List of Corporate Headquarters in PRAHA 1 STARE MESTO

Search a company in Czech Republic with your criteria (trade name, adress, Czech registry number...). provides business and credit information about Czech firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Czech register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Czech Republic, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Czech company.

Canine Caviar Pet Foods DE s.r.o. Carvago s.r.o. BKM, spol. s r.o. v likvidaci PRO-PHARM, spol. s r.o. v likvidaci Brand SCC s.r.o. KPK Reklama s.r.o. Associates, s.r.o. Next Associates, s.r.o. Crypto ATM s.r.o. CRYPTO TRADING s.r.o. Crypto Technologies s.r.o. Crypto Qwix s.r.o. CENTER COAST s.r.o. M-AIR Aviation s.r.o. E-kurzy Orange Tree s.r.o. Orange Star a.s. ORANGE GROUP a.s. La Alumino s.r.o. LaMy, z.s. Los Angeles Industries s.r.o. Mr. MyTime s.r.o. Akademie ved Ceske republiky AGROMEAT s.r.o. APS Corporation s.r.o. v likvidaci APS MIP, s.r.o. APS Finance a.s. APS Real Estate s.r.o. Medallia s.r.o. ICON LKW s.r.o. ICON&IK s.r.o. Electronic Social Systems, s.r.o. v likvidaci CZECH BOWLING ARENA s.r.o. v likvidaci RGC CZECH, s.r.o. v likvidaci EKOFLAT, s.r.o. SimHolidays s.r.o. Mijn Praag Tours s.r.o. TME TECH PRAGUE s.r.o. DENTAL DAD s.r.o. Lemista s.r.o. v likvidaci FUTURE Corporation s.r.o. JV TECHNIK s.r.o. SUEX OTC s.r.o. Promedinno s.r.o. "PRAGUE ESTATE"spol.s r.o. v likvidaci Prague Apartments s.r.o. Prague1918 s.r.o. Galaxy Code s.r.o. GALAXY MALL s.r.o. Concept Company s.r.o. CONCEPT CREW s.r.o. Concept Czech s.r.o. INSTRUCT CONCEPT s.r.o. BOHEMIA INVEST GROUP s r.o. Leader Company s.r.o. Grandys s.r.o. TOMKET LIMITED s.r.o. TOMKET EXPORT s.r.o. TOMKET TIRE s.r.o. Start up Projects s.r.o. J & T, spol. s r.o. G.I.A., a.s. v likvidaci Cesko - iracka obchodni komora FS Hotel Prague, s.r.o. Prague City Hotels s.r.o. GUSTO IN VINOH s.r.o. ICOM a.s. Project 102 s.r.o. Project Five s.r.o. Project Twelve s.r.o. Project Thirteen s.r.o. Project 11 s.r.o. 4MAX Information Systems s.r.o. VS MOTORS s.r.o. FSHP s.r.o. Four Seasons Hotels (Czech Republic), s.r.o. Retail Property Portfolio s. r. o. M K D spol.s r.o. Teas SPV, s.r.o. Carvago Holding a.s. Carvago SPV s.r.o. Carvago Trading s.r.o. Prospero In s.r.o. Shop Cesko s.r.o. Cesko Alaan s.r.o. Geiranger plus, s.r.o. Mondial Leasing s.r.o. Cestovni kancelar - smenarna, spol. s r.o. Durr Systems Czech Republic a.s. v likvidaci AVENUES CAFE s.r.o. Royal International Company s.r.o. Warrior Investment s.r.o. EMIRE CAPITAL INVESTMENT s.r.o. EXPLOSIVE spol. s r. o., v likvidaci BOOST TRADE s.r.o. Kralovska Medialni s.r.o. BOST TRANSPORT