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D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd Nominee Limited Antilles Trading Company SEZC Kiwi Holdco CayCo, Ltd. Northview Investment Advisors Ltd Felham Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Litor Limited Crystal Sky Investment Alibaba Group Holding Limited Caymich Insurance Company Ltd. Barra Holdings LP Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Troika Dialog Group Limited Gulf DTH Holdings Co Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. Sol Investments Limited LH Asian Trade Finance Fund Ltd. Centaurus Investments Limited Marchmont Limited Kiwi UK Holdco 1, Ltd Carent Enterprises Ltd WGP Legal Holdings Limited MaplesFS Holdings Limited Walkers Nominees Limited Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Ctrip Investment Holding Ltd SK Blue Holdings, L P Ensco Limited Sterling Holdings LP Osel-Odebrecht Servicos no Exterior Ltd SIO International Holdings Limited Walkers Corporate Limited Frena Ultimate Holdings LP Farragut Holdings, Inc Indecomm Corporation Gavea Master Fund Ltd Onika Insurance Company Ltd CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. Meridian Capital CIS Fund Peel Ports Holdings (CI) Limited SW Southern Investment Ltd Global Funds Trust Company Commeq Asset Management Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd Patria Finance Limited Myriad Asset Management (Cayman) Limited CSS Corporation Ltd Rawsons Investments Limited GII Holdco Ltd Gems Global (Cayman) Limited DT Cayman Ltd MGI Enterprises Ltd Bishopsgate Asset Finance Limited Redwood Asian Investments, Ltd Duki Cayman Holdings Ltd BNP Paribas Bank & Trust Cayman Limited Kemnay Services Limited Maples International Holdings Limited Ensco Global Limited Citco III Limited Oasis Investments Limited Camco Cayman Limited DBR Investments Co. Limited NATIONAL CEMENT LTD. HSBC International Trustee Limited Gold Coast Capital Subsidiary IV Limited Element Holdings II LP Conyers Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Siena Tile & Stone Limited Ting-Qiao (Cayman Island) Holding Corp HayFin Topaz LP Contech LP Dark Blue Investments Limited Stonefarm Capital Management Limited Quillon Investments Ltd Perenco Petroleum Limited Binance Holdings Limited Hambledon Inc Atlantic Industries Maples Corporate Services Limited Bie Cayman Ltd Peace House Properties Company Premium Management Services (PMS) Inc KPI Bridge Oil Limited Essar Global Fund Limited TCH Insurance Company Ltd Laird C.I. Holdings Ltd International Coffee and Fertilizer Trading Co PCH International Holdings SMT Electronic Technology Limited Bunge International Commerce Ltd. Pluspetrol Resources Corporation Sino Mining Alumina Limited Huris (Swindon) Limited Vinmar International Ltd Fides Asset Management Ltd Allianz Global Investors Nominee Services Limited Vita Cayman Limited HSBC Trustee (Cayman) Limited LFH International Limited Neptune CDO 2004-1 Ltd Jaguar Asia Holdings Limited Energizer Cayman Islands Ltd Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited China Medical System Holdings Limited Samaha Holdings Limited Arrow International Holdings L.P. The Polestar Company Limited Survitec Holdings 1 Limited IIF Int'l NWEN UK Cayman Ltd Tidewater Marine International Inc Worldview International Management Limited SEZC Sybex Alliance Limited Commodities House Investments Limited Urania Capital Management Ltd TD Advisors, Ltd. CHP China Management Ltd Symmetry Master Fund Limited IIF Int'l Holding GP Ltd. Delima Ores Corporation Bopu Capital management Ltd RS Investment Advisor UBS (Cayman) Trust 2 Gallatown Developments Limited Syncreon Global Holdings Limited Inverban SA O3 Capital Global Fund