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CCMF Ltd KingsGroup Holdings Walkers Corporate Limited Northview Investment Advisors Ltd Onika Insurance Company Ltd Almas Global Opportunity Fund Spc Luna Holdings Inc Caymich Insurance Company Ltd. Binance Holdings Limited Crystal Sky Investment ABS-CBN Global Limited Alibaba Group Holding Limited Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited AZ Reinsurance Limited Investcorp Investment Advisers Limited Geely Automobile Holdings Limited McCormick Global Ingredients Limited SK Blue Holdings, L P SEI Investments Global (Cayman) BNP Paribas Bank & Trust Cayman Limited Maples International Holdings Limited Maplesfs Holdings Limited CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. Meridian Capital CIS Fund Awal Trust Company Limited DBR Investments Co. Limited Antilles Trading Company SEZC First Initiatives Insurance Ltd Maples Corporate Services Limited Worldview International Management Limited SEZC Tiger International Insurance Limited Litor Limited RS Investment Advisor Maples Service Company Limited Penrich Global Macro Fund Densiarly Enterprises Ltd Essar Global Fund Limited Ensco Overseas Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd IHG Core Holdings Ltd Tangent Fund Limited Walkers Fiduciary Limited Eastwest Trust Company Ltd Topimex Distributors Limited Intertrust SPV (Cayman) Limited Eurotrade Ltd Felham Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd Tencent Holdings Limited Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Contech LP Urania Capital Management Ltd Gems Global (Cayman) Limited The Swire Group Unitised Trust IBC Capital Limited Sasof International Master Fund III LP PP Oil & Gas Indonesia Holdings Limited Landon Insurance LTD KPS Cayman Management III Ltd Cardinal Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. Telconet Capital Limited Partnership Gulf Utilities International Limited Garda Firv Opportunity Master Fund Ltd. Deltec International Group Lynx Advanced Fund Ltd LM International Holding L.P. MC Holdings Ltd Aurora Cayman Limited Car Inc Crowdsteer Inc Alpha Offshore Drilling Services Company Sybex Alliance Limited Kiwi Holdco CayCo, Ltd. Sun Trading Limited Globeop Financial Services (Cayman) Limited SCG Capital Partners IV Limited RP Asset Management Delima Ores Corporation Spearhead Co-Investment Fund LP Barra Holdings LP The Cubex Investment Fund Ltd SS&C Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd Goldfinger International Fund SPC Ltd Barak Fund SPC Limited Oaktree Opportunities Fund Xb Holdings Cayman L P Ensco Limited Petrofield Oil & Gas Holdings Company Limited Optical Outlook Ltd A1 Holdings Inc Greater Rochester Assurance Company Ltd Domingo Properties Limited Francisco Partners GP V Management LLC Ascent Finance Limited DianDian Interactive Holding PCGI Holdings Limited Almano Holding Limited Svf Holdings (Cayman) Ltd C P Holdings Limited KGI International Holdings Limited IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD Sol Investments Sezc Oryx Capital International Ltd OHA Credit Partners VI Ltd Brennan Limited Walkers Nominees Limited Citco III Limited Celerity CLO Limited Easygroup Holdings Limited Camco Cayman Limited Orey (Cayman) Ltd SFP Value Realization Co. Ltd NATIONAL CEMENT LTD. Ambit Microsystems (Cayman) Ltd D&J Industrial Real Estate (Cayman) Investment Holding Limited Capital House Investments Limited LBC Sat Ltd DCE Media Ltd SIO International Holdings Limited Inventec Appliances (Cayman) Holding Corp SinoPac Securities (Cayman) Holdings Limited Odebrecht Offshore Drilling Finance Limited Vinmar Offshore Finance Ltd Airtac International Group Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp Clearstar Inc Tidewater Marine International Inc Kantone Holdings Limited Viva Packaging Holdings Limited Indecomm Corporation Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd Blue Valley Investment Ltd Vega Global Fund Limited Symmetry Master Fund Limited Quantum Partners LP Rainbow Investment Fund Ltd Helium Special Situations Fund Limited TR Electronic Chemical Co Ltd The Tigerford Product Limited Mass Energy Group Holding Ltd. Vasco Investment Holdings limited YTL Cayman Limited CHC Cayman Investments I Ltd. Apco Oil and Gas Internatinal Inc Klaret Marine Limited Ceara Investment Fund Limited Syncreon Global Holdings Limited T-BDH Offshore Investment Fund Redwood Asian Investments, Ltd Certeco Capital Fund Venezuela Cable Service Holdings Ltd Halo International Sezc Ltd Prestige Select Finance Fund Limited Baker Hughes Asia Pacific Ltd Fundamenta Latam Opportunity Master Fund LLC EAVF Intermediary Holdings I, L.P BOC Aviation (Cayman) Limited Saudi NCB Markets Limited The London & Amsterdam Trust Company Limited Elian Trustee (Cayman) Limited CTC Corporation Ltd Woodstock Master Capital, Ltd CD&R Associates X LP Macquarie Greater China Infrastructure Fund LP Axon Financial Funding Ltd Sheyenne Incorporation Limited Veneto Holdings Ltd. Green Topco Limited KKR Adria Topco Ltd Compass Cayman SPV Ltd Premier Assurance Group SPC Ltd Monitor Oil PLC Info-Cast Cayman Limited TNT LTD FOCO BANK & TRUST CO. (CAYMAN) LTD. Cayman National Bank Limited Atlantic Industries Morval Bank and Trust Cayman Ltd. Funky Tang Limited Swiss Life Flex Limited Bearacuda Re. Blue Bell Funding Ltd Orbita Global Opportunities Strategy (Sterling) Limited Daiwa Asset Management Services Ltd (Cayman) Seagate Technology China Holding Company Orey Management (Cayman) Limited TCH Insurance Company Ltd Ballance Principals Limited Atwood Oceanics Pacific Limited China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co,Ltd Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Absolute European Catalyst Fund Limited INTERNATIONAL SYNERGIES LTD. Masisa Overseas Limited Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd Ensco Endeavors Limited Bunge International Commerce Ltd. Eagle Holdings Ltd Sipco Holdings Limited SW Southern Investment Ltd Richmond Foods Limited Monterey Cayman Inc Troika Dialog Group Limited J D S Ltd Orbita Global Opportunities Strategy Limited Cayman Island Roofing Ltd Star International Drilling Limited Execustar International Limited Champlain CLO Ltd AMMC CLO XIV, Limited Dicpe Lp Hamon International Capital Limited Huris (Grange Park) Limited CNPC International Ltd. IPR International Limited Dominus Investments Limited BGC Global Holdings LP Pacifica CDO II Ltd Hutchison Whampoa International (09/19) Limited Paget-Brown Trust Company Ltd I2BF Global Investments Ltd. Atlas Global Investments Ltd Element Capital Master Fund Limited Element Holdings II LP ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd HSBC Trustee (Cayman) Limited Sino Mining International Limited LFH International Limited Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-B L.P. Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd Danaher China Finance Ltd Hampton Yatch Group Int'l Corp. Cayman Dispatch Services Ltd Gemini Credit Investments Tahoe Cayman Ltd. SRV Joint Gas Ltd China Zhengtong Auto Services Holdings Limited GMG Hazel Acquisition 1 Limited Theleme Capital Partners Limited (Cayman) TRAX, LTD. Changfeng Axle (China) Company Limited Kingstown Partners Master Ltd Lani Finance Limited CP Cayman Limited Sam Cayman Inc WCT Holdings Ltd GSA Capital Ltd Doe Run Cayman Ltd Minarg International Ltd

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