s.r.o. SARMENTOSA s.r.o. DaDa, a.s. COMPAM s.r.o. Pinol, s.r.o. Enjoy Production s.r.o. hot routes s.r.o. P.L. HOT s.r.o. HOT SPEED s.r.o. Ing. Beno Ge KR REAL s.r.o. Technologica Solutions s.r.o. Information Technology Solutions s.r.o. Right Technology Solutions s.r.o. Avasam s.r.o. BROKER INVEST s.r.o. v likvidaci Professional Consulting s.r.o. ACE Consulting, s.r.o. CCS Consulting, s.r.o. AG Consulting CZ s.r.o. CAMASCON CONSULTING s.r.o. Solum Consulting, s.r.o. OK - V Consulting s.r.o. CONSPORT a. s. v likvidaci AUCTOR s.r.o. "v likvidaci" SLOT s.r.o. v likvidaci Changer s. r. o. GAME CHANGER a.s. PAPAS s.r.o. Cermak, a.s. v likvidaci Miss Factory s.r.o. Digital Finance s.r.o. GEMA spol. s r.o. Premium Import s.r.o. CLEVER CREDIT s.r.o. MEDEA spol. s r.o. LION SEEDS s.r.o. Cloud-IT s.r.o. Smart Concept Home s.r.o. BUREAL s.r.o. BA Real Estate, s.r.o. v likvidaci HOLIDAY Group s.r.o. ADVANCIA a.s. Delta Import spol. s r.o. v likvidaci CORE LABS s.r.o. CODE LABS s.r.o. Automotive Technology s.r.o. IT Technology group s.r.o. Canebe s.r.o. ALMABUR s.r.o. ITS Impex s.r.o. PK Prague Invest a.s. RENTAL SOLUTION s.r.o. PROBEST SOLUTION s.r.o. Royal Solution s.r.o. IGB - Impex Gloria Buro spol. s r.o. Alexander, s.r.o. v likvidaci Nordic Holding s r.o. Nordiva s.r.o. CONTIN s.r.o. CONTIN holding s.r.o. Our House, s.r.o. Amira Group a.s. MD-FILTER s. r. o. Filtration Group Manufacturing s.r.o. Easy East Management s.r.o. Pure Water is Life z.u. Pure Point s.r.o. ITASS s.r.o. Credit Money Europe s.r.o. Diamond stone s.r.o. DIAMOND SPECIALIST s.r.o. MS-I Technologies s.r.o. v likvidaci ORIGINAL STAV s.r.o. TOTAL CONSULTING s.r.o. TOTAL TRADING s.r.o. Epico Houses s.r.o. EPICIOUS s.r.o. MONDIAL, spol. s r.o. NATU s.r.o. TRIUMF & CO. s.r.o. SMART elektronik s.r.o. MM - 2 spol. s r.o. VORTECH s.r.o. MUSIC WORLD spol. s r.o. ALT Servis a.s. Wizard Investments, s.r.o. Wizard Consulting s.r.o. Golf Resort Cihelny Management s.r.o. Pinnacle Central & Eastern Europe, s.r.o. Palerma Central Europe s.r.o. PRALON Central Europe,akciova spolecnost (a.s.) PBE Lawyers s.r.o., advokatni kancelar The Esports Lawyers Association, z. s. lavvu instruments s.r.o. TECHENERGY s.r.o. Financial Technologies & Business s.r.o. IOMMI, s.r.o. Stavebne technicky ustav, a.s. TRUSTEE s.r.o. SANTE HOLDING, s.r.o. Ing. Jiri Ptacek TRUCK - COMPONENTS s.r.o. OKTRUCK Center s.r.o. Hard Rock Cafe (Czech Republic), s.r.o. PEKADA s.r.o. E-resources,s.r.o. Vysehrad spol. s r.o. Sooftlies s.r.o. WELLNESS s.r.o. v likvidaci PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s. Prime Cell Investment s.r.o. Citelix s.r.o. GOWEL s.r.o. ZAME