Find out Chinese firms members of a corporate group

Search more companies in China to check if they are linked to a corporate group.

A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Chinese companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

China Air Express Co., Ltd. Air China Limited Guomai Technologies,Inc. Eastroc Beverage (Group)Co.,Ltd. China Forestry Group Corporation China Overseas Holding Group Co., Ltd. China Printing Co., Ltd Pan-Asia Gas Technologies (Wuxi) Co., Ltd Topsports Enterprise Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. No.12 Branch Zhong Lu.Co.,Ltd Ningbo Shengshi Hongyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd. Sinopharm Holding Hunan Changde Medical Equipment Co., Ltd China Wuyi Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd. YORK (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. China Postal E-Commerce Co.,Ltd Fujian Shenyuan Trading Co., Ltd. Qufu Confucius Family Liquor Co.Ltd Panjin Dongguo Weichang Land Development Engineering Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Quzhou Water Group Co., Ltd. Yunda Holding Co.,Ltd. Tuyoo Online Limited State Grid Corporation Of China State Grid Corporation of China Miyun Greening Base State Grid of China Technology College Peking University Hospital CNPC Bohai Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Alibaba Network Technology Co., Ltd. Alibaba Xunxi (Hangzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. China Hi-Tech Group Corporation Shanghai Yingxi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co.,Ltd Adama Ltd. Shanghai Xiyou Culture Media Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xiyou Culture Media Co., Ltd CNPC jichai Power Co., Ltd. Yankuang Group Co.,Ltd Aviation Industry Corporation Of China, Ltd. SK Telecom China Co., Ltd. Cisco Systems(China) Research and Development Co., Ltd. EP Yaying Fashion Group Co., Ltd. Ningbo Electrical Appliances Co. Xiamen Xindeco Ltd. Xiamen Xiangyu Logistics Group Corporation Xiamen Xiangyu Co.,Ltd. Eversun Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Zhanchen New Material Co.,Ltd. Zhongyan Co., Ltd. Huaibei Mining Industry (Group) Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd. Flowserve (Shanghai) Ltd Tangshan Iron And Steel Group Co., Ltd. Yibin Grace Group Co., Ltd. Ningbo Evergreen Industry Co., Ltd. Ningbo Evergreen knitting Co., Ltd. China SDIC International Trade Nanjing Co., Ltd. Huawei Technologies Service Co., Ltd. Cts International Logistics Corporation Limited Ccb Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Citic Trust Co.,Ltd. Cic International Co., Ltd. Sunshine Family Integrated Insurance Sales Service Co., Ltd. Mihoyo Co., Ltd. United Steel Structures Ltd. Penglai Jutal Offshore Engineering Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hertel-Yanda Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. COSCO Shanghai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co.,Ltd. China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd Chengdu Xinjin Baowan International Logistics Co., Ltd. Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Org Technology Co.,Ltd. Xinhua Travel (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Inspectorate (Shanghai) Ltd. Royal Group Co.,Ltd. Chengdu Putian Telecommunications Cable Co., Ltd. Envision Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Sinochem Hebei Corp. Sinochem Hebei Corporation Hebei IMP.& EXP. Trade Company China Investment Corporation Pepsico Investment (China) Ltd. CONCORD INVESTMENT (CHINA) CO., LTD. Xiamen Port Commerce Information Co., Ltd. Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. Panasonic Energy (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. PaxOcean Engineering Zhoushan Co., Ltd. Hunan Jiade Overseas Business Development Co., Ltd. eXN Global Logistics Co.,Ltd. Four Bung Industrial Co., Ltd Guodian Nanjing Automation Co.,Ltd Taiping pension industry management Co., Ltd. DAS Marketing Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Henan Energy Chemical Group Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Hospital, Su n Yat-sen Universi Beijing Ddb Needham Advertising Co., Ltd. Shaorui Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. Shan Dong Kexing Bioproducts Co.,Ltd Magna Mirrors (Taicang) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. China Energy Investment Corporation Limited China Energy Development Group Co.,Ltd. China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited China Energy Investment Co.,Ltd. China Energy Conservation Water Development Co., Ltd. China Electronics Shenzhen Company Lanzhou Electric Power Repair and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Electric Power Repair Co., Ltd. Guizhou Provincial Finance Department Information Center Sinodis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd. Hongbo Co.,Ltd. Hongli Zhihui Group Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Century 3 Construction Co., Ltd. China Customer Relations Centers,Inc. Beijing Security Service General Company Beijing Innovative Linkage Software Service Co., Ltd. Jhj International Transportation Co., Ltd. Wuhan JHJ International Transportation Co., Ltd Hefei Water Supply Group Co., Ltd. Gac Motor Co., Ltd. Shanghai Teraoka Electronic Co., Ltd Liaoning Radio And Television Group (Liaoning Radio And Tv Station) Tianjin Foreign Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. Harcan Engineering Co., Ltd. Liuzhou Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Shanghai KJ Import & Export Co., Ltd. Suzhou Youke Workshop Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Guangdong Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited Xiamen Jinlong Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd. Jinlong Machinery & Electronic Co.,Ltd Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. Dirui Industrial Co.,Ltd. Jiangxi Copper Industry Group Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Copper Company Limited Intel (China) Co., Ltd. Harman International (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. Wenzhou 100 Co.,Ltd. Business Book Printing Shop Shanghai Printing Incorporated Company Shandong Iron And Steel Company Ltd WINS Investment Management Co., Ltd. Tebodin Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. China Huaxin International Equity Investment Co.,Ltd. Jiangyin Huaxi Steel Co., Ltd. Foryou Corporation Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Bofeixun (Xiamen) Import & Export Co., Ltd. ABB Bailey Beijing Engineering Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Jinling Transportation Group Co.,Ltd. Suzhou CNNC Huadong Radiation Co., Ltd. Alibaba (China) Technology Co., Ltd. Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. Alibaba (China) Education Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Alibaba Literature Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Alibaba Zetai Information Technology Co., Ltd. Alibaba Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Investigation Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. China Faw Group Co., Ltd. Nexans Communication (Shanghai) Cable Co., Ltd. Sanan Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xintonglian Packing Co.,Ltd Tangshan Eagle Gome Appliance Co., Ltd. Teva Pharmaceutical & Chemical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Guangxi Huayi New Material Co., Ltd. Longi Green Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. Cummins Engine (Shanghai) Trading And Service Co., Ltd Cummins Filtration (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Cummins Engine(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ufj (China), Ltd Mitsubishi Corporation China Co.,Ltd. Bollore Logistics China Co., Ltd. GUANG DONG BO HONG MEDICINE CO.,LTD YULONG COMPUTER TELECOMMUNICATION SCIENTIFIC (SHENZHNE) CO., LTD. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Vitesco Automotive Wuhu Co., Ltd. Vitesco Automotive Changchun Co., Ltd. Cofco Corporation Cofco Trading Ltd. COFCO Feed Co., Ltd. Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Livzon Group Fuzhou Fuxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. Livzon Group (Ningxia) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co.,Ltd Qilu Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Anshun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Land Port International Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. SHANGHAI DESANO CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. Shanghai Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical I&E Co., Ltd. SHANDONG XINHUA PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LIMITED Zhejiang Menovo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jinghua Display Electronics Co., Ltd. Merck Pharmaceuticals (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Futong Group (Shanghai) Wire Co., Ltd. Futong Group Co., Ltd. ChannelBeyond Customer Care Co., Ltd. China Nafine Group International Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xinran Investment Co., Ltd. Nolato Mobile Communication Polymers (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Pfizer Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd Su Zhou Mei Sheng Yuan Network Technology Co.,LTD Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. LEM Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. Sepco? Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. Chongqing Qingling Casting Co., Ltd. Yihai Kerry (Kunming) Food Industry Co., Ltd. Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs Industries (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs Marketing Co., Ltd. Yihai Kerry (Quanzhou) Oils, Grains & Foodstuffs Industries Co., Ltd. Yihai Kerry Food Technology Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Liangan Chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Qingtai Chemical Co.,Ltd. Zhuhai Gree Group Finance Co., Ltd. Baoding Great Wall Holding Group Co., Ltd. Antal AG (Beijing) Human Resources Services Co., Ltd. Lenovo (Beijing) Limited China Unionpay Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communications Co., Ltd. IMC (Shanghai) Internet Science Technology Co.,Ltd. Anhui Time Technology Co., Ltd. Beike (Tianjin) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kaida Advertising Co., Ltd. Ecco (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. ECCO Tannery (Xiamen) Co. Ltd. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. Insigma Global Services Ltd. Shandong Huaxing Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. Harbin Coslight Storage Battery Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Fenqile Network Technology Co., Ltd. China International Capital Corporation Limited CITIC China Securities Capital Management Co., Ltd. CNOOC Petrochemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd. Qingdao Kaitou International Trade Co., Ltd. AHCOF Industrial Development Co., Ltd. AHCOF International Development Co., Ltd. Xiamen Xiangyu Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai Water Conservancy Engineering Group Co.,Ltd. Hunan Chendian International Development Co., Ltd. Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. HNA Group Co., Ltd. Hainan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. China Southern Airlines Company Limited China Southern Airlines No. 5 Leasing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Simon Industry Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Krah Cartier Electronics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Aerocity Holding Co.,Ltd. Zhuzhou Changjiang Cemented Carbide Tool Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corp. Ltd Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Import & Export Company New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. Friend Co.,Ltd. Desay Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Huizhou Desay Holding Co., Ltd. Amazon (CHINA) Holding Company Limited Shenyang Venture Capital Management Group Co., Ltd. China National Offshore Oil Corporation Xinrun Liaoning Gas Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Fuiou Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. China Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. China Faw Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. Beijing Automotive Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd. Sinotex Corporation Limited Cofco Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Anguo Venture Water Co., Ltd. China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation Limited China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. Giovanni Bozzetto (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co., Ltd. Ningbo Sanxing Medical & Electric Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co., Ltd. Quanlin Co., Ltd. TDG Holding Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huafeng Energy Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huafeng Imp.& Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. Tasly Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Motorola (Wuhan) Mobility Technologies Communication Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Tencent Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Tencent Technology Co., Ltd. Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Ltd. Shanghai Tencent Qi'E Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Tencent Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Tencent Film Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tofflon Science And Technology Co., Ltd. Risen Energy Co.,Ltd Beijing Chemical Reagents Institute Co., Ltd. Smiths Medical (Beijing) Co., Ltd. SMITH & NEPHEW (SUZHOU) LIMITED Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hisun Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Hisun Pharmaceutical (Nantong) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Tianyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hanggang Foreign Economic Relations And Trade Co., Ltd. Sichuan Fan-Mei Education Investment Group Co., Ltd. Acon Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Jingmei Machine Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Jingmei Technology Co., Ltd. Fuli Co., Ltd. Dawn Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Dahua Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited China Coal Energy Company Limited CEFC China Energy Company Limited ZTT International Limited Jiangyin Taidi Garments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yinlun New Energy Thermal Management System Co. LTD Toshiba Tec Information Systems (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Toshiba Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. RFS Radio Frequency Systems (Shanghai) C o., Ltd. Xiamen Port Marine Shipping Co., Ltd. Shanghai Golden Gate Import & Export Co., Ltd. Cimm Group Co., Ltd. Xiaomi Inc. Shanghai Zihao Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. Great Wall Motor Company Limited Chongqing Yongchuan District Great Wall Motor Parts Co., Ltd. Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. Beyondsoft Corporation Shandong Humon Smelting Co., Ltd. Amphenol PCD Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Kingway Investment And Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ThyssenKrupp Engine Components (China) Ltd. Shanghai Moons’ Electric Co., Ltd. Wuhan Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Co., Ltd. Rifeng Enterprise (Group) Co., LTD. Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. Infastech (Shenzhen) Limited Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co., Ltd. Wego Holding Co., Ltd. Yunfu Xingyun Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd Fujian Dingxin Technology Co., Ltd. CITIC Gangtong International Logistics Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Guotai H&B Co., Ltd. Shandong Jinjing Energy Saving Glass Co., Ltd. Shandong jinjing energy saving glass Co., Ltd. Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology Stock Co., Ltd. Shandong Jinjing Trade Co., Ltd. Shandong Jinjing Coating Glass Co., Ltd. SGD Asia Pacific Saint-Gobain Pipelines Co., Ltd. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Keda Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Apeloa Kangyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Apeloa Tospo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Apeloa Jiayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Yangling Laifu Oils & Fats Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu C&U M&E Co., Ltd. Guangming Media Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Techdow Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Wuxi Yaomingkang Dexinyao Development Co., Ltd. Wuxi Apptec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Wuxi AppTec (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Wuxi Apptec(WuHan) Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Rail Transit Property Co., Ltd. Wuhan Central Business District Co., Ltd. Wuhan Central Business District Property Management Co., Ltd. Beiqi Foton Motor Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Broadcasting & Television Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corporation Limited IKEA Distribution Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shenda Co., Ltd. TAG Worldwide (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jinsheng Co., Ltd. NES Global Technical Consultant (Shanghai) Co. Ltd Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. Zibo Kohler Co., Ltd. Gauke Healthcare Co., Ltd. Guangdong Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd. VWR International China Co., Ltd. China Central Television China International Television Corporation Toray International (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Energy Hopewell Power(Heyuan) Co.,Ltd Ningbo Huayi Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd. China Tourism Group 3M Specialty Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Onetouch Business Service Ltd. Airland Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Biobase Meihua Trading Co. Ltd. Hongjiyuan Investment Co., Ltd. Zhonghe Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Nhu Company Ltd. WINGTECH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Shanghai Suoguang Visual Products Co., Ltd. Sunny optical (Zhejiang) Research Institute Co. Ltd. Zhejiang Canaan Technology Limited Fischer Automotive Systems (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Huadian Trading International (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Huizhou Bestgrand Holdings Co., Ltd. DONG GUAN TANITA Health Equipment CO., LTD. Zhengzhou Youxiang Venture Incubator Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Youxin Venture Incubator Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yutong Industry Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Banggood Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen Leiting Interactive Network Co., Ltd. Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Xinyuan Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huafeng New Material Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tianyuan Group Shengde Plastics Co., Ltd. NANYA PLASTICS(NINGBO) CO.,LTD. Shanghai Xinchu Integrated Circuits Co., Ltd. AIA Life Insurance Company Limited China Petrochemical Corporation CCCC Property Company Limited Ma Petrochemical Marketing (China) Co., Ltd. Dongguan Zhengde Connector Co., Ltd. Hubei Daily Media Group Beijing Johnson Controls Co., Ltd. Johnson Controls (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Boehringer Ingelheim (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health (China) Co., Ltd. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Operations (China) Co., Ltd. Boehringer Ingelheim International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Chengdu Privis Technology Co., Ltd. Suqian Hongsheng Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Nari Group Corporation Sino Silliker Testing Services (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Guangdong Silver Age Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. Qingdao BSD Information & Technology Co., Ltd. Sanhua Holding Group Co., Ltd. Wansun Credit (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. China National Chemical Corporation Limited Lanzhou Landian Electric Corp. Hytera Communications Corporation Limited Lanzhou Industry Development Holding Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Deerma Technology Co., Ltd. Apple Electronics Products Commerce (Beijing) Company Limited Hainan Weigao Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. Anhui Victory Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd. Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd. Wujiang Feixiang Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Tianjin Free Trade Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd. Control Risks Group (Shanghai) Ltd Shenghong Holding Group Co., Ltd. Suning Holdings Group Limited Jiangsu Suning Business Investment Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Suning Sports Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aixiang Aizhi Investment Management Co., Ltd. Guangxi Yitu Information Technology Co., Ltd Ningbo Aux Electric Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Power &Electrical Infrastructure Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. BASF Catalysts (Guilin) Co., Ltd. EHB Logistics Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Dingyu Food Co.,Ltd. Buhler (Wuxi) Commercial Co., Ltd. Alpha ESS Co., Ltd. Alpha ESS Co.,Ltd China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Kehua Data Co., Ltd. Baotou Iron and Steel Group Luchangda Logistics Co., Ltd. Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tian En Cheng He Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. Littelfuse Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Hitech Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Star Capital Co., Ltd. Lerong Zhixin Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Huatai Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Saint Fruit Winery Co., Ltd. Quanta Storage(Shanghai) Ltd. Mianyang BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. Ruilidi (Shanghai) Biological Medicine Co., Ltd. Avnet Electronics Technology (Shenzhen) Limited Jin Jiang International Holdings Co., Ltd. HRG JinJiang Travel (China) Co., Ltd. Tp-Link Technologies Co., Ltd. The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China Beijing Chieftain Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd. Tianjin Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. Tianjin Samsung LED Co., Ltd. Shanghai SITICO Assets Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai International Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Shanghai State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Guoxin Investment Development Co,. Ltd Shanghai Yikang Chemicals & Industries Co., Ltd. Sinochem Environmental Protection Chemicals (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Joyson Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo JoysonQuin Automotive Systems Holding Co., Ltd. Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. Xiamen Jan Jia Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Jiangxi MTC Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Fujian Jing'an Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd China Finance Corporation Co., Ltd. China Merchants Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. China Merchants Finance Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Luoyang Hongke Innovation Venture Capital Co., Ltd. China Sinopharm Healthcare Industry Company China Merchants Group Limited Fujian Scientific Instruments And Materials Import And Export Co.,Ltd. Foxconn Precision Electronics (Yantai) Co., Ltd. China Songhai Industry Hainan Company Jiangxi Datang International Xinyu Power Generation Co., Ltd. Ginger Logistics Int'l Co., Ltd. Global Logistics (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. Icbc-Axa Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Wal-Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Grain Group Co., Ltd. Silk Road International League of Theatres Xiamen Haixia Investment Co., Ltd. Xiamen Energetic Lighting Co., Ltd. Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services CO., LTD. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Schneider (Shanghai) Apparatus Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. Neusoft Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei Yaoxing International Trading Co., Ltd. Zhejiang 8+1 Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Guangzhou South Geo-Biz Trading Co., Ltd. IBM (China) Co., Limited IBM (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone International Automobile Mall Co.,Ltd. SAMSUNG SDS Global SCL Beijing Co., Ltd. Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Google Information Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Microsoft Mobile (China) Investments Co., Ltd. Microsoft Mobile Telecommunications Ltd. Beijing Fresenius Kabi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mitsui & Co.(Shanghai) Ltd. Danfoss Automatic Controls Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 3M Material Tech. (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Itg Futures Co., Ltd. Shanghai International Convention Center Co., Ltd. China National Chemical Construction Corporation China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. China National Chemical Engineering No.7 Construction Co., Ltd. China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Citic Securities Company Limited Citic Securities (Qingdao) Training Center Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center Co., Ltd. JAC Auto Parts (Ningbo) Co, Ltd. China Energy Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd Guangzhou Boji New Drug Clinical Research Center Ltd. China Resources Saike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sinohydro Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. Sinohydro Corporation Limited Xinhua News Agency DianDian Interactive (Beijing) Technology Ltd. Shell (China) Limited Shanghai Symphony Orchestra China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. The Ministry Of Railways Of The People's Republic Of China Co., Ltd. Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd. Tongwei Solar (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Homa Appliances Co., Ltd. Homa Appliances Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (China) Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive (China) Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Corporation RtM China Limited Ningbo Cixi Import And Export Holdings Co., Ltd. Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Shandong Steel Rizhao International Trade Co.,Ltd. IDEX Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Shandong Agriculture Technology Institute Sciences China Electronics Corporation Guangzhou Baiyunshan Jingxiutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ABC-CA Fund Management Co., Ltd. Agricultural Bank of China Limited China State Construction International Co., Ltd. China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited China State Construction Engrg. Corp. China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation Shanghai Light Industry Collective Economy Management Centre Zhongchu Luoyang Logistics Co., Ltd. China Asset Management Co., Ltd. China Coal Asset Management Group Co., Ltd. Tsinghua Unigroup Co., Ltd. Shenyang Aircraft Corporation Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre Co., Ltd. Intel China Research Center Ltd. Beijing Financial Street Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kangli Stone Co., Ltd. Shanghai United Imaging Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. Ninhua Group Co., Ltd. Market Union Co., Ltd. Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang New Vision Imp. &. Exp. Co., Ltd. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation China International United Petroleum & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Luye Investment Group Co., Ltd. Tianjin Red Triangle International Trading Co., Ltd. Xiamen Itg Paper Corp.,Ltd Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Citic Group Corporation Lanzhou Lanshi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. HBIS Company Limited HBIS LAOTING CO., LTD. Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd. WUHAN IRON AND STEEL COMPANY LIMITED Wuhan WISCO(Wuhan Iron and Steel ( Group ) Corp) Green City Technology Developme nt Co., Ltd. Wuhan Iron And Steel (Group) Corp. Yangluo Port Affairs Branch Shanghai Songjiang Sewage Treatment Works Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Haiwan Chemical Co.,Ltd Ningbo Ningshing International Inc. Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Changsha Zhangfeng E-commerce Co., Ltd. P.R.C. Zhangfeng Custom Sinotrans Limited Sinotrans Ningbo Int'L Container Trans. Co., Ltd. Guangdong Sinotrans Zhanjiang Co., Ltd. South China Sinotrans Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang Medicines Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture Co., Ltd. China Construction Bank Corporation China Texmatech Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Donghua Software Co., Ltd. Qingkong Venture Capital Co., Ltd Zhejiang Xidi'ou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. NetEase Kaola (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. Mocha Software Co., Ltd. PEM Shanghai Co., Ltd. Bitron Ind. China Co., Ltd. COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Fujian Chemical Import & Export Co., Ltd. Sen Yue International Energy Chemical Co., Ltd HITACHI-LG DATA STORAGE (HUIZHOU), LTD. Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) Ltd. Chinatex Corporation Chinatex International Apparel Co., Ltd. Chinatex Raw Materials Import & Export Co., Ltd. DDBill Payment Co., Ltd. Varian Medical Systems China Co., Ltd. Cargo-partner Logistics (China) Ltd. DEC Project Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd. New United Group Co., Ltd. Cainiao Network Technology Co.,Ltd. Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd. Shanghai information technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone United Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 3U-Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone International Human Resource Service Co.,Ltd . Ganzhou Development Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Guangxi Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. Procter & Gamble (Guangzhou) Ltd. Procter & Gamble Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Alfa Laval (Jiangyin) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Bravolinks Integrated Marketing Co.,Ltd. Luzhou Communications Investment Group Logistics Co., Ltd. China Life Insurance (Overseas) Co., Ltd. Optimize Integration Group China Xinhua News Network Co., Ltd. Kunming Xishan Urban Construction & Building Demolition Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xinyijia Trade Co., Ltd. Valeo Shanghai Automotive Electric Motors & Wiper Systems Co., Ltd. Valeo Management(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Valeo Interior Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. SAI CHENG LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Ziyun Shaanxi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Fujia Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hisoar Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hisoar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hisoar Chuannan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Aluminium Co.,Ltd. Yunnan Haicheng Industry Group Co., Ltd. Changye Construction Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Design Branch Jiangxi Xingtai Technology Co., Ltd. Bureau Veritas ADT (Shanghai) Corporation Cytec Industries (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Tenhle Powertrain Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Liaoyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Henan Cable TV Network Group Co., Ltd. Luoyang Zhongzhoulu Hall Henan Cable TV Network Group Co., Ltd. Luoyang Zhoushanlu Hall Continental Automotive (Jinan) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Changhai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Zhenyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Changming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Lekaisa Pizza Catering Management Co., Ltd. Dongmen Maoye Store Cccc-Fhdi Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jinhua Huatai Travelling Goods Co.,Ltd Zhongyang Grain Reserves Yongzhou Depot Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Materials Industry Ecommerce Ltd. Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp., Beijing Sichuan Shunan Investment Management Co., Ltd. IMOTION (Shanghai) Product Design Co., Ltd. Sichuan Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. China Life Insurance Asset Management Company Limited UBS Asset Management (China) Limited Bank of China Asset Management Company Hangzhou Reformer Holding Co., Ltd. Csic Information Technology Co., Ltd. Byd Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd. Tongxiang Zhongying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Hubei Jiaotou Hailujing Hanyang Property Development Co.,Ltd. Mektec Manufacturing Corporation (Xiamen).,Ltd China National Erzhong Group Deyang Wanhang Die Forging Co., Ltd. CHINA NATIONAL ERZHONG GROUP I/E CO., LTD. Sinomach-He Chengdu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Chopard Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Raybow (Suzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Plastic Products Plastic Products No. 6 Factory Co., Ltd. Agricultural Development Bank Of China Junzheng International Warehousing Transport Co., Ltd. Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd. Hubei Trina Solar Energy Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Modern Pharmaceutical Sales Co.,Ltd. Tellhow Sci-tech Co., Ltd. Postal Savings Bank Of China Co., Ltd. Jingwei Guokang Medicine Co., Ltd Yangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Beijing Aden Hotel Services Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Truelove Fashion Home Textile Co., Ltd. Zhongjin Irradiation Incorporated Co., L td. Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Fusheng Group Co., Ltd. Fuzhong Group Co., Ltd. Huzhou Zhongyue Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Xinjinghe Laser Science & Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xinjinghe Laser Science & Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Tianjin Bra nch Xinjinghe Laser Science & Technology Development (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch Shanghai Zhangjiang Biological Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhangjiang Biological Medicine Industry Development Co., Ltd. ANHUI WANHE PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. C. Illies Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd E-graphics Technology Dalian Company Limited Guang Zhou Shi Lin Ye He Yuan Lin Ju Xiamen C&D Energy Resources Co., Ltd. Kunming Traffic Investment Co., Ltd. Cosma Automotive (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tiandi Daochuan Parking Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd. Bytedance Co., Ltd. CNOOC Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hitachi (Suzhou) Ehv Switchgear Corporation Shanghai Johnson Ltd. Johnson Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Johnson & Johnson China Ltd. Chongqing Zongshen Engine Manufacture Co., Ltd. Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Nio Co., Ltd. Xi'an Chanba Trade Co.,Ltd. China International Telecommunication Construction Corporation Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. Sinopec Engineering Incorporation Sinopec Engineering Cost Co., Ltd. CHINT GROUP CO., LTD. Shanghai Chint Electrics International Trade Co., ltd. Chint Solar (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd Shandong Anhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xietong (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xietong (Group) Co., Ltd. Jing'an Branch Taixing Sunke Chemicals Co.,Ltd. EXEDY DYNAX Shanghai Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Kindairy Trading Co., Ltd. Valiant Co., Ltd. HEC PHARM CO., LTD (Headquarter) Hunan Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. HEC PHARM CO., LTD Motorola Mobile Communication Software (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Xiolift Co., Ltd. Ningbo Winpex Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd. MediaTek (ShenZhen) Inc. Wuchan Zhongda Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Zhongda Yuantong Industrial Corporation. Suixi Construction Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd. Nivea (Shanghai) Company Limited. Noveastern Shanghai Co., Ltd. Huatai Insurance Group Co., Ltd. Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. Harvest Wealth Management Co., Ltd. Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Copper International Trading Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Li Zhi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Marine Group Ltd. Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd. Shuyang Guoyun Clothing Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen yifan time-space technology co., LTD. Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings (Langfang) Co., Ltd. Orient Bangxin Finance Holding Co.,Ltd Jilin Tongli Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shandong Lukang Shelile Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Taicang Oriental Energy Gas Co., Ltd. Nike Commercial (China) Co., Ltd. Husco Automotive (Shanghai) Ltd. Shanghai Longxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chuzhou Hkc Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. WM Motor Technology Group Co., Ltd. NEC (China) Co., Ltd. CBMI Construction Co., Ltd. Air Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Aiways Automobile Co., Ltd. Beijing Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Co., Ltd. Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing Changjiang Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. Plastic Omnium Holding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Xiamen RongZhi Financial Technology Services Co., Ltd. Beijing Sinofarm Stud Livestock Co., Ltd. Shanghai NGB Laboratories Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. Cethik Group Co., Ltd. Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc. Startimes Communication Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Startimes International Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shendi Construction Co.,Ltd. Bluestar Adisseo Company China Financial Certification Authority Co., Ltd. Compal Electronics Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Wudi Xingyue Home Textiles Technology Co., Ltd. Business Aviation Asia Limited Shenzhen MYWAY Technology Company Limited Shanghai Youmin Network Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Cangzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau Harman (China) Technologies CO., LTD. Beigene (Suzhou) Co., Ltd BeiGene Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ping'an Trust Co., Ltd. China Industrial International Trust Limited Beijing International Trust and Investment Corporation Limited Property Manageme nt Co.,Ltd. USB Pharma (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Jiayue Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Fugui Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Anhui Light Industrial Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Bank Of Shanghai Co., Ltd. Shandong Haike Holdings Co., Ltd. Zhongyu Global Seafood Co.Ltd Zhejiang Kangkang Medical-Devices Co.,Ltd. Suzhou BD Medical Device Co., Ltd China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade Heidelberg Graphics (Beijing) Limited Company Mingyuan Group Co., Ltd. Pacific Mechatronic (Group) Co., Ltd. Hengtong Optic-Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing Digital China Supply Chain Services Limited Digital China Advanced Systems Services Limited Beijing Digital China Yunke Information Technology Limited Digital China Information Service Company Ltd. Digital China Group Co., Ltd. Dashang Co., Ltd. Nanjing Kangni Mechanical And Electrical Co., Ltd. BOE Optical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. LM Wind Power Blades(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Sinoma Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd. LM Wind Power Blades Technology (Tianjin) Company Limited Hunan ACME Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Holly Corporation Shaanxi Huaxing New Century Auto Service Trade Co., Ltd. Cromogenia (Shanghai) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Yantai Luye Biotech Co., Ltd. China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. COSCO SHIPPING LINES(SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd. China COSCO Shipping News Office Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. China Shipping Cargo Services Co., Ltd. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited COSCO SHIPPING Development Company Limited COSCO Shipping Bulk Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping (Qidonng) Offshore Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Lines Co., Ltd. Cosco shipping services Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Advanced Electronics Energy Limited Shanghai Anji Huang Hat Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. Yantai Lvye Hospital Management Co., Ltd. Jiangsu OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Buttonwood Investment Platform Co., Ltd. Beijing ChineseAll Education Technology Development Co., Ltd. Advance China IP Law Office Chinalight Resources Import & Export Corporation Chinalight General Merchandise Imp. & Exp. Corp. Avic International Leasing Co., Ltd. Avic International Holding Corporation Sinosteel Tianyuan (Maanshan) Trading Co., Ltd. Shenergy Company Limited Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Tangshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Aijing Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Tiger Hanbai (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd GUANGZHOU TIGER HEAD BATTERY GROUP CO., LTD. Sumec Corporation Limited Sumec International Technology Co., Ltd. Sumec Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. SUMEC Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. Sumec Group Corporation Labor Union Jining Ruyi High-Tech Fibre Co., Ltd. Yanfeng International Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Hang Seng Bank (China) Limited Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited Shanghai Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Yabao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Beijing Ningxia Tairui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mianyang Vanetta Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Sph Kdl Health (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China Sinopharm International Corporation Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Ltd. Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. China Logistics Co., Ltd. Yusen Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. Vivo Mobile Communication (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. GD Midea Heating & Ventilating Equipment Co., Ltd. Hunan Want Want Foods Co., Ltd. Legend Holdings Corporation Tpk Glass Solutions (Xiamen) Inc. Laird Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Institute of Technology Jilin Asymchem Laboratories Co., Ltd. Xiamen Xiangjiang Im & Ex Co.,Ltd. NINGBO ELECTRIC & CONSUMER GOODS IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD Chengdu Changzhou Pharmaceutical Factory Shanghai Pharma Group Changzhou Kony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. LEO Pharma Consultancy (Shanghai) Company Limited Huzhou Zhanwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Huzhou Zhanwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lord Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ganzhou Chengyue Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. China Aviation Capital Holding Co., Ltd. Capital Airports Holding Company Capital Hto Holdings Co.,Ltd Xi'an Tianhe Defense Technology Co., Ltd. Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Company SHANDONG IRON&STEEL GROUP CO., LTD. Hongfujin Precision Electronics (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical Co.,Ltd China Foreign Exchange Trade System System (china) Technology Co., Ltd. CHINA NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL FOREIGN TRADE CORPORATION Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. Wuxi Bekaert Shenyang Advanced Products Co., Ltd. Beidahuang Grain Group Co., Ltd. Metalor Technologies (Suzhou) Ltd. Arkema (Changshu) Chemicals Co., Ltd. CRRC Group Co., Ltd. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited CRRC International Corp. Ltd. Crrc Corporation Limited CRRC Finance Co.,Ltd. CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. CRRC Investment & Leasing Co., Ltd. NetEase (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd. Emerson Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Fly Medical Production Co., Ltd. Compal Digital Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Ant Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Changyu Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. China Tianchen Engineering Corporation Saurer Intelligent Machinery Co. Ltd. Saurer Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd. Bank of Nanjing Co., Ltd. China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai New World (Group) Co., Ltd. Cosco Holding Group (China) Co., Ltd. Nexteer (China) Holding Co., Ltd. CMIG Capital Co., Ltd. China Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. China Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. CHERY AUTOMOBILE CO.LTD China Huaxin Post and Telecom Technologies Co.,Ltd. Fast Tao E-commerce Co., Ltd. Shandong Xiangchi Cereals & Oils Co., Ltd. China Metallurgical Group Corporation Axa Tianping Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. Liaocheng Xinluo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. Power Construction Corporation Of China, Ltd. Power Construction Corporation Of China Engel Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ENGEL Machinery (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Fast Retailing (China) Trading Co., Ltd. Hertz Car Rental Consulting(Shanghai)Co. , Ltd. Katolec Automotive Systems (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. CRRC Capital Management Co.,Ltd. Foxconn Electronic Industry Development (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Zhongfa Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co., Ltd. Suzhou TA&A Ultra Clean Technology Co., Ltd. Jinko Solar Import and Export Co., Ltd. Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jinko Solar Power Co., Ltd Shenzhen Tongtao International Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Jingdongfang Songcai Innovation Co., Ltd. JESA (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. China Ocean Aviation Group Inc. International Shipping Co., Ltd. Volvo Cars Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. Hebei Zongheng Steel & Iron Group Co., Ltd. LanTro (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hebei Tianyuan State-owned Grain Reserve Depot Co.,Ltd. Beijing EC-Founder Co., Ltd. Ye County Guobo Dashi Yafengli Power Generation Co., Ltd. Fushun Petrochemical Beitian Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Changning Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. ICBC Financial Leasing Company limited Huamu Holding Co., Ltd. Foshan Ameriforge Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Yili International Trade Co., Ltd. China-Base Petrochemical Corporation Merck Holding (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Real Estate Co., Ltd . Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Xin Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd. China Grand Enterprises, Inc Xiamen Aviation Development Corporation Ltd. China Marine Shipping Agency,Tianjin Co., Ltd. Foshan Onetouch Business Service Co., Ltd. SUZHOU OHR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co., Ltd. Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Company Ltd. Hubei Textile Im & Ex Co.,Ltd. Good First Group Co., Ltd. Measurement Specialties (China) Ltd. Accenture Technology Solutions (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Accenture (China) Co., Ltd. China Railway Real Estate Group (Guizhou) Co., Ltd. China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Chinese Mercantile Bank Guangdong Salt Industry Group Leizhou Salt Works Co., Ltd. Guangdong Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Salt Industry Group Leizhou Salt Works Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co., Ltd. Listeners Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Synthetic Material Research Institute Co Ltd Shanghai Fuye Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Nanchao Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Haining China Leather Market Co., Ltd. Yabaobeizhongda (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. K-Tronics (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing Shuangbaotai Stall Food Co.,Ltd. Hainan Huatian Huanya Industry Co.,Ltd. Jiaxing Minsheng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Yushang Group Co.,Ltd. Royal Canin China Co., Ltd. Banta Global Turnkey (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. TIGERS (CHINA) CO. LTD Shenzhen Tinno Mobile Technology Corp. Huawei Device (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Hubei Zhongdian Car Co., Ltd. Hunan Zhisheng Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. Anhui Jinggong Car Sales Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai G.T. Micro Fiber Co., Ltd. Haikou Yedao Wine Factory Co., Ltd. China National Agrochemical Company Limited Alstom Investment Co., Ltd. Youngor Group Co., Ltd. Honors Commodity Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Lvcheng Packing Materials Factory Hangzhou Yage'er Property Co., Ltd. Putian Licheng District Ninghai Economic Development & Construction Co.,Ltd. Zhangjiakou Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. DJI Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. Fiat Powertrain Technologies Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Goldenmax International Technology Ltd. COSCO Shipping Logistics (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. Galaxy Holdings Group Ltd. Galaxy Futures Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd. ZHEJIANG SHAOXING SUPOR DOMESTIC ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO.,LTD. Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd. Longi Solar Technology Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Future Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Bureau Veritas BIVAC Asian CRE (Shanghai) Inspection Co., Ltd XTC New Energy Materials (Xiamen) Ltd. Fast Fashion(Guangzhou) Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. China Pingmei Shenma Group Finance Co., Ltd. RICHEMONT COMMERCIAL COMPANY LIMITED Intco Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Angliss Beijing Food Service Limited Nine show interactive (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd. Aecc Harbin Dongan Engine Co., Ltd. BMP Asia Industries (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd Wuxi Uni-king Clinical Institute Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Foreign Trade International Company Shanghai Zhiqu Advertising Co., Ltd. Ya'an Xikang Medicine Co., Ltd. Panasonic Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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