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Bunge International Commerce Ltd. Northview Investment Advisors Ltd Binance Holdings Limited MaplesFS Holdings Limited CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. Maples Corporate Services Limited Caymich Insurance Company Ltd. RS Investment Advisor Maples International Holdings Limited Kiwi Holdco CayCo, Ltd. Antilles Trading Company SEZC Sipco Holdings Limited Walkers Corporate Limited Contech LP First Initiatives Insurance Ltd Atlantic Industries SIO International Holdings Limited Tencent Holdings Limited McCormick Global Ingredients Limited Barwick Bodden & Pritchard Ltd Oasis Investments Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd SK Blue Holdings, L P Dymon Asia Select Equity Long-Short Master Fund Koala (Cayman) Ltd Luna Holdings Inc Maples FS Limited GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited DBR Investments Co. Limited Brookfield Infrastructure UK Holdings (Cayman) LP ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd LFH International Limited Theleme Capital Partners Limited (Cayman) Tidewater Marine International Inc Globeop Financial Services (Cayman) Limited Litor Limited AZ Reinsurance Limited Meridian Capital CIS Fund Walkers Nominees Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd Hampton Yatch Group Int'l Corp. Kiwi UK Holdco 1, Ltd ACE Manco Relay Ventures Offshore Fund I L.P. Tong Yang Holding Corporation KPI Bridge Oil Limited KGI International Holdings Limited Jaguar Asia Holdings Limited Altera Absolute Global Master Fund Onika Insurance Company Ltd BNP Paribas Bank & Trust Cayman Limited Essar Global Fund Limited Topimex Distributors Limited ITA Global Trust Company Ltd Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Inversiones CMPC Cayman Ltd Global Funds Trust Company International Pesticide Development Corp. HSBC International Trustee Limited LBC Sat Ltd Nvidia International Inc. Dulwich College Management International Limited TD Advisors, Ltd. CHP China Management Ltd Commerce Corporate Services Limited The Captive Investors Fund Helium Rising Stars Fund Limited CHC Cayman Investments I Ltd. Syncreon Global Holdings Limited UBS (Cayman) Trust 1 Netanya VIII Holdings Ltd Greater Rochester Assurance Company Ltd Queensgate Bank and Trust Company Ltd Southern Fox Investments Ltd High Power III Ltd Crown Managed Accounts SPC CK Hutchison Holdings Limited TRAX, LTD. K Opportunities Fund Spc Marchmont Limited Indecomm Corporation Hayfin Sapphire GP Limited Alesia Global Holdings Ltd RP Asset Management Panasia Funds Investments Ltd IIF Int'l Holding GP Ltd. Gems Global (Cayman) Limited WGP Legal Holdings Limited IBC Capital Limited Gold Silk Holdings Limited AO Trust Company SK Invictus Holdings, L.P. Baker Hughes Asia Pacific Ltd Ensco Limited GEMS Eduventure Limited Caribbean Real Estate Rental International Francisco Partners GP V Management LLC Huntington Cayman, L.P. Carlyle Partners VI Cayman Holdings, L.P. Saman Capital Limited Willamette Enterprises Ltd Sol Investments Sezc TCH Insurance Company Ltd Apollo Spires Limited Intertrust Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited Citco III Limited Troika Dialog Group Limited Maples and Calder Limited Capital House Investments Limited Blackrock Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited Aton Financial Holding Deltec International Group Frena Ultimate Holdings LP Jodco Onshore Limited Compass Group Investments Advisors Cosmostar Ltd. Viva Packaging Holdings Limited Ebury Finance Limited CSS Corporation Ltd AMFO MEMBERS INSURANCE COMPANY LTD Ashwood Investments Limited Eastbridge Asian Mid-Market Opportunity Fund II LP Blackrock Fixed Income