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Altair Entertainment NV Amicorp Curacao B.V. Leon Seibald Holding N.V CMS Trust N.V. KPC International N.V. Fugro Consultants International NV Firgos Antilles Business Corporation B.V. R & O TRADING CO. N.V. Galaktika N.V. Game Vector N.V. JetAir Caribbean B.V. Curacao Shred B.V. Curacao Pharmacal Company B.V. Refineria di Korsou N.V. Cruise Ships Catering and Services International N.V. Antillephone Services N.V Oil Transport and Trading (OTT) N.V. RING OIL INVESTMENT N.V. Curacao Motorcycle Shop, N.V. INSTRUMENTATION, ELECTRONIC & COMPUTER ENGINEERING N.V. Overseas Internet Gaming Entertainment N.V. FINARAB TRUST N.V. I.M.A. Holding N.V. Fatum Holding NV Corzona Holding NV Banco del Orinoco N.V. Nudam Investments N.V. Cukurova Investments N.V. Finema Investment NV CIMIC PETROLEUM CORP. N.V. Singer Industries N.V. United Group Holdings BV CdF Trading NV TRADING COMPANY KORIENTE N.V. Vision Media Services NV M Tech Electric Supply BV Global Telecommunications Holdings N.V. Maximus Entertainment Group NV Laboratorio de Medicos B.V. La Casa Amarilla, N.V. American Trading N.V. Crown Automotives BV Farringford N.V. Post Braspenning Curacao Holding BV Yuana Curacao BV Guardian Corporation Curacao B.V. Curcon B.V. Piscadera Development Organisation BV ELEKTRO TECHNISCH SERVICE EN ENGINEERING (E.S.E.B.) N.V. Miami Diver International NV GMFY Tech N.V. Papagayo Beach Resort Management N.V. Dutch Dream Adventures N.V. Ennia Caribe Leven NV Halcyon Super Holdings B.V. Evento Curacao B.V ProAir Curaçao B.V. Montana Free Zone N.V. Unicomer Curacao BV Internet Marketing Agency B.V. Bitex International CV Hunter Douglas N.V. Lafitrade N.V. High Technology Sales & Services (Hitess) N.V. Cooperative Society Kooyman Holding Curacao N.V. Industrial Concern and Investment Company N.V. Noro Management Services N.V. Curado Trust Services N.V. United Telecommunication Services N.V. Global Engineering Services N.V. Glossa Travel Services International N.V. Citco Fund Services (Curacao) B.V. Caribbean Welding Scaffolding & Insulation Services N.V. High Technology Sales & Services (Hitess) N.V. Fugro Satellite Services N.V. Sedgwick Management Services (Curacao) N.V. AON Insurance Managers (Antilles) N.V. Service Hygienic Systems (S.H.S.) N.V. GRASTEY SERVICES N V I-Services N.V. Leo Services BV SGG Escrow & Trustee Services N. V. Contect Services N.V. Trajectum Services N.V. VMF Service Bureau N.V. RT's Sales & Services NV Isa Service Stations N.V. G & V Caribbean Cargo Services N.V. HBM Fund Services NV Luxury Car Rental N.V. Car Service Center Seru Lora N.V. Italian Cars N.V BAYERN CARS N.V. Jeje Car Rental N.V. Curacao Car Dealers Association CURACAO CAR PROTECTORS N.V. Easy Group B.V. Joseph Gregory Henriquez KAISER ALUMINUM & CHEMICAL INTERNATIONAL N V Chemical Investment & Holdings N.V. American Chemical N.V. LATAM CHEMICALS N.V. Sun Chemical Investment C.V. Pareth Chemicals ( Na ) N.V. CPH Chemicals Charitable Private Foundation Latina Supply Chemicals, N.V. PHD Pharmaceuticals NV UPH (Universal Pharma Holdings) NV Teva Pharmaceutical Finance IV B.V. Teva Pharmaceutical Finance Company B.V. Pharmaceutical Warehouse N.V. Pharmaceutical Holdings (Curacao) N.V. Pharmasun Corporation SA Phares Pharmaceutical Research N.V. Teva Pharmaceutical Finance NV Teva Pharmaceutical Finance II B.V. Teva Pharmaceutical Finance BV Teva Pharmaceutical Finance V B.V. Curacao Oil (Curoil) NV INTERCONTINENTAL OIL SUPPLY AND CRUDE COMPANY