List of Corporate Headquarters in GEORGE TOWN

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Greater Rochester Assurance Company Ltd Halcyon Structured Asset Management CLO L Ltd Halcyon Structured Asset Management Long Secured Short Unsecured CLO 20061 Ltd Halcyon Advisors Inc Halcyon Structured Asset Management Long Secured/Short Unsecured 2007-1 Ltd Halcyon Structured Asset Management Long Secured/Short Unsecured 2007-2 Ltd Silver Mountain Health Management Limited Halcyon Structured Asset Management Long Secured/Short Unsecured 2007-3 Ltd Halcyon Commodities Ltd Happylatte Happy Holidays Ltd CNPC International Ltd. Revival Holdings Limited Blue Hill Clo Ltd Alliance Global Group Cayman Islands Incr Marik Holdings Limited Invention Global Limited Kigyosaisei LLC IGG Inc B International Sadia International Limited Takoradi International Company Bunge International Commerce Ltd. Walkers Nominees Limited SK Spice Holdings LP South China Holdings Limited South China Printing (Holdings) Ltd BlueHaven Limited Bluepennant Limited SK Blue Holdings, L P SK Invictus Holdings, L.P. Capital House Investments Limited AP Capital Investment Limited Blackrock Capital Structure Investments Master Fund Ltd Evergreen Investment Capital Ltd Rocwood Capital Master Fund LP Oryza Capital Master Ltd Cowin Capital Investment Limited Longhorn Master Investors LP Simpson Master Investments Ltd Cornerstone Capital Investment Company Limited Lakeville Capital Investors Limited Hawkeye Capital Master Advantech Master Investment Limited Woodstock Master Capital, Ltd Diamond Capital Investments Roystone Capital Master Fund Ltd Rivulet Capital Master Fund Ltd Enron Hainan Ltd T. Co. Metals Limited Enron Venezuela Ltd IIF Int'l SW UK Investment LTD Clearwater Capital Partners Fund III, L.P. Platinum Equity Capital Partners International II (Cayman), L.P. Southern Capital Partners II Limited Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) V-AC LP MS Capital Partners VI GP LP Pamplona Capital Partners II L.P. Navis Capital Partners Limited Citic Capital Partners Limited Theleme Capital Partners Limited (Cayman) H.I.G. Europe Capital Partners L.P. HMI Capital Partners, LP Juggernaut Capital Partners II, L.P. Tanto Capital Partners Ltd Gaw Capital Partners SCG Capital Partners II Limited Cryder Capital Partners Inc. Covey Capital Partners Ltd SCG Capital Partners III Limited SCG Capital Partners IV Limited Real Estate Capital Asia Partners, L.P. Unicorn Capital Partners Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) V LP Deutsche Capital Partners China Limited Odien Capital Partners L.P. Axia Offshore Partners Ltd Brahman Partners II Offshore Ltd Alder Offshore Partners Ltd Suttonbrook Offshore Partners Ltd Rhone Offshore Partners II L.P. D1 Capital Partners Offshore LP Axial Capital Offshore Ltd JGB Capital Offshore Ltd Extract Capital Offshore Ltd Soundpost Capital Offshore, Ltd. Obrem Capital Offshore Ltd Watershed Capital Partners (Offshore) Master Fund IV LP Apis Offshore Capital Ltd. Walkers Corporate Limited Peel Ports Holdings (CI) Limited Seligman Tech Spectrum (BPI) Fund Spectra Investments Limited. Seagate Technology Spectra Latin America Fund SPC Seligman Tech Spectrum (Master) Fund SCT Technology, Ltd. Seligman Tech Spectrum Seperate Fund A CMT Asset Management Limited Mega Global Asset Management Company Limited Fulcrum Asset Management Limited MGG SF Drawdown Unlevered Fund II (Cayman) LP Man Asset Management (Cayman) Limited Itau Global Asset Management Limited Goldman Sachs Asset Management CBO II Limited Goldman Sachs Asset Management CBO Limited Guangdong Assets Management Ltd Zhongyue Assets Management Ltd Banif-International Asset Management Ltd. Commeq Asset Management Limited Ion Asset Management Ltd. Courant Asset Management Ltd Quantres Asset Management Limited Drake Asset Management Company Melqart Asset Management LP North Asset Management International Limited Hua Nan Asset Management Corporation Myriad Asset Management (Cayman) Limited International Standard Asset Management Penjing Asset Management Limited China Everbright Assets Management Holdings Limited Cayman Jiming Asset Management Co Ltd Smiths Air Conditioning and Refrigeration CAC Engineering Ltd Cayman Air Conditioning Ltd Trane Air Conditioning Products Limited OTIS AIR-CONDITIONING LTD. Wasi Finance CI Corporation 2006-HES1 Limited Great Rich Limited Richest Investments Limited Dr. Barry Richter OB/GYN Wasi Finance Limited Partnership 2006-HES1 Arrowgrass Distressed Opportunities Fund Limited European Special Opportunities Master Fund I Limited Candlewood Special Situations Master Fund Ltd The Lynx Fund I (Master Fund) LP Kalorama Special Products Fund SPC Ltd Stigma Fund SpC Sciens Special Situations Master Fund Ltd VI (Vietnam Investments) Fund I L.P. Third Avenue Special Situations (Master) Fund LP Servertis Fund I Ltd Solaris Fund (SPC) Limited SPX Fund SPC Centennial Funds SPC Costellation Fund SPC Leonis Fund SPC Constellation Fund Spc Capula European Special Situations Fund (Co-Investment) LP GSO Special Situations Overseas Fund Ltd Capula European Special Situations Fund L.P. Capula European Special Situations Fund (USD) L.P. GSO Special Situations Master Fund L.P. Capula European Special Situations Fund (GP) Limited Fortelus Special Situations Fund Ltd. Argo Special Situations Fund LP BTG Pactual Value Investors I Fund SPC Man AHL Tailprotect Master Ltd Ace II Master Fund LP Tamalpais Master Fund Ltd CVF Master Fund III LP Camulos Master Fund LP ECO Master Fund Limited Phineus Master Fund Ltd AWJ Master Fund Ltd Atlas Master Fund, Ltd ARCM Master Fund II Ltd Raeburn Master Fund L.P. Penteli Master Fund, Ltd. Bluematrix Master Fund Limited The Mangrove Partners Master Fund Ltd. Kingstown Partners Master Ltd Perella Weinberg Partners Tokum Healthcare Master Fund L.P. Rubicon Master Fund Iroquois Master Fund Ltd PMA Capital Management Limited FourWinds Capital Management Cayman Capital Management, L.P Segantii Capital Management (Cayman) Limited Jade Capital Management Falcon Capital Management Hony Capital V Management Limited Prosperity Capital Management (RF) LTD. Unison Capital Management,L.D.C. Integrety Capital Management II Limited Prime Capital Management Stonefarm Capital Management Limited Urania Capital Management Ltd VGO Capital Management Ltd. Apollo EPF Capital Management, Limited Lunar Capital Management Advisors Ltd Portland Hill Capital Management (GP) Limited Bopu Capital management Ltd Cindat Capital Management Limited Genbridge Capital Management Company, Ltd. Yellowbird Capital Management GP Limited NewQuest Capital Management (Cayman) Limited Vesper Capital Management Ltd GLG Partners Services Limited Lee & Man Holdings Ltd Man GLG Holding SPV II Frontfour Master Fund Ltd. Brevan Howard Master Fund Limited York Global Credit Income Master Fund LP Marathon European Credit Opportunity Master Fund SPC DW Value Master Fund Ltd. Standard Investment Research Hedged Equity Master Fund Ltd TCA Global Credit Master Fund LP Intel Asia Finance Ltd Sino Mining International Limited Jing-Jin Electric International Co. Ltd TMF Cayman Ltd Asuka Japanese Equity Long Short Offshore Trust I Deutsche Bank International Trust Co (Cayman) Limited Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company (Cayman) Limited HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited Zedra Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Bank of America Trust and Banking Corporation (Cayman) Limited BNP Paribas Bank & Trust Cayman Limited Close Trustees (Cayman) Limited State Street (Cayman) Trust, Limited Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. Appleby Trust (Cayman) Ltd. Bermuda Trust (Cayman) Limited Conyers Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Standard Chartered Trust (Cayman) Limited Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited HSBC Trustee (Cayman) Limited Rothschild Trust Cayman Limited Circumference FS (Cayman) Ltd. UBS Trustees (Cayman) Ltd Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd Wilmington Trust Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited CIBC Bank & Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Morgan Stanley Private Equity Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Schroder Cayman Bank and Trust Company Limited Wachovia Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. Berjaya Group Equity (Cayman) Limited KPI Bridge Oil Limited GUARDIAN GLOBAL FUND LTD. CAM Global Finance The Global Essential Fund Essar Global Fund Limited Principal Financial Global Funding LLC Global Funds Management LtdGlobal Funds Management Ltd BBVA Global Finance Ltd Oakwood Global Finance, L.P. Global Partners Fund Ltd Holowesko Global Fund LLC Holowesko Global Fund Ltd SRM Global Fund Limited The Global Perspectives Fund Limited Leo Global Fund Ltd. NR Global Fund Ltd Global Opportunities Fund Wimbledon Financing Fund Ltd CICC Financial Fund GP, Ltd Global Palladium Fund LP Antipodes Asia Fund Limited Global Dynamic Fund Limited Global Funds SPC II Basswood Financial Fund Inc ContourGlobal L.P. WGP Legal Holdings Limited Contech LP Alibaba Group Holding Limited Meridian Capital CIS Fund Massachusetts Assurance Company Ltd Summit Drilling International Ltd Star International Drilling Limited Hercules International Drilling Ltd. Shelf Drilling International, Inc. Vantage Drilling International El Paso Global Gas (Cayman) Company El Paso Global Gas (Cayman) Company SEI Investments Global (Cayman) Resona Preferred Global Securities (Cayman) Limited Swiss & Global Fund Administration (Cayman) Ltd CVI Global Value Fund Cayman L.P. Gems Oriental and General Fund Limited Skypower Global (Cayman) Global-IP Cayman Spectrum Global Fund Administration (Cayman) Gems Global (Cayman) Limited Global Fastening (Cayman) Company Gems Menasa (Cayman) Limited Gem Global Yield Fund Limited Templeton Global Summits (Cayman) Fund Ltd Citadel Macro Master Fund I Ltd Round Trable Global Macro Master Fund Ltd Global Commodity Opportunity Master Fund Ltd. Mount Nathan Macro Master Fund Firebird Global Master Fund II Ltd Argonaut Global Macro Fund Ltd Lansdowne European Long Only Fund Limited O'Connor Global Fundamental Market Neutral Long/Short Master Fund Limited Viking Long Fund III Ltd Dupper Pension Fund AKO Global Long-only Fund Limited Western Asset Global Alpha Opportunities Master Fund Ltd Western Asset Global Alpha Opportunities Master Fund 3 Ltd. Doubleline Opportunistic Income Master Fund LP Alden Global Distressed Opportunities Master Fund L.P. Pan Asia Opportunities Master Fund Ltd. Mast Credit Opportunities I Master Fund Limited Sunbeam Opportunites (Cayman) Master Fund LP Angelicoussis Shipping Group Limited Asia Infrastruture Investment Limited Asian Infraestructure Fund Management Company, Ldc. Asean Infrastructure Fund LP Qbasisfund Cheval Infrastructure Fund LP Israel Infrastructure Fund III, L.P. Atlantic Security Bank Al Taj Mall Company Limited A L Thompson Building Supplies Limited Societe Generale Securities (North Pacific) Ltd Select High Security Fund PLC Aviamax Aviation Ltd Liquidity Limited Liquidity+Limited Liquidity Portfolio Maximus (Cayman) Ltd Kiwi UK Holdco 1, Ltd AMFO MEMBERS INSURANCE COMPANY LTD Alden Global Cre Opportunities Fund (Cayman) LP Polaris Asian Real Estate Fund Series SPC Ithuba Fund SPC Oaktree Special Situations Fund GP LP UFG Real Estate Fund L.P. Securis II Fund-SPC UFG Real Estate Fund II LP CAYMAN ENERGY LTD. ECO Energy Ltd COG Energy Ltd Coryton Energy Company, Ltd. Curacao Energy Company, Ltd CCHS Indemnity Company Ltd. Andre (Cayman Islands) Trading Company Ltd Intertrust Trustees (Cayman) Ltd Alpine Cayman Islands Ltd Government of the Cayman Islands Schick Cayman Islands Ltd United Parcel Service Cayman Islands Ltd UBS Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd. Cayman Island Roofing Ltd PIMCO Cayman Trust Bessemer Trust Company (Cayman) Limited VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd Energizer Cayman Islands Ltd NEWSCORP CAYMAN ISLANDS LIMITED` Tatii (Cayman Islands) Limited Qorvo Cayman Islands Ltd. Cayman Islands Judical Administration Vistra Cayman Trust Limited Zedra Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Sparc Limited Sparc II Limited Spark Limited SEZC HMTF Sparks Cayman L.P. Sparx Korea Long Short Fund Limited The China Water Company Limited South China (China) Limited WT Investment Advisors Fund LP China City Water Supply Investment Holding Limited First China Opportunity Fund China Southern Dragon Dynamic Multi Strategy Fund SPC Transocean Offshore (North Sea) Ltd Transocean Offshore International Ventures Limited Transocean Secdo Forex Ventures Limited Transocean Offshore Holdings Limited Transocean Offshore International Limited Transocean Offshore PR Limited Transocean Deepwater Nautilus Limited Transocean Labrador Limited Transocean Pacific Drilling Holdings Limited Transocean Partners Holdings Limited Transocean Africa Drilling Limited Transocean Arctic Limited Transocean International Drilling Limited Transocean Drilling Turkey Limited Transocean Inc. Transocean Innovation Labs Ltd. Transocean Phoenix 2 Limited Transocean International Holdings Limited Transocean Offshore Limited Transocean Offshore Management Services Limited Transocean Pontus Limited Transocean Voyager 2 Limited Transocean Worldwide Inc Transocean Asset Holdings 2 Limited Orion Energy International Inc Signum Vermilion Limited Ermis Shipping Limited EUROPEAN OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS LTD. European Trade & Investments SA EIT European Investment & Trading Ltd Euro Invest Limited Euro-Investment Management Limited Euro 7 Investment Co-Investment Partners Europe, L.P. National Australia Group Europe Asset Investments Limited Assisted Living First Euro Investments Limited Promontoria Europe Investments XIX LDC Energing Europe Capital Investors EIT Pachuca European Investment & Trading Ltd Adm Investment Management Europe Limited Madison International European Liquidity Investors L.P AO Trust Company Lubras Marine Services Limited C & C Yacth Management Limited C-Bridge Healthcare Fund LP Apposite Healthcare Fund LP Bridge Fund SPC Limited Scottish Re Group Limited H & Grace Inc Oaktree Opps Europe X (Cayman) Ltd. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited Shangpharma Corporation Preferred Ltd Theravance Biopharma R&D, Inc Jaguar Asia Holdings Limited Tahoe Cayman Ltd. T.H. (CAYMAN) LTD TH Capital Ltd TH Yachting Limited TH Holdings Limited Litor Limited Anemos Maritime Holdings Ariane Cayman Limited Kanegold Cayman Ltd Towermane Limited Taprobane Limited IIF Int'l NWEN UK Cayman Ltd Vita Cayman II Limited Pat International Ltd. ATC Trustees (Cayman) Limited ULETT, PAT Path Interntional Inc Getchee Inc. Element Holdings II LP Ashwood Investments Limited Spearhead Co-Investment Fund LP PeroxyChem Holdings, L.P. Pecan Holdings Limited Fosroc Group Holdings Limited The Captive Investors Fund Tamar VPower Energy Fund I GP Limited Kosmos-Trident Equatorial Guinea, Inc. Victoria Finance Ltd Victoria Shipping Ltd. Victoria Falls CLO Ltd QFR Victoria Fund Ltd Vallea Fund Viridian Fund Ltd Oriental Wisdom Holding Co. Ltd Wisdom Connection I Holding Inc. Wisdom Connection II Holding Inc. Power Ventures Inc Alpha Wings Ltd Abraaj Holdings Stone Tower CLO IV Ltd Abraaj Investment Management Limited Cody Gate Ventures G.P. Limited Swiss Cayman Limited Seaco (Cayman) Ltd. Wilmington Trust Services (Cayman) Limited Sakura (Cayman) Co Ltd Sam Cayman Inc Solutions Cayman Flextronics Cayman (SLR) Limited Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands Starts (Cayman) Limited Sunrise Ltd SLPEP (Cayman) Ltd Siena (Cayman) Limited Partnership Sino Rise Group Holding Corp SuccessFactors Cayman Ltd Sunrise International, Ltd Broadcom Cayman L P SPC Cayman Limited Software (Cayman) LP Sunrise Crafts CO., Ltd Sinovac (Cayman) Limited SLI Cayman Ltd. Sesame Cayman Limited Sunrise Funding Ltd Sandisk (Cayman) Limited Sponden (Cayman) Ltd New Quzhou Shipping Corporation New Dalian Shipping Corporation New Shanghai Shipping Corporation New Taizhou Shipping Corporation China Nuokang Bio-Pharmaceutical Inc Aercap A Bordeaux Limited Newfinance (Cayman) Limited Binance Holdings Limited Debis AirFinance 320 C Ltd BRAC Africa Microfinance Ltd Global Microfinance Facility Ltd Accion Investments In Microfinance SPC AERCAP 320 Limited Newfinance Capeview SPV Aercap Corvo Limited Trident Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Tricadia Credit Trust Protective Metal Products and Fabrications Tri-Ocean Exploration & Production TRI ASIA INTERNATIONAL LTD Tri-Wall Asia Limited Triplas Series II Synthetic CDO Limited Tri-Emirates Investments Ltd. Tri-City Funding Limited DB Trips Investments Limited Matheson Tri-Gas International, Ltd Sylvester (2001) Limited Trumbull Rated Loan Fund 2003-1, Ltd. Stedman Loan Fund Ltd Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund Limited Feingold O'Keeffe Distressed Loan Master Fund Ltd OHA Intrepid Leveraged Loan Fund, Ltd Golub Capital Senior Loan Opportunity Fund Ltd NXT Capital Senior Loan Fund II, L.P. Halcyon Senior Loan Fund I Master LP Credit Suisse Dollar Senior Loan Fund Ltd Bushnell Loan Fund, Ltd Stedman Loan Fund II, Ltd HIG Bayside Loan Opportunity Fund III (Europe-Euro) LP Highbridge Principal Strategies Specialty Loan Institutional Fund III L.P. TCW Select Loan Fund, Limited Guggenheim Loan Master Fund Ltd Barings North American Private Loan Fund (Cayman) A LP Beach Point Loan Master Fund LP Fore Leveraged Loan Opportunity Fund Ltd Ashton Investments Fund Limited Ares European Loan Opportunities Fund, LP Atlas Senior Loan Fund IV Ltd Atlas Senior Loan Fund VII Ltd AG Opportunistic Whole Loan Fund, LP Beach Point Loan Fund (Cayman) Ltd Casop CCC Ltda CC ARB SIF I Ltd CC Arbitrage Ltd CCMC (Cayman) Ltd. Cumberland Fund Ltd The Colossus Fund Limited Cedar Fund Classics Fund Ltd The Charlemagne Fund Limited Crystal Fund Carbon Assets Fund Caribe Energy Ltd Caribe Energy Holdings Ltd. The 3D Capital Fund Ltd The Carrousel Fund Limited The Carrousel Fund II Limited SC Core Fund LP Cap Fund LP Carbon Holdings Limited Cetium Fund Limited The Cuttyhunk Fund II Limited Redwood Asian Investments, Ltd Capital Guidance (Holding) Ltd Tencent Holdings Limited Felham Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd Ballance Principals Limited Rofin International Bank and Trust Biofixon Inc Big Profit Investments Limited Secured Profits Fund Limited Best Profit Limited Union Profit Investment Limited Ecofin Special Situations Utilities Fund Limited Cofiri International Inc. Standard Chartered-Istithmar Areofi Investments Limited Shuweihat General Partner Company Swiss Life General Partners AG Story L P Russia Partners III L P Cheyne General Partner Inc Element General Partner Ltd Regents Park General Partner Limited Omni Secured Lending General Partner II Limited The Ricardo General Partner Limited NCH Agribusiness Partners, L P Eso Partners L P CITIC Japan Partners L P Carlyle Amphora Partners L P Carlyle Maison Partners II L P ABRAAJ General Partner II Ltd. ABRAAJ General Partner III Limited CJP General Partner LP Asia Climate Partners General Partner Ltd Palmerston General Partner Limited CAGP General Partner LP HeYi General Partners Limited Cheyne General Partner II Inc Omni Secured Lending Fund II LP Omni Secured Lending Fund III LP Onex Credit Lending Partners I LP Gravity Pictures Limited Amerigen Pharmaceuticals Ltd HBM Holdings Limited Cayman Islands Fire Services Cayman Islands Company Ltd Cayman Island Cancer Society Cayman Islands Realty & Development Ltd WEST INDIAN SEA ISLAND COTTON (CAYMAN) LTD. Cayman Islands Monetary Authority KBC Financial Products (Cayman Islands) Ltd Three Gorges Finance II (Cayman Islands) Limited Three Gorges Finance I (Cayman Islands) Limited BBA Financial Services (Cayman Islands) Limited Cayman Islands Government Cayman Islands Baptist Church Cayman Islands Multiple Listing Systems MLS Ltd Drake & Scull (Cayman Islands) No. 3 Limited Ko-E Honding (Cayman Islands) Ltd Health Services Authority Cayman Islands CIBC Private Wealth Management (Caribbean) Cypress Capital Wealth Management SPC Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners VI (Cayman) L.P. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman III) V-AC LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-B L.P. United Capital Partners Services Ltd Secured Capital Real Estate Partners V, L.P. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman III) V LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-C LP Ta Yang Group Holdings Limited Beechwood Re Taylor Creek Limited Cayman Distributors Ltd. Cayman National Corporation Ltd Cayman Doors Ltd CAYMAN TEXTILES LTD. Cayman Diving LTD. Cayman Drug Ltd. Cotia Cayman Limited KG Cayman Ltd KG GP (Cayman) Limited CAYMANWENT HHG Cayman Ltd TCH Insurance Company Ltd CTC Holdings (Cayman) Ltd CTC Corporation Ltd CT CDO III Ltd CT CDO IV Ltd Gems TV Holdings Limited Gem Holdings Ltd Civil Tech Holdings Ltd Blackrock Fixed Income Globalalpha Master Fund Ltd Anthracite CRE CDO 2006-HY3 Ltd H.I.G. Europe Capital Partners II LP H.I.G. Europe - Bezier, Ltd. H.I.G. Europe - Brand Addition, Ltd. H.I.G. Europe - 7S, Ltd H.I.G. Europe-Verticle, Ltd Ares Capital Euro GP II L.P. H.I.G Europe-Weru, Ltd Marathon Fusion Japan Fund Limited VBT Bank & Trust Ltd. CAN AM TRIMEX A M Skier Reinsurance Co Tencent AM Basket Fund Aristeia Master LP China AM Holding Ltd. IGC / ERI Pan-Am Thermal Generating Limited M&A Boat Ltd Selwood AM Credit Fund Limited Alvarel Ltd. Warwick European Opportunities Fund II (EUR) LP SW Mitchell Small Cap European Fund Limited Bain Capital Europe Fund IV, L.P Capital Steward Limited Apollo European Principal Finance Fund II (Euro A) LP Euroinvest SA Eurotrade Ltd ML Europe Property Limited JM Capital Limited Y&M Capital Ares Capital Europe II (D) LP A1 Holdings Inc Atlantic Basin Services Ltd WH Smith Finance Ltd NewSmith Global Opportunities Hedge Fund LP Island Pharmacy Ltd. Smith Eurasia Ltd J. P. Smith & Co Ltd Smith & Nephew Finance Holdings Limited NewSmith Capital (Cayman) Limited Hammersmith Enterprises Limited Smithfield Fiduciary LLC Blacksmith Limited Mida Medical Technologies Caymania Airport(Duty Free) Limited Reliable Industries Ltd Tomlinson Furniture Newsmith Asia Absolute Fund Shionogi-ViiV Healthcare, L.P. Caribbean Real Estate Rental International CAYMAN TRUST BANK LTD. Cayman National Bank Limited The R & H Trust Co. Ltd Roywest Trust Corp (Cayman) Ltd Transatlantic Trust Corporation Elian Trustee (Cayman) Limited Vantage Drilling Company Contrarian Advantage Fund I Limited Diversified Real Estate Development Ltd Jacques Scott Group Limited CIBC Investments (Cayman) Limited Cayman Investments Number 1 Invention Investment Management III L.P. Investment Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Silicon Technology Investment (Cayman) Corp Nevada Investments Topco Limited China Everbright Industrial Investment Holdings Limited MATRIX INVESTMENT CAYMAN LTD. FCFC Investment Corporation (Cayman) Limited Wellspert Investment (Caymans) Co Ltd Goldman Sachs (Cayman) Holdings Limited IAT (Cayman) Holding Corporation Intertrust Holding (Cayman) Limited Cayman President Holdings Ltd. DAC Holding (Cayman) Limited KPC Holdings (Cayman) Inc. Pearl Cayman 2 Limited Polaris Holdings (Cayman) Limited Azurewave (Cayman) Holding Inc Arclin Cayman Holdings Ltd ITV Holdings (Cayman) Limited Lilly Cayman Holdings Cradle Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. Exterion Holdings (Cayman) Limited Shell Upstream Gabon Cayman Holdings No. 2 AMH Holdings (Cayman) LP Gores Hercules Holdings (Cayman) LP King (Cayman) Holdings Ltd Osi Cayman Holding Limited TMC (Cayman) Holding Corporation Rugen Holdings (Cayman) Limited 24 KWS Cayman Holdings MaplesFS Holdings Limited Peak partners Offshore Fund Ltd Broad Peak Master Fund II Ltd Broad Peak Master Fund Ltd Broad Peak Investment Management Ltd. Peak Investment Fund Ltd Peak Dufour Fund SPC New Peak Enhanced Fund Limited Broad Street Real Estate Credit Partners II Offshore Master Fund LP Billion Sino Limited TOP BRANDS LTD. Far East Consortium International Limited I.B.C. International Business Center Best Inc. Linos Variety Store/Oslin Dist CN Innovations Holdings Limited Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings Ctrip Investment Holding Ltd KG Investments Holdings Limited Weibo Corporation Jinmao (China) Investments Holdings Limited MZ Investment Holdings Limited G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd Accion Diversified Strategies Fund SPC Bishopsgate Asset Finance Limited Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited Eleven Eleven Ltd Telconet Capital Limited Partnership Southern Investments Ltd Gallen Investments Limited Wints Investment KPMG Development Services Yacht West II, Ltd. Ross Enterprises Limited Bain Capital Europe Fund III, L.P. Bain Capital Fund VIII-E, L.P. Grand Slam Capital Master Fund Ltd M8 Capital Fund I L.P. CICC Growth Capital Fund I L.P. Sancus Capital Select Master Fund Ltd Bain Capital Fund XI LP Certeco Capital Fund Hony Capital Fund 2008, LP Swiss Capital Alternative Strategies Funds SPC Falcon Group Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. Synergy Group Holdings International Limited RM Group Holdings Limited Guang Der Group Holding Corporation Bravo Holdco RD Card Cayman Two Limited RD Card Cayman One Limited BlueTrend FRM Limited Lumina Real Estate Capital Special Situations Investment Advisors Limited IRE (Cayman) Limited Aspire Holdings Limited IRE AF II, Ltd. ABN Amro FS (Cayman) Limited Audax Direct Lending Solutions Fund-D L P AIP Custom Hedge Fund Solutions (Cayman) LP Asia Alpha Advantage Fund Ltd Melqart Asset Management (GP) LP Victory Asset Management Ltd EASTJADE Asset Management Company Limited Champion Asset Management Limited RP Asset Management Athene Asset Management LP Jupai Asset Management Inc Panther Asset Management Co Ltd Anatole Asset Management Ltd Parrott Asset Management Hypa Asset Management Limited Graystone Asset Management Ltd Principa Asset Management Phoenix Group Holdings Global Investment Techint Holdings SARL Industrial Investments Holdings Limited D&J Industrial Real Estate (Cayman) Investment Holding Limited CIS Strategic Industries Investment Fund Limited Guidance Investments Ltd GLENN INVESTMENTS Galibier Investments Limited GRIMSBY INVESTMENT LTD Gordian Investments LTD Godavari Investments L.P. ACMH Limited SSG Capital Management Limited Mayar Capital Management Ltd Heartstrings Capital Management AQR Style Premia Master Account L P One William Street Capital Master Fund, Ltd One William Street Capital Offshore Fund Ltd Altus Capital Pharmacy Retail 1 Limited 8 Capital Partners L. P. All Connected Co Ltd All Football Incr All It Ltd All Points Limited Damac Technology Partners L.P. CCI Technology Partners Ltd. CCI Technology Partners II Ltd Tech Venture Partners Ltd Russia Partners Technology Fund LP Rubis Ltd Broadmark Technology Partners Ltd Francisco Partners II (Cayman), L.P. Carlyle Partners IV Cayman LP Dynapack Technologies (Cayman) Corporation Renewable Resource Technology (Cayman) Co., Ltd Harneys Limited Partners (Cayman) Ltd Rubis Cayman Islands Ltd. Agic Partners (CAYMAN) Limited Brahman Partners IV (Cayman) Ltd Ap Cayman Partners III, L.P Avago Technologies Cayman Ltd. Solenis Technologies Cayman, L.P. Encrypt Technologies (Cayman) Ltd. Cayman Strategic Partners L.P. Aria Partners (Cayman) Ltd JF Cowin (Cayman) Partners LP Baidu, Inc. Baidu Ventures LP CIBC Asset Management (Cayman) Limited CIBC Global Asset Management (Cayman) Limited Tal Education Group Alo7.Com Limited Battalion CLO II Ltd. Battalion CLO 2007-I Ltd Talamod Master Fund LP Talon Fund Ltd Halo International Sezc Ltd Great Halo Co., Ltd. Tacora Management Company Ltd. Yuanta Investment Management (Cayman) Limited RMF Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd Access Investment Management Limited CICC Investment Management Co. Ltd Goodweather Investment Management Limited Vision Investment Management Ltd Saling Capital Overseas Investments Management Ltd Balkan Investment Management Limited Markstone Investment Management Ltd. Vulpes Investment Management Limited Intel Investment Management Limited Morgan Stanley Investment Management Croton, Ltd. Matchpoint Investment Management Limited GSA Investment Management Limited Tor Investment Management LP Eminent Investment Management Company Limited Israel Innovation Investment Management Ltd Arrowgrass Investment Management Ltd Iridium Investment Management Limited Prominence Investment Management Company Limited MSQ Investment Management Limited VS Investment Management Limited RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited SEYMOUR'S TYRE SERVICE LTD, =GEORGE= EXECUTIVE AIR SERVICES LTD Sol Investments Limited Solar Technology Investment (Cayman) Corp. Solid Investment Limited Super Investment Limited Siem Investments Inc Silver Biotech Investment Limited Symmetry Investments LP Skoosh Investments Limited Rawsons Investments Limited Stable Holdings Ltd TPG Asia V, LP TPG Asia VI LP Shanghai United International Investment Ltd AES Oasis Ltd AES Caracoles II Buchanan Limited Dehouche AES Overseas Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Vector CH Holdings (Cayman), L.P. Ares V CLO Ltd Securis Investment Partners Limited Oasis-Co Investment Partners (GP) Ltd Tiger Global Private Investment Partners V L.P. Octagon Investment Partners XV Ltd Octagon Investment Partners XIV Ltd Octagon Investment Partners XVIII, Ltd Octagon Investment Partners II (Offshore) Ltd. Asian Investment Partners Ltd Dynamic Investment Partners Clearwater Capital Partners Investments IV, LP VI (Vietnam Investments) Partners, LLC Tiger Global Private Investment Partners VII, L.P Bond Investment Patners Ltd (Cayman) Palm Investment Partners Ltd. Vinci Capital Partners II Co-Investment II LP Managing Partners Investment Management Limited Frontier Ventures Partners LP Octagon Investment Partners 36 Ltd Octagon Investment Partners 34 Ltd Octagon Investment Partners 32 Ltd Octagon Investment Partners 29 Ltd Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. Koudai Corporation Atlantic Associates Co. Ltd. Atlantic Industries Atlantic Supply Ltd Atlantic Trading Co BOI Company Ltd Atlantic Star Limited Atlantic Aviation Limited Atlantic Ltd Atlantic Corporation Tremblant Partners Ltd Atlantic Sailing Ltd. Ajia Partners Inc SCP Atlantic Fund Ltd Nassau 2018-I LTD Nassau Holdings LP Global Offshore International Ltd Ensco Offshore International Company Diamond Finance International Limited Black Diamond Convertible Offshore LDC Black Diamond Energy L/S Offshore Ltd Black Diamond International Funding Ltd Black Diamond Relative Value Offshore Ltd Double Black Diamond Offshore Ltd Diamond Offshore International Limited Diamond International Aviation Ltd UME OFFSHORE INTERNATIONAL LTD. Morgan Stanley Offshore International Equity Fund Paragon Offshore International Ltd. Great Offshore (International) Limited Intel Offshore G.C.Ltd SIO International Holdings Limited Wuzhou International Holdings Limited Belle International Holdings Limited Xiezhong International Holdings Limited AG Capital Holding Limited Shayne International Holdings Limited International Container Terminal Holdings Inc. Vedan International (Holdings) Limited Huajin International Holdings Limited International Aerospace Coatings Holdings L.P. Jumei International Holdings Limited Miko International Holdings Limited China Taifeng Beddings Holdings Limited Crimson Asia Capital Holdings, Ltd. Vision Fame International Holding Limited Ozner Water International Holding Limited 1st Special Material International Holdings Limited WH Group Limited Koala (Cayman) Ltd New World China Land Limited Beach Bay Land Ltd Pacific Alliance China Land Limited Ministry of District Administration in the Cayman Islands Government Concord Land Development Co Ltd E-Land Fashion China Holdings, Limited Caymanian Land & Sea Cooperative Society Limited Henderson Land Treasure (Cayman) Ltd Shui On Land Limited Asia Land Limited Landmark IV CDO Ltd Cosmic Land Limited Landmark CDO Ltd Landmark V CDO Ltd SPG Land (Holdings) Limited Oasis Land Development Limited Future Land Development Holdings Limited The Hongkong Land Finance (Cayman Islands) Company Limited Henderson Land