elektromontaze, s.r.o. Contur agency s.r.o. LexFin s.r.o. PROZAK s.r.o. v likvidaci Link Company, s.r.o. Orbit Capital, podfond Conseq Venture Debt SG AUTO s.r.o. CLEAN & GREEN POWER TECHNOLOGIES & CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT s.r.o. v likvidaci Czech Restaurant Mgt.Co.spol. s r.o. Nepi Czech Management s.r.o. KAWE Spedition s.r.o. Venka Spedition s.r.o. Lira Solution s.r.o. Georgi Ivanov s.r.o. Ott Ventures s.r.o. Store Services s.r.o. Corporate Assistance, s.r.o. AAA Consulting, s.r.o. Smart iD s.r.o. CRYFIN a.s. GLOBAL CONSULTING AGENCY s.r.o. The Goodies s.r.o. ROYCE LIMITED s.r.o. ROYCE INVEST s.r.o. Integrated Professional Services, s.r.o. DRAMCO s.r.o. DramRoom, s.r.o. STAR CLASS, s.r.o. Real-Treuhand Reality s.r.o. Genesio s.r.o. v likvidaci MAX-EST s.r.o. RAFF LOGISTICS s.r.o. Broker Investment, s.r.o. Samira Zylollarova Orukami s.r.o. Global Estate Service s.r.o. HOLFIT s.r.o. SOCIO.eXpert s.r.o. Wincleft s.r.o. Narodni galerie v Praze Nadace Narodni galerie v Praze Zakladni odborova organizace Narodni galerie v Praze Odboroveho svazu pracovniku kultury a Redwood Capital a.s. RMS Mezzanine, a.s. PRIVATE INTEREST s.r.o. S Distribution s.r.o. MCM - IMMO a.s. PARTNERS CANADA a.s. BOD capital trust s.r.o. FOOD Company s.r.o. FoodStore s.r.o. FOOD CORPORATION s.r.o. FOODSIA s.r.o. NEBE - SKY a.s. SKY & ENTERPRISE, s.r.o. Gefen s.r.o. SCOOP Software s.r.o. FORTUN spol. s r.o. FORTUNE GAMES, s.r.o. v likvidaci Fox Games s.r.o. INNOVATOR, s.r.o. BELLA-SYTEM s.r.o. N&G s.r.o. TROPHONO s.r.o. Arte Partner Prague, s.r.o. Interior Design, s.r.o. TRADILOG CZ, s.r.o. TENERA s.r.o. Lescale-Group s.r.o. alkor spirit s.r.o. TIGER GROUP Czechia s.r.o. NANO INDUSTRY s.r.o. Ambrogi s.r.o. New Payment Solution s.r.o. INTERTRONIC s.r.o. TaylorWessing e n w c advokati v.o.s. PO korp, s.r.o. Po urazu s.r.o. LENOX INDUSTRY a.s. futurista s.r.o. SEMA s.r.o. DATA MANAGEMENT CZ s.r.o. FarmProMarket Praha, s.r.o. NUOVA, s.r.o. ASTRAX a.s. LG trade logistics freight a.s. GT Global Technologies a.s. FARM LIBESICE, s.r.o. Liner s.r.o. SMARTMAX CZ s.r.o. SMARTmania s.r.o. SMART MEN s.r.o. One Art spol. s r.o. Cleaning company, s.r.o. A&F Group Czech Republic s.r.o. RE GROUP CZECH s.r.o. Schweizer Group Czech Republic s.r.o. OLAINFARM GROUP CZECH REPUBLIC s.r.o. NEWCO Battery s.r.o. NEWCO CZ s.r.o. Newco Trading s.r.o. NEWCO No.24, s.r.o. AMADEUS, s.r.o. v likvidaci AIR PRO s.r.o. Recycling company s.r.o. AB Metal Recycling, s.r.o. Metal precision s.r.o. Jiri Kuhtreiber VELKOOBCHOD s.r.o. v likvidaci Money Motors Czech Republic s.r.o. ALITO s.r.o. Full service car s.r.o. a.s. v likvidaci Paty