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Trans-Siberian Limited Beach Point Distressed Master Fund LP Accion Diversified Strategies Fund SPC GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Walkers Nominees Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd IHG Core Holdings Ltd. Maples International Holdings Limited LM International Holding L.P. Tahoe Cayman Ltd. Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd Compass Group Investments Advisors CS Iris Life Master Fund Limited CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd Schick Cayman Islands Ltd Braskem Incorporated Limited Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp Caribbean Investors Ltd Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Richmond Foods Limited Bain Capital Fund VIII-E, L.P. Dicpe Lp Morgan Stanley Credit Products Ltd. Micro-Star International (Cayman) Holding Co Ltd Allianz Global Investors Nominee Services Limited Aggreko Financial Holdings Limited Banif Multi-Fund Ltd Marchmont Limited Xilinx Holding Six Limited Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd Alesia Global Holdings Ltd Iguazu Master Investors (Cayman) LP Atlantic Industries Interocean Coal Sales, LDC MaplesFS Holdings Limited Cosco (Cayman) Mercury Co Ltd Yip's Hang Cheung (Holdings) Limited MKP Credit Master Fund LDC DPK Investment Fund SPC Ixla Holdings Ltd Falcon Asset Finance (Cayman) Limited Blackrock Fixed Income Globalalpha Master Fund Ltd Quantum Partners LP Baring Securities Ltd Man Global Multi-Strategy Principal Protected (ZC) II Limited Buchanan Limited Affinium Fund Limited Optimus Prime Fund Management Co. Ltd. Global Funds Trust Company Element Holdings II LP Caja Espana de Inversiones Finance Limited Berjaya Group (Cayman) Limited Blackrock Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited Aton Financial Holding Crystal River CDO 2006-1 Ltd Triad Enterprises Overseas Ltd Magnetar Constellation Fund II Ltd Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings Ctrip Investment Holding Ltd Ptolemy Finance LLC Mangart Capital Management Limited Ashwood Investments Limited CHP China Management Ltd Perenco Petroleum Limited Sonangol Finance Limited The Captive Investors Fund The Small Cap Equity Fund Ltd FMCP World Equity Hedged Master Fund Limited Brevan Howard Holdings Limited LM048 Ltd TRIPLE C SCHOOL Millennium Partners, L.P. New World Mobile Holdings Limited Niko (Neco) Ltd Sol Investments Limited AZ Reinsurance Limited Latin Power III Investments LP IAT (Cayman) Holding Corporation Meridian Capital CIS Fund One Marthoma (CI) Inc Goldentree High Yield Opportunities (Offshore) II, Ltd. Friede Goldman United Ltd Silver Lake Partners III Cayman (AIV III) L.P. Mayfair Equities Limited Chamuel Cayman Limited CICC Alternative Investment Management Ltd GLG European Opportunity Fund SK Spice Holdings LP Huris (Coventry) Limited EOGI International Company Vontobel Absolute Return Fund Ltd SL Globetrotter, L.P. Acacia CDO 6 Ltd Bancaja International Finance Caixa General Finance Limited Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd SIO International Holdings Limited Arabus Holdings Limited Vickers Financial Group Limited Art Photography Fund Spc Protected Credit Notes Limited Ares Enhanced Loan Investment Strategy IR Ltd The Steers Enhanced Zero Credit Trust Series 2005-1 AFP Properties (USA) Limited Nomura Multi Managers Fund Magnetar AP Services Limited Vector Knife Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Abraaj Capital Holdings Limited BINION INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED Kiwi Holdco Cayco, Ltd. Ritek Group Inc SSG Capital Management Limited Luft 476 Limited BFAM Asian Opportunities Master Fund LP Whitney Japan Select Yen Investors, Ltd Mizuho Capital Investment (JPY) 2 Limited Delima Ores Corporation Abraaj Holdings Helios Strategic Limited Helios Investors Genpar II LP Stingray Construction Company