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Indochine International Ltd. Decathlon Guangzhou Branch SUPARNA AIRLINES COMPANY LIMITED BeautyCos International Co., Ltd. Bontaz Centre Shanghai Co., Ltd. Richemont Commercial Co., Ltd. Xiamen Cloud Top Information Technologies Co., Ltd. Zhejiang OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Beijing Digital China Supply Chain Services Limited Gearchief Eissmann Changchun Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Baker Hughes(China) Oilfield Technology Service Co.,Ltd. BRAVOLINKS INTEGRATED MARKETINGCO.,LTD. Shanghai NAEN Automotive Technology Co., Ltd H WEAR LIMITED Motorola (Wuhan) Mobility Technologies Communication Co., Ltd Jiaxing Minhui Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Beyonics Technology Electronic (Changshu) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Leapmotor Technology Co.,Ltd. SINOPHARM FORTUNE WAY COMPANY Shanghai Eastern Scien-Tech Machinery Import and Export Ltd. CETHIK GROUP CO.,LTD Valeo Auto Parts Trading(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Benywave Technology Co., Ltd. AGC Automotive China Co., Ltd. Valeo Interior Controls (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanxi Bright Kaolin Technology Corp Limited Wistron (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Tianye Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Lichuang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. SHENZHEN ASM MICRO ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD CNH INDUSTRIAL (HARBIN) MACHINERY CO., LTD. TNS China Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Lichuang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Trafigura Investment (China) Co., Ltd. JDI Electronics Factory Valeo Ichikoh (China) Auto Lighting Co., Ltd. Huludao Xinsheng Automotive Trade Co.,Ltd. Changzhou Zhongmao Machinery Co.,Ltd. Changchun FAWSN Lear Automotive Electrical and Electronics Co., Ltd Bundy Fluid Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Continental Automotive Holding Co., Ltd. Shanghai Allroad Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. FOSHAN ONETOUCH BUSINESS SERVICES CO., LTD. Baoji Weibin District Shenlong Country Mengyugou Health Center Jinjiang Anhai Henghai Computer Office Equipment Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Normart Wide Automobile Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Viasystems EMS (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Cangzhou Zhongye Chemical Co., Ltd. Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. Fujian Shuangyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Fujian Sanheng Group Co., Ltd. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Regina Miracle Intimate Apparel (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Easterly Electronics (DG) Co., Ltd. Hengyang Shigu District Weida Paper Industry Co., Ltd. KING TRANS GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO. LTD. Yantai Taihai Group Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Yicheng Dye & Chemicals Trade Co.,Ltd. Fujian Quanzhou Fengyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Fengze Dist. Deyuan Axletree Co., Ltd. Fujian Quanzhou Meiling Group Company Quangang District Shanyao Sub-District Community Health Service Center Quanzhou Simengfa Company Quanzhou Valve Company Fujian Quanzhou Huasheng Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Mingsheng Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Yilang Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Qiaoxiang Garments Designing Company Meggitt (Xiamen) Sensors & Controls Co., Ltd. Guanhong Co.,Ltd. Jinzhou North Navigation Instrument Co., Ltd. HiSeas International Travel Agencies Co., Ltd. FUJIAN JOY SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Fujian Tianyu Guarantee Co., Ltd. Shishi Hanhui Clothing Co.,Ltd. Yongchun County Fuyuan Perfume Manufacturing Machinery Factory Jinjiang Shenzhou Shoes and Garment Trade Co., Ltd. Jinjiang Jinbao Shoe and Garment Trade Co., Ltd. Xi’an Qing Xian Lv Trading Co., Ltd. China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute Hangzhou Panasign Co., Ltd. China CNTC International Tendering Corporation SGD (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. AIbo biomedicine (hangzhou) co., LTD. Shanghai CP International Ship Management & Broker Co., Ltd. Taitai Home Textile Zhejiang Taitai Home Textile Co., Ltd. Nanning Yongxin District Dasha Tianjinsha Kindergarten Glory Holder Liquefied Gas Machinery (Dalian) Co., Ltd. UTAS-NOVA Automotive Lighting Systems Co., Ltd. HTG Development Group Co., Ltd. Dongguan Aotian Science and Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. SHANGHAI SANKAI IMPORT & EXPORT CO LTD Nanning Sunshine Chelv Automotive (Leasing) Service Co., Ltd Shanghai Wangjie Trade Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang Hengyang Mechanical & Electrical Trade Co., Ltd. Guangdong GMT Foreign Trade Service Corp. Dongguan Haiyuan Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. Nanning Vegetables Company Lenovo Systems Technology Co., Ltd. Haining Savini Electrical & Mechanical Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Lejoin Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. China Lichuang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Dalian Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Aukey E-Business Co., Ltd. Yajing International Holding Co., Ltd. Guangzhou JP-WH Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. Nanning No.3 Transportation Company Nanning No.2 Hospital Nanning No.10 Middle School Samsung China Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Fendai Cosmetic Co.,Ltd. Xinjiang Beiken Energy Engineering Stock Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Dunli Group Co., Ltd. Haimen Dragon Trading Co., Ltd. Suzhou JDI Electronics Inc. Sanlong Textile Co., Ltd. Dongguan Dengkai Leather Industry Co., Ltd. Dongguan Desheng Automobile Fittings Company China Resources Cement (Nanning) Co., Ltd. Dongguan Zhangmutou Dongyuan Products Factory Dongguan Qida Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Huzhou Goal Textile Co., Ltd. Nanning International Hotel Co., Ltd. Nanning Tianhong Art Service Center Pingxiang