International Credit (Cayman Islands) Ltd Landmark Value Strategies (BPI) Ltd Miles howland Deep Value Managers Fund Ltd Coland Holdings Limited Landmark Select Fund Ltd Trade Media Ltd SCS Trading, Inc. NORTHERN TRADERS LTD. Euram Trading Co SA Tradeeasy Holdings Limited Delima Ores Corporation CFM Investments Limited Concepta Investments Limited CBC Investments Charleston Investments Limited Centaurus Investments Limited Chanley Investments Canang Investments Limited Caribbean Investors Ltd Capton Investments Limited Calthorpe Investments Limited Commerz Investment Ltd. Cervo Investments Limited Convoy Investments Ltd Catya Investments Limited Cornwall Investments Limited Celebes Investment Limited CORDOBA INVESTMENTS (LTD) Calabria Investment Company Ltd. Chasseur Investments Limited Cavamont Investments Limited Cardigan Investments Limited Constellaation Investments Ltd Capshire Investments Limited Corvus Investments Ltd GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited New Sac Firebird Republics Fund Ltd Firebird New Russia Fund Ltd New Horizon Fund LP Firebird Fund L.P. Firebird Avrora Fund Ltd Firebird Global Fund II Ltd Nan Fan International Investment (Cayman Islands) Co. Ltd Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants Holdings Limited TCC Investments S.A.R.L. SAR 1 Innovations Limited Co-Investment Partnership I, L.P LSP Investors I LP SJ Jiacheng IL Investment I LP Voya CLO I, Ltd Voya CLO I, Corp. Nief I Investment Co. April Capital Limited Foxteq Integration Inc Green Capital 2 Ltd. Tam Capital 2 Inc I2BF Global Investments Ltd. MSR Capital Two Ltd Forty2 Capital Limited VTB Capital I2BF CIV (Cayman) Ltd East Investment Capital GP I Ltd IBC Capital I Limited Cupid I Capital Ltd. Redwood Capital I Ltd VTB Capital I2BF Jvc (Cayman) Ltd VTB Capital I2BF Innovation Partners Ltd Joy Capital I LP Ferox BF 2 Limited VTB Capital Kaznano Investment (Cayman) Ltd. VTB Capital DFJ Aurora GP Ltd Morgan Stanley Asia Holdings I Limited Lakeside CDO I Ltd Xin Point Holdings Limited Tjiwi Kimia Trading (II) Limited Zone One Real Estate Company James Caird Real Estate One Greater China Dynamic Growth Fund Ltd GLG Emerging Markets Growth Fund Kazakhstan Growth Fund, L.P. Growth Fund Limited Vietnam Growth Fund Limited Infinity Growth Fund Inc. Marcuard Growth Fund II Sustained Growth Fund SWGI Growth Fund Corinthian Growth Fund Vangoo China Growth Fund I L.P. ChinaAMC China Growth Fund CSCI Asia Growth Fund I LP DD Growth Premium Fund CICC Growth Capital Fund GP L.P. CICC Growth Capital Fund GP, Ltd Upside Growth Fund SPC Volga River Growth Fund L.P. Shelter Growth Opportunities Fund Ltd Blackbird Global Growth Fund Captical Growth Resources Fund Alkeon Growth Offshore Fund Ltd Verno Capital Growth Master Fund Limited Alternative Investment Solutions Limited The Polestar Company Limited Kiwi Holdco CayCo, Ltd. RS Investment Advisor International Commodity Trading Inc. Commodities Trading Corporation Ltd LOUISIANA COMMODITIES TRADING CORP. Galena Commodity Trade Finance Fund Limited Arcadia Commodities Trading Ltd UNITED COMMODITY TRADING INC. Kent Investments KPS Investors III (AIV), Ltd. Quantum Partners LP Intertrust (Cayman) Limited Cainvest Bank and Trust Limited Intertrust SPV (Cayman) Limited Intertrust Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited Southern Management Services Ltd. Intertrust Directors(Cayman) Limited Intertrust Nominees(Cayman) Limited Cayman Dispatch Services Ltd Mufg Fund Services (Cayman) Limited Marbury Fund Services (Cayman) Limited Genesis Trust & Corporate Services Ltd South American Services Inc. Soter Fund Services Limited HF Fund Services Ltd Maples Fund Services (Cayman) Limited ISIS Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd SS&C Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd Mufg Alternative Fund Services (Cayman) Limited Beacon Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd Aton Capital Group PPLive Corporation OLVEBRA OVERSEAS LTD Healthy Harmony Holdings, L.P. Atlantic & Western Re II Limited Western Connecticut Health Network Insurance Company Ltd WestLB do Brasil Cayman Limited Westrade, Corp. WestLB AG WestLB Barbican Limited WestLB CADCo Limited WestLB USDCo Limited WestLB Mallard 2 Limited WestLB EuroCo 1 Limited WestLB EuroCo 2 Limited WestLB EuroCo 3 Limited WestLB Mallard I Limited Westrade Inc WestLB Holborn Limited Atlantic & Western RE Limited I-Bistro Co. Ltd Marchmont Limited Western Asset Structured Product Opportunities Fund Ltd Western Asset Offshore Funds BCH Funds Limited Marshall Wace Core Fund Limited BMA Funds Limited Bluetrend Fund Limited Brax Fund Brait IV Fund LP Brennus Fund Limited Bluepin Fund Ltd Bac San Jose Dpr Funding Ltd Asset Backed Funding Corporation NIM 2003-WF1 Ltd American Express Centaurus Fund Inter American Express Apollo Fund Lagoon City Sukuk Company Limited Wedgebloom International Asset Management Limited Fruit of the Loom Operating Ltd. General Interface Solution (GIS) Holding Limited Cherry Blossom II Loan Co. Future Blossom Investment Limited HORIZON DEVELOPMENT CORP. LTD. HCP Global Limited Omni Event Fund Limited BlueBay (Master) Fund Limited Maple Leaf Capital (Cayman) Limited Intel Capital (Cayman) Corporation Barclays Capital (Cayman) Limited Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) IV L.P. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) V-A LP Edale Capital Cayman Limited Kingsley Capital (Cayman) Limited Morgan Stanley Capital (Cayman Islands) Limited Fukuoka Preferred Capital 2 Cayman Limited Stanhope Capital (Cayman) Limited Palmerston Capital (Cayman) Limited Hadron Capital (Cayman) Limited Nishi-Nippon Preferred Capital (Cayman) Limited Yokohama Preferred Capital Cayman Limited CMTH Preferred Capital 6 (Cayman) Limited CMTH Preferred Capital 5 (Cayman) Limited STB Preferred Capital 3 (Cayman) Limited STB Preferred Capital 4 (Cayman) Limited Fukuoka Preferred Capital Cayman Limited BTG Pactual Infinity Fund, Ltd Inflite Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Viatel Holding (Cayman) Limited Incline A Aviation Limited Partnership Incline B Aviation Limited Partnership Awas Aviation Holdings Limited LFH International Limited IIF Int'l Holding GP Ltd. Maples International Holdings Limited Waha Investment Management company SPC Masisa Overseas Limited The Citco Group Limited Cellcrypt Group, Inc Cogobuy Group Computime Group Limited FFP (Cayman) Limited Java Equity Partners Limited Peru Equity Fund Northstar Equity Partners III Limited UFG Private Equity Fund III L.P. CIS Private Equity Fund LP AGC Equity Partners Private Equity Secondary Fund I LP Providence Equity Partners VII-A L.P. One Equity Partners VI L.P Providence Equity Partners VI International LP Affinity Equity Partners Limited Altra Private Equity Fund I-A LP Engadine Equity Fund A & L Equity Ltd Equis Asia Fund General Partner AI Equity Partners II Limited Schonfeld Fundamental Equity Offshore Fund Ltd Industrial Equity Fund Limited Squadra Equity Fund LP Fortress Fund V GP L.P. Japan Fund V, L.P. AG Super Fund International Partners LP AB Arya Partners (Cayman) Fund LP Apollo EPF Advisors L.P. V&I Holding Inc Border Investments Ltd Flapjack Ltd Orbita Capital Return Strategy (Euro) Limited Southern Cross Latin America Private Equity Fund, L.P. Southern Cross Latin America Private Equity Fund II, LP HCM/Z Special Opportunities LLC C & M Co. Ltd. Bluewater Equity SPC CMTF Private Equity One Warburg Pincus Private Equity XI-C LP CMulti-Strategy Equity Master Fund Dighton Funds SPC Starbright Incorporation Limited Financial Future Inc Bright Dairy Holding Limited Artgo Holdings Limited LH Asian Trade Finance Fund Ltd. Power Integrations Ltd Marchco Holding Limited Matel Holdings Limited Nutcracker Holdings Limited Iridium Alpha Fund Ltd. Hutchin Hill Diversified Alpha Master Fund Ltd PWP Alpha Europe Master Fund Ltd PIMCO Commodity Alpha Master Fund Ltd. Samaha Holdings Limited TPG Valley, LP TPG Partners IV-AIV, L.P. TBG, Inc. TPG Sapphire Inc TPG Malaysia Finance, L.P. Turnpike Limited Taobao Holding Limited Trustview Holding Ltd. Andrew Cayman Islands Ltd. Solaise Capital Limited Scipion Capital Ltd Sino Fortune International Holdings Limited HT Holdings VIII, L.P. Optimus Limited Optima Systems Ltd Kirk Freeport Plaza Ltd Primo Opto Group Limited SGMS NIM 2005-OPT 1 CAYMAN OPTICAL LTD. Optical Outlook Ltd Optics Valley Union Holding Company Limited MSI-ATK Optics Holding Corporation Hasco Nim (Cayman) Company 2006 OPT1 Hasco Nim (Cayman) Company 2006-OPT3 Hasco NIM (Cayman) Company 2006-OPT4 Seagate Technology China Holding Company Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) Limited Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. China Fortune Investments (Holding) Limited AAC Tecnologies Holdings Inc. TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited Jet Force Technology Holding Company TCL Electronics Holding Limited L.K. Technology Holdings Limited Seagate Technology Asia Holdings Primax Technology (Cayman Holding) Ltd. Piquant Technologies Holdings Limited Seagate Technology HDD Holdings Shunsin Technology Holdings Limited Qianlong Technology International Holdings Limited Seagate Technology (Malaysia) Holding Company Eastech Holding Limited Tri Tech Holding Inc PTS Tech Holding Co Ltd OEP Emissions Holdings Limited Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd Creative Medicine Alpino Investments Limited ADM Investments Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd MCE Investments Limited Mpel Investments Limited Madera Investments Limited Menadrill Investment Company MBI Investments Limited Mac Investments Ltd Magnetar Constellation Master Fund Ltd Rubicon Equity & Commodity Focus Master Fund Tulos Commodities Master Fund Ltd Armajaro commodities Master Fund Limited Commodities World Capital Master Fund Goldman Sachs Quantitative Commodities Master Fund Offshore Ltd Edesia Alpha Master Fund Ltd AB Holdings L.P. Air Asia Aero Technology Limited Air International Thermal Holdings LP R.E. Lee International (Cayman) Ltd Lee Kee Holdings Limited Thomas H Lee (Alternative) Fund VI LP Deep Core Inc Thomas H Lee (Alternative) Parallel Fund Fund VI LP Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited Lee & Man Handbag International Limited. Deep Seas Insurance Limited Deep Glint International Limited Deep Water Services (International) Limited Excalibur Express Limited Farragut Holdings, Inc EVM Leasing Corporation ERM-Brazil Ltd. PCH International Holdings The Global Enhanced Investment Fund SPC Blackrock Capital Investments Offshore Fund Ltd NXT Capital Senior Loan Fund III Feeder Fund, LP Telluride Capital Fund Ltd The 32 Capital Fund Ltd Oxford Investment Fund Partners Capital Phoenix Fund II Ltd-Diversified Income Fund Fudo Capital II Investment Program LP Fudo Capital II Investment Program GP Ltd Anson Investments Master Fund LP Invention Investment Fund III L.P. Worldview Investment Fund Kivu Investment Fund Limited Ledbury Capital Fund L.P. Primavera Capital Fund II LP SIP Capital Fund Ltd CDH China Growth Capital Fund II Investors, L.P China Consumer Capital Fund II, L.P. Clinton Global Fixed Income Master Fund Ltd West Gate Strategic Income Fund I Master Fund Ltd. The Arab Income Fund Ltd Peridiem Global Fixed Income Absolute Return Master Fund L.P. Treesdale Fixed Income Fund Ltd Two Trees Systematic Global Macro Fund Limited CreditEase Global Real Estate Income Fund I L P Citadel Global Fixed Income Master Fund Ltd. Peridiem Global Fixed Income Opportunities Master Fund LP Blackrock Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited Bluecrest Equity Strategies Master Fund Limited Bluecrest Multi Strategy Credit Master Fund Limited Ares Multi-Strategy Credit Fund V (H), L.P. Fore Multi Strategy Master Fund Ltd Pimco Multi-Sector Strategy Fund Ltd Birch Grove Credit Strategies Master Fund Lp MKM Longboat Multi-Strategy Fund Ltd Blackrock Appreciation Fund IV, Ltd Man Multi-Strategy Master Fund Asia Pacific Realty Holdings Ltd Nineteen77 Global Multi-Strategy Alpha (Levered) Master Limited Wilshire Institutional Master Fund II SPC Cardinal Point Master Fund I Ltd Schroder ALL-ILS Fund Ltd Zhong Ling Nutril-Oil Holdings Limited Oriental Mining And Mineral Resources Co. Ltd Intime Retail (Group) Company Limited Sterling Group Holdings Limited Walnut Street Group Holding Limited M.S.F. Agencies Ltd Duane Street CLO IV Ltd First 2004-I CLO, Ltd Duane Street CLO II, Ltd Denali Capital CLO I Ltd Denali Capital CLO XI, Ltd Westchester CLO, Ltd Marlborough Street Clo, Ltd Stanfield CLO Ltd Apidos CLO XI Symphony CLO XI Limited Partnership Baker Street CLO II Ltd Benefit Street Partners CLO I Ltd. Ares XI CLO Ltd Cavalry CLO I, Ltd Stanfield Carrera CLO, Ltd Start II CLO Limited Benefit Street Partners CLO XIV Ltd C-Bass CBO XI Ltd Jay Street Market Value CLO I Ltd Clydesdale Strategic CLO I Ltd Avery Street CLO Ltd Jersey Street CLO Ltd Corporate Debt Opportunities Fund, L.P. China Education Limited China Fishery Group Limited china Huiyuan Juice Group Limited China Evergrande Group China E-Learning Group Limited China Communications Media Group Co. Ltd China Properties Group Limited China Goldjoy Group Limited China Vanguard Group Limited China Dongxiang (Group) Co Ltd China Hongqiao Group Limited China Branding Group Ltd China Essence Group, Ltd. China National Culture Group Limited China Lesso Group Holdings Limited China New Higher Education Group Limited China Online Education Group China Education Investments Limited Nit Education Group Limited Etonkids Educational Group Limited Aspire Education Group Co Ltd Xueda Education Group China Aesthetic Healthcare Group China First Capital Group Limited Discovery Global Opportunity Master Fund Ltd. Magnetar Global Event Driven Master Fund Ltd. Alpine Global Master Fund Mariner Global Rates Trading Master Fund Ltd Woodbourne Daybreak Global Master Fund Ltd Credit Suisse First Boston (Cayman) Limited BEO Holding Co. BHK Holding BSC Holdings Limited B.M.A. Holdings Ltd. Beaufort Holdings Limited Bizlink Holding Inc Bonjour Holdings Limited BSN Holdings Limited Ballantyne Holding Company Basso Holdings Ltd. Binary Holdings Ltd Bridge Holdings Company Limited Breadfruit Holdings Ltd BEACON HOLDINGS LTD Brick Holdings, Ltd The Bource Holdings Limited BOPP Holdings The Bourse Holdings Limited Bitauto Holdings Limited Boltek Holdings Limited Broadway Holding III Limited Shuweihat Limited Partnership Shuweihat O&M General Partner Company Zhongsheng Group Holdings Limited Value Partners Asia Pacific Real Estate General Partners Limited Forseti Investments Limited Finton Investments Limited Fapa Insurance Company, The Fintech Investment Co. Ltd Fersa Investments Ltd Fernside Investment Ltd. Fullerton Investments Ltd. Fairbanks Investments Limited Foksani Investments Limited Farline Investments Limited Fembos Investments Limited Furbridge Investments Limited Fairwick Investments Ltd Fulton Investment L.P. The R & H Trust Co. Ltd Mercury Trust Limited MAP Marine Limited The Northern Trust Company BTG Pactual Capital Partners Multi Strategies Fund Spc AIP Strategic Opportunities Fund LP PIERSON MANAGEMENT (CAYMAN) LTD. Cayman Management, Ltd. LBI Management (Cayman) Ltd Ironshield Management (Cayman) Limited KPS Cayman Management III Ltd Advantage International Management (Cayman) Ltd AMCI Management (Cayman) Ltd. Partners Group Cayman Management I Limited CAM Digital Asset Management (Cayman Islands) Co Ltd Allard Partners Management Limited Hampden Insurance Partners Management (Cayman) Limited FZ Partners Management Company Ltd Asia Climate Partners LP Francisco Partners GP IV Management Limited Asia Environmental Partners Limited Cayroy Limited Yi Xin Zhong Zheng Investment Management Limited Qian Long Capital Ryujin Company Jurojin Limited Raltron Technology Corportation Ltd ICG Us Clo 2018-1 Ltd ICS Cayco LP Strategic Equity Conservative Fund Ltd Providence Equity Offshore GP IV L.P. Burgundy: Dynamic Equity (Non-US Equity) Offshore Master LP Adroit Private Equity (Offshore) Ltd Tex-Ray Industrial Co Ltd ML Ray Investor L.P. CDR Ray Investor III L.P. Blue Sky (Cayman) Limited Blue Sky Communications Ltd. J-Blue Sky One Limited Blue Sky Japan Inc Sky Blue