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GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Walkers Nominees Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd Abraaj Holdings Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd Abraaj Capital Holdings Limited Kiwi Holdco Cayco, Ltd. Maples International Holdings Limited Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. Global Funds Trust Company Abraaj Investment Management Limited SIO International Holdings Limited Alesia Global Holdings Ltd Sol Investments Limited CJ Leasing (Cayman) Ltd Optimus Prime Fund Management Co. Ltd. The Captive Investors Fund Aton Financial Holding Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited Novagen Holding Corporation Magnetar AP Services Limited Mangart Capital Management Limited Altera Absolute Investments Morgan Stanley Credit Products Ltd. Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited Blackrock Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited Vinmar Offshore Finance Ltd Hengyuan International Group Limited LM International Holding L.P. Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp BINION INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd Glory International Energy Co. Ltd IHG Core Holdings Ltd McCormick Global Ingredients Ltd Engadine Equity Fund Atlantic Industries Dark Bay International Ltd. KGI International Holdings Limited IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD Fulcrum Asset Management Limited Liongate Capital Management (Cayman) Limited Pallinghurst EMG African Queen L.P. TCA Multistrategy Opportunity Fund Limited World Power Holdings L.P. Topimex Distributors Limited Cayman Investments Number 1 Element Holdings II LP Novus Funding Cayman 2012-1 Limited Navis Capital Partners Limited Aldus Aviation Fund Limited Crowdsteer Inc Marchmont Limited Myriad Asset Management (Cayman) Limited CSS Corporation Ltd Blackrock Fixed Income Globalalpha Master Fund Ltd Accion Diversified Strategies Fund SPC Galaxycore Inc Carlyle Global Partners Master Coinvestment Cayman LP AMH Holdings (Cayman) LP Galaxy IV CLO Ltd Global Bio-Chem Technology Group Company Limited Essar Global Fund Limited MaplesFS Holdings Limited CVI Global Value Fund Cayman L.P. Interamericana Trading Corp Citco III Limited Bunge International Commerce Ltd. Serena Holding Co Ltd SW Southern Investment Ltd Monterey Cayman Inc Execustar International Limited D&J Industrial Real Estate (Cayman) Investment Holding Limited Concord Champion International Limited Calamp (No 3) LGT Capital Invest (SC3) Limited Fides Asset Management Ltd Dominus Investments Limited Leighton International Limited SL Globetrotter, L.P. LFH International Limited Falcon Group Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. Deltec International Group Jaguar Asia Holdings Limited Omnivision International Holding Ltd Tazlina Funding CDO I Ltd Frena Ultimate Holdings LP DPK Investment Fund SPC Lani Finance Limited GSA Capital Ltd Survitec Group (Cayman Islands) Limited Dulwich College Management International Limited Rhone Offshore Partners II LP Ptolemy Finance LLC Blue Range Corporation Falcon Asset Finance (Cayman) Limited Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. Chanel Limited Symmetry Master Fund Limited One Equity Partners VI L.P Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited SK Blue Holdings, L P Oceana Master Fund Ltd. Fabrinet Euro Bank Corporation Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited Dr. Elaine Campbell (Optometrist) Galaxy Limited The Transit Alliance Insurance Co., Ltd Millennium Partners, L.P. Maple Leaf Capital (Cayman) Limited KPS Cayman Management III Ltd American Express Centaurus Fund Shanghai Hua Hong International, Inc. Fairfax International Investments Ltd Shanghai United International Investment Ltd One Marthoma (CI) Inc European Trade & Investments SA Squareinvest Access Fund Ltd