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Meridian Capital CIS Fund CCMF Ltd Walkers Corporate Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd Binance Holdings Limited Tencent Holdings Limited Litor Limited Northview Investment Advisors Ltd Caymich Insurance Company Ltd. Antilles Trading Company SEZC Maples Service Company Limited AZ Reinsurance Limited Contech LP Crystal Sky Investment Walkers Fiduciary Limited Onika Insurance Company Ltd KingsGroup Holdings Maplesfs Holdings Limited Inflite Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp Kiwi Holdco CayCo, Ltd. Gems Global (Cayman) Limited Blantyre Capital (Cayman) Limited Cavalry Holdings Ltd China Evergrande Group HSBC Trustee (Cayman) Limited Baker Hughes Asia Pacific Ltd GEMS Eduventure Limited Atlantic Industries Kemnay Services Limited Maples International Holdings Limited Sol Investments Sezc Seagate Technology International NATIONAL CEMENT LTD. Aton Financial Holding Felham Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Carlyle Global Partners Master Coinvestment Cayman LP ACE Manco VB DPR Finance Company Tri-Emirates Investments Ltd. Maples Corporate Services Limited Resona Preferred Global Securities (Cayman) Limited China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co,Ltd Goshawk Trading Strategies Limited Gulf Utilities International Limited SIO International Holdings Limited Hampton Yatch Group Int'l Corp. Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Aurora Cayman Limited Minarg International Ltd Hayfin Capital Holdings Limited Worldview International Management Limited SEZC Blue Range Corporation Globeop Financial Services (Cayman) Limited O3 Capital Global Fund Maritime Trade Corp Hypa Asset Management Limited CTC Corporation Ltd Zinc Holdings Limited Bedrock Alternative Funds Ltd 3 Capital Holdings Ltd Hess Oil and Gas Holdings Inc Shanghai United International Investment Ltd CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. PCH International Holdings Citco III Limited Troika Dialog Group Limited CP Cayman Holdings GP Ltd DBR Investments Co. Limited ABS-CBN Global Limited Vita Cayman Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd LM International Holding L.P. Sam Cayman Inc Arrow International Holdings L.P. Tidewater Marine International Inc Tektronix Asia Investment Ltd. McCormick Global Ingredients Limited SK Blue Holdings, L P Digital Media International Inc HSBC Insurance SPC Ltd XiO GP Limited Victoria Finance Ltd Madison International European Liquidity Investors L.P Domingo Properties Limited KKR Sigma Aggregator L.P KKR Adria Topco Ltd Playco Holdings Limited Alibaba Group Holding Limited VR Global Offshore Fund Ltd Soho China Limited Dark Bay International Ltd. Strategic Alliance Assurance Company Ltd KPI Bridge Oil Limited Daiwa Asset Management Services Ltd (Cayman) Ensco Global Limited GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Topimex Distributors Limited Peel Ports Holdings (CI) Limited Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Telconet Capital Limited Partnership Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland Highgate ABS CDO Ltd Star International Drilling Limited Ambit Microsystems (Cayman) Ltd D&J Industrial Real Estate (Cayman) Investment Holding Limited HSBC International Trustee Limited Gold Coast Capital Subsidiary IV Limited Huris (Grange Park) Limited Brookfield Infrastructure UK Holdings (Cayman) LP Ion Asset Management Ltd. SL Globetrotter, L.P. LFH International Limited Nvidia International Inc. Gerdau Acominas Overseas Limited Highview Atlantic Finance Company Limited MIC-Tech Ventures Asia Pacific Inc Siena Tile & Stone Limited Novana Inc. Jodco Onshore Limited Lani Finance Limited Aton Capital Group Marchmont Limited Marbles Investments Holdings Ltd Ixla Holdings Ltd Demeter (Holdings) Ltd Gems TV Holdings Limited LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. Indecomm Corporation Tiger International Insurance Limited Geely Automobile Holdings Limited Sun Funding Limited Commodities House Investments Limited Urania Capital Management Ltd Nutcracker Holdings Limited Oaktree European Principal Fund III GP, L.P Rawsons Investments Limited Capton Investments Limited TDIC Finance Limited Commerce Corporate Services Limited Quantum Partners LP Menadrill Investment Company IIF Int'l Holding GP Ltd. IHG Core Holdings Ltd Lubras Marine Services Limited Fenghuang Holdings LTD TR Electronic Chemical Co Ltd RS Investment Advisor Meridian Holding Company SSI Thirty-Two Limited Gallatown Developments Limited Redwood Asian Investments, Ltd SS&C Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd IBC Capital Limited Kawa Solar Holdings Limited STK Capital Investment Fund SPC LVS Holdings Limited Luna Holdings Inc HB Advisors Limited Waha Investment Management company SPC IClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd Cavamont Investments Limited Elian Trustee (Cayman) Limited Odyssey Operations Limited Pace Cayman Holdco Limited CS Cayman Ltd VDI Cayman Inc Bre-Gen Holdings Ltd. Jabil Circuit Cayman LP Ascent Finance Limited Triwin Inc Compass Cayman SPV Ltd Louise Insurance Company Ltd C-Travel International Limited Portman Ltd. Bytedance Ltd. C P Holdings Limited Sta-Mar Enterprises Ltd SEI Investments Global (Cayman) WH Intermediate Holdings Ltd BNP Paribas Bank & Trust Cayman Limited Components Agent (Cayman) Limited China Sun Bio-Chem Technology Group Company Ltd NHN Global Ltd Essar Global Fund Limited Phoenix Group Holdings Ksf Beverage Holding Co., Limited A&E Investments Ltd S & S Distributors Ltd TRW China Holdings Ltd China Fishery Group Limited One Marthoma (CI) Inc Awal Trust Company Limited Advent Oxea (Cayman) Limited Lion Air Services Inc Apollo Asset Limited Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd Country Garden Holdings Company Limited Intertrust Corporate Services (C.I.) Limited The Citco Group Limited Baidu, Inc. Fortune Funds Limited LH Asian Trade Finance Fund Ltd. Techint Holdings SARL Northwoods Capital VI Limited Oasis Investments Limited Easygroup Holdings Limited Orey (Cayman) Ltd CIBC Investments (Cayman) Limited Champlain CLO Ltd CDR Bounce (Cayman) Partners L.P. CNPC International Ltd. Vinmar International Ltd LGT Capital Invest (SC3) Limited Vita Cayman II Limited LBC Sat Ltd ePlanet Ventures II L.P. Ikala Global Online Corp. Allianz Global Investors Nominee Services Limited Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. Conyers Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Pascal Fund, Limited Citigroup Global Markets Overseas Finance Limited Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited Popular Bank LLC Cayman Intertrust Directors(Cayman) Limited Octagon Investment Partners XV Ltd Tahoe Cayman Ltd. IHC Properties Ltd Kaliste Prop TPK Holding Co., Ltd Kosmos Energy Finance International Theleme Capital Partners Limited (Cayman) Largo (Wayfarer CDO 2007-1), Ltd Tor Asia Credit Master Fund Lp GSA Capital Ltd Minth Group Limited K Opportunities Fund Spc Crowdsteer Inc Augusta Funding Limited B Survitec Holdings 1 Limited Capital Guidance (Holding) Ltd Grand Pacific Leasing Corporation Ltd Champion Asset Management Limited Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings Kiwi UK Holdco 1, Ltd Max Funding I Ltd Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd

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