List of Corporate Headquarters in DANZHOU

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CNOOC Hainan Gas Co., Ltd. Shandong Hi-Speed Hainan Development Co., Ltd CEFC Hainan International Holdings Co., Ltd. Hainan Industrial International Industrial Development Co., Ltd Hainan Jinhai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. Hainan Jiangnan Prosperous Catering Management Co., Ltd. Hainan Donghua Software Co., Ltd. Hainan Yangpu Dashi Industry Co., Ltd. Yangpu Huakun Industry Co., Ltd. Yangpu Jianshu Industry Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Jingchun Industry Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Shuanghu Industry Development Co., Ltd. Yangpu Huida Industry Co.,Ltd. Hainan Huaju New Material Processing Co., Ltd. Hainan Haizhiyuan International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Danzhou Branch Hainan Hengrun Trading Co., Ltd. Yangpu Zhongliang Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Zhehai Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Haoxiang Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Jinghang Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Haihuang Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Jinsheng Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Shunhang Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Jinlong Shipping Co., Ltd. Yangpu Zhongxingyun Shipping Co., Ltd. Danzhou Yuhua Industry Co.,Ltd. Hainan Chenfeng Industry Development Co., Ltd. Yangpu Huilong Investment Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Liwei Investment Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Hongfan Investment Co.,Ltd. Hainan Yangpu Huifeng Investment Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Fenghui Investment Co., Ltd. Yangpu Qianghui Investment Co.,Ltd. Sinopec (Hong Kong) Hainan Petroleum Co.,Ltd. Hainan Guangyuan Electric Coal Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Hongcheng Industry Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Shenzhou Automotive Repairing Service Co., Ltd. Yangpu Gangfeng Logistics Co.,Ltd. Danzhou Haixun Trade Co.,Ltd. Yangpu International Energy Exchange Ltd. Danzhou Chengxin Construction Co., Ltd. Danzhou Shengxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Danzhou Chengxin Finance & Taxation Consulting Co., Ltd. Danzhou Fengxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Danzhou Xingxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Danzhou Luxin Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd. Danzhou Chaguang Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd. Hainan Fangdong Network Technology Co., Ltd. Yangpu Xin'an Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. Hainan Bolang Fishery Co.,Ltd. Danzhou Top Industrial Co., Ltd. Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Tropical Crops Genetic Resourc es Institute Danzhou Tianchuang Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. China Shipping Container Lines Hainan Co., Ltd. Hainan Daxin Logistics Co.,Ltd. Hainan Ande Logistics Co.,Ltd. Yangpu Dacheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Hainan Yangpu Yuyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Xian Huxian Geophysical Surface Treatment Co., Ltd Yangpu Zhongtong Business Service Co., Ltd. Hainan Fudi Business Reception Service Co.,Ltd. Danzhou Baoqiang Industry Co., Ltd. Environment and Plant Protection College of Tropical Agricultural University of South China Hainan New Hualian (International) Food Co., Ltd. Hainan Shitong Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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