Aviation Ltd. Sky Aviation Limited Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd Sky Solar Group Co Ltd Japan Blue Sky Capital Partners L.P. Perfect Sky Limited Rose & Sky Europe Fund Limited Interenergy Holdings AMO Global Holdings Mellon International Investment Corporation INTERNATIONAL CARIBBEAN INVESTMENT LTD. Harry International Investments Limited Prestige International Investments Ltd International Finance Investment Palace International Investments Limited CL International Investments Inc ICI International Investments Salisbury International Investments Limited Wieson International Investment Ltd Finance & Investment International Limited International Hotel Investments, Ltd. Mis International Investments Inc. Abba Investment International Ltd. Investor International Cayman Ltd JN International Investment Co Ltd Voleon International Investors Ltd Primary Investments International Limited International Investors Holding Ltd Liwayway Investment (International) Company Limited Foremost Investments International Limited P&W International PROPERTY INVESTORS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Guardforce Group Limited Trapeza Edge CDO, Ltd Blue Edge ABS CDO Ltd Kaliste Prop Snow Lake China Master Fund Ltd Pactera Technology International Ltd. Skylark Limited Arch Worldwide Ltd AMCI Worldwide Limited KKR European Fund III, Limited Partnership Oaktree European Principal Fund III Ltd. Alden Global Cre Opportunities Master Fund LP York European Opportunities Unit Trust Pentwater Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd AEA Europe Fund L.P. Ellington Credit Opportunities, Ltd Paulson Credit Opportunities Ltd Numen Credit Opportunities Fund Inc. Warwick European Credit Opportunities Fund LP Credit Opportunities Master Fund 2011 LP Northlight European Fundamental Credit Fund L.P Numen Credit Opportunities Fund L.P. Seix Credit Opportunities Fund Financing I Ltd East Lodge Capital Credit Opportunities Fund Ltd. East Lodge Capital Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd Altair European Real Estate Opportunities Fund (MB) Ltd Parvus European Absolute Opportunities Fund All Seasons Africa Credit Opportunities Fund Ltd Brigade Opportunistic Credit LBG Fund Ltd Regent Pacific Group Limited Argentiere Master Fund Ltd Argent NIM 2003-N4 Argent NIM 2003-N5 Argent NIM 2003-N6 Argent NIM 2003-N7 Argent NIM 2003-N8 Argent NIM 2004-WN1 Fairfield Argenis Healthcare Fund Ltd Maoye International Holdings Limited Entertainment One Ltd Maya Entertainment International Limited Intergen Sharps Net Interest Margin 2004-HE2N International Network Corp Sharps SP I LLC Net Interest Margin 2005-AGIN Sharps SP I LLC Net Interest Margin 2005-HE2N Sharps SP I LLC Net Interest Margin 2006-AHM3N 5/6 Stanhope Gate Limited Nemo Investor Aggregator, Limited KKR Ascend Aggregator LP BCP Finance Company BCP Finance Ltd Hyatt Ltd Aviation Business Corporation Noor Aviation Limited Aviation 49252 Corporation Aviation 49284 Corporation International Aviation Management (CI) Ltd Marubeni Aviation Services Ltd. Aviation Communications (Avcom) Limited Mass Aviation Limited Mallard Aviation Corporation GF Aviation Limited Hawk Aviation Ltd MB Aviation Limited Aviation Investors Services Ltd JETFLY AVIATION LTD. Arcole Aviation Limited JS Private Aviation Limited XRS Aviation Ltd Perge Aviation Limited China Aviation Industrial Holdings Limited MAAE Aviation Limited Goshawk Aviation Limited Solo Marine Inc Wisdom Marine Lines Co. Limited One Marthoma (CI) Inc Diamond Marine Limited MELODY MARINE CENTRE LTD. ALF Marine Limited Compass Marine Limited Nevada Marine Corp Commitment Marine Ltd Tidewater Marine UK Limited Tidewater Marine International Inc American Marine & Offshore Services Ltd Thirteen Marine Ltd COMART LTD. Arietta Marine Ltd Elysium Marine Limited Klaret Marine Limited TRADE & MARINE INVESTMENT LTD. Petromarine Services Inc OM Arbea Fund Limited Bristolian Marine Limited Triton Marine Fuels, Ltd BFAM Asian Opportunities Master Fund LP Ebury Finance Limited Blue Coat Systems Global Blue Water Shipping Ltd Blue Ridge International Blue Point CDO SPC Blue Heron Funding I Ltd Blue Flag Investments Limited Dark Blue Investments Limited Blue Heron Funding III Ltd Blue Heron Funding II Ltd Blue Valley Investment Ltd Blue Range Corporation Tesco Blue (1LP) Limited Blue Sea Marine Ltd Blue Lotus Limited Blue Cilantro Ltd The Blue Team Inc Blue Ocean Management Limited Blue City Investments 1 Limited Blue Vista Shipping Ltd China Rare Earth Holdings Limited China Metal International Holdings Inc. China Haisheng Holdings Co Ltd China Wheel International Holdings Limited China Sunergy Co., Ltd A-S China Plumbing Products Limited China Star Enterprises Limited China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd China Medical System Holdings Limited China All Access (Holdings) Limited China Its (Holdings) Co Ltd China Rapid Finance Limited China Leon Inspection Holding Limited China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited China Huarong Energy Company Limited I.M.C. Holdings (Grand Cayman) Limited IMC Holdings (Grand Cayman) Limited Cimic Industrial Group Ltd Cimcorp Inc Seaf Blue Waters Growth Fund Limited Macquarie Global Opportunities Partners GP Ltd TPS Investments SPC Caip Global Partners Ltd VR Global Partners, L.P. Global Event Partners Master Fund Scotiabank Global Partners Income and Conservative Growth Portfolio Inc Carlyle Global Partners Master Coinvestment Cayman LP Tiger Global Private Investment Partners VI, L.P. Lexington Global Partners, L.P. Deephaven Global Value Partners Fund Ltd Eastbridge Asian Mid-Market Opportunity Fund II LP Xilinx Holding Six Limited CC Holdco (Cayman), Ltd York Credit Opportunities Unit Trust Achorage Crossover Credit Offshore Master Fund Ltd. Axonic Credit Opportunities Master Fund LP Magnetar Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd GCA Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd AGC EQuity Partners Special Opportunities Fund I LP Triada Asia Credit Opportunities Master Fund Sound Point Credit Opportunities Master Fund LP JPS Credit Opportunities Master Fund L.P. Claren Road Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd Ares Enhanced Credit Opportunities Master Fund II Ltd Stanfield Credit Opportunities Ltd Boldwater Credit Opportunities Master Fund LP Goldentree Credit Opportunities Ltd Goldentree Credit Opportunities Second Financing Ltd Wiltshire Credit Opportunities Fund Limited Symphony Credit Opportunities Fund Ltd Satelite Credit Opportunities Fund, Ltd Highland Credit Opportunities CDO Ltd MSK Credit Opportunities Fund Ltd. EOS Credit Opportunities Offshore Limited Libertyview Credit Opportunities Fund Ltd III Credit Opportunities Hub Fund Ltd. Carolina Securitized Credit Opportunities Master Ltd. AUIM Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd Frena Ultimate Holdings LP Capstone Volatility Master (Cayman) Ltd. Alphaone capital International Limited Alpstone Global Macro Fund Marcep Overseas Ltd. Metropolitana Overseas II Ltd Metropolitana Overseas Ltd Stratus Feeder LP Manheim Global Management LP China Treasure (Greater China) Investments Limited lakeside China Fund LP NCH Russia Fund LP eVenture Russia Fund II LP Octopus Investment Fund eVenture China Fund II LP CITIC Capital China Retail Properties Investment Fund Limited CDH China Investment Company Limited Russia-Japan Investment Fund LP China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund LP China Momentum Fund L.P. Banyan China Fund Ltd. Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Limited Seven Seas International Holdings Limited Sea Limited Noble Rochford Drilling (North Sea) Ltd. Beryl North Sea Limited OPEN SEA SEAFOOD LTD. Sea Pines Corporation, Ltd Sea Islander Company SEA CDO LIMITED Sea Technology International (Cayman) Ltd Sea Farms International, Ltd Sea5 Limited Seaboard Ventures Limited Sea Horse Investments Ltd. Sea Voyages Ltd Seas Shipping International Ltd Huge Sea Limited Twelve Seas Investment Company Ivy Topco Limited Atra Cotes SPC Miari PTC Limited Cazenove European Alpha Absolute Return Fund Limited Cazenove European Equity Absolute Return Fund Limited The Absolute Fund Limited Gia Absolute Return Fund Vontobel Absolute Return Fund Ltd Absolute Return Europe Fund Limited Cohanzick Absolute Return Fund Ltd EACM Absolute Return Fund Ltd GAM Absolute Return Bond Master Fund Absolute Germany Fund Limited Absolute Octane Fund Limited Absolute Return Strategies Ltd Absolute Focus Fund Limited Mesirow Absolute Return Fund (Institutional) Ltd Persimmon Absolute Return Offshore Fund Ltd All Seasons Absolute Return Fund Ltd Henderson Asia Absolute Return Fund Limited Pimco Absolute Return Strategy II Offshore Fund Ltd Corazon Absolute Return Fund Limited SGS Natural Resources Fund, L.P. AQR Absolute Return Offshore Fund Ltd Asian Opportunities Absolute Return Fund Limited Henderson European Select Absolute Return Fund Limited Asian Opportunities Absolute Return Master Fund Limited Krys & Associates Cayman Ltd. UBS (Cayman) Trust 1 COFF Associates (Cayman) Limited CPCO Associates (Cayman) Limited Woodbourne Associates (Cayman) Limited Pearl Cayman 1 Limited Sumo-1 Administration (Cayman) Limited. Eiketsu 1 Administration (Cayman) Limited FM 1 Administration (Cayman) Limited OJV Cayman 1 Limited Ram One (Cayman) Ltd Triad Enterprises Overseas Ltd Worldview International Management Limited SEZC Uni-Asia Holdings Limited Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited York Select Unit Trust York Asian Opportunities Unit Trust Uni-President Asia Holdings Ltd Uni-President China Holdings Ltd Mosquito Research & Control Unit Pacific Duration Hedge Emerging Cayman Unit Trust Unity Investments Holdings Limited Grosvenor Multi Strategy Unit Trust Fixed Income Cayman Unit Trust The Attila Unit Trust Asuka Value Up Unit Trust GMT Core Duration Hedged Emerging Cayman Unit Trust Yun Huo Group Limited Uni-Circuit (Cayman) INC Osaka Uni Basket Fund Noble (Middle East) Limited E.G and G International, Ltd. Noble Energy International Ltd Noble Energy Inc. Noble Corporation Noble Enterprises Limited Noble Energy Nicaragua Ltd. Noble Energy Global Ventures Ltd. Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd Trident Energy E.G., Ltd Noble Engineering & Development Limited Noble Cayman Limited Noble Campeche Limited Noble Mexico Limited Noble Resources Limited Noble Boudreaux Limited Noble Asset Company Limited Access Corporate Finance Limited Genesis (Capital) Limited Cercacor Holdings LP CESPM Holdings Ltd Carey Olsen Cayman Limited Carep Japan Investors LP Carem SPV Limited Careel Bay CDO Limited Fletcher International Limited Four Ketch Shipping Ltd Spectrum Opportunities Master Fund Ltd. Somerset Special Opportunities Master Fund L.P. Pan Asia Special Opportunities Fund (Cayman) Corcovado Investment Fund SPC Gio Global Investments Opportunities SPC Emerging Markets Special Opportunities Ltd K Opportunities Fund Spc Hayfin Special Opportunities Fund II LP China Special Opportunities Fund, L.P. Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund Ltd MCT Special Opportunities Fund KL Special Opportunities Fund Ltd Hayfin Special Opportunities GP Limited HayFin Special Opportunities Credit Fund LP Hayfin Special Opportunities (Parallel) GP Limited Ayin Special Opportunities Master Fund LP Man RMF Special Opportunities Ltd. Ospraie Special Opportunities Master Holdings Ltd. E.I.P. China Opportunities Fund SPC D.B. Zwirn Special Opportunities Fund Ltd RBS Special Opportunities Fund Employee L.P. Canyon Special Opportunities Fund (Cayman) Ltd Starlight Aviation Marc Finance Ltd Heath Per Limited Heath Lambert Carr Limited G.H International Limited Heath Ecuador Limited Heath Investments Ltd GMS Global Market Step Up Note Ltd Gemini Credit Investments Gemini Financial Services Limited Gemstone CDO VI Ltd Eastgate Gems SPV5 Eastgate Gems SPV6 Geminis Limited Gemini II Ltd GEMS Eduventure Limited Gem Services, Inc Gem VIII Limited Gem Ligos III, Limited Gems Progressive Fund II Spc Gemstone CDO Ltd Gemstone CDO III Ltd Gemstone CDO IV Ltd GEM VII Targeted Value and Income Fund Limited TCW GEM II, Limited Austinite Gem Investments Ltd TCW GEM Ligos I Limited Gemini Dunn Offshore Fund Ltd Thaigem Global Marketing Limited China Tian Lun Gas Holdings Limited Garrison Funding 2013-1 Ltd PFP 2015-2 Ltd Ann Funding Two Co., Ltd H/2 Asset Funding 2014-1 Ltd Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-2 Ltd. CDBL Funding 2 Garrison Funding 2018 1 LP DTC Two Funding Limited Garrison Corporation Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2012-2 Ltd CIFC Funding 2013-II Ltd Reynolds Funding 2 Limited Leopard Two Funding Limited Craegmoor Funding (No. 2) Limited HSBC International Trustee Limited Arrow International Holdings L.P. Silver Street Strategies SPC Ltd Fondelec Latin American Clean Energy Services Fund LP Omni International Energy Services Ltd. El Paso Energy Operating Services Company Tucker Energy Services Ltd ANTILLES ENERGY SERVICES LTD Centrans Energy Services Inc. Maples FS Limited Eagle Offshore Holdings Limited Noble Drilling Holding Limited Aegis Holdings (Offshore) Ltd. Driltech Inc. Monroe Offshore Holdings II Ltd X-Drill Holdings Inc Origami Offshore Holdings II LP Telford Offshore Holdings Limited R1 Holding Offshore Ltd Structured Servicing Holdings (Offshore) Ltd Shelf Drilling (Far East) Operations, Ltd Pine Tree Ltd Mcalpine Limited Pilatus Limited Consilium Risk Strategies Incorporated Syncreon Global Holdings Limited Tor Asia Credit Master Fund Lp Hindsight Asia Fund (Master) LP RV Capital Asia Opportunity Master Fund Asia Lion Investment Opportunity Master Fund Oz Asia Master Fund Ltd Asia Altitude Master Fund Pleiad Asia Master Fund Paddington Asia Master Fund Limited Dymon Asia Currency Value Master Fund Dymon Asia Select Equity Long-Short Master Fund Able Quant Asia Pacific Master Fund Limited Cecil Street Asia Pacific Perennial Master Fund OCP Asia Fund III Master Limited Antipodes Asia Master Fund Limited New Harbour Asia Fund (Master) Limited Inc Newnagy Holdings Inc. Brookfield Infrastructure UK Holdings (Cayman) LP Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. DTC Four Funding Limited DTC Five Funding Limited DTC Six Funding Limited Redgold Diversified C.I. CCI Healthcare Partners Diversified Ltd Bitfury Group Limited Borchers Group Limited Crystal Sky Investment Baraud International Recruitment Limited Barak Fund SPC Limited Baratario Limited Rak Capital Barakett international Fund Ltd London Co., Ltd OVERLAND INSURANCE CO., LTD. Onika Insurance Company Ltd Leme International Ltd Sargas CLO II Ltd Demeter (Holdings) Ltd Zemedee Investments Limited Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Demeter (Cayman) Limited DEME Offshore Fund Ltd Perdigao International Ltd Thames River Capital Holdings Limited 3 Capital Holdings Ltd Barclays Capital Japan Holdings Limited Hayfin Capital Holdings Limited Ivory Capital Holdings Ltd ARC Capital Holdings Limited The Capital Partnership (Cayman) Holdings Limited Plantations Capital Holdings LLC Abraaj Capital Holdings Limited L.R Capital Financial Holdings Limited Atlantis Capital Holdings Limited SC Capital Holdings Ltd SSG Capital Holdings Limited Glendower Capital (Holdings) Ltd Mekong Capital Holdings Ltd Capital Environment Holdings Limited Clearwater Capital Partners Holding, Ltd. Pamirs Investment Limited SPC Eagle Creek CLO Ltd AQR Global Asset Allocation Offshore Fund (USD) II Ltd PIMCO Multi-Asset Volatility Offshore Fund II Ltd. VR Global Offshore Fund Ltd Towerbrook Investors II Executive Fund, L.P. The Executive Centre Limited Executive Jet Aircraft Company Ltd. World Executive's Digest Limited East Lane Re V Ltd. Vitality Re VI Limited Property (EU) Company Ltd Stanlow Property Company (Oil Products) Ltd Prospect Property Holding Corp Delta Networks Holding Limited Juniper Networks Holdings (Cayman) Limited China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND INT. S.A. Avery Point VII CLO, Limited Citystar Aviation LP Via Telecom Co ltd Citystar Aviation GP LP Rav International Limited GMR Aviation Partners Ltd Amedeo Capital Limited Arunvill Capital Limited