otevreny podilovy fond Devaty otevreny podilovy fond kvalifikovanych investoru TRANS GROUP LIMITED s.r.o. FALKON CAPITAL a.s. UFC s.r.o. White company, s r.o. PhDr. Frantisek Cervinka Golden River sport, s.r.o. Golden Services s.r.o. HYUNDAI UL s.r.o. Ceska sportovni a.s. C23 Company s.r.o. J.H.P. s.r.o. Sunny Sky Power s.r.o. Flow East a.s. Zlinsoft s.r.o. INSTA FIBRE s.r.o. EPDOR, s.r.o. EPDOR International, s.r.o. Center Prague s.r.o. Prague Learning Centre s.r.o. Apartment Prague Center s.r.o. Apartment Prague Center Rybna s.r.o. Diamil s.r.o. 3Dsimo s.r.o. Slovo a hlas, z. s. D&N LOGISTICS s.r.o. DAS LOGISTICS s.r.o. Plecosystems, s.r.o. FINESTA HOLDING SE HYDROFORM s.r.o. HYDROGAS, s.r.o. Hydromix s.r.o. BT Corporation, a.s. SVOBODA agency s.r.o. KR Invest Ceska republika, s.r.o. Region Logistic s.r.o. Development Trade s.r.o. Stredoceska centrala cestovniho ruchu, prispevkova organizace C-Energy Group a.s. Power Energy Group s.r.o. BAPS s.r.o. Royal drinks s.r.o. Royal Estate a.s. ROYAL DRAK COMPANY SE ROYAL SENSE, s.r.o. Moravia Containers, a.s. GEMS GOLD, s.r.o. Geowell s.r.o. DAT Global Marketing a.s. Automatic Production s.r.o. Hospitality Services s.r.o. ME Hospitality s.r.o. Hlavni mesto Praha Muzeum hlavniho mesta Prahy Galerie hlavniho mesta Prahy D.R. Brokers s.r.o. APS Recovery Management s.r.o. APS Recovery a.s. Podnikatelska druzstevni zalozna ETEON s.r.o. Inova Capital s.r.o. JMR TRADING s.r.o. FLOW PLACE s.r.o. Zone Interactive, s.r.o. v likvidaci BEI MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE s.r.o. Amundi CR Akciovy - Stredni a vychodni Evropa, otevreny podilovy fond, Amundi Czech Republ Hallen incorporation s.r.o. Mr. ACTION s.r.o. ACTIO s.r.o. KOVOHUTE ROKYCANY, a. s. WAKE UP s.r.o. Raliet s.r.o. JEROME Corp s.r.o. Whisky&Kilt Golf Club, z.s. ANDREW&MICHELLE s.r.o. CEM VISION s.r.o. EKO cement s.r.o. v likvidaci Lustrea s.r.o. Block-craft s.r.o. UPDN ONE s.r.o. EACP Interna s.r.o. P&T Global Services s.r.o. ECM Real Estate Investments, k.s., v likvidaci BARCHAN s.r.o. Isla Corp s.r.o. A - IMPEX s.r.o. Invest group company s.r.o. SOL Company, spol. s r.o. SOL Brno s.r.o. CCP Czech Republic, s.r.o. Seabury Capital, a.s. Green Frog s.r.o. HTS 2020 SE SYNERGY COIN mining s.r.o. Idreco S.p.A. - organizacni slozka IT SOLUTION & SERVICES s.r.o. Fisherman Labs s. r. o. CZECH VR AGENCY s.r.o. OG KRUSH s.r.o. Igor Rosocha BRITEX TRADE s.r.o. SPACE CAD s.r.o. LIM spol. s r.o. v likvidaci LP Development, spol. s r.o. Pokojovky s.r.o. ELITE EXPORT s.r.o. Amazonas, s.r.o. HARD s.r.o. - v likvidaci Brisk Capital s.r.o. BHM group a.s. POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE, a.s. ARM