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Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd. Sandisk Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Suo'ai Electronic Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xilong Chemical Co., Ltd. China Whole Set Equipment Import & Export Guangzhou Company Materials Center Gejiu Fengming Metallurgy Chemical Plant Guangzhou Optics Equipment Co., Ltd. Motorola (Wuhan) Mobility Technologies Communication Co., Ltd. H WEAR LIMITED Taizhou Huangyan Jtp Mould Co.,Ltd. Beijing Xingyan Yili Trading Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Material Comprehensive Market China National Aviation Import & Export Southwest Ltd. Xi'an Yueming Trading Co., Ltd. Sinopharm Fortune Way Company Zhejiang Future Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Vastec Medical Equipments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Miaoyeguang Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Han Gao International School JDI Electronics Factory Vivo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Zhanlang Titanium Products Factory Weibai Electronic (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Deer Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Ligang Metal Co., Ltd. Xinhong High-Tech Intelligent Meters Co.,Ltd. Dongguan Licai Titanium Products Co.,Ltd. Dongguan Huisen Vacuum Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Jiaheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Dongguan Dingyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd Dongguan Yiyong Titanium Steel Hardware Ornament Co., Ltd. Dongguan Fucheng Titanium Galvanothermy Products Factory Huixin Vacuum PVD Titanium Plating Factory ACE Co., Ltd. Ainide Seed Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 100UN Network Technology Inc. Ace Global Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Aifeibi Music Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Aile Huanqiu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Aidu International Package Transport (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Aier (Beijing) Medical Investment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Tianyi Co., Ltd. Danone Yili Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Indochine International Ltd. Taicang Dinatong Wire Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Tianchang Chemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Table (Shanghai) Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Weichun Industry Automatic Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Yagee Electronics Ltd Tangshan Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jinyacheng Furniture Co.,Ltd. Foshan Nanhai Lishui Zhengchen Weaving Mill BRAVOLINKS INTEGRATED MARKETING CO.,LTD. Shanghai Lejoin Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sailu Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Haoqiao International Travel Agency Limited Taylor Cable & Wire Factory Shenzhen Fugui Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Xiamen Pufeng Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Ruipu Electronics Co., Ltd. SHENYANG GOTIAR AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Procter & Gamble Jiangsu Co., Ltd. Chengli International Co., Ltd. Tianjin Youliang Fast Food Gold Sun Photonics (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. Xiamen Silan Microchip Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Ruipu Electronic Co., Ltd. IKEA Distribution Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Valeo Auto Parts Trading(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Suzhou Alpha Import And Export Co Ltd Suzhou Jinhe Tools Co., Ltd. Jiangsu OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Sinomach-He Chengdu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Dongguan Hongyi Machineries Co., Ltd. Guangdong CIMC Building Construction Co., Ltd. LINYI HAOTA IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD Hangzhou Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Suzhou Nuoshi Electronics Co., Ltd. Tianjin Yixin Concrete Co.,Ltd. Guangdong Falan Home Technology Co., Ltd. Shantou Hengsheng Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd. Amkor Assembly & Test (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Baoxin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd Guangzhou Zhongshi Import & Export Trade Company Akema (Changshu) Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. Orchard Residential Quarter Jieying Zhouli Community Neighborhood Committee, Bei chen District People's Government, Tian SK Corporation of Shanghai China Petrochemical International (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Sinopec Group Maoming Petrol-Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. Beijing Trigo Quality&Technology Co., Ltd Beijing Topiron Resources Co.,Ltd. Mudanjiang Xinguangyuan Petroleum Drilling & Exploiting Tools Co., Ltd. Mudanjiang Zigong Carbide Alloy Co., Ltd. Dongning Anhua Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Qin Pigeon Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zigong Agricultural Machinery Institute CJ Speedex Logistics Co., Ltd. Changxing Kangming Import & Export Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Kaite'er Industrial Control Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhongrui Automobile Service Parts Company Shanghai Meishi Intelligent System Co., Ltd. Ningbo Tongyue Chemical Trading Co., Ltd. Ganergy Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Suzhou Leishen Technology Co., Ltd. Ruijin Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. KOCEL MACHINERY LIMITED Kuiyi (Shanghai) Industry Co., Ltd. Microtech Information Technology Co., Ltd Jiangsu IAWA Bioscience Engineering Co., Ltd. Meorient Group Beijing Meorient International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangdong Machinery Industry Association Chuanghehui Venture Service Center Co., Ltd. Tianjin Jinyuan Electric Appliance Electronics Co., Ltd. China Welfare Lottery No.42230124 Sales Outlet Dong Guan Coryor Auto Fittings Co.,Ltd. Daizhiyun (Xiamen) Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou Huachuang Trading Co., Ltd. Dechen (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Industry Corporation China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. A-Kei Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Cheng Shin Tire & Rubber (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. Huizhou Wote Company TPK