Summit Capital Amc Ltd Amromco Holdings LP Ama Corporation VTeam Financial Service (Cayman) Group Corp The Investment Company of China China Baldrick Investment Holding Limited China Airport Synergy Investment Limited China Airport Synergy Management limtied Yangtze China Investment Limited China Wanda International Investment Limited Tigor Intercom Limited Tiger Medical Group Inc Tigers Corporation M.S.P. Ltd VTB Capital Kaznano Management (Cayman) Ltd Financial Partners Holdings Limited Falcon Fine Art Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Agic Partners Holding (CAYMAN) Limited Carlyle High Yield Partners VII Ltd Carlyle High Yield Partners VI Ltd Carlyle High Yield Partners VIII Ltd Carlyle High Yield Partners IX Ltd Carlyle High Yield Partners X Ltd Carlyle Asia Venture Partners I LP Carlyle Apteka Partners L.P. Carlyle Asia Growth Partners IV LP Carlyle Japan International Partners II L.P. Carlyle Japan Partners, L.P. Carlyle Asia Partners III, L.P. Carlyle Asia Venture Partners II L.P. Carlyle Multimedia Aprovia Partners LP Carlyle International Partners III L.P. Carlyle Pacific GP L.P. Carlyle Europe Venture Partners, L.P. Carlyle Mena Partners, L.P. Carlyle Asia Growth Partners III LP Carlyle Loan Investment Ltd Carlyle Mclaren CLO Ltd Carlyle Asia Investment Holdings II, L.P. Carlyle Apteka CO-Investment L.P. Carlyle Asia Real Estate Ltd Carlyle Asia Real Estate II GP, LP Carlyle Japan II Ltd Carlyle Cardinal Ireland Fund L.P Carlyle Daytona CLO Ltd Carlyle US CLO 2017-5 Ltd Carlyle US CLO 2017-1 Ltd Carlyle US CLO 2017- 2 Ltd Siem Shipping Inc. Pacific Star Financial Co Star Reefers Pool Inc Star Reefers Shipowning Inc Red Star Funds SPC Star Food Services Holdings Ltd Stores Funding Limited Stores Overseas Limited Lifestyle International Holdings Limited Birmingham International Holdings Limited Primasia International Holdings Limited Daphne International Holdings Limited Delta International Holding Limited Sa Sa International Holdings Limited Methanex International Holdings Limited Abico International Holding Co., Ltd Det International Holding Limited Haitian International Holdings Limited YouYuan International Holdings Limited Xtep International Holdings Limited Real International Holding Company Stella International Holdings Limited CNQC International Holdings Limited Mitsumaru East Kit (Holdings) Limited Goddard Flite Kitchens (Cayman) Ltd. Pallinghurst EMG African Queen L.P. Expressway Partners Ltd Apicorp Sukuk Limited Taurus Investment SPC Eurus Investments Limited Laurus Master Fund Ltd Citibank Capital Corporation Clearwater Capital Partners Fund IV LP Copperstone Capital Clearwater Capital GP (III) Ltd Clearwater Capital Partners Fund IV GP LP Clearwater Capital Partners ESG I Ltd Clearwater Capital Partnerts Fund III GP LP MEDIA PRODUCTIONS LTD. Cowealth Medical Holding Co., Ltd Harmonicare Medical Holding Co Ltd Time Medical Holdings Company Limited Karra GP Limited LBC Sat Ltd Patria Finance Limited GTI Fund Investment Ltd Pizza Deliziosa Limited Seed International Limited Barwick Bodden & Pritchard Ltd Britannia Corporation Ltd BRITISH MORTGAGE CORPORATION LTD. OUB Euro Emerging Capital CBO I Limited Oub Sovereign Emerging Markets CBO I Limited Double Haven Asia Credit OC Fund Xiaomi Corporation Xiaoju Kuaizhi Inc XiO GP Limited Smart Modular Technologies (CI), Inc. Ensco Limited Ensco Oceanics International Company ALEXANDER INSURANCE MANAGERS (CAYMAN) LTD Lander International Investment Group Limited SeaDragon II Limited Alexander Park CDO I, Ltd. The New Providence Insurance Company Limited Rovida Strategic Investments Company Ltd Providentia Capital (international) Limited Nvidia International Inc. China Digital Video Holdings Limited InnoVida Innorez Ltd PCM Provident Agency Master Fund L.P. Diderik Arvid Exploration Limited Davidson kempner Distressed Opportunities International Ltd Video Ezy International Limited Videocon Hydrocarbon Holdings Limited Videocon (Cayman) Limited Providence Capital Ltd Providers Re SPC Providence MobileServ (Cayman) Limited Providence MBS Master Fund Ltd Allegheny Health Services Providers Insurance Company The Alphagen Multi-Hedge Fund Limited Alpha Star Holding Limited The Alphagen Capella Fund Limited The Alphagen Hokuto Fund Limited The Alphagen Etacas Fund Limited The Alphagen Rhocas Fund Limited The Alphagen Octanis Fund Limited The Alphagen Perseus Fund Limited The Alphagen Tenro Fund Limited The Alphagen Volantis Fund Limited The Alphagen Pyxis Fund Limited The Alphagen Pictor Fund Limited The Alphagen Dorados Fund Limited The Alphagen Velas Fund Limited The Alphagen Regulus Fund Limited Alpha Holdings Company Limited The Alphagen eltaning Fund Limited The Alphagen Northern Pines Fund Limited HBI Alpha Holdings Inc. HSBC Alpha Funding (UK) Holdings One Half Chain International Holding Limited AlphaQuest Original Master Ltd The AlphaGen Japan Select Absolute Return Fund Limited The AlphaGen Japan Absolute Return Fund Limited The Tigerford Product Limited GCCL (Cayman) Ocean Fleet MGMT OMI MLIC Investments Limited Global Funds Trust Company Walker Power Cayman Island Limited Garmin Ltd Components Agent (Cayman) Limited Cayman Free Press Ltd. China Resources Cement Holdings Limited China Zhongwang Holdings Limited TRW China Holdings Ltd Yuanda China Holdings Limited Xinming China Holdings Limited Greentown China Holdings Limited Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited MGM China Holdings Limited Want Want China Holdings Limited McDonald's China Holdings Limited Credit China Holdings Limited China Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited Remarkable Mask Technology Company Limited Scioinspire Holdings, Inc. ADP Primary Care Holdings Limited Tosca Opportunity Tosca Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires D L C INC. Grand Fortune Resources Limited Staple Street Global Opportunities (Master) L.P. First Sponsor Group Limited Pontis Ltd State Street Bank and Trust Company Benefit Street Strategic Fund Limited Chicago Power Inc Chicony Power International Inc. Schick Asia Limited Biss Deal Limited Fides Asset Management Ltd Idea Valley Investment Holding Ltd Smart Idea Holdings Limited Idea Advisors LP DUSCC Deal Limited Fides Capital Growth Fund Luen Thai Holdings Limited Coutts General Partner (Cayman) II Limited ACP Offshore General Partner, Ltd Brevan Howard General Partner Limited Warwick European General Partner Inc M&G General Partner Inc Hanover (Cayman) General Partner LP Japan Solar General Partner Elbrus Capital General Partner Limited Elbrus Capital General Partner II Limited Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd Black River Global Multi-Strategy Fund Ltd Gold Holdings Limited The Nostradamus All Gold Funds Black Bear Funding Limited Black River Rost Fund Ltd Blu Diamond Inc Black River Emerging Markets Fund (Offshore) Ltd. Garda Firv Opportunity Master Fund Ltd. Black River Capital Partners Fund (Food) LP Black River Inflation Opportunity Fund Ltd Black River Emerging Markets Credit Opportunity Fund Ltd Black River Global Multi-Strategy Leveraged Fund Ltd Black River Fixed Income Relative Value Fund Ltd Black River Fixed Income Relative Value Opportunity Fund (Onshore) Ltd Sprott Strategic Offshore Gold Fund Ltd Black Holdings Ltd Tocqueville Gold Offshore Fund Ltd Gold Silk Holdings Limited Black River Emerging Markets Fund Ltd Hinde Gold Feeder Fund LP Apogee international Gold Fund Ltd Hinde Gold Feeder Fund Ltd TRAX, LTD. Sipco Holdings Limited TRS Poplar II LTD BBH Credit Value Master Fund Ltd ANTILLES LLOYD LTD. Antilles Trading Company SEZC BMS Antilles Saudi NCB Markets Limited Saudi Offset Limited Partnership Centurion CDO I Limited Centurion CDO VII Limited Centurion CDO II Ltd Centurion CDO III Limited Priory Condover (Property) Limited Heriot Limited Brion Technologies International Sondrio Ltd Priory LP Sterling Holdings LP Med I Company SeaDragon Offshore Limited Siem Offshore Inc. Salzman Offshore Ltd SYW Offshore Ltd. DELLA MARE LTD. West Indian Marine Electronics Ltd. Apposite OSC Limited Oscar Funding Corp XI Oscar Funding Corp XIII Oscar Funding Corp XIV Oscar Funding Corp Senvest Partners Ltd. GSMP 2006 Offshore Investments Fund Ltd GSMP 2006 Institutional Investment Fund Ltd GRAN EXPORT LTD. Dynamic Time Investments Limited Gran Cayman Customs Gran Tierra Colombia Inc. Granite Point Capital Offshore Fund Ltd Elite Marble and Granite Ltd Granite Ventures I Ltd Granite Ventures III Ltd Granite Ventures II Ltd Gran Tierra Energy International Holdings Ltd GRANDE HOLDINGS LTD. Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited China Time Share Media Co Ltd Green Dragon Gas Ltd. Asso Limited Gabelli Associates Limited Spalding Energy Company Ltd York Asset Management Limited Oaktree Opportunities Fund IX (Parallel 2) L.P. KKR Fund Holdings L.P. Advanced Fund Administration (Cayman) Ltd Falstaff Cayman Fund Limited Cornell Capital Partners III LP JE Capital Partners Limited Alcazar Capital Partners CTC Capital Partners I LP China Urbanization Capital Limited Renoir Capital Partners Limited Bitgogo Technology Company Limited ELM International Limited ELMSLIE LTD Helmond Co Ltd Helm Bank Cayman ELM Ridge Value Partners Offshore Fund Inc. Sandelman Partners CRE CDO I, Ltd. ALM IV Ltd. TRS Elm II LTD Belmont Leasing Limited Oasis Holdings Ltd. GLG Market Neutral Fund DB Global Market Neutral Opportunistic Master Portfolio Ltd Blackstone/GSO Market Neutral Credit Master Fund LP Thompson's Meat Market O'Connor Global Fundamental Market Neutral Long/Short Limited DAFNA Lifescience Market Neutral Ltd Empiric Market Neutral Offshore Fund Ltd Midway Market Neutral international Fund Ltd Longlead Market Neutral Feeder Fund Limited Waterstone Market Neutral Offhore Fund Ltd Man Numeric Integrated Alpha Market Neutral Blue Swell Japan Market Neutral Fund Gottex Market Neutral Plus Master Fund Limited MCM Offshore Credit Market Neutral Fund Ltd Algert Global Equity Market Neutral Master Fund LP CC&L Q Global Equity Market Neutral Fund Ltd ING Clarion Market Neutral Ltd Advisory Leveraged European Equity Market Neutral Fund Inc Myriad Opportunities US Fund Limited Myriad Opportunities Master Fund Limited Myriad Opportunities Offshore Fund Limited Simargl Capital Swiss Re Hedge Funds SPC Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd. East Lane Re II Ltd East Lane Re III Ltd East Lane RE IV Ltd Regent Pacific Hedge Funds Ltd. Barents Re Reinsurance Company Inc DPK Investment Fund SPC Platinum Holdings Company Limited Cody Gate Ventures Holdings Limited NAVIX LINE (CAYMAN) LTD. Navigator CDO 2004, Ltd Navigator CDO 2005 Ltd NAV (Cayman) II Limited INVESCO Navigator Fund (Offshore) Ltd Trans-Ocean Navigation Limited Navis Mgo I GP Ltd Mariner Navigator Tips, Ltd. Navigator Compass Master Fund Limited Worldwide Navigation Ltd Athos Navigation SA Navis Asia VI Management Company, Ltd Southern Fox Investments Ltd International Securities Associations & Foundations Management Company Ltd Int. Sec. Assoc. & Fdns. Mgmt. Comp. for Damaged Petrobras Invts. (Bolsa Madrid) Blackstone Distressed Securities Offshore Fund Ltd Black Diamond CLO 2005-2 Ltd Black Octopus Incorporation The Blackstone Group International (Cayman) Limited Blackstone Real Estate CMBS Master Fund Ltd. Blackstone Participation Prtnership (Cayman) IV L.P. Black Diamond Energy L/S Ltd Black Diamond CLO 2005-1Ltd Blackstone Real Estate Partners Europe IV LP CS Iris Life Master Fund Limited Saturn Ventures I Ltd Venture VII CDO Limited Venture VI CDO Limited Thorholdco Limited Vinci Capital Venture - I Fund Ltd Aravis Venture I L.P. Vision2000 Venture Ltd Venture V CDO Limited Baring Securities Ltd ING Baring Employee Services Ltd Baring Private Equity Asia Group Limited Baring Private Equity Asia GP VI LP The Baring Asia Private Equity Fund VI L P 2 The Baring Asia Private Equity Fund VII L.P Baloise Private Equity Limited NATIONAL CEMENT LTD. TRS Oak II LTD Histria Tanker Holdings Ltd Unitas Capital III Ltd Reconstruction Capital II Limited Runa Capital Federated Short-Term Daily U.S. Dollar Fund Ltd MTG Fund SPC Corttex Capital Master Fund SPC Plurax Capital Corporation SPC Indie Capital Offshore Fund SPC Corttex Capital Feeder Fund SPC Euromax III MBS Ltd Mountain View Funding CLO 2006-1 Ltd Amoco/Enron Solar Power Development International Inc. TRADE FINANCE INTERNATIONAL Wartsila development & Financial Services (Asia) Ltd United View Global Investment Co Ltd View Engine Photonics Co., Ltd. Worldwide Marina Development Ltd Pan Asia Development Corporation Devi Ltd. Argentina Private Development Company Limited Asia Development Partners III L.P. Mountain View CLO III Ltd Mountain View Clo II Ltd BA-CA Finance (Cayman) 2 Limited NF Two (Cayman) Limited Sumo 2 Administration (Cayman) Limited. Eiketsu 2 Administration Cayman Limited SSI Thirty-Two Limited Giovanna Newco 2 Limited Galaxy XI Clo Ltd Celestica Cayman Holdings 9 Limited GSF Caymans Holdings Inc. British Caymanian Holdings Limited RIC Investments Ltd RMF Co-Investment Limited Rockwall Investors Corp Russian Investments Rosemary Investments Raglan Investments Limited RCP Investments Ltd. RCP Investments II Ltd RAC Investments Ltd. Redlion Investments Limited Ringwold Investments Limited Railinvest Investments Limited Rushmore Investments Ltd Riverstone Investments Inc. Ronald Investment Limited Rickshaw Investments Limited Radipole Investments Limited Radish Investment Corporation Rosley Investments Limited Phoneix Media Investment ( Holdings) Limited SCB Investment Holding Company Limited Yintech investment Holdings Limited GLP Investment Holdings Mustang Investment Holdings LP CGP Investments (Holdings) Limited Priory Investments Holdings Limited TCG Ventures Investment Holdings III LP Seagull Investment Holdings Limited Vasco Investment Holdings limited Mars Investment Holdings Limited PACIFIC CORRESPONDENT SERVICES LTD. Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited Pacific CDO III,LTD. Pacifica CDO IV Ltd Pacific Company Limited PACIFIC ASSOCIATES Pacifica Partners Ltd. Pacific Convergence Corporation Ltd 6th Avenue Funding 2006 1-Ltd Autohaus Ltd Autonomy Master Fund Limited Autonomy Brazil Fund Ltd Autonomous Software Dundee Leeds Management Services (Cayman)LTD NWS Service Management Limited International Management Services Ltd Eagle Management Services Limited BCQS Property Management Limited Dart Management Services Limited SEDGWICK MANAGEMENT SERVICE (CAYMAN) LTD. LTSB Management (Cayman) Limited Marsh Management Services Cayman Ltd Ratio Management Cayman Limited KNITASTIKS CAYMAN CORP. SERV. LTD. KV Services (Cayman) Limited Ansbacher Corporate Services (Cayman) Ltd. UBS Global Equity Arbitrage Limited UBS A&Q Alternative Solution Master Limited UB Staples Corporation Limited Onesubsea Holding Limited Subsea 7 Holding Inc UBS Alternative Strategy Funds-Event Driven Limited UBS (Grand Cayman) Limited UBS Global Alpha Strategies Limited UBS Global Alpha Strategies XI (Multi Currency) Limited UBS Capital Latin America LDC UBS Currency Fund (USA) LLC UBS Alpha Select Hedge Fund UBS Securities Japan Ltd UBS (Cayman) Trust 2 UBS Brinson CBO Limited UBS O'Connor Trading Limited UBS Capital Asia Pacific Limited UBS Neutral Alpha Strategies Limited UBS International Infrastructure Fund GP Cayman Ltd UBS Alternative Strategy Funds-Systematic Trading Limited UBS Alternative Strategy Funds-Discretionary Trading Limited Sunlands Online Education Group Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. Ambow Education Holding Ltd Trony Solar Holdings Company Limited Sky Solar Holdings Ltd JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd Kawa Solar Holdings Limited Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited Universe Solar Energy Holdings Inc Hanwha Solar Holding Co Ltd Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited Vena Energy Solar Holdings Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited Melqart Opportunities Fund Ltd Resort Sports Ltd T/A Resort Sports Cayman Melco PBL Entertainment (Greater China) Limited Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Limited Modern Ltd China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Company Limited Danaher China Finance Ltd China First Chemical Ltd China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited China Hydroelectric Corporation Tencent Music Entertainment Group China AD Co Ltd Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited China Sun Bio-Chem Technology Group Company Ltd China Bio Solutions Group Limited China Literature Limited Altira Fund Ltd Apollo Fund Administration Ltd Amber Fund Ltd Ascot Fund Limited AL Dana Services Ltd Alysus Fund Limited The Argo Fund Limited Altana Funds Limited Ananda Fund Ltd Avila Fund Ltd Arpeggio Fund Aeronautics Fund Argentina Fund Ltd Anchor Fund Ltd. Assured Fund Akamatsu Fund Aurarius Fund Alysheba Fund Limited Avi Funding Company Limited Asap Funding Limited Abydos Fund Accumulus Fund Ltd Alecto Fund Limited Microport Scientific Corporation Primax Electronics Holdings Ltd Austral Bank International Compania Austral de Inversiones (Cayman) Limited The Australian Relative Value Fund Limited National Australia Group Europe Asset Holdings Limited DB UK Australia Finance Limited Audience International Inc. Tuniu Corporation Pearl Holdings Ltd Coutts (Asia) Limited Transatlantic Aviation Ltd Capricorn Aviation CK Hutchison Holdings Limited Otter Ports Holdings Ltd Art Port Holdings Limited BOCI Online Holdings Limited Golden Knight II Clo, Ltd Altera Absolute Global Master Fund Altera Absolute Investments Manulife Investments Trust Brickfields Venture Ltd. Fantasia Holdings Group Co. Limited 7 Days Group Holdings Limited Shenzhou International Group Holdings Limited Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd Hop Fung Group Holdings Limited Kadokawa Intercontinental Group Holdings Limited Oil Group Holdings Limited Cifi Holdings (Group) Co Ltd Yadea Group Holdings Ltd Yinglian Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Limited Aucta Healthcare Group Holding Limited Zhong Fa Zhan Holdings Limited DMC Cayman INC. DBD Cayman, Ltd. Deutsche Cayman Ltd Denjoy Cayman Limited Digicel Cayman Ltd Demystdata (Cayman) Limited Duke Cayman Limited Pacos Trading Limited Name Administration Inc (Cayman) Horizon Asset Holdings Limited Netanya VIII Holdings Ltd Horizon Aviation Holding Services Limited Brep VIII SBS Forum Holding (NQ) Ltd Dicpe Lp Circus Capital Fund Kraft Capital Fund TPRV Capital Fund Ltd Albar Capital Fund Limited The Sisu Capital Fund Limited The SISU Capital Fund Limited II, Ltd. Covalis Capital Fund Ltd Quadria Capital Fund L.P. Black Coral and Ltd. Black River CFO I Ltd Black River Ventures Ltd Toumaz Limited Broadfin Healthcare Master Fund Ltd Union Scientific Instruments Ltd FMCP Africa Liquid Strategies Master Fund Limited Oman Gateway Fund Ltd Mountain Capital CLO V Ltd Interior Design Associates Ltd Intergen Cayman Interco Beigene, Ltd. 91 Limited GS Equipment Finance I Limited GS eM Holdings II GS eM Holdings I GS Mezzanine Partners V Institutional Fund LP GS Equityco GS Tele Cayman GS Prysmian Co-Invest LP GS/SG Europe Vintage III Inc GS Edam Debt Holdings GS Structured Funding Limited G'S Exquisite Jewellery & Fragrance Ltd. GS Capital Partners V Offshore Fund LP GS Mezzanine Partners 2006 Institutional Fund L.P. GS Financial Products US LP GS Financial Products International LP Pegasus Fund Holdings Limited UFG Private Equity Fund II LP AGC Equity Partners Private Equity Secondary Fund I Ltd Ignis Private Equity Fund LP Trident Private Equity Fund II, L.P. Core Equity Holdings LP Fortress Fund IV GP Holdings Ltd. FYT Equity Holdings Limited Private Equity Holding (Cayman) Ltd Private Equity Partners X Offshore Holdings LP Core Equity Holdings GP Limited Orbita Global Opportunities Strategy (Sterling) Limited Golden Dragon Limited GOLDEN JUICE TRADING LTD. Golden Spirit Limited Golden Gate Energy Investments Ltd. American Gold Mines Ltd. Goldman Sachs Global Services I Limited Goldman Sachs Global Services II Limited Goldman Sachs Financial Products I Limited Goldmin Holdings Goldman Sachs Specialty CLO-I Ltd Goldman Sachs Global Opportunities Fund Offshore Ltd Friede Goldman United Ltd Goldman Sachs Private Equity Opportunities L.P. Golden Key Ltd Goldman Sachs Investment Unit Trust Golden Meditech Holdings Limited Golden Moment Limited Golden Asia Fund LP Goldman Sach Cayman Commodity Fund Ltd. Goldpay Limited Golden Hill Investments Heritage Hedged Equity Fund Ltd United Biscuits (Equity) Limited Tag Equity Limited Equity Financial, Ltd NHP Holdco 3 Limited Tilad Atrium Equity Company II Limited Harbour House Marina and Yacht Club Ltd Chris Marine International CARIBBEAN MARINEWORKS LTD. Trina Solar Limited Sarina Inc Auto Marine Transport Inc NAU Mariner-Tricadia Credit Strategies Ltd Mariner Global Rates Trading Fund Ltd Marianas Master Fund LP Calera Capital Management IV (Cayman) Ltd MSPE Metro Investors Cayman LP Alcontrol Investors (Cayman) L.P. CHC Cayman Investments II Ltd. BOC Aviation (Cayman) Limited Keysheen (Cayman) Holdings Co Limited HNA Aviation (Cayman) Technics Holding Co., Ltd TCG Holdings Cayman II, L.P. Hailey Holdings Ltd First Franklin CI-10 Ge-WMC Mortgage Securities CI-NIM 2005-1 Ltd Long Beach Asset Holdings Corp CI-1 Hanesbrands Dos Rios Textiles, Inc. MARK III INTERNATIONAL FUND, LTD., THE Doras Textiles Trading Company Texhong Textile Group Limited Partex Oil and Gas (Holdings) Corporation Partex (Kazakhstan) Corporation Partex (Brazil) Corporation Partex (Angola) Corporation Partex (Algeria) Corporation Artex Risk solutions (Cayman) Ltd Maples Corporate Services Limited MCS Ltd MC Holdings Ltd MC (Cayman) LP Southern Water Services (Finance) Limited Swiss Life Financial Services (Cayman) Ltd KEW FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED BCH Financial Services Limited Eagle Financial and Leasing Services Limited Santander Central Hispano Financial Services Limited Noble Financing Services Limited Barclays Financial Services Company Ltd Polaris Limited Daiwa Financial Services Company Ltd Bosphorus Financial Services Limited Internet Financial Services Limited Caracas Financial Services Ltd. Dewsbury Financial Service Ltd Financial Service Opportunities LP Avalon Financial Services, Ltd. Mason Financial Services Group Limited Grab Financial Services Asia Inc Polar Star Management SEZC Honye Financial Services Limited Huris (Thames Park) Limited Huris (Swindon) Limited Huris (Hatfield) Limited Huris (Grange Park) Limited Huris (Coventry) Limited Huris (Farnbotough) Limited Huris II (Freehold) Limited Great Eastern Absolute Return Global Energing Markets Fund Pimco Absolute Return Strategy V Offshore Fund Ltd Pimco Absolute Return Strategy III Overlay Offshore Fund Ltd Pimco Absolute Return Strategy IV Offshore Fund 2 Ltd RMF Absolute Return Strategies I Limited RMF Absolute Return Strategies IJPY Limited ACM Bernstein Absolute Return Credit Strategy Fund Aeris Capital Absolute Return Multi-Strategy Fund Ltd Brasoil Alliance Company Real Estate Strategies Ltd. Strips III Ltd Ipswich Street CDO Ltd Jardine OneSolution Holdings (C.I.) Limited BNP Paribas Retail Note Issuance Limited International Sport and Financial Services Marketing & Consulting Co Ltd Pinnacle Consulting Services Ltd Everbright Ashmore Service and Consulting Limited Prostar Capital Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited BURGER CO. LTD. Savannah Finance Corporation - Safinco FBN Capital Finance Company SONANGOL INC. Paragon International Finance Company Vickers Financial Group Limited Gerova Financial Group Ltd Zaghrine Financial Group KOALA Financial Group Ltd ADM Worlwide Holdings L.P. Admiral Administration Limited Symfx Financial Group Limited RBC Dexia Investor Services Cayman Limited Bermuda Investment Advisory Services PRIMASIA INVESTMENT SERVICES LTD Allianz Global Investors Nominee Services Limited Credit Suisse Investment Services (Cayman)Limited DMS Governance LTD. BBM Investment Management Services Teikoku Investment Corp. SV Corinthian Investments Limited Oaktree European Credit Oppotunities Fund (Cayman) Ltd Oaktree European Principal Fund III L.P. Enersys Cayman Euro LP Oaktree European Principal Fund III (Cayman) LP Oaktree European Principal Fund III GP LTD Oaktree European Principal Fund III GP, L.P Oaktree Opportunities Fund Xb Holdings Cayman L P AK Receivables Corporation Baker Street Funding CLO 2005-1 Ltd Anne Bonnys Limited Baker Hughes Asia Pacific Ltd Baker Partners LP Warden Baker Baker Engineering International Ltd Baker /O&M International Limited Gores Bakers Holdings (Cayman), L.P. Wholesome Baking Co. Ltd T&C Ventures Ltd TCV VII L.P Amber Global Opportunities Fund Ltd The Vulcan CTA Fund Maritime Trade Corp CWCapital Cobalt II Ltd CWCapital Cobalt I Ltd Cwcapital Cobalt III Synthetic CDO, Ltd Universal Opportunities Fund Oppenheimer Capital Structure Opportunities Master Fund Ltd GEF Opportunities Fund (Cayman) L.P. EEH, SPC Icatu Finance and Investments Inc Topimex Distributors Limited Transocean RIGP DCL OPCO Limited Independence I CDO Ltd Independencia International Ltd PCOP II Topco Intermediate B LP Ceara Investment Fund Limited Cayman Electrical Supply Ltd Citrico International Limited TD Advisors, Ltd. Enron Brazil Power Holdings I Ltd Explorer Global Investors Limited World Fuel Cayman Holding Company I Facebook Cayman Holdings Unlimited I Explorador Institutional Fund KKR Strategic Capital Holdings I LP Latin America Holding I Ltd Awas Leasing 2011-I Holdings Ltd Texport Corporation Petroexport Ltd Exportcitrus Ltd Inver Energy Holdings I Whittington Holdings I Limited Collective Brands International Holdings, Limited I Mesa Holdings I L.P Homestar Holdings I Ltd TCF Investment Holding I Inc F-I Holding Company EAVF Intermediary Holdings I, L.P Ceval Export Securitization I Limited Hsu Fu Chi International Limited Outback Steakhouse International Investments Co Phillips 66 International Investments Ltd Sampo International Investment (Cayman) Co. Ltd Suntop Investments Limited Sunstar International Ltd Sunstar Investments Limited Cainvest International Bank Ltd Fulgent Sun International (Holding) Co Ltd Omni Secured Lending USD Feeder Fund III LP Bodbrok Capital Management Limited Crescent Capital Management Ltd Fontaine Capital Management Ltd Seekers Capital Management Limited CJ Leasing (Cayman) Ltd Diamond Lease (Cayman) Limited Northern Lng Leasing Co. Limited Eagle Aircraft Leasing Limited Bonham Aircraft Leasing Limited Tokai Aircraft Leasing Co. LTD Aries Aircraft Leasing Ltd. Cranfield Aircraft Leasing Limited Wasps Aircraft Leasing Limited Cornelius Aircraft Leasing Limited Injet400 Aircraft Leasing Co Limited Injet 800-2007 Aircraft Leasing Company Limited AC Aircraft Leasing 6 (Cayman) Ltd Lot leasing Cayman Ltd China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited Hubli Aircraft Leasing Limited EXPORT LEASING (CAYMAN ISLANDS) CO. LTD. DB RMS Leasing (Cayman) LP MARUBENI LEASING ( CAYMAN ) LTD Braathens (Cayman) Leasing II Ltd BRAATHENS (CAYMAN) LEASING IV LTD BRAATHENS (CAYMAN) LEASING III LTD SMBC Leasing (Cayman) Limited Indair Leasing (Cayman) Limited Newoak SJ-Mac Cayman Fund Ltd Riverwood Asset Mamagement (Cayman) Limited Generation Fund Limited The Ton Poh Thailand Fund MAPLE ROLL LTD Maples Secretaries Limited Maples Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited Maples and Calder Limited Madrid Equipment Co Ltd SL Globetrotter, L.P. Japan Asia Holdings Limited BD Logistic ISG Asia (Japan) Limited Brep Asia SBS Forum Holding (NQ) Ltd GSA Capital Ltd Caja Laboral Finance Limited The Prosperity Cub Fund Cubic One Limited Genova Inc. Cheyne Real Estate Debt Fund L.P. Renaissance Real Estate Fund Russia Real Estate Fund LP Cheyne Real Estate Debt Fund Inc. Cheyne Real Estate Credit Holdings Fund III L.P. European Real Estate Debt Fund II LP. European Real Estate Debt Fund II (GP) Limited Clearance Real Estate Equity Fund Cliffwood Real Estate Equity Fund Ltd Threadneedle Credit Crescendo Fund Limited Rock Real Estate Securities Fund Fenwal International Inc Cash Credit Limited Cayman Fujian Tonyi Holdings Limited CP Cayman Topco Ptolemy Finance LLC Punch Taverns Finance B Limited Pisces Finance Limited C.I. Secretaries Ltd. VTB Capital Russia & CIS Equity Fund Ltd VTB Capital Russia & CIS Fixed Income Fund Ltd Cisa Overseas Limited New Vision Investment Ltd Alternative Vision Fund Limited Advent Vision (Cayman) Ltd Vision Holdings Limited Vision Capital Corporation Vision Opportunity Capital Partners, Ltd. Mission College Investments Ltd Creative Vision International Limited Adaptive Vision Investments Mission Trail Insurance (Cayman) Ltd Mission Capital Limited Hayfin Onyx LP China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Limited Solios Offshore Fund Inc Acacia Conservation Fund (Offshore) Ltd Hutchin Hill Capital Offshore Fund Ltd Goldentree Offshore Fund II Ltd. Traxis Fund Offshore LP Brightline Capital Offshore Fund Ltd Fischer Offshore Fund Ltd Pergamon Offshore Fund Ltd SLS Offshore Fund Ltd Polestar Offshore Fund Ltd LG Capital Offshore Fund Ltd BlackRock NTR Renewable Power Fund L.P Sand Grove Capital Intermediate Ltd. Almaz Capital Russia Fund II LP Aventures Capital Fund I GP Archer Capital Master Fund, LP DJ Macro Fund Limited Fortress Macro Fund Ltd. Adar Macro Fund Ltd Lomas Capital Master Fund LP DB Sylvester Funding Limited ITC Nuclear Fuel Service (Cayman) Ltd PIC International Corporation PAC International INTERNATIONAL PACIFIC ENTERPRISES LTD. Pacific International Finance Limited Swire Pacific Finance International Limited Pacific Capital International Limited Pacific Mining Limited Western Pacific International Corp Paranapanema International Ltd Pinehurst Institutinal Ltd MSI Pacific International Holding Co Ltd Plantronics International Ltd ProX International Inc P. INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION PERMARGO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Parfitex International, S.A. Prestwick International Inc. PJS International Ltd. Octagon Limited Alpine III Octave Limited EFA Dynamic Trade Finance Fund Ltd. Car Inc Delta Queen JU Limited Hutchison Delta Finance Limited Delta Networks Inc Waterfall Delta Offshore Master Fund LP Alfa Delta Overseas Company Delta Investment Company (Cayman) Delta Bank & Trust Company Grand Cayman XLIT Ltd. Polycom Global Inc Poly Limited GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited VentureTech Alliance Fund III LP Glass Technology Investment Limited Seagate Technology International Fiber Technologies International, Ltd Global Lighting Technologies Inc. Microchip Technology (Barbados) II Incorporated AcuTech Global Services Ltd Amkor Technology Limited Alchip Technologies, Limited Banian Technology Co., Ltd. ASM Pacific Technology Limited Commtiva Technology Limited Vancelnfo Technologies Inc Mazoil Technologies Limited Himax Technologies Inc W2 Technology Inc. Parade Technologies, Ltd Global SM Tech Limited Leoch International Technology Limited Kingley Technology Co Ltd Harken South America, Ltd Lark Air Ltd Associated Industries Ltd. Harken Bahrain Oil Company Harken de Colombia, Ltd. Harken de Venezuela, Ltd Ark Masters Management Limited Coronation Investment Holdings Limited Hudson Investment Holding Inc. Marbles Investments Holdings Ltd Nesta Investment holdings Limited Supersonic Holdings Limited LCP VII Holdings LP Pamfleet Shanghai Real Estate Fund, L.P GM International Sales Ltd GLG Emerging Markets Fund Caixa General Finance Limited Pacific & General Estates Ltd United General Assurance SPC General Windows and Doors Ltd Banco General Overseas Inc General Mobile Corporation General Registry GENERAL CREDIT LTD. Standard General Master Fund LP Alltrade Company Inc. Dominus Investments Limited Fengge Technology Inc. Julius Baer Bank and Trust Company Ltd FINSBURY BANK & TRUST CO. BMC BANK AND TRUST LIMITED Citco Bank and Trust Company Limited GULF BANKING & TRUST CORP. LTD. Fil Bank and Trust Company Limited Sterling Trust Cayman Limited Serfin International Bank and Trust CIBC Cayman Bank Limited Symmetry Master Fund Limited Millennium Fixed Income Ltd Pacific Oil & Gas (Jambi Merang) Limited Hess Oil and Gas Holdings Inc Odebrecht Oil & Gas Finance Limited Schiehallion Oil & Gas Limited United Capital Partners Oil and Gas Private Equity Fund, LP Odebrecht Oil and Gas Angola