SE Fumaroproject Prague s.r.o. Jinecke strojirny s.r.o. v likvidaci M-art, a.s. Karel Sas ASIA Collection Praha, spol. s r.o. Waffleto PHA s.r.o. Vychodoceska Investicni s.r.o. Progressive Communication, s.r.o. v likvidaci Presto Ventures a.s. Elba company, s.r.o. Malport s.r.o. v likvidaci SUNWEL s.r.o. EURO UNIVERSE GROUP s.r.o. Cybera s.r.o. Cyberlabs s.r.o. FA s.r.o. v likvidaci Security Consulting & Services s.r.o. Famely, s.r.o. KRM (Czech Republic) s.r.o. Koncern Invest s.r.o. Apex Science s.r.o. Benny Systems s.r.o. BIKE-IN s.r.o. Profit Corporation s.r.o. PROFITERIA s.r.o. Czech-American Properties s.r.o. Finance Excel s.r.o. Red Hell s.r.o. GROW.... s.r.o. Grovella s.r.o. CAPITAL SECURITY s.r.o. Porto del Sol s.r.o. DMT GROUP a.s. Sense4code s.r.o. Flock Tour s.r.o. Nettera s.r.o. Optimal Home s.r.o. WIREL s.r.o. Aptexia s.r.o. ROYAL APARTMENTS s.r.o. GLOBAL STUDY s.r.o. Karlov College s.r.o. SAFRON s.r.o. v likvidaci Zivter Technologies, s.r.o. PURUM KRAFT a.s. GRAND Clinic s.r.o. Merlot Grands Vins, a.s. GLOBAL SOLUTION,s.r.o. v likvidaci WIC Prague a.s. WIC Prague s.r.o. ARAP, v.o.s., v likvidaci EURO RENT STORE s.r.o. AM Gold s.r.o. Byservis holding, a.s. DSA TRADE a.s. Studio Dlouha, s.r.o. Free Star, spol. s r.o. freeIT s.r.o. FLEX STORE s.r.o. STOP SPOT s.r.o. Star Tax Free s.r.o. Transconcor s.r.o. ADVOKATNI KANCELAR S&S Bakes Milan, Prof.JUDr., DrSc., advokat ADVOKATNI KANCELAR PORIZKOVA Bodmed Czech Republic s.r.o. v likvidaci T transport s.r.o. v likvidaci Transfer company s.r.o. Kopecca s.r.o. KASTING s.r.o. APS Holding SE APS Holding s.r.o. APS Holding, a.s. , organizacni slozka POWERFULL s.r.o. FARGRIK s.r.o. Filmotor s.r.o. Egon Zehnder Czech Republic, s.r.o. Bluekol s.r.o. Witbystar a.s. Bigtime Support, s.r.o. BB Power s.r.o. H-WORLD transport s.r.o. L.I.A. s.r.o. BH-LOGISTICS s.r.o. Stella Car,s.r.o. FACTORY SHOP s.r.o. P&P FACILITY & CONSTRUCTIONS s.r.o. AXO distribution s.r.o. INSE, spol. s r.o. v likvidaci KUDYKAM, s.r.o. LTTHRR, s.r.o. Cann, s.r.o. Ignite Technology CZ s.r.o. Todom, s.r.o. GREAT EVOLUTION s.r.o. Mine, s.r.o. M2S s.r.o. OPTIMUS EXCHANGE s.r.o. TARGET Solution s.r.o. PV-ISMNK Trade s.r.o. TUZEX a.s. TUZEX services s.r.o. K.T.Ka s.r.o. RAVEN INDUSTRIES s.r.o. eMPe Friendly Fin s.r.o. TechOne CZ s.r.o. Mobility Zn, druzstvo KW CHODOV, s.r.o. ATEKO VS s.r.o. CRYSTAL DIRECT PLUS, spol. s r.o. CRISTAL DIRECT, s.r.o. Contigen, s.r.o. AVERTYES s.r.o. COMPANIES ONLINE s.r.o. ONLINE BUSINESS s.r.o. ONLINE BROTHERS s.r.o. Dblokus s.r.o. AIRLINE s.r.o. ARIAN, s.r.o. Snapo s.r.o. Oliver company s.r.o. CONTI PROMOTOR CONFERENCE INCENTIVE