Silergy Corp Transocean Offshore PR Limited Platinum Equity Capital Partners International II (Cayman) L.P. Intertrust Holding (Cayman) Limited Energy Trade and Finance Corporation American Group Surety Ltd Sipco Holdings Limited AC International Finance Limited Segantii Capital Management (Cayman) Limited Epoch Capital (Cayman) Limited Richmond Foods Limited Chamuel Cayman Limited Troika Dialog Group Limited CBC Investments Ltd International Pesticide Development Corp. Pamirs Investment Limited SPC Huris (Swindon) Limited EOGI International Company Global Funds Management LtdGlobal Funds Management Ltd ECO Master Fund Limited Drake Asset Management Company Melqart Asset Management LP Three Nails Crowns Limited Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. Global Maritime Investments Limited Element Capital Master Fund Limited Pimco Cayman Trust Pascal Fund, Limited Braskem Incorporated Limited Asia Pacific Realty Holdings Ltd Art Photography Fund Spc Electro Dunas Cayman Holdings Ltd. Edesia Cayman Holdings Ltd. Tahoe Cayman Ltd. Centaur Funding Corporation Tencent Holdings Limited Xiezhong International Holdings Limited Deucalion Limited Tael Two Partners Ltd TTI SPC Union 15 SPC Fountainvest Advisors Ltd Compass Group Investments Advisors Minarg International Ltd Capital Guidance (Holding) Ltd Hayfin Capital Holdings Limited Viridian Group Holdings Limited EIT Pachuca European Investment & Trading Ltd Worldview International Management Limited SEZC Victory Asset Management Ltd EASTJADE Asset Management Company Limited Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings TCG Ventures Investment Holdings III LP Stable Holdings Ltd Hony Capital V Management Limited VGO Capital Management Ltd. AMCI Management (Cayman) Ltd. Fischer Offshore Fund Ltd SCG Capital Partners IV Limited BFAM Asian Opportunities Master Fund LP Eastbridge Asian Mid-Market Opportunity Fund II LP Rawsons Investments Limited Hayfin Opal Holdings Limited CHP China Management Ltd Commet International Sonangol Finance Limited Gleneagles Funding Limited Oryza Capital Master Ltd Delima Ores Corporation Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd Man Multi-Strategy Master Fund Fort Warren Opportunities Master Fund LP GII Holdco Ltd VTeam Financial Service (Cayman) Group Corp GLG Japanese Long Short Fund Binance Holdings Limited Skypower Global (Cayman) CreditEase Global Real Estate Investments Fund II L.P. Bopu Capital management Ltd Inc Earnest Pacific Limited Trans-Siberian Limited BlueMountain CLO Ltd DELLA MARE LTD. EDEN, ROY 5/6 Stanhope Gate Limited Supership (Canada) Limited Den Norske Bank AS Maples FS Limited Bearacuda Re. Southern Water Services (Finance) Limited Southern Cone Power Ltd Tong Yang Holding Corporation Galaxy III CLO Ltd Peace House Properties Company Smart Worldwide Holding Inc FourWinds Capital Management Kemnay Services Limited NHN Global Ltd CP Cayman Topco Orey Management (Cayman) Limited TPS Investments SPC East Capital Bering New Europe Fund China Mineral Holding Limited China Tricomm Ltd TCH Insurance Company Ltd AZ Reinsurance Limited GLG European Long-Short Fund GLG Credit Fund The Ton Poh Thailand Fund First 2004-I CLO, Ltd National IT Sezc Ltd. International Construction Management Consultants KYOEI-SEIMEI INVESTMENT CAYMAN CO. LTD. Meridian Capital CIS Fund Absolute European Catalyst Fund Limited Goldentree High Yield Opportunities (Offshore) II, Ltd. Goldman Sachs Asset Management CBO II Limited Goldman Sachs Asset Management CBO Limited Friede Goldman United Ltd Altera International Inc East Capital Alternative Investments (Cayman) Ltd Rigel International Trading Co Ltd PCH International Holdings Diamond Age Capital Advisors Limited Telconet Capital Limited Partnership Canyon Capital CLO 2004-1 Ltd Rampart Capital (Cayman) Limited RP Capital Partners Cayman Islands Limited

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