Limited Omimex Oil & Gas Ltd Apco Oil and Gas Internatinal Inc China Oil & Gas Fund Petrofield Oil & Gas Holdings Company Limited PP Oil & Gas Indonesia Holdings Limited Ecopetrol Oil & Gas Investments BGC Global Holdings LP The Black Sea Depository Trust Black Sea Trade Ltd SRS Holdings Ltd Deucalion Limited Glory International Energy Co. Ltd Stone Tower CLO VII Ltd Liongate Capital Management (Cayman) Limited Magnetar SC Fund Ltd The ADM Maculus Fund II LP Manaslu Fund LP The Masters Fund Ltd Macroscope Fund Mayar Fund Ltd The ADM Maculus Fund III LP Methodology Fund ltd The ADM Maculus Fund LP Asia Opportunity Fund L.P. Equis Asia Fund Co. Invest L.P. MZ Asia Fund LP Equis Asia Fund LP Equis Asia Fund II LP Asia Altitude Fund Parametrica Asia Fund Ltd ROC Asia Pacific Private Equity Fund II LP Windward Corp Tracer Capital Offshore Fund Ltd Polar Capital Latin American Fund Limited WID Holdings Limited CRC Global Structured Credit Fund, Ltd DHI Group Limited ENR Private Equity Ltd Renren Media Holdings Ltd Renrenche Internet Technology Inc Pascal Fund, Limited Caledonian Global Financial Services Inc. Financial Integrated Services Limited China Medical Science Limited President Life Sciences Cayman Co Ltd Accipiter Life Sciences Fund (Offshore) Ltd Avalon Sciences, Inc Environmental Scientifics Holdings Limited GlycoMed Sciences Limited MSC Offshore FUnd Ltd SB Life Science Partners LP Canyon MSC Structured Credit Fund, L.P. Absolute European Catalyst Fund Limited The Value Catalyst Fund Limited 1798 Credit Convexity Fund Ltd 1798 Credit Opportunity Fund Ltd Mountain Capital CLO I Ltd. MT Thaler Investment Management (Cayman) Limited Iron Mountain South America Ltd Iron Mountain Cayman Ltd Mountain Hawk I CLO Ltd Citadel Investment Group (Asia) Ltd Trammell Crow Company Asia Pacific Limited Asia Printers Group Ltd. AcrossAsia Limited Asia Memorial Group Holdings Limited Ajia-Rpmh Asia Absolute Return Fund Limited Asia Venture Group Ltd Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited Pasia Inc Asiamea CLO Limited IClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd Asian Cougar Limited Asian Oceanic Holdings Ltd. ASIAN GALVANIZING LIMITED Dico Investments & Properties Company Limited Gabelli European Partners Ltd Indecomm Corporation Arsago Alternative Investments SPC Robeco Alternative Investments SPC Concorvado Investment Fund Spc OZ Global Special Investments Ltd Investors Trust Assurance SPC Specialised Research and Investment Limited Absolute Investment Funds SPC Wise Investment SPC GF Investment Series SPC PA Investment Funds SPC Eufex Investment Funds SPC Taverner Investment Strategy SPC Peru Special Investment Fund Ares Investment Fund SPC Paradigm Investments Group SPC Arkanar Alternative Investment SPC Sentinel Investment Fund Spc Intel Ireland Limited Micron Semiconductor International Ltd. Port Chester Limited Chester Global Strategy Fund Limited Chester Enterprises Limited Chester Horizons Fund Limited Chester Asset Receivables Dealings No. 2 Limited Hyga Fund Fu Lian Net International Ecommerce Limited AZ Reinsurance Limited Asia Renal Care, Ltd Awal Finance Company Limited ABQ Finance Limited CPIM Structured Credit Fund 20 L.P. Columbus Nova Capital Ltd Blue Horizons Ltd Blue Ocean FSE Holdings Limited Aldus Aviation Fund Limited Sybex Alliance Limited Falcon Global Fund Ltd Schulze Global Ethiopia Growth and Transformation Fund L P Apson Global Fund Commax Management Inc. Shell North Sea Holdings Limited North Sea Rigs Holdings Ltd Banif Securities Holdings, Ltd. ALM Loan Funding 2010-1 Ltd ALM Loan Funding 2010-3 Ltd Cheyne Total Return Credit Fund December 2020 LP Cetus ABS CDO 2006-3 Ltd Long Beach Asset Holdings Corp. CL 2006-3 Residential Reinsurance 2010 Limited Ksf Beverage Holding Co., Limited Ever Glory International Co Ltd Prestige Beverage Company Ltd. Beverage World Corporation Beaver Creek Fund Ltd Cellier Water & Beverage Ltd FFA Real Estate Limited Southeast Europe Equity Fund Ltd KGI International Holdings Limited Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation CVC Capital Partners Asia Pacific III Parallel Fund LP Bourns Asia Pacific PTE Ltd Geomatrix Pacific Fund Ltd Wedgebloom Asia Pacific Fund Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund Limited Zais Opportunity Fund Ltd. Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund LP Opportunity Fund Bowery Opportunity Fund Ltd CRCM Opportunity Fund LP Brickworks Capital Asia Opportunity Fund Fundamenta Latam Opportunity Master Fund LLC Freescale Semiconductor Cayman Holding Ltd CHC Helicopter Holding (Cayman) Limited MC Private Equity Partners Asia Limited North Haven Private Equity Asia Beauty Holding Limited Dymon Asia Currency Value Fund North Haven Private Equity Asia Beauty Company Limited North Haven Private Equity Asia IVD Company Limited North Haven Private Equity Asia Cleveland Company Limited North Haven Private Equity Asia Fortune Company Limited North Haven Private Equity Asia Baby Care Company Limited North Haven Private Equity Asia Education Holding Limited US Star International Inc. Sapphire Star Holdings Limited Micro-Star International (Cayman) Holding Co Ltd Tristar Partners Limited Sires-Star Limited Star Honour Limited Weaver Star (Cayman) Ltd. Northern Star Charters, Ltd North Star International Investment Fund Limited Five Star Satellite TV Holdings Limited N-Star Real Estate CDO VII Ltd North Star Bond & Mortgage Fund Limited N-Star Real Estate CDO I Ltd N Star Rel CDO VI Ltd. N-Star Real Estate CDO IX, Ltd WuXi NextCode Genomics Inc Vinmar International Ltd VRL International Ltd Villamar Sukuk Company Limited Vilmer Investments CLOROX (CAYMAN ISLAND) LIMITED Survitec Group (Cayman Islands) Limited INTERUNION CAYMAN ISLANDS CORPORATION Qunar Cayman Islands Limited Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Compaq Cayman Islands Vision Company Citco III Limited LSI Logic HK Holdings TCA Credit Liquidity Fund Ltd Invesco Global Investment Grade Credit Fund, Ltd. Credit Suisse Asia International (Cayman) Limited Standard Chartered Asia Real Estate Fund Company Limited Credit Asia Investment Ltd Finisterre Credit Fund XP Credit Fund OZ Asia Overseas Fund Ltd Titan Asia Volatility Fund Ltd Dempsey Hill Asia Fund Claren Road Credit Fund Ltd Optimus Prime Fund Management Co. Ltd. Gulf One Dach Fund Management Ltd Tarascon Fud management (Cayman) Limited Hopu Fund II Management Co Ltd Corecommodity Management-Founders I Fund (Cayman) Ltd Corecommodity Management - Diversified I Fund (Cayman) Ltd. China Everbright Fund Management Limited Journey Investment Management Feeder Fund Limited Journey Investment Management Master Fund Limited Journey Investment Management U.S. Feeder Fund Limited FG Funds Management (Cayman) Limted Pimco Tail Risk Hedging March Master Fund Ltd VGO Special Situations Fund II LP Southern Investment Comp CCE Investment Inc MSN 0086 Leasing Limited Squareinvest Access Fund Ltd Efun International Ltd HOPU Management Co Ltd HOPU Investment Management Co. Ltd Chateau Int'l Ltd. Kimberly-Clark Pacific Finance Company Sakura Finance Asia Limited AC International Finance Limited Meritor Finance Cayman Islands, Ltd Oryx Finance Limited CZ Financial Ltd Roadchef Finance Limited Aton Financial Holding Totta & Acores Financing Ltd Aggreko Financial Holdings Limited Highview Atlantic Finance Company Limited Vinmar Offshore Finance Ltd QSI Finance (Cayman) Pvt Ltd Fluke Finance Company Limited Deutsche Finance No 2 Limited Macquarie Aerospace Finance 39429 Limited Oaktree Enhanced Income Funding Series I Ltd PENTA OIL INTERNATIONAL LTD. Apex Silver Mines Endeavour Mining Corporation Sino Mining Alumina Limited Central Sun Mining Enterprises Ltd. RAB Global Mining and Resources Fund Limited Hochschild Mining (Peru) Corporation Chinalco Mining Corporation International Sunrise Mining Investments Ltd Sunrise Brazilian Mining Investments Ltd Mines and Money Events Limited Lung Ming Mining Co Ltd Kinetic Mines and Energy limited Guaniamo Mining Co. Ltd. RH Mining Resources LTD. Hillroc Mining Investment Co., Ltd Platinum Diversified Mining Inc London Mining (Colombia) Limited Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited AES Dominicana Energia Finance S.A. Centrum Insurance Company Ltd Nominee Limited DreaminGame Inc Minibond Limited Mingly Corporation Brandmine Limited Westminster Health Care Finance Limited Tokyo Tomin Finance (Cayman) Limited F&C Commingled Fund II Limited Ceraminvest International Inc Chemical International Trust Company Limited International Diversified Payment Rights Company GP Cellulose Capital Management Ltd. ZHONGXIN Leasing Int International Computer Leasing Company Global Foundries Inc. Global Ascent Ltd Global Indemnity Limited Brasilian American Merchant Bank Cosco (Cayman) Mercury Co. Ltd. Banco Industrial e Comercial SA Mercator Investment Fund Limited Bluecrest Mercantile Master Fund Limited ERC Ireland Preferred Equity Limited ERC Ireland Holdings Limited ERC Ireland Finance Limited Mercury Finance Limited El Paso Merchant Energy Europe Holdings II Company Mercantil, Inc. Mercury CDO III Ltd FCT Amercia Limited Mercantile Group Limited Mercury MTC (Cayman) Limited. Mercury CDO 2004, Ltd Mercury Mortgage Finance-Guatemala, Ltd Mercantile Capital Partners Fund, L.P. Wine Merchant ,The Murcie Lago International 2005-1 Limited Banco Mercantil de Sao Paulo S.A. Mercantile International Petroleum Inc GSO European Senior Debt Fund LP Pharos Small Cap Master Fund Ltd DWS Asian Micro Cap Fund Cap III Ltd Cap III Co-Investment, L.P. Cap II Co-Investment, L.P. Med Cap Limited CCM Small Cap Value Fund Ltd Source Cap Limited West Moon S.A. Full Moon Finance Limited Pharo Trading Fund Ltd HayFin Topaz LP HayFin Topaz GP Limited Hayfin PT LP Hayfin Topaz Cayco Limited Hayfin Management Limited Hayfin Pearl GP Limited Hayfin Sof II GP LP Hayfin SOF II GP Limited Hayfin Sof II USD LP Hayfin Opal Holdings Limited Hayfin Onyx Cayco Limited Hayfin Sapphire GP Limited Champery Finance Limited Partnership HSBC Turkey Finance (No. 1) Limited Hayfin Sof II GBP LP Hayfin Direct Lending Fund II LP UBS Bond Fund Ltd TIAA High Yield CDO I, Limited Galaxycore Inc CoreCap Limited CA CAT Co LLC BA-CA Finance (Cayman) Limited Avago Technologies Cayman Finance Limited Purple Finance (Cayman) International Ltd Falcon Asset Finance (Cayman) Limited China Overseas Finance (Cayman) I Limited Marshalls Tea Machinery Co Ltd BCP Finance Bank Ltd BCP International Bank Limited BCP Capital Finance Limited BCP Crystal Holdings Ltd 2 PCP Limited Origin Limited Prime Capital Holding Ltd Panormos Holding Limited Nevsky Capital Holdings Limited Elbrus Capital Holdings Limited Pramerica Fixed Income U.S. Liquidity Relative Value Master Fund Ltd. Putman Fixed Income Opportunities Fund Ltd VTB Capital DFJ Aurora CIV L.P. Cosmostar Ltd. Sociedade Brasileira De Ativos e Financas Ltda Caixa Geral de Depositos Finance Chatham Asset High Yield Offshore Fund Ltd Entco Capital Co Constellation Limited Ensco Coronado Limited Bristlecone Ltd Econ EQT Investment Pte Ltd Economy printers Ltd. ECONOBANK LTD. Maples Service Company Limited DWR Cymru (Financing) Limited Tudor BVI TDR Investment Ltd LLB Fund Management (Cayman) Ltd BNY Fund Management (Cayman) Limited EUROPEAN FUND MANAGEMENT FCT Fund Management Limited BANKAMERICA FUND MANAGEMENT LIMITED Bluewater Funds Management SPC Gir Fund Management A4 Fund Management, INC. Prestige Fund Management Limited The PRS Global Management Fund. Precept Fund Management SPC Football Players Funds Management Ltd Luca Fund Management Cornerstone (PA) Fund Management Limited Macquarie Funds Management SPC The World Zakat Fund Management Limited Velocious Technologies Inc Keen High Technologies Limited Intec Maritime & Offshore Services Corp. Ventech Offshore, S.A. Vega Select Opportunities Fund Limited Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Manufacturing Limited Warner Lamber Manufacturing (Ireland) Ltd Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing (Holdings) Limited Cypress Manufacturing Ltd IMS International Manufacturing Services Limited MFG Trading Ltd Citroil Manufacturing Co. IN BOUND CONTRACT MANUFACTURING INC. JEC Property Consultants Ltd J.C. Trading Limited J.C. Flowers II L.P. JC Holdings II Ltd JC Holdings Ltd Barekat Ltd Okatoneptune GP Co Okatoneptune II GP Co Katonah IV Ltd Katonah III Ltd Morumbi Capital Fund GLOBAL ENGINE PARTS & EQUIPMENT CORP. Blade Engine Securitization Ltd Ellis Engine Limited Silver Lake Partners III Cayman (AIV III) L.P. Silver Lake Sumeru (Offshore) AIG GP, Ltd Silver Lake Credit Fund LP ASM Business Services Limited Tasman Fund L.P. Plasma Limited Comalco (Tasman) Limited DB Jasmine No. 2 (Cayman) Limited Tasman CDO, Ltd DB Jasmine (Cayman) Limited Singer Asia Limited Saratoga Asia III LP Saratoga Asia II LP MCI Worldcom Asia Pacific Limited Dachan Food (Asia) Limited Asia Gulf Power Service Company Limited Asia Center (China) Holdings Corporation Morgan Stanley Asia Holdings Limited Nextech Asia Holdings Limited HC (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd BPO Asia Holdings Limited Amtd Asia Limited Nomura Asia Ltd Total Sports Asia Ltd Convenience Retail Asia Limited AIF Capital Asia IV GP Limited Avalon Capital Ltd 3 Belhurst CLO Ltd Avon International Holdings Company Avolon Aerospace Limited Avolon Aerospace Leasing Limited Avolon Aerospace (Funding 3) Limited Avon International Capital Company Silver Creek Low Vol Strategies, Ltd. Silver Creek Low Vol Strategies II, Ltd. Avolon Aerospace (Funding 2 ) Limited Avalon Master Fund Asia Distribution Solutions Limited The Director Ltd Dinodirect Ltd Directwithhotels Inc BrunswickDirect Ltd PRCDirect Limited Vega Risk Management Solutions Limited Astute Direct Marketing Limited Eastgate Global Emerging Markets Direct Equity LP Avalon Re Ltd Q-BLK Strategic Partners II, Ltd Lakeside CDO II, Ltd WELLINGTON SECURITIES INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO. Wellington Capital Limited Whittington Corp. Whittington Holdings II Limited GLG Global Mining and Resources Fund Nutronix Trading Comapny Limited Alba Plant LLC Charter Group Holdings Limited Pimco Distressed Credit Fund B L.P. Felix (CI) Limited Helix Partners Fund Helix Convertible Arbitrage Global Master Fund LP Helix Investments II Limited C12 Helix Liquid Opportunities General Partner, Ltd C12 Helix Liquid Opportunities Master L.P. Petroleum Export VI Limited Arlo XIV Limited Galaxy Global Opportunity Fund Epsilon Global Fund LP Silkstone Global Fund Irongate Global Strategy Fund Limited Leste Global Fund SPC Glockner Global Opportunities Fund Camber 5 Ltd Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Centre Amber Lion L.P. The Chamber Pension Plan Ambev International Finance Co Ltd Ambev International Fund Ltd Loch Lomond Members Golf Club Limited Meridian Properties International Number Three Limited Warner Lambert Cork Ltd Hambledon Inc Bain Capital Integral Investors II LP Camomile Ulster Investments (UK) Ltd Mubadala CA Investment Partnership Holdco LP RP Capital Partners Cayman Islands Limited Garden Holdings Limited Agile Property Holdings Limited Gable Holdings Inc GST Holdings Limited Guardforce Holdings Limited GII Holdco Ltd Gamma Holdings Ltd. Goldwin Holdings Limited Genius Holding Co Ltd Gridsum Holding Inc. Gibraltar Holdings Limited GBE Holdings Ltd Gazelle Holdings L.P Gissar Holdings GSSOAF Holding Company Goodweather Holdings Limited Greenways Holdings Limited Globant Holdings, Ltd Harmonic Fund Services 19 Degrees North Fund Services Ltd Basso Multi-Strategy Holding Fund Ltd HBI Uno Holdings Inc. Global Multi-Strategy Protected Trading Limited DB Global Markets Multi-Strategy Fund I Ltd Polar Multi-Strategy Master Fund The Chenavari Multi-Strategy Credit Fund Limited Univest Multi-Strategy Fund II Ltd Acepade Multi Strategy Fund Ramius Multi-Strategy Fund Ltd Quam Multi-Strategy Funds (SPC) Limited O3 Capital Multi-Strategy Fund Ritchie Multi-Strategy Global Trading Ltd Cheyne Multi-Strategy Fund LP Citics Global Multi-Strategy Fund DB Global Masters Multi-Strategy Trust HBM Healthcare Investments (Cayman) Ltd Carrelage Multi Strategy Offshore Ltd Weiss Multi-Strategy Partners (Cayman) Ltd