spol s r.o. CONTEPRO s.r.o. CONTIPASS s.r.o. PROKONTRA s.r.o. VMKL export import s.r.o. Consulting & Security s.r.o. v likvidaci Payment execution s.r.o. NET PROMOTION s.r.o. INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT s.r.o. JADE iGaming s.r.o. EXPRESKA s.r.o. Madrus s.r.o. ADIANA s. r. o. Ad nation s.r.o. Bifrons analytics s.r.o. AMI Digital s.r.o. itSMF Czech Republic, z.s. Marketing & Media Group s.r.o. Dognet Online Media s.r.o. OPAlight media online s.r.o. Zatisi Catering Group a.s. Univerzita Karlova ORIGINAL BEER SPA, s.r.o. SG Corporation s.r.o. Umbrella Holiday s.r.o. UMBRELLA Facility s.r.o. Komercni banka, a.s. Africa Central Europe Consulting s.r.o. MP Communication s.r.o. MARGHERI HOTELS, a.s. New Tech Co s.r.o. v likvidaci P&D consulting s.r.o. P & T CONSULTING,s.r.o. AP&P Consulting s.r.o. Stella Nera, spol. s r.o. PROFI-ALL s.r.o. Global Travel Marketing, s.r.o. v likvidaci Filosoficky ustav AV CR, v.v.i. Sociologicky ustav AV CR, v.v.i. Life & Events s.r.o. Currency Exchange s.r.o. 2 Marks s.r.o. HTF metal works s.r.o. MOYA s.r.o. AXIO, S.R.O. Purple Wallet s.r.o. AXOR s.r.o. AKCENTA CZ a.s. Human Search s.r.o. ANTARES a.s. Monte Fria s.r.o. PARTY CONNECTION s.r.o. Ekonomicka a kulturni agentura s.r.o. Purple Sky s.r.o. Purple Call s.r.o. Zeiq s.r.o. CENTRAL EXPORT s.r.o. DECISION METAX s.r.o. GLOBAL DECISION K-A s.r.o. FLASH DECISION s.r.o. CHABAPLACE s.r.o. SNOWLAND STORE s.r.o. SNOWLAND CITY s.r.o. Horska chata Koliba s.r.o. SNOWLAB s.r.o. K.P.EDWARDS, a.s. Amaro Services s.r.o. Alpiq (CZ) s.r.o. v likvidaci J & S GROUP LTD s.r.o. v likvidaci Clean & Tidy s.r.o. GRANDIOSO s.r.o. CW Solution s.r.o. ENTRE s.r.o. Cytel Czech Republic, s.r.o. Fox hole a.s. FOX HILL s.r.o. "v likvidaci" TRANSTAYER CZ s.r.o. TRANSEARCH s.r.o. HP s.r.o. v likvidaci CoTech, s.r.o. Inventive Advisory s.r.o. All Invest Advisory s.r.o. EAG Advisors s.r.o. MR product, s.r.o. Czech Auto Company s.r.o. AUTOMOTIVE Czech s.r.o. Asset Management Company, s.r.o. "v likvidaci" Zeitgeist Asset Management s.r.o. Private Asset Management s.r.o. m2p2 engineering s.r.o. SIVIN, a.s.v likvidaci RYDEX STAR s.r.o. NetWrix Czech Republic s.r.o. RICHELIEU PARIS s.r.o. TATEVIK s.r.o. HBMB Inc. s.r.o. CENTRUM CHYTRYCH FASAD s.r.o. CENTRAL FINANCE a.s. PRO INVENTION,s.r.o. SIGNAL CITY s.r.o. SIGNAL CARS s.r.o. Signals Network s. r. o. DATABAZE SPOLOCNOSTI s.r.o. SIGNAL CRAFT s.r.o. MP-Commodities s.r.o. ZO CMOS PHCR Hotel Four Seasons Prague 4 clean Prague s.r.o. KOVOLIKA GROUP s.r.o. MICROCLOSE s.r.o. MEDICAMEL s.r.o. AR RACING s.r.o. PP Tuning Racing Parts s.r.o. MIRACLE MARKET s.r.o. Advanced Media Group