Xinmao I&E Trade Co., Ltd. Nanning Yaxing Inflatables Ads Products Factory Qing County Zhiqiang Sartorius Factory Nanning Yongxin District Dasha Tianxingping School Dongguan Yonghan Glasses Products Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lianxin Accountant Co., Ltd. Shanghai Eastone Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Sino Silliker Testing Services (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou Hongsheng Trade Co., Ltd. (China Environment News) Guangxi Reporter Station Bank of Hangzhou Pinghai Sub-Branch Dongguan Nanjiang Paper Products Co., Ltd. Dongguan Lincheng Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Lianhong Electronics Co., Ltd. Dongguan Hengfu Computer Co., Ltd. Cangzhou Jinma Fruit Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Tonglu Guofeng Stone Material Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hongguang Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. Guangxi Binyang Rural Credit Cooperative Association Guangxi Telecommunications Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yongbang Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. Nanning Yishite Power Supply Equipment Co., Ltd. Dongguan Zhangmutou Town Yuanhui Horologe Fittings Factory Hangzhou Yuankun Investment Co., Ltd. Puze Medicine Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Change Network Technology Inc. Nanning No.1 People's Hospital Nanning No.1 Land Property Marketing & Planning Co., Ltd. Nanning No. 18 High School Nanning No.13 High School Jinhou International Holdings Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jianyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. AIA Information Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hupai Sifang Power Automation Co., Ltd. Yite Technology Co., Ltd. He'an Stainless Steel Windows Factory Dongguan Jindayang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Yesanpo Scenery Tourism Co. SHAN XI OU KUO IMP&EXP TRADE CO.,LTD. Jiangyin Xieliang Chemical Co., Ltd. Wuzhou Technology Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Rixin Glass Co., Ltd. Qingdao Jinfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Foxconn Precision Electronics (Yantai) Co., Ltd. SHANGRILA TRADING CORPORATION LTD.Guangzhou Office Shandong Jinmei Riyue Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. CHENG SHIN TIRE & RUBBER (CHONGQING) CO., LTD. Orion Food Co., Ltd. Dongguan Zhangmutou Xinrong Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products Factory IKEA Distribution Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. BAIC MOTOR Corporation Limited J-Dragon Tech (SuZhou) Co., Ltd. Decathlon (Hangzhou) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. China Meheco International Trade Development Corporation Jovo Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong China Resources Bank Of Zhuhai Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Jianbang Ferroalloys Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Onetouch Business Service Ltd. Shenzhen G-speed Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Gino Optical (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. EMS-CHEMIE (Suzhou) Ltd. Guangdong Dongguan Jiangxi Construction Co., Ltd. Branch Dongguan Tianxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Oulima Textile Garment Co., Ltd. SHANGHAI RC TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Harman International (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. CEVA Freight Shanghai Limited Hitachi - LG Data Storage (Huizhou) Ltd. Guangzhou Sphere Chemicals Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hongzhijia Trade Co., Ltd. Dong Guan Composite-gear Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hongju Trade Co., Ltd. Dongguan Nanxiang Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Modern Times Fluorin Plastic Pump Research Institut Hangzhou General Hydraulic Parts Factory Fehrer Automotive (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. CEVA Freight (Shenzhen) Limited China Putian Information Industry Hangzhou Company Hangzhou Yuhang Hongmei Kitchen Fitting Co., Ltd. Dongguan Nanxin Industry Development Co., Ltd. Dongguan Nanxing Co., Ltd. Dongguan Nanxiang Tent Company Dongguan Nanbao Rosin Industrial Co., Ltd. Dongguan Nanming Accountant Agency Co., Ltd. Dongguan Nancheng Tianjin Hardware Machinery Factory Hangzhou Aladdin Advertisement Gift Co., Ltd. Wan'an Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Kechuang Computer Network Co., Ltd. Nanning Xinweida Trade Co., Ltd. Chengdu Shenglu Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Direc Hangzhou Chengde Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. AMCOL Dongming Industrial Minerals Co., Ltd. Dingxing County Huifeng Glass Products Factory Dongguan Zhangmutou Town Zhangluo Liuwu Shareholding Economic Cooperatives Dongguan Zhangmutou Xianghu Tea Store Dongguan Zhangmutou Taixing Supersonic Equipment Business Department Dongguan Zhangmutou Ke'an Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Changchun Lear FAWSN Automotive Seat Systems Co., Ltd. HUBEI QUANLI MACHINERY GROUP CO LTD Jordan Dental Lab, Inc. Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd. Zhongyuan Materials Co., Ltd. Dongguan Huangjiang Taixing Oil Paint Sales Department Hebei Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Hualian Gaozhou Cycle Ultrasonic Equipment Factory Haixin Computer Co., Ltd. Anhui GVB Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sailu Trade Co., Ltd. Yizi Electronics Factory Dongguan Digital AV Technology Corp., Ltd. Hangzhou Hualing Accountant Consulting Co., Ltd. Everest Products Co., Ltd. Nanyuan Trade Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jiade Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Dongguan Beisite Lighting Co., Ltd. Dongguan Chunfa Lighting Co., Ltd. Dongguan RF Lighting Co.,Ltd. Dongguan Baohui Lighting Co.,Ltd. Dongguan Baohui Lighting Co., Ltd. Dongguan Bofa Logistics Co., Ltd. Dongguan Humen Longyan Fulan Artificial Flowers Factory Dongguan Chashan Lixinguan Propack Sponge Factory Paramount Lighting Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Huajie Green Energy Co., Ltd.

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