Ltd Wasi Finance CI Corporation 2006-HES1 Limited AMH Holdings (Cayman) LP Healthy Harmony Holdings, L.P. Nomura HFR Emerging Market Fund Lumina Real Estate Capital Special Situations Investment Advisor Limited Cube Capital Limited Legg Mason Funding Ltd Quiana Investments Ltd Inc Alibaba Group Holding Limited Bank of America Trust and Banking Corporation (Cayman) Limited Alpha Soft Ltd BIE Directors Ltd Kimberly-Clark Cayman Islands Company Wind Down (Cayman) Ltd Dark Bay International Ltd. KGI International Holdings Limited CSAM Emerging Markets Sovereign CBO I Lion/Silk Investments Holdings Ltd. High Mountain Reinsurance, Ltd CDR Ray Investor III L.P. Cloak Lane Finance (Cayman) Limited NHN Global Ltd Old Lane Financial Products L.P. Atlantic Basin Services Ltd Revlon China Holdings Limited Sterling Holdings LP Cardinal Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. Northwoods Capital III Limited Victoria TC (Cayman) Limited Power Ventures Inc Prime Capital SPC Bain Capital Europe Fund III, L.P. Principal Protected I-Pretsl II, Ltd World Power Holdings L.P. Topimex Distributors Limited First Dominion Funding I Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet International Partners US Ltd EssTechnology International, Inc Shanghai United International Investment Ltd Arrow Electronics (C.I.) Limited Alltronics Holdings Limited KKR Financial CLO 2005-1 Ltd. KKR Financial CLO 2006-1 Ltd KKR My Best Friend Cayman Topco Limited Corinthian Capital PLC Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd All-Trans Corporation (Cayman) Dana Petroleum North Zeit Bay Ltd Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Intertrust SPV (Cayman) Limited Coastal Energy Company Taberna Preferred Funding VI Ltd ARAB AMERICAN BANK Sipco Holdings Limited Fantasia Holdings Group Co. Limited Troika Dialog Group Limited CAYMAN COMPUTING LTD Bermuda Investment Advisory Services Industrial Investments Holdings Limited SFP Value Realization Co. Ltd Banco Industrial e Comercial SA Sarah (Cayman Islands) Ltd TWC (Cayman Islands) Limited Cayman Islands Realty & Development Ltd International Pesticide Development Corp. F &C Sapphire Fund Limited AMMC CLO VI Limited Gold Coast Capital Subsidiary IV Limited Jade Capital Management Capital House Investments Limited Intel Investment Management Limited Abraaj Investment Management Limited Kirkwall Limited Brevan Howard Master Fund Limited EACM Absolute Return Fund Ltd BTG Pactual Overseas Corporation Dominus Investments Limited E.World (Holdings) Ltd Outdoor Media Investments Limited Arab Banking Corporation (BSC) Santander Central Hispano International Limited Alpha Ventures Limited Trident Global Investors Ltd. Vita Cayman Limited Bessemer Trust Company (Cayman) Limited BBVA Preferred Capital Ltd Caixa Finance Arabian Oil Co. (Cayman) Ltd Pacific & General Estates Ltd Banco Mercantil do Brasil SA FMC Real Estate CDO 2005-1 Ltd Soloso CDO 2005-1 Ltd Black River Inflation Opportunity Fund Ltd Fuling Global Inc The Lynx Fund I (Offshore) Ltd Apollo Value investment Offshore Fund Ltd TIAA High Yield CDO I, Limited Commonwealth Credit Corp. Lynx Advanced Fund Ltd Shinsei Protected Fund II Titan Husic Capital Protected Fund Limited Sound Point CLO III Ltd Gulf Stream-Compass CLO 2003-I, Ltd. Tesco Gray (2LP) Limited Stratford Leyland Inc Tower Investment Management Siena Tile & Stone Limited Advanced Trading Strategies Limited Pentwater Event Driven Cayman Fund Limited Det International Holding Limited IHC Properties Ltd La Mancha Third Corp. Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Carlyle High Yield Partners 2008-1 Ltd. MC (Cayman) LP China Paradise Electronics Retail Limited IMAC CDO 2006-1 Ltd Vertical ABS CDO 2006-2 Ltd Sandelman Partners CRE CDO I, Ltd. Catalina CDO Ltd Telos CLO 2006-1, Ltd Whitehawk CDO Funding Ltd Republic Bank T & T Ltd Crystal Credit Ltd

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