BOC Aviation (Cayman) Limited Noble Enterprises Limited Asimco Technologies Limited Shuweihat O & M Limited Partnership Shuweihat Limited Partnership Soho China Limited Atrium V Iron Mountain South America Ltd IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD Pallinghurst EMG African Queen L.P. Cardinal Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. AZ Reinsurance Limited Altera Absolute Investments Advent Steel (Cayman) Limited VTB Capital Russia & CIS Fixed Income Fund Ltd Summit Drilling International Ltd Basin Supply Corporation Mayo Insurance Company Limited Histria Tanker Holdings Ltd Intertrust Holding (Cayman) Limited FRM Sigma Fund Limited Eagle Management Services Limited Sipco Holdings Limited Southern Fox Investments Ltd Insight Capital Management (Cayman) Limited Newheight Holdings Ltd Rovida Strategic Investments Company Ltd Investec Aircraft Syndicate Limited High Power III Ltd International Pesticide Development Corp. Conco Limited SK Spice Holdings LP Tamerlane Capital International Investment Management Limited Vita Cayman II Limited Hong Wan Company Limited Dominus Investments Limited Star Reefers Shipowning Inc Alpha Wings Ltd Crown Managed Accounts SPC Element Capital Master Fund Limited Sable International Finance Limited Roywest Trust Corp (Cayman) Ltd CK Hutchison Holdings Limited Falcon Group Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited Mufg Fund Services (Cayman) Limited LM International Holding L.P. Tahoe Cayman Ltd. Abico International Holding Co., Ltd Taurus Investment SPC United Capital Partners Oil and Gas Private Equity Fund, LP Aurora Cayman Limited Gaw Capital Partners Magnetar AP Services Limited Lani Finance Limited Cayroy Limited Montkaj Ltd. Soylent Limited Marc Finance Ltd NBL International Risk Management Limited Victory Asset Management Ltd Ixla Holdings Ltd FHCL Cayman Ltd China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Limited Matchpoint Investment Management Limited Globeop Financial Services (Cayman) Limited D1 Capital Partners Offshore LP Rank Assets Limited Vega Global Fund Limited Svelland Capital (Cayman) Ltd BFAM Asian Opportunities Master Fund LP Eastbridge Asian Mid-Market Opportunity Fund II LP Alesia Global Holdings Ltd AMP Capital (GIF Cayman Holdco) 4, LP Vega Select Opportunities Fund Limited Accion Diversified Strategies Fund SPC RP Asset Management Spectra Investments Limited. IHG Core Holdings Ltd Carlyle Global Partners Master Coinvestment Cayman LP Helium Special Situations Fund Limited Mida Medical Technologies Mass Energy Group Holding Ltd. Lion Point Master L.P. CHP Insurance (SPC) Ltd Seagate Technology Agic Partners Holding (CAYMAN) Limited Fresenius Medical Care Reinsurance Company (Cayman) Ltd Skycatcher Offshore Fund Ltd. Koromas Fund Limited Warwick European General Partner Inc Halo International Sezc Ltd Oriental Mining And Mineral Resources Co. Ltd Ivy Topco Limited HNA Aviation (Cayman) Technics Holding Co., Ltd Trident Energy E.G., Ltd Triton Marine Fuels, Ltd Blue Vista Shipping Ltd Koudai Corporation CTC Corporation Ltd Tilad Atrium Finance Company Limited CC+ Physical Limited Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited VR Global Offshore Fund Ltd Euro Bank Corporation CAPSTAN DEVELOPMENTS LTD. FOCO BANK & TRUST CO. (CAYMAN) LTD. Cayman National Bank Limited Pacific Industrial Bank Ltd. VBT Bank & Trust Ltd. The China Water Company Limited Starling Holding Ltd Damac Technology Partners L.P. CSN Islands VII Corp. Dynamic Time Investments Limited Pacos Trading Limited Components Agent (Cayman) Limited Dark Bay International Ltd. KGI International Holdings Limited Bennington Finance Limited

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