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D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Walkers Nominees Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd Dark Bay International Ltd. Tahoe Cayman Ltd. Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. CHP China Management Ltd Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited AZ Reinsurance Limited Interamericana Trading Corp Epoch Capital (Cayman) Limited Crown Managed Accounts SPC Technovation (Cayman) Corporation Magnetar AP Services Limited DPK Investment Fund SPC Mangart Capital Management Limited Kings Bay Capital Management Ltd Bearacuda Re. Global Futures Ltd. Essar Global Fund Limited MaplesFS Holdings Limited Shanghai United International Investment Ltd Altera Absolute Investments Telconet Capital Limited Partnership Platinum Equity Capital Partners International II (Cayman) L.P. Cameron Russia Ltd Alpha Wings Ltd Jaguar Asia Holdings Limited Siena Tile & Stone Limited Frena Ultimate Holdings LP ALL AMERICA CABLES & RADIO INC. MSR Capital Two Ltd Glory International Energy Co. Ltd Sapphire Overseas inc Ares IX CLO Ltd Tetra Laval Capital Ltd GULF UNION BANK LTD. Den Norske Bank AS Interocean Coal Sales, LDC Bernard National Loan Investors, Ltd KGI International Holdings Limited Citadel Derivatives Trading Ltd. Bear Stearns Principal Protected Funding Ltd Deucalion Capital III Limited The Ton Poh Thailand Fund First Dominion Funding III Arrow Electronics (C.I.) Limited Robeco Alternative Investments SPC Eurotax Glass's Investments Ltd. Diamond Age Capital Advisors Limited Clearwater Capital Partners Fund IV L.P. Francisco Partners II (Cayman) L.P Bank Vontobel Cayman Dana Petroleum North Zeit Bay Ltd Silergy Corp Ensco Overseas Limited Techint Holdings SARL Serena Holding Co Ltd Richmond Foods Limited Sino Mining Alumina Limited Pamirs Investment Limited SPC Marathon Fusion Japan Fund Limited Calamp (No 3) SK Spice Holdings LP CNPC International Ltd. AP Capital Investment Limited Leighton International Limited Axes Global Securities inc Manheim Global Management LP Augusta Funding Limited 10 Vita Cayman Limited ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd SIO International Holdings Limited Pacific & General Estates Ltd Falcon Group Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. Aton Financial Holding Asia Pacific Realty Holdings Ltd The Value Active Fund Ltd. Octagon Investment Partners XV Ltd Aetos Capital Group Holdings Limited Tencent Holdings Limited IHC Properties Ltd Novagen Holding Corporation Tazlina Funding CDO I Ltd Xenel International EEH, SPC Caribbean Investors Ltd CTC Holdings (Cayman) Ltd SAM JB Inc CS Iris Life Master Fund Limited Hayfin Topaz LP Crowdsteer Inc Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings CDH China Growth Capital Holding Investors Company Limited Kiwi Holdco Cayco Ltd FDR Holdings Limited Kiwi UK Holdco 1, Ltd Stable Holdings Ltd Morgan Stanley Iocaste Cayman Limited Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. Hayfin Sapphire GP Limited Co-Investment Partnership I, L.P Capton Investments Limited Alpine Partners, L.P. AP Pipeline Colombia Limited Partnership Shuweihat Limited Partnership Ares VIII CLO Ltd Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited BCP Finance Bank Ltd Alibaba Group Holding Limited BlueMountain CLO Ltd Altrinsic Global Offshore Fund Ltd Commax Management Inc. Maples Corporate Services Limited Bill Corporation AALL Group Inc Supership (Canada) Limited BES Finance Ltd Far East Consortium International Limited Southern Tropic Material Supply Company Ltd Swiss Life Cayman Finance Ltd. Bie Cayman Ltd Peace House Properties Company Components Agent (Cayman) Limited The