvidaci Comodality Czech s.r.o. PROZAQ s.r.o. v likvidaci BMB Power Technology s.r.o. v likvidaci PESH Company s.r.o. Mills spol.s.r.o. ADC studio media s.r.o. app, s.r.o. Svetlo pro svet - Light for the World, z.s. LIGHT WORKS s.r.o. Czech Gas Networks, s.r.o. v likvidaci GTS Czech Net a.s. AAA trade s.r.o. Advisor s.r.o. v likvidaci WORTECH, s.r.o. v likvidaci RENAL s.r.o. v likvidaci Tactic s.r.o. Albatros Media a.s. Nadace Albatros Albatros Media Mlada Fronta s.r.o. bioMerieux CZ s.r.o. Tarako s.r.o. v likvidaci TONERDATA s.r.o. Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost a.s. Raiffeisen - Leasing, s.r.o. Raiffeisenbank a.s. Raiffeisen Broker, s.r.o. Raiffeisen Investment, s.r.o., v likvidaci Genesia, s.r.o., v likvidaci easyprinting s.r.o. CP DIRECT, a.s. NOTNA, s.r.o. Samira Liskova Bytove druzstvo ,,Dacickeho 2" HIFIpartner, s.r.o. Attention!Media, s.r.o. FORTE,spol.s r.o. VinoDoc s.r.o. Wikytel Praha s.r.o. Financial Economy Prague s.r.o. v likvidaci WITA - AUTO s.r.o. v likvidaci TENZO, a.s. W.A.G. payment solutions CZ, s.r.o. EOS LINE s.r.o. WOOD WORK, s.r.o. Kongresove centrum Praha, a.s. PLASTJOHO s.r.o. V Case s.r.o. Accace Outsourcing s.r.o. VIAGEM Dobris s.r.o. inVentiv Health Czech Republic, s.r.o. FACILITYMAX s.r.o. Repo 3, spol. s r.o. REPO 946, s.r.o. FULL Service CZ s.r.o. FOCUS CORP s.r.o. iM Education Center s.r.o. Line Art Group a.s. Line Art s.r.o. Leonardo, otevreny podilovy fond Realitni fond, otevreny podilovy fond kvalifikovanych investoru Generali Investments CEE, in DASTE, s.r.o. KSD LEGAL advokatni kancelar s.r.o. KSD ECONOMIC a.s. KSD SERVISNI s.r.o. MT Develop s.r.o. Golden Storm s.r.o. M & B Construct s.r.o. ECG group s.r.o. GrECo International s.r.o. Prague Capital Centre s.r.o. 3DSolid s.r.o. SOLOV, s.r.o. DXC Technology Czech Republic s.r.o. Rockaway Capital SE Rockaway Travel a.s. ROCKAWAY RAIL, s.r.o. Lenka Hanykova SVOBODA COMPANY s.r.o. Teradata Ceska republika, spol. s r.o. ETD, s.r.o. MECIS ONE s.r.o. SPORTEX GO s.r.o. v likvidaci Tetyana Mazlova Servis system software, a.s. J&M Society s.r.o. PreVision 2020 s.r.o. Social Insider s.r.o., v likvidaci Now Interactive, spol. s r.o. ROWELA s.r.o. v likvidaci Stream s.r.o. Fusion Cars s.r.o. Mgr. Mitic Konstantin, advokat CEM s.r.o. v likvidaci C. E. M. & T. Praha, spol.s.r.o. v likvidaci HOTEL SERVIS, a.s. s.r.o. Financni sluzby, a.s. ORCAL ceska s.r.o. Com Praha s.r.o. v likvidaci AMANITA s.r.o. LICOME s.r.o. v likvidaci Atos IT Solutions and Services, s.r.o. VGD IT Solutions s.r.o. OKRUZNI JIZDY spol.s r.o. v likvidaci KRAZ, z.s. LP dane s.r.o. Stavby 3000 s.r.o. HUMAN PROGRESS, s.r.o. Tep.cep s.r.o. Mitous s.r.o. North Energy SE CIMEX KONCERN a.s. Infor Global Solutions (CZ) s.r.o. Alkoma Trade a.s. ELBA 2000, spol. s r.o. Computer System Group, a.s. Computer System Power s.r.o. MOBEX s.r.o. IDEAL COMPANY s.r.o. Jan Neuman RADONA, spol. s r.o. v likvidaci Whistle Ball s.r.o. stars communication s.r.o. MNG INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE BROKERS s.r.o. "EL-MONT" spol. s r.o. EL - CHA, s.r.o. SAFRA s. r. o. v likvidaci Farm Administration s.r.o. ALMOS AGRAR HANDEL, SPOL. S R.O. VIA v.o.s. v likvidaci EAST-WEST MEDIA, a.s. EAST-WEST MEDIA, s.r.o. WBC Prague s.r.o. Raiffeisen fond dluhopisovych prilezitosti, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni sp Raiffeisen fond dluhopisove stability, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnos Raiffeisen privatni fond dynamicky, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecn Raiffeisen fond alternativni, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost a.s. Raiffeisen fond globalnich trhu, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost Raiffeisen fond udrzitelneho rozvoje, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolec Raiffeisen fond dluhopisovych trendu, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolec Raiffeisen fond optimalniho rozlozeni, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecn Raiffeisen fond high-yield dluhopisu, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost Raiffeisen - Leasing BOT, s.r.o. Raiffeisen FinCorp, s.r.o. Raiffeisen strategie konzervativni, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnos Raiffeisen strategie progresivni, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost Raiffeisen realitni fond, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost a.s. Raiffeisen fond americkych akcii, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost Raiffeisen fond evropskych akcii, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost Raiffeisen fond emerging markets akcii, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spol Raiffeisen strategie balancovana, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost Raiffeisen Direct Investments CZ s.r.o. Raiffeisen zajisteny fond 103, otevreny podilovy fond, Raiffeisen investicni spolecnost a B & S Financial Services s.r.o. Avance Consulting s.r.o. TRESORWORLD s.r.o. D-Link s.r.o. PARTIZAN SECURITY s.r.o. AM SERVIS s.r.o. ROYAL INTERNATIONAL Ltd. s.r.o. v likvidaci MH - spedition, s.r.o. FACSON INTERIER, spol s r.o., " v likvidaci " Spolecenstvi vlastniku pro dum U Krizku 1400/10 PEKAIN-AUTODOPRAVA, spol. s r.o. ANKER GROUP s.r.o. v likvidaci Management consult, s.r.o. PPEG s.r.o. Slechta transport, s.r.o. Alan Drabek Friendly Finance s.r.o. friendlyway s.r.o. EF Mobility s.r.o. VS company-PRAHA s.r.o. v likvidaci BUSINESS CENTRUM s.r.o. KNIT s.r.o. Express Internet Project s.r.o. EMILIO s.r.o. v likvidaci Ali Abbas BAGDA v.o.s. v likvidaci Muhammad Waseem Raza Muhammad Ajmal Malik Muhammad Yaqoob Gondal Zia Ul Gamer Butt Muhammad HALABALA, a.s. Newtech Digital s.r.o. S o P,spol.s.r.o. Wikov MGI a.s. IBIOS s.r.o. v likvidaci M.A. COMPANY s.r.o. v likvidaci SIGMA PLAZA s.r.o. Akcent GS s.r.o. COMPANY RENT CARS, s.r.o. Visual Unity a.s. v likvidaci ICC - Plus Import spol. s r.o. KIT digital Prague a.s. HIFI-GUIDE s.r.o. GEKA CZ s.r.o. Purple Crown, s.r.o. IMI s.r.o. AVAL spol. s r.o. v likvidaci UPC Infrastructure, s.r.o. Arendon Infrastructure, s.r.o. ROWER UPS s.r.o. MUDr. Jaroslav SUHAJ - Privatni prakticky lekar pro dospele OMV Ceska republika, s.r.o. BXB sonic s.r.o. NETTO SPOL. S R.O. ALES, s.r.o. Generali CEE Holding B.V., organizacni slozka Generali Distribuce a.s. CIMEX PRAHA a.s. Asset MGT, s.r.o. Asset Management s.r.o. v likvidaci NAOS CZECH REPUBLIC s.r.o. Nissin Czech Republic s.r.o. Novartis s.r.o. applied international informatics, s.r.o. v likvidaci SIGNAL FLASH s.r.o. ELCOM, a. s. Microrim s.r.o. v likvidaci DAKO VERNER CZ s.r.o. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals s.r.o. MR Tuning s.r.o. v likvidaci Ladikam, s.r.o. v likvidaci Princip a. s. Millenium Prague s.r.o. Millenium Gate Company s.r.o. v likvidaci Chemistry and Logistics s.r.o. Transport Usti nad Labem s.r.o. Shirin group s.r.o. P. RAOPA s.r.o. CS Global Services a.s. ATLAS electronic  s.r.o. VYSEHRAD GARDEN s.r.o. LUXUS INVEST s.r.o. FELLIX s.r.o. F I N spol. s r.o. v likvidaci Banking Software Company s.r.o. SERVICE COMPANY s.r.o. Infor (Ceska republika) s.r.o. Infor Global Solutions (Praha II) spol. s r.o. OKsystem, spol. s r.o. v nemeckem jazyce: OK system GmbH OKsystem a.s. CZECH-IN s.r.o. REITER, spol. s r.o.- v likvidaci IRIS a.s. Iris Property, s.r.o. Dusan Palacky DEUTSCHE ENGINEERING s.r.o. Radim Holy BIG HOLIDAY s.r.o. NEXT ERA, spol.s r.o. WUKA - GROUP s.r.o. DHL Global Forwarding (CZ) s.r.o. STARTEX, spol. s r.o. ROWAN LEGAL, advokatni kancelar s.r.o. ROWAN TAX s.r.o. Caleum a.s. FUTTEC a.s. Transport Praha s.r.o. NEWTON Media, a.s. Merck spol. s r.o. MirCi, spol. s r.o. Mercateo Ceska republika s.r.o. GS1 Czech Republic, s.r.o. POLNEDERS s.r.o. TEMPERLEY spol. s r.o.v likvidaci Pavel Krizek SPW s.r.o. INVENTI Development s. r. o. INVENTI Labs s.r.o. INVENTI Investments s.r.o. Bohemian rental s.r.o. EasyBnB s.r.o. Laneis s.r.o. Generali Real Estate Fund CEE a.s., investicni fond Generali Investments CEE, a.s. New Silk Road Advisory, a.s. FRANCE TRANSACTIONS, SPOL. S R.O. AXA ASSISTANCE CZ, s.r.o. UNIPETROL, a.s. UNIPETROL TRADE a.s. v likvidaci VLADYMAR s.r.o. Czech Nolo s.r.o. v likvidaci Zdenek Bauer G.E.N., a.s. ALITEX, spol. s r.o. COOL GIFTS s.r.o "v likvidaci" UPC Real Estate, s.r.o. UPC Real, s.r.o. Xenip s.r.o. VIKTORINA s.r.o. Wikov Wind a.s. ZOE, s.r.o. DAILY TRANS s.r.o. PARADISE TOYS s.r.o. ROKSANA s.r.o. MCA, a.s. ACN Communications Czech Republic s.r.o. UPC Ceska republika, s.r.o. ACNielsen Czech Republic s.r.o. Acer Czech Republic s.r.o.

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