Globalalpha Master Fund Ltd IHG Core Holdings Ltd Redwood Asian Investments, Ltd SS&C Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd Icatu Finance and Investments Inc Discovery Value Fund China Everbright Fund Management Limited Gazelle Holdings L.P Crystal Sky Investment Optical Outlook Ltd Hypa Asset Management Limited Wints Investment Elian Trustee (Cayman) Limited A1 Holdings Inc Four Seasons Capital Inc. Ballard Carriers Limited GulfMark Oceans LP Alibaba Group Holding Limited Marine Diesel Industrial Maintenance Ltd Bearacuda Re. Components Agent (Cayman) Limited Dark Bay International Ltd. IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD Cardinal Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. World Power Holdings L.P. Hess Oil and Gas Holdings Inc Itau Global Asset Management Limited Fairfax International Investments Ltd PCH International Holdings Telconet Capital Limited Partnership VTB Capital Russia & CIS Fixed Income Fund Ltd Sparc II Limited LH Asian Trade Finance Fund Ltd. Sumisho Capital Management Co VR Global Partners, L.P. Company Directors Ltd Conco Limited Integrated Silicon Solution (Cayman) Inc Vita Cayman II Limited Commeq Asset Management Limited Fides Asset Management Ltd SL Globetrotter, L.P. Alpha Wings Ltd Atlas Global Investments Ltd Conyers Trust Company (Cayman) Limited HSBC Trustee (Cayman) Limited Pascal Fund, Limited T.H. (CAYMAN) LTD Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Navis Capital Partners Limited Damovo Group Limited DPK Investment Fund SPC CP Cayman Limited Sayro Ventures Ltd Augusta Funding Limited B Compinvestments Hayfin Capital Holdings Limited ACMH Limited Blackstone Chemical Coinvest Partners (Cayman) L.P. Marbles Investments Holdings Ltd Demeter (Holdings) Ltd FHCL Cayman Ltd Urania Capital Management Ltd Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. Gavea Master Fund Ltd Helios Investors III LP Capton Investments Limited TDIC Finance Limited Gleneagles Funding Limited Quantum Partners LP Microport Scientific Corporation Name Administration Inc (Cayman) TR Electronic Chemical Co Ltd The Tigerford Product Limited Hedgeserv Holding LP Ichem Reinsurance Company Limited CreditEase Global Real Estate Investments Fund II L.P. Faberge Limited Plato Company 3 Limited Trailstone (Cayman) LP GCCL (Cayman) Ocean Fleet MGMT Tudor Trading I LP Nemo Investor Aggregator, Limited Tangent Fund Limited Barak Fund SPC Limited eVenture Cayman Investments 2 LP Kettle River Holdings Limited Guaniamo Mining Co. Ltd. GF Investment Series SPC Waha Investment Management company SPC Sentinel Investment Fund Spc EAVF Intermediary Holdings I, L.P Maritime Trade Corp XiO GP Limited Solenis Technologies Cayman, L.P. Mena Juice II Limited DHC Limited Neon Capital Limited Cantab Capital (Cayman) Limited Euro Bank Corporation Morval Bank and Trust Cayman Ltd. Yuanta Investment Management (Cayman) Limited Scottish Re Group Limited Green Eagle Holdings Limited Easyjet Sterling Limited Atlantic Basin Services Ltd Ensco Global Limited KPS Cayman Management III Ltd Osel-Odebrecht Servicos no Exterior Ltd Principal Financial Global Funding LLC Arqaam Capital Principal Finance Limited TCA Multistrategy Opportunity Fund Limited Ballance Principals Limited FIRST SERVICE LIFE INS. CO. One Marthoma (CI) Inc International Coffee and Fertilizer Trading Co MMIP International Fund Limited Histria Tanker Holdings Ltd Intertrust SPV (Cayman) Limited Intertrust Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited Baidu, Inc. Caribbean Network Solutions Limited Seagate Technology International Eagle Holdings Ltd Uni-Asia Holdings Limited Richmond Foods Limited

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