GLASS SOLUTIONS (XIAMEN) INC. Huiyang Eastern Asia Electronics Co., Ltd. East Asia Connector Services Ltd. Shanghai CP International Ship Management & Broker Co., Ltd. XAIC Technology Development (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. China Power Construction Engineering Consulting Corporation Southwest Branch Tianjin Qinggongye Foreign Trade Company Dongfeng Motor Propeller Shaft Co., Ltd. Capgemini (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Parrot Trading (Shenzhen) Limited Qingdao Electronics Company Rugao Binli Trade Co., Ltd. Huizhou Zhihui Electronic Information Co., Ltd. Huizhou Hongxin Pawn Co., Ltd. Huizhou Hongye Group Corporation Timi Technologies Co., Ltd. Power On Mould Co., Ltd. Binzhou Movever Dicastal Wheel Co., Ltd. Event Communication Co., Ltd. China Shipbuilding Trading Company (International) Ltd. Xinyi Ruiyuan Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd. Ningbo Haishu Pinbo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Ningbo Garment Association Yuyao Tengfeng Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. Steel Co.,Ltd. SEW-Electric Machines (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Ruitai Investment Co., Ltd. Ningbo Renjiu Investment Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Ruiqing Industry Co., Ltd. C.Shine International Trading Co., Ltd. United Machinery (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Xingyu Electronics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Kehang Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yinzhou Wuxiang Tangshi Electric Vehicle Store Ningbo Xingcheng Electronic Co.,Ltd. NINGBO SUPERIOR MACHINERY CO., LTD Yisha Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hanxing Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai Angel International Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. Donglian Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Sanhua (Hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. Nanzheng County Deming Dyestuffs Business Department Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yinglai Fashion Co., Ltd. Qingyuan Qingcheng District Zhenxing Wire Processing Plant (General Partnership) Jiangsu Xinrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. GUANG ZHOU QINGYU FASHION JEWELRY CO.,LTD. Shanghai Si'an Property Management Co., Ltd. Zhongchen Equity Investment Fund Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Susong Zhongkai Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Futian Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Atongmu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dajin Xinbai Department Store Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Chunfeng Industry Co., Ltd. Huizhou Sunshine Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Wujin Hanergy Thin-film Solar Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Mu'aifan E-commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai Everbright Imp.& Exp. Trading Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Hengtian Biological Agriculture Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou Top Polyester Co., Ltd. Luoyang Suntech Power Co., Ltd. Shandong Jinmei Riyue Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. New Solar Technology Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen China Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Haicheng Industry Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Taida Group Shanghai RC Trading Limited TI Automotive (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pielcolor Fooyee Chemicals Co., Ltd. Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Samsung Sds Global Scl Beijing Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Xunyang Dadi Compound Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Zibo Kohler Co., Ltd. Umice (Beijing) lnternational Travel Service L.L.C. Qingdao CAG Building Material Co., Ltd. ABLE Technologies Co., Ltd. Sakale Trading (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Elite Trading Co., Ltd. Tsingtao OGK Co.,Ltd Sioen Coated Fabrics (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd. Easy Pay Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Xucheng Computers Technology Co., Ltd. U&U Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Lihua Haiwell Tech.Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Bamin Steel Trade Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Tonghao Technology Co.,Ltd. Jinmao Fork Lift Trucks Dongguan Office Qingdao Machinery Company Shandong Province Shouxing City Yellow River Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou Zoo Hangzhou Minsheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Nanbei Computer Company Hangzhou Nanqueli Catering Co., Ltd. Hangzhou HHN Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Top Grand Fashion Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Master Top IT Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou Coral E-commerce Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Coral Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang De'erma IMP.& EXP. Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yiyi Commerce Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanyuan International Trade (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Huayi Real Estate Co., Ltd. 83777 Combustion Gas Service Hot Line Qingdao Jiakun Paper Co., Ltd. Tianjin Meizhong Automotive Trade Co.,Ltd. Guangdong Shantou Local Taxation Bureau Guangdong Dongguan Kenyu Industry Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jinghuang Trade Co.,Ltd. Xi'an Ronghua Group Co., Ltd. Yiwu Weigen Jewelry Firm China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Piotech Co., Ltd. Baoding Movie Company Foshan King-Source Import and Export International Trading Co., Ltd. B. C. FOODS (SHANDONG) CO., LTD DANYANG HUAYI MEDICAL SUPPLY & EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. ADP Human Resource Services (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Tianjin Guoxin Group Co.,Ltd. O-Film Image Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. ACE Logistics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jinjiang Mansion TCL Corporation A-S (China) Co., Ltd. Bada (group) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Fuyang Huayi Chemical Co., Ltd. iMarket China Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shunda Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.

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