Transit Alliance Insurance Co., Ltd Brascan Sels Cports 2004-1 Ltd KPI Bridge Oil Limited Dona Limited Kemnay Services Limited Green T G2 Fund Limited CP Cayman Topco Beach Bay Land Ltd Maple Leaf Capital (Cayman) Limited Sol Investments Limited China Lodging Group Limited Caip Global Partners Ltd Sterling Holdings LP Capstone Volatility Master (Cayman) Ltd. Water Street Insurance Company Ltd TCH Insurance Company Ltd Freighter Prince Ltd TCA Multistrategy Opportunity Fund Limited Ballance Principals Limited Hess Oil and Gas Holdings Inc First Amkor Cayman Inc First Dominion Funding II Artemis U.K. Hedge Fund Limited National IT Sezc Ltd. Itau Global Asset Management Limited China Fishery Group Limited Kuo Investments Ltd. Laird C.I. Holdings Ltd Apex Silver Mines International Trading Network Inc VTB Capital Russia & CIS Equity Fund Ltd Summit Drilling International Ltd Gateway Holdings Ldc Apollo Fund Administration Ltd Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd AIM CDO Limited BCP Finance Ltd Citadel Macro Master Fund I Ltd Blair International Insurance (Cayman) Limited Angelicoussis Shipping Group Limited Histria Tanker Holdings Ltd Conrad Asset Management Inc. Muse Music Group Inc. Maple Leaf Leasing 6 Limited Bunge Fertilizantes International Ltd. Cheyne Vista Fund L.P. Fortune Funds Limited LSI Logic HK Holdings Alesco Preferred Funding III LTD Miraplan Asset Management Ltd. Eagle Management Services Limited Sipco Holdings Limited SW Southern Investment Ltd Southern Fox Investments Ltd Chamuel Cayman Limited Cititrust (Cayman) Limited Hall Commodities (Cayman) Ltd CJ Leasing (Cayman) Ltd Pixal Investment Company Limited AF Investments, Ltd. Global Investment Opportunities Fund (SPC) Limited DB Real Estate Global Opportunities IA (Offshore) L.P. Rovida Strategic Investments Company Ltd SFP Value Realization Co. Ltd Advanced Automotive Ltd Schick Cayman Islands Ltd Sarah (Cayman Islands) Ltd National IT Holdings Ltd Basswood Opportunity Fund, Inc. Atrium XI CICC Alternative Investment Management Ltd International Pesticide Development Corp Amber Lion L.P. Conco Limited CDR Bounce (Cayman) Partners L.P. Cayman Investments Number 1 Conocophillips Qatar Ltd Morgan Stanley Japan (Holdings) Ltd Huris (Thames Park) Limited Huris (Swindon) Limited Asus International Limited EOGI International Company Vinmar International Ltd Pat International Ltd. BFF International Limited Capital House Investments Limited Vulpes Investment Management Limited Abraaj Investment Management Limited Vita Cayman II Limited ChungHong Holdings Limited Falcon House Partners Indonesia Parallel Fund I L.P. ARCM Master Fund II Ltd Bluematrix Master Fund Limited BTG Pactual Absolute Return II Master Fund L.P. Zhongyue Assets Management Ltd Melqart Asset Management LP Melqart Asset Management (GP) LP Prostar Capital Limited SL Globetrotter LP Lyxor Alphadyne SPC Mapletree Regional Holdings Ltd Yorkshire Water Services Bradford Finance Limited Ibercaja Capital Limited SANTANDER FINANCIAL ISSUANCE LTD Pacific Harbor Associates Limited Itau Bank Ltd Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-B LP Braskem Incorporated Limited Black River Emerging Markets Credit Opportunity Fund Ltd Highview Atlantic Finance Company Limited Vinmar Offshore Finance Ltd Hampton Yatch Group Int'l Corp. Sunrise CDO 1 Ltd Asia Trading Holdings Limited Herbalife Ltd. Inflite Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Electro Dunas Cayman Holdings Ltd. Edesia Cayman Holdings Ltd. LM International Holding L.P. Carlyle Global Market Strategies Clo 2013-1 Ltd Denjoy Cayman Limited Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp

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