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Sapphire Overseas inc E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. Alpine Partners, L.P. PK Japan Shuweihat O & M Limited Partnership State Street Cayman Trust Company Ltd Northern Ltd Inc Goldman Sachs (Cayman) Holdings Limited BlueBay (Master) Fund Limited The Bluebay Value Recovery ( Master) Fund Limited Stone Tower CLO Ltd Deutsche Bank International Limited Stone Tower CDO Ltd Stone Tower CDO II Ltd Stone Tower CLO IV Ltd Stone Tower CLO V Ltd Earnest Pacific Limited Deutsche Bank International Trust Co (Cayman) Limited Stone Tower CDO III Ltd Stone Tower CLO VII Ltd Pemex Finance Ltd. Trans-Siberian Limited Shuweihat Limited Partnership Shuweihat General Partner Company Grand Central CDO I Ltd LDK Solar Co., Ltd Ares VII Clo Ltd Ares V CLO Ltd Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited Garden Holdings Limited BCP Finance Bank Ltd BCP Finance Company BCP International Bank Limited Tetra Laval Capital Ltd Alibaba Group Holding Limited Limited Highbridge International LLC J A Investments ltd Southeast Europe Equity Fund Ltd BlueMountain CLO Ltd BlueMountain CLO II Ltd Bluemountain CLO III Ltd Bluemountain Long/Short Credit Master Fund L. P. OCM Japan Opportunities Fund LP Oaktree Real Estate Opportunities Fund IV L.P. Oaktree Value Opportunities (Cayman) Fund Ltd VR Capital Group Ltd CMT Asset Management Limited Ibon Leasing Limited VR Global Offshore Fund Ltd GlobalSantafe Offshore Services Inc Hunter Global Investors Offshore Fund Ltd Mellon Offshore Enhanced Global Opportunity Fund, Ltd Mellon Offshore Global Opportunity Fund Ltd Pyrenees Global Value Offshore Fund Ltd Marine Diesel Industrial Maintenance Ltd PIERSON MANAGEMENT (CAYMAN) LTD. DELLA MARE LTD. Alpha Bank TOY ALLIANCE INSURANCE LTD. CAYMAN TRUST BANK LTD. Cayman Management, Ltd. Kirk Freight Line Ltd. NEW ZEALAND DAIRY BOARD FINANCE LTD. Electricity Corporation of New Zealand Finance Limited PACIFIC CORRESPONDENT SERVICES LTD. Commax Management Inc. TRUTH FOR YOUTH SCHOOL Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company (Cayman) Limited GALAXY INVESTMENT FUND UNITED TRUST OVERSEAS BANK CO LTD GLOBAL ENGINE PARTS & EQUIPMENT CORP. Brasilian American Merchant Bank MAPLE ROLL LTD ATLANTA IMPORT & EXPORT CORP. Atlantic Department Store Limited C.L. Flowers & Sons, Ltd. Fosters Food Fair Limited AndroGroup Ltd. Conca Del Sol International BANK INTERCONTINENTAL LTD Campbell & Co. EDEN, ROY GULF UNION BANK LTD. B.O. Ebanks & Son Ltd Lana International Ltd. Southern Enterprises (Ltd) Atlantic Security Bank Julius Baer Bank and Trust Company Ltd ST. IGNATIUS PREPARATORY SCHOOL NC PARPLAND,=BRIDGETS= OVERSEAS INVESTMENT BANK & TRUST TRIPLE C SCHOOL PHOENIX HOLDING CO Global SantaFe Drilling Operations Inc. Guardian Bank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd AALL & Company Limited Inc Euro Bank Corporation FINSBURY BANK & TRUST CO. Campbell Directors Ltd. Atlantic Associates Co. Ltd. Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited International Risk Management (Cayman) Ltd HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited CAPSTAN DEVELOPMENTS LTD. FOCO BANK & TRUST CO. (CAYMAN) LTD. Zedra Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Cayman National Bank Limited Green Spot International Rofin International Bank and Trust EASTERN ASTROTECH GROUP GUARDIAN GLOBAL FUND LTD. Neo Investments Inc. Pacific Industrial Bank Ltd. Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited BMC BANK AND TRUST LIMITED VBT Bank & Trust Ltd. Atlantic Industries Ross Enterprises Limited SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN CHEMICAL LTD. MONTANA TRADING LTD. GRAN EXPORT LTD. North Atlantic Securities Bank of America Trust and Banking Corporation (Cayman) Limited Duna International Inc. Global Union Casualty Insurance Atlantic Supply Ltd Dextra Bank & Trust Co.Ltd. Eurasia Express Line Ltd. Cambert, Marvin Andre (Cayman Islands) Trading Company Ltd Bank of New York Co (Cayman) Ltd Bank of Nova Scotia, The Alpha Soft Ltd Republic National Bank Of New York (Cayman) Ltd Bay Ridge Enterprises Ltd. The New Providence Insurance Company Limited WI Products and Equipment Inc SOLUS OFFSHORE LTD FS GP LTD Austral Bank International Bchil Southern Company, Ltd. NAVIX LINE (CAYMAN) LTD. Naco North Atlantic Continental Capital Ltd. PIC International Corporation BSCH Finance Limited Morval Bank and Trust Cayman Ltd. CSN Overseas SEDGWICK MANAGEMENT SERVICE (CAYMAN) LTD. The R & H Trust Co. Ltd Queensgate Bank and Trust Company Ltd Cayman Islands Fire Services Aercap A Bordeaux Limited MJM Foundations Inc Eastern Capital Corporation Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp Republic Bank Trinidad & Tobago (Cayman) Limited U.I.B. United International Bank Ltd. ALEXANDER INSURANCE MANAGERS (CAYMAN) LTD Arem Haven Ltd Maples Corporate Services Limited Cainvest International Bank Ltd Investment Company of China, The The China Water Company Limited Brown, Donna BB Leasing Company Limited KG Cayman Ltd NYK FINANCE (CAYMAN) LTD NEWS FINANCE (CAYMAN) LIMITED South China Morning Post Finance (Cayman) Limited News Cayman Holdings Limited NEWS CAYMAN LIMITED SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST INVESTMENT (CAYMAN) LTD SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST ENTERPRISES ( CAYMAN) LTD South China Morning Post Consolidated (Cayman) Ltd Danco Laboratories Co NV Midas International Holdings Limited KG GP (Cayman) Limited Alpha Rho Systems Inc Southern Investment Comp Southern Investments Ltd Ross Capital Markets Ltd Bes Sales ( Cayman ) Limited New Century Holding V, L.P. Bio-Mass Systems Inc Merus Holding Corporation Saturn Holdings, Inc. Safe Haven Ltd Pico Far East Holdings Limited Atlantic Security Holding Corporation LBI Management (Cayman) Ltd Orion Russia / Nis Dept Fund Limited 5/6 Stanhope Gate Limited Solo Marine Inc Kings Bay Capital Management Ltd AALL Group Inc Starling Holding Ltd Linos Variety Store/Oslin Dist Premier Cru Export Atlantic Trading Co Sires Loan Co. Poseidon Loan Co. MCI Worldcom Asia Pacific Limited Subic Bay Energy Company Ltd Far Eastern Transport Co. Campbell Corporate Services Limited Atlas CPO Series III Ltd Far East Capital Investment Ltd Graeme Limited Yuanta Investment Management (Cayman) Limited Terry Burke China Rare Earth Holdings Limited Phoenix Limited GM International Sales Ltd Far East Global Asia Limited New York Broker Administration AG Hua Lien International (Holding) Company Limited Supership (Canada) Limited CAM Global Finance MCT Eastern Europe Ltd LLB Fund Management (Cayman) Ltd Galaxy Global Opportunity Fund Southern Way Ltd Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Limited Aircraft Parts Maintenance & Equipment Ltd Regent Russian and Eastern European Real Estate Fund Damac Technology Partners L.P. Mitsui Bussan Capital Management (Cayman) Mars MTC (Cayman) Limited BSCH International Limited Den Norske Bank AS Staffordshire Asia New AGE Fund Global Equity Trading Fund Ltd RR Multi-Advisor Fund Ltd Trans Siberian Minerals Corp. Funky Tang Limited Biss Deal Limited Guangdong Alliance Ltd Tex-Ray Industrial Co Ltd Cayman Islands Department of Tourism New World PCS Holdings Limited Foxconn (Far East) Limited Scottish Re Group Limited Interocean Coal Sales, LDC Sta-Mar Enterprises Ltd Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited Maples FS Limited Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited

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