s.r.o. G&Comp s.r.o. MARINA s.r.o. Millenium Technologies a.s. DEEP CAVE s.r.o. Deep Energy a.s. C.M.B. Logistics s.r.o. AT Management International, s.r.o. MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL CZ ,spol. s r.o. v likvidaci Ceska kancelar odskodneni s.r.o. Bright Principal s.r.o. "v likvidaci" ASENSYS s.r.o. SafeTIC a.s. CAPITAL ONE a.s. NEV - DAMA, a.s. Hotel Vysehrad, a.s. Vysehrad A.M., spol. s r.o. Net FLIX s.r.o. ICP Capital Investments, a.s. JR Capital Invest s.r.o. Capital for you s.r.o. Banco Hotel s.r.o. v likvidaci BANCO Trading s.r.o. BANCO - CASINO a.s. PRO-SERV, s.r.o. Narodni export, s.r.o. Narodni knihovna Ceske republiky NARODNI BANKA VIN, s.r.o. Cesky narodni podnik s.r.o. Narodni nemovitosti, a.s. v likvidaci Narodni Agentura Pro Dotace s.r.o. Globo s.r.o. GLOBCOM  spol. s r.o. GLOBOIL s.r.o. Bara Group s.r.o. Farming s.r.o. CIUX Digital s.r.o. GLOBAL CREW s.r.o. Natural Power and Energy s.r.o. RWC Energy a.s. RT ENERGY s.r.o. FMF Investments s.r.o. Maison Blanche s.r.o. JUDITH ENERGY s.r.o. All4logistic s.r.o. JGI Energy s.r.o. CZECH s.r.o. NRW s.r.o. Super holiday s.r.o. EPIC Praha s.r.o. EUROFINANCE PLUS s.r.o. SC-GROUP s.r.o. Pardubice, s.r.o. West Park a.s. v likvidaci THERMO HOME invest, a.s. Investment Private Company s.r.o. CZ International Trade, s.r.o. v likvidaci BOREXO s.r.o. STRICT SECURITY s.r.o. INOVALIA s.r.o. KV Work s.r.o. Boracay s.r.o. BORABELA s.r.o. Conseq realitni, otevreny podilovy fond 3D Industry CZ a.s. VEKO A.S. Dijon, s.r.o. VZ TRANSPORT PRAHA s.r.o. NEW LAND INVEST a.s. Opero s.r.o. Operation company s.r.o. OPERIO s.r.o. NOVA - papir, spol. s r.o. MR PAPIR s.r.o. SPEED SERVICE s.r.o. Scandal Media Group s.r.o. Buddhistic Society s.r.o. CESKY SVAZ ROLL-HOKEJE Lanex invest s.r.o. v likvidaci Simply Office Services a.s. Global Star s.r.o. v likvidaci Shiranhosting s.r.o. LiveArt s.r.o. LIVESTORM s.r.o. EXPRES FLOW s.r.o. TWO energy s.r.o. Leverage Capital Czech a.s. TOP HOP spol. s r.o. DM Indonesia s.r.o. Verejna akciova spolecnost Aeroflot-ruske letecke linky, odstepny zavod Prizren s.r.o. CESKA FILHARMONIE Odborovy klub CF DK INVEST, a.s. Centura s.r.o. Centum s.r.o. Eudai s.r.o. MINA LOGISTICS s.r.o. VALU, s.r.o. Gift import s.r.o. Central European Aerospace Corporation s.r.o. SBC Central Europe, s.r.o. ZARA CESKA REPUBLIKA s.r.o. CHSH Kalis & Partners s.r.o., advokatni kancelar ALBAFIN a.s. v likvidaci KEYRULE s.r.o. PARK LANE Holding s.r.o. v likvidaci IN IN s.r.o. ToQ Finance s.r.o. DIGITAL ERA s.r.o. ACCEDO Czech Republic Communications s.r.o. U N I T and S O F A, s.r.o.

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