HB 1 Fund L.P. HB Advisors Limited Hobbies & Books Limited Treaty Oak Ironwood Ltd Cititrust (Cayman) Limited Mass Energy Group Holding Ltd. FN Holdings Limited Wavelength Financial Technology Ltd Allanite Co. Ltd Gulf One Dach Investments Ltd HITE MLP Cayman Ltd HKBridge (Cayman) GP1 Limited CCP II Acquisition Holdings Cayman, L.P. Quartuba Limited Newell Rubbermaid Global Sourcing Asia Ltd Advanced Automotive Ltd Hyundai Capital Auto Funding Limited Hyundai Capital Auto Funding II Limited Hyundai Capital Auto Funding IV Limited Hyundai Capital Auto Funding VIII Limited Mike's Ice & Refrigeration Co. Ltd China Zhengtong Auto Services Holdings Limited Geely Automobile Holdings Limited Horizon Autos Ltd. Autoport Limited Nexteer Automotive Group Limited ZMFY Automobile Glass Services Limited ED'S AUTO LTD. Automotive Art (Cayman) Limited G T Automotive Imports Ltd Grand Baoxin Auto Group Limited Samsung Capital Auto 2002-1 JSB Taiwan Auto One Limited Tempo Finance Limited Tempo Technology Corporation Soylent Limited Lytone Enterprise (Cayman) Inc Melco Crown SPV Limited Blackrock Credit Investors Master Fund SPV LP Central SPV Company Limited Titanium I SPV (Cayman) Limited BTC SPV (Cayman) 2001-1 Limited Abraaj SPV 9 Limited Magnetite SPV Ltd. Capic SPV LP ISFF Bestford SPV Ltd MTF SPV I Limited Net (Net) Global Sezc Ltd Vistra (Cayman) Limited Education Media and Publishing Group Limited KPMG Cayman Holdings (US) Ltd KPMG West Africa Holding Integrated Silicon Solution (Cayman) Inc Bain Capital Wp Integral LP Integrated Memory Logic Limited Integrated Health Holdings Incorporated Integral Trade Master Fund SPC Integra Group Integra Limited UNIMECS INTEGRATED LTD. Integral Holdings Limited Integrated Circuit Technology Integrated Social Technologies Corp. Integrated Automation Systems (Cayman) Limited Colombia Telecommunications Funding Corporation Chailease Holding Company Limited Colombiere Investments Limited COLOMBIA EMERALDS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Colombia Energy Development Co. Sandler Plus Master Fund Ltd The 32 Capital Yen Fund Ltd Stackpole International Holding LP Newheight Holdings Ltd Noah Holdings Limited ARLO Limited Arlo II Limited Arlo III Limited Arlo XII Limited Arlo VIII Limited Arlo X Limited Arlo VII Limited Being Inc Apex Cayman Fund Limited Blackwater Cayman Fund Limited TR2 Cayman Fund Globe Union Cayman Corp Arcanum II Cayman Fund JVP Fund Cayman Ltd Union Spring Fund Ltd Schroders Asia (Cayman) Limited Alden Partners Fund (Cayman) Ltd Insight Asia Funds SPC Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd. Nezu Asia Fund Ltd Paddington Asia Fund Limited Asus International Limited ASIF II Lim Asia Alternative Real Estate Fun Spc Asian Healthcare GP, Ltd Asi Limited CASIO'S LTD. Unibanco-Uniao De Bancos Brasileiros SA Sentinel Corporation Cigna International Reinsurance Company Ltd Byco Busient Incorporated Orey Management (Cayman) Limited National Express Cayman Limited LGT Portfolio Management Limited Pimco Cayman Commodity Portfolio III Ltd Pimco Cayman Commodity Portfolio IV Ltd Lainston International Management (Cayman) Ltd Cayman Airways Express Limited Federal Express (Cayman) Limited Wang On Investment Management (Cayman) Limited Absolute Portfolio Management Ltd. Derivatives Portfolio Management L.L.C. Aircraft Portfolio Management Pimco Cayman Japan Portfolio I Ltd. Berjaya Group Portfolio (Cayman) Limited TVT Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd Japan Loan Management Company Ltd. Balli Finance & Industrial Development Corporation Eagle Corporation Limited Eagle Holdings Ltd Eaglemount Ltd ENGLISH SHOPPE LTD. Northern Ltd True North Ltd. Northern Lng Transport Co., I Ltd. Walkers Fund Services Limited Caledonian Global Trust Services Limited Latona Fund Trust Praesideo Fund Services Ltd. Absolute Activist Value Fund Limited Complant International Sugar Industry Co. Ltd Yongkai Sugar International Limited Polish Enterprise Fund VII L.P. Polish Enterprise Fund VI L.P. Polish Enterprise Investors VII GO Ltd Polish Enterprise Investors VI LP Polish Enterprise Investors VI GP, Ltd. Mekong Enterprise Fund III Limited Partnership Enterprise Development Fund Limited IndyMac NIM INABS 2005-D Ltd PMA Insurance SPC Cayman Cardinal Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. Cayman Insurance Centre Ltd Republic Insurance Company (Cayman) Limited Credit Suisse Senior Loan Investment Unit Trust (For Qualified Institutional Inv Crown Global Life Insurance (Cayman) Ltd British Caymanian Insurance Company Limited Cayman National Insurance Brokers Ltd Fresenius Medical Care Reinsurance Company (Cayman) Ltd Mainsail II Ltd LINSON INVESTMENTS LTD. Scottish Annuity & Life Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd Wainscot Investments Limited Intrinsiq Materials Cayman Ltd Baninsa International Limited Cayman Insurance Brokers Ltd Sunamerica (Cayman) Insurance Company Ltd Cayman First Insurance Company Limited CNinsure Inc Weiss Insurance Partners (Cayman) Ltd Insurance Managers Association of Cayman Limited Swiss Life Insurance Finance Ltd Greenspring Financial Insurance Limited CSSAF GP LP Safanad Limited Bahamdan Investment Group TTP Investments Ltd Pennant Offshore Partners Ltd Stonehill Offshore Partners Limited LMR Partners (Offshore) Ltd. SEG Partners Offshore Ltd Broad Street Real Estate Credit Partners II Offshore Issuer LP Noble Offshore Real Estate Ltd. Braddock Partners Offshore Ltd Origami Partners IV Offshore LP Topwater Partners Offshore Ltd Casdin Partners Offshore Ltd Corriente Offshore Partners L.P. Providence Equity GP VII L P Apax US VII GP L P Relay Ventures Offshore Fund I L.P. Global Capital Opportunity Company Element Capital Master Fund Limited CAI Global Master Fund LP AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Fund (NON-EU) B LP O3 Capital Global Fund Straits Lion Asia CDO I Limited HSBC Lion Funding (UK) Limited Lion Capital Global Credit I Limited Lion/Katsu Investments LP Lion Air Services Inc Aphelion Investment Corporation Lion/Stove Cayman L.P. Lion Point Master L.P. Lion/Heaven Cayman Limited Lion City Cdo Limited Lion Tropical Production Lion Synthetic No. 1 Limited Lion/Silk Investments Ltd Eastern Holding Company, Ltd. Easygroup Holdings Limited E.World (Holdings) Ltd Ekpac International Limited Eganagoldpfeil (Holdings) Ltd ESG Holdings Limited Exel Holdings Limited Europa Holdings Limited Elizabethan Holdings Limited Ecoelectrica Holdings, Ltd. Eurocharm Holdings Co Ltd Everstone Holdings Limited Eurofoto Holdings Limited EGT Holding Ltd EED Holdings Estonia Holdings Ltd Encentuate Holdings Limited Endinbur Holdings Ltd Millennium Partners, L.P. Trasy Gold Ex Limited Latin America Holding II Ltd Latin American Holdings Ltd Anglo American Holdings Ltd Euro-American Activities Holdings Inc Kingsway International Vietnam Azalea Fund Limited DWS Vietnam Fund Limited PXP Vietnam Fund Limited Vietnam Lotus Fund Limited Asis Growth Fund Limited The Vietnam Frontier Fund LM International Holding L.P. Clariden Leu Trust (Cayman) Limited Argon Capital Group LP Airoha (Cayman) Inc ARCH JR. & SON BUILDING SUPPLIERS LTD., =H.E.= ARCH DISTRIBUTORS LTD. Archie Sani-Tech Holdings Limited Arch & Godfrey Construction Ltd. Arche Capital Arch Finance Limited Arch Point Loan Funding II Ltd Arch Point Loan Funding I Ltd Duna International Inc. Daon International DJI International Company Limited Daily International Ltd Dynasty International Chispa Dos Inc. Oaktree European Principal Fund III (Parallel) LP Oaktree Opportunities Fund X Holdings (Cayman), L.P Aurora Cayman Limited Greater China Value Partners Fund Ltd The Value Active Fund Ltd. Russia Value Fund LP Parkside Partners Fund I Development Partners Fund Value Partners Group Limited Vinci Value Fund Value Partners China Greenchip Fund Limited Massmutual Corporate Value Partners Limited Gulfstream Trading Internation Sonic International Cayman Limited Parexel International (Cayman) Corp Solomon (Cayman) International Corporation Gulf Oil International Limited Marketing Systems International Ltd Kuo International Oil Limited ORIENT STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. SIMEX INTERNATIONAL TRADE CORP. International Marketing Co Ltd International Shoe Trading Ltd. International Trade Limited Inter Juice Trading SA International Trading Network Inc Rigel International Trading Co Ltd APP International Trading Limited International Plastics Trading Tramp Oil International Ltd INTERNATIONAL AGRO TRADERS INC. COSWORTH TRADING INTERNATIONAL LTD. World Trade And Marketing Limited Tripetrol Oil Trading Inc SA Triton International Oil Corporation Oil Tec Trading Corp Tazlina Funding CDO I Ltd UER Holdings Corporation BSPRT 2018 FL3 Issuer Ltd LoanCore 2018 CRE1 Issuer Ltd Anthracite CFO Issuer No. 1 Limited Neuberger Berman Loan Advisers Income Note Issuer 26 Ltd Neuberger Berman Loan Advisers Income Note Issuer 29 Ltd Too Hot Ltd H.O.T Cayman Holding Conocophillips Qatar Ltd ConocoPhillips Yanbu Ltd. Northwoods Capital V Limited DBRE Global Real Estate Management 1A Ltd Epsilon Global Asset Management Ltd DBRE Global Real Estate Management IB Ltd Global Capital Management Ltd Cura Global Investment Management Holding Limited Principle Management Global Reach Absolute Return (Cayman) LP Westford Global Asset Management Ltd KKR Europe III Limited Global Equity Trading Fund Ltd Man Global-Strategy Principal Protected Trading II Limited Hess Global Trading Limited Rosemount Global Trade Finance Offshore Fund Ltd Cargill Global Trading Rosemount Global Trade Finance Master Fund, Ltd DB Noetic Global Diversifield Trading Fund Ltd Global Diversified Trading Limited AP Cayman Partners II, L. P. International Company Limited CHC Cayman ABL Holdings Ltd. Ensco Global Limited Ensco Endeavors Limited Ensco Netherlands Ltd Ensco Overseas Limited Ensco (Barbados) Limited Principal Holdings Subsidiary 1 Ltd. GLG Credit Fund CS Structured Credit Fund, Ltd. Chenavari European Structured Credit Fund Ltd The Eclectica Credit Fund JAE Credit Fund Limited Brigade Structured Credit Fund Ltd Brigade Structured Credit Offshore Fund Ltd Citi Investment Trust (Cayman) II CTG Holdings Limited Citi Infrastructure Investments (UK Water) Ltd Grand Eastern Home Shopping Corporation Claritus M SPC II J Shop Corp II POP SHOPPE LTD., =THE= BABY SHOPPE,=THE= Pacific Wealth Investment Ltd Icreate Investments Limited IC IC INVESTMENTS LTD. Amerada Hess Energy Limited TRIAD INTL. CORP. Triton CBO III, Limited Tritton Development Fund Ltd Indicus Investment Management Ltd SEDCO Capital India Investment Limited Liyue Investment Management Ltd Abdiel Qualified Master Fund L.P Trafalgar Copley Fund Limited Trafalgar Entropy Fund Cycladic Catalyst Master Fund 788 Leverage Japan Fund Ltd 788 Leveraged Global Asset Allocation Fund Ltd CMTH Preferred Capital 7 (Cayman) Limited CMTS (Cayman Islands) Industry Co Ltd C Media Limited CMT Master Fund Limited Alesco Preferred Funding VIII Ltd Alesco Preferred Funding XVII Ltd Alesco Preferred Funding XVI Ltd Duke Funding VIII, Ltd Blue Heron Funding VIII Ltd GSC Group CDO Fund VIII, Limited Battery Ventures VIII Side Fund (AIV) LP Satellite Overseas Fund VIII Ltd Pimco Cayman ommodity Fund VIII Ltd MMCapS Funding XVII Ltd Westways Funding VIII, Ltd MMCAPS Funding XVIII, Ltd Madison Park Funding VIII Ltd. Kleros Preferred Funding VIII Ltd South Coast Funding VIII Ltd Vinci High Income Fund Facebook Cayman Holdings Unlimited II West Face Long Term Opportunities Global Master LP Cheyne Total Return Credit Fund 1 Inc Total Ltd Cheyne Total Return Credit Fund December 2020 Inc ACHF Total Return Fund Ltd Kazimir Total Return Fund, Limited Castle Hill Total Return Fund Ltd AQR Delta Total Return Offshore Fund LP TVT Investment Opportunities (Master) Fund Ltd Legg Mason International Holdings LLC The Bluebay Value Recovery ( Master) Fund Limited Bluecrest Capital International Limited Bluecrest Capital International Master Fund Limited Bluewater Real Estate Investments Bluecrest Strategic Limited Bluecrest Mercantile Fund Limited BlueCrest Emerging Markets Fund Limited Bluecrest Emerging Market Master FUnd Limited Bluecrest Equity Fund Limited Bluegrass ABS CDO IV Ltd Bluegrass ABS CDO III Ltd Bluegrass ABS CDO II Ltd KD Blue Sky Technologies Limited Bluegrass ABS CDO I Ltd Ocean Infinity Limited Omnivision International Holding Ltd LGT Capital Invest (SC3) Limited GLG European Long-Short Fund Investcorp Quantitative Long/Short Global Equity Fund Limited Sator Long Short Equity Fund Limited Highbridge Long Short Equity Fund Ltd Bluemountain Long/Short Equity Master Fund LP Gam Talentum Emerging Long/Short Fund Cougar Long Short Equity Fund Ltd. Temple Global Long-Short Fund Ltd Myojo Japan Long Short Fund, Ltd Myojo Japan Long Short Fund Marathon Liquid Credit Long Short Fund Megha Long/Short Credit Master Fund Ltd Symphony Long-Short Credit Master Fund Ltd Ecofin Vista Long/Short Fund LP GLG European Long-Short Master Fund Hayate Japan Equity Long-Short Fund Nomura High Yield Long Short Fund 0603 Nomura High Yield Long Short Fund 0703 Pramerica Fixed Income Emerging Markets Long Short Master Fund Ltd. Standard General OC Master Fund LP Wcube Co., Ltd Crown Managed Accounts SPC Cosmopolitan International Holdings Limited Kosmos Energy Finance International Kosmos Energy Ghana HC Cosmo Electronics International Co Ltd Kosmos Energy Ventures Kosmos Energy Equatorial Guinea Intel Overseas Funding Corporation Tenenge Overseas Corporation Overseas Nominees Limited SC Overseas Investment Ltd Archimede Asset Management Ltd Cairn Mezz ABS CDO II Limited Eastern Capital Limited Victoria Peak International Finance Limited Twin Peaks Funding Limited Gannett Peak CLO I Ltd Peak Ridge Master SPC Ltd Pinnacle Peak CDO I Ltd Amplitude Capital International Ltd Thames River Alternative Strategies Limited Thames Company Ltd. Kettle River Holdings Limited Thames River Longstone Fund Limited Walkers Global Meriken Nominees Ltd Walkers Fiduciary Limited Bay Restaurant Holdings Limited Lusca Holding Ltd Lonking Holdings Limited iSoftStone Holdings Limited Lightinthebox Holding Co., Ltd LNG Holding Company Ltd Lemtech Holdings Co. Limited Keyloft Inc. Loftechnology Inc LMVC Holdings Lufc Holding Limited Leju Holdings Limited LVS Holdings Limited LIA Holdings Ltd Lexinfintech Holdings Ltd. Logan Holdings Limited Loulan Holdings Limited Lennox Holdings Limited Liwayway Holdings Company Limited Luna Holdings Inc Lauder Holdings Ltd Alpha Soft Ltd Soft Lines International Ltd Luft 476 Limited Lalaben Crest Ltd Crestbridge Cayman Limited Crescent 3 Ltd Crescent 4 Ltd Crescent Planeconsult Group Crescent European Specialty Lending Fund (Cayman) LP DP World Crescent Limited J-Fund III SPC Steward & Spencer International Fund SPC Ltd Fortress Global Funds SPC Inc. Sharpe Funds SPC NPB Manager Fund SPC Thank Fund SPC Sandringham Fund SPC Ltd Danix Fund Limited SPC DanixMaster Fund Limited SPC Extensor World Trading Limited World Standard Trade Limited World Iron Trading South China Morning Post Finance (Cayman) Limited SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST INVESTMENT (CAYMAN) LTD SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST ENTERPRISES ( CAYMAN) LTD South China Morning Post Consolidated (Cayman) Ltd Morning Star Resources Limited Morningside Technologies Inc ABEL HOLDINGS LTD. Royal Cayman Island Police Service OVERSEAS INVESTMENT BANK & TRUST Asian Information Resources (Holdings) Limited Asian Healthcare Select Investors,Ltd Structured Investments Corporation Structured Investments Corporation II Structured Investments Corporation III Mizuho Asiainfra Investment GP Mizuho Asiainfra Investment LP Asian Healthcare Absolute Investors, Ltd BlueMountain CLO Ltd BlueMountain CLO II Ltd Bluemountain CLO III Ltd Bluemountain Long/Short Credit Master Fund L. P. Bluemountain CLO 2014-1 Ltd Bluemountain CLO 2013-3 Ltd Bluemountain Timberline Ltd. Regent Russian and Eastern European Real Estate Fund European Renaissance Fund Limited Merrill Lynch European Equity Hedge Fund (Euro) Limited Contrarian European Fund LTD Apollo European Principal Finance Fund II (Master Euro B) LP AEA Europe Fund II LP Theorema Europe Fund Ltd