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CGP Investments (Holdings) LTD Trax Ltd Kiwi Holdco Cayco, Ltd. GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Menadrill Investment Company Tazlina Funding CDO I Ltd EOGI International Company Citadel Derivatives Trading Ltd. Northview Investment Advisors Ltd Litor Limited American Express Centaurus Fund Optimus Prime Fund Management Co. Ltd. Antilles Trading Company SEZC Walkers Nominees Limited FCT Fund Management Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd NATIONAL CEMENT LTD. Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Contech LP Maples International Holdings Limited China Fishery Group Limited Meridian Capital CIS Fund Sonangol Finance Limited Hengyuan International Group Limited NetEase, Inc. Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Global Funds Trust Company Deucalion Capital VII Limited WGP Legal Holdings Limited Den Norske Bank AS KPS Cayman Management III Ltd LH Asian Trade Finance Fund Ltd. ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd LFH International Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd Aton Financial Holding Tencent Holdings Limited Asuka Value Up Unit Trust Punch Taverns Finance B Limited D1 Capital Partners Offshore LP SCG Capital Partners IV Limited TVT Investment Opportunities (Master) Fund Ltd Bearacuda Re. Atrium CDO CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. Telconet Capital Limited Partnership Troika Dialog Group Limited Concord Land Development Co Ltd Tamerlane Capital International Investment Management Limited SIO International Holdings Limited LM International Holding L.P. Tahoe Cayman Ltd. Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited Navis Capital Partners Limited Jodco Onshore Limited CS Iris Life Master Fund Limited Cosmostar Ltd. Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings Syncreon Global Holdings Limited Atlantic Industries KGI International Holdings Limited Millennium Partners, L.P. Altera Absolute Investments Citco III Limited Vinmar International Ltd Crown Managed Accounts SPC Pacific Eagle Fund L.L.C. Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp Centaur Funding Corporation K Opportunities Fund Spc HayFin Topaz LP MSJL Holdings Limited Farragut Holdings, Inc BFAM Asian Opportunities Master Fund LP Whitebox Asymmetric Partners LP RP Asset Management Hillhouse Capital Advisors, Ltd. Lagoon City Sukuk Company Limited Tencent Music Entertainment Group VR Global Offshore Fund Ltd Supership (Canada) Limited Essar Global Fund Limited MaplesFS Holdings Limited Phoenix Group Holdings Sol Investments Limited Jardine OneSolution Holdings (C.I.) Limited Li Ka Shing (Overseas) Foundation International Coffee and Fertilizer Trading Co Squareinvest Access Fund Ltd Apollo Fund Administration Ltd Bunge International Commerce Ltd. Oasis Investments Limited Sipco Holdings Limited CNPC International Ltd. Alba Plant LLC The Global Enhanced Investment Fund SPC Blackrock Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited Centaurus Investments Limited Taurus Investment SPC Aurora Cayman Limited Frena Ultimate Holdings LP DPK Investment Fund SPC Caribbean Investors Ltd Arrow International Holdings L.P. Marchmont Limited Viva Packaging Holdings Limited International Company Limited Avalon Financial Services, Ltd. Myriad Asset Management (Cayman) Limited Alesia Global Holdings Ltd Perenco Petroleum Limited IHG Core Holdings Ltd Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd Myriad Opportunities Offshore Fund Limited Carlyle Global Partners Master Coinvestment Cayman LP Binance Holdings Limited Hambledon Inc Altera Absolute Global Master Fund Gems Global (Cayman) Limited CHC Cayman Investments I Ltd. Alibaba Group Holding Limited Kings Bay Capital Management Ltd Atlantic Basin Services Ltd CVI Global Value Fund Cayman L.P. Fulcrum Asset Management Limited TPS Investments SPC Sterling Holdings LP Forum GL Holdings Ltd Hess Oil and Gas Holdings Inc BHK Holding Advent Steel (Cayman) Limited Intertrust Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited SW Southern Investment Ltd Ambit Microsystems (Cayman) Ltd Pamirs Investment Limited SPC Morgan Stanley Credit Products Ltd. Huris (Swindon) Limited Dominus Investments Limited Leighton International Limited SL Globetrotter, L.P. Jupiter Arbitrage Diversified Global Investment Fund Pimco Cayman Trust Pascal Fund, Limited Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-B L.P. Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited Deltec International Group Neptune CDO 2004-1 Ltd Mosquito Research & Control Unit MC (Cayman) LP Silicon Technology Investment (Cayman) Corp TTP Investments Ltd Samaha Holdings Limited Fosroc Group Holdings Limited Dulwich College Management International Limited Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd Melqart Opportunities Fund Ltd Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. AMCI Management (Cayman) Ltd. Glory International Energy Co. Ltd CHP China Management Ltd Vega Select Opportunities Fund Limited Carent Enterprises Ltd HSBC Guyerzeller Trust Company Apollo TR Opportunistic Ltd Werner Worldwide Holding Company, LP Latin America Holding I Ltd Aseng Production Company Ltd Pacific Industrial Bank Ltd. Interocean Coal Sales, LDC Maples FS Limited Easyjet Sterling Limited Kemnay Services Limited Blue Mountain Credit Alternatives Fund Ltd CSN Islands X Corp Ensco Global Limited IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD Capstone Volatility Master (Cayman) Ltd. TCH Insurance Company Ltd Airlie Opportunity Fund Cayman, Ltd ITAU BBA International (Cayman) Ltd Silver Lake Sumeru (Offshore) AIG GP, Ltd VTB Capital Russia & CIS Fixed Income Fund Ltd Summit Drilling International Ltd Cheung Kong Bond Finance Limited Platinum Equity Capital Partners International II (Cayman) L.P. Affinium Fund Limited Eagle Corporation Limited Eagle Management Services Limited Southern Fox Investments Ltd VTB Capital Kaznano Management (Cayman) Ltd Cayman President Holdings Ltd. CJ Leasing (Cayman) Ltd Sino Mining Alumina Limited D&J Industrial Real Estate (Cayman) Investment Holding Limited Dicpe Lp Calamp (No 3) Cayman Investments Number 1 Hamon International Capital Limited IPR International Limited Paragon International Finance Company LGT Capital Invest (SC3) Limited Commeq Asset Management Limited Drake Asset Management Company The Health Professionals Insurance Company Ltd LBC Sat Ltd One Media Group Limited BGC Global Holdings LP Sabadell International Equity Ltd Vita Cayman Limited Combined Global Funding LLC Vinmar Offshore Finance Ltd JP International Group Limited Global Partners Fund Ltd Felham Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd Octagon Investment Partners XV Ltd Centurion CDO VII Limited Omnivision International Holding Ltd Kaliste Prop Tiers Beach Street Synthetic CLO Floating Rate Credit Linked Tru Cert Ser 20064B Gaw Capital Partners Jensen Russian Real Estate Fund II L.P. Piolet Partners Master Fund Lp Wave SPC Caribbean International Holdings Ltd Wedgebloom Asia Pacific Fund Sam Cayman Inc Hayfin Management Limited Agrograin Ltd Minarg International Ltd Crowdsteer Inc XLIT Ltd. EIT Pachuca European Investment & Trading Ltd Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund Limited Rhone Offshore Partners II LP FHCL Cayman Ltd Kiwi UK Holdco 1, Ltd Patria Finance Limited Polish Enterprise Fund VI L.P. AGC Equity Partners Private Equity Secondary Fund I LP ENR Private Equity Ltd Acepade Multi Strategy Fund ERC Ireland Holdings Limited Rawsons Investments Limited Commerce Corporate Services Limited Madera Investments Limited RV Capital Asia Opportunity Master Fund Iguazu Master Investors (Cayman) LP Spearhead Co-Investment Fund LP Prelude Credit Alpha Cayman Limited SK Blue Holdings, L P

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