N.V. The Oil Consulting Group NV Sadko Oil N.V. Conrad Oil N.V. IDRIA OIL & GAS CO. N.V. Noga Oils Holdings NV Tramp Oil Atlantic NV TRANSOL INTERNATIONAL OIL TRADING N.V. LIVE OIL TRANSACTIONS N V K5 Oil Centre International N.V. Magnum Oil NV Norden Oil Production N.V. Curacao Gas (Curgas) NV Boc Gases Curacao N.V. Linde Gas Curacao N.V. E-Shops NV Angelo Mini Shop N.V. The Shops At Boca Corporation N.V. Shop & Save N.V. Salas Sport Shop NV Yu Hua Shop NV De Ron Machine Shop N.V. Pieters Auto Shop CURACAO CD SHOP JOHN'S MARINE SHOP INC NIKI'S GIFT SHOP BLACK KORAL SHOP Virgin Safety Shop B.V. The Old Freeport Shop N.V. HEALTHY & HAPPY HEALTH SHOP Flip Flop Shop Curacao B.V. Mundial Shopping Centre N V BLOEMPOT'S TOYS & GIFT SHOP N.V. TAX FREE SHOPS CURACAO N.V. WILLEMSTAD TAX FREE SHOPS N.V. TICA'S JEWELRY & GIFT SHOP N.V. AQUARIAN PET STORE B.V. ADAMA Irvita N.V. Pierre Den Ouden Plants NV Vtech Electronics NV Electronic Purchasing Company International Electric Cable Supply N.V., C.J. ELECTRICAL COMPANY & FACILITIES N.V. ELECTRICAL COMPANY NETH. ANTILLES N.V. ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE CONSULTING & CONTRACTING N.V. ELECTRO TECHNISCH INSTALLATIE & ADVIES BUROBAL N.V. Faad Electrical Wind Electronics N.V. Tech-Elec NV WALRAM ELECTRIC N.V. Saba Electric Company N V SHORT ELECTRONICS & T.V. SERVICES POMBIA ELECTRICAL CO. PEC N.V. Yurlin Electrical & Instrumentation Services N.V. Curacao Electro Tech (C.E.T) NV C.J. Electric Cable Supply N.V. S.K. Jewellery Electronics & Gifts N.V. NOS ELECTRONICS I SERVICIO GENERAL N.V. C J Electric Cable Supply N.V. Rimer Information Technology,Electronic Communications & Consulting Services NV Electrical Mechanical Contractors & Engineers NV Mesc Mechanical and Electrical Services Caribbean (Curacao) N.V. Omni B V Hotel Maatschappij El Curacao NV ROCEMA INN HOTEL Capital Hotels N.V. Asian Hotel N V THM Hotel Investment B.V. CCR Hotel Management N.V NBKC Hotel Services N.V. HART HOTEL MANAGEMENT NV NEW EUROPE HOTELS N.V. Brion Hotel Management N.V. CURACAO CONCORDE HOTELS N.V. Global Hotels & Resorts IP B.V. Lions Dive Hotel & Marina NV WEST WERF HOTEL & HANDEL MAATSCHAPPIJ N.V. RF Hotels International (Netherlands Antilles) N.V. Lion King Hotel Management B.V. Curaliving BV Hotelmaatschappij Otrobanda N.V. Cheap-Inn Price Hotel Curacao, N.V. Sahara Development B.V. Marusil NV The Amar Hotel Investment Corporation NV Sonesta Curacao Hotel Corporation N.V. Choice Hotels Nertherlands Antilles NV H&H Internet NV Global Internet Corporation N.V. Play UK Internet N.V Interline Connection N.V. CORPORATE TRUST N.V. Curacao International Trust Company N.V. Orangefield (Caribbean) N.V. Intertrust (Curacao) B.V. EQ Trust Caribbean Holding N.V. IMC Management & Trust (Curacao) N.V. TMF Curacao N.V. TRUST & ACCOUNTING SERVICES (CURACAO) N.V. LEEWARD TRUST COMPANY Cyber Trust Inc. The United Trust Company N.V. TWM Trust NV Bwa Trust Nv AMRO TRUST CORPORATION N.V. Nova Trust N.V. Ascor Trust Company N.V. ARINFI TRUST N.V. Rojoka Trust NV Inhohe Trust N.V. Capital Trust Corporation N.V. Tigivemo Trust N.V. C.D.M. Holding N.V. ZBG Holdings NV GS Holdings N.V. SBFF Holding NV MRC Holdings Company N.V Penha Holding B.V. Sacar Holding NV Nedec Holding N.V. Habay Holding NV Maduro Holding B.V. FINECO HOLDING NV Nicolo Holding N.V. Comitex Holding N.V. Dijtham Holdings NV Warwick Holdings N.V. Eletier Holdings N.V. Contship Holdings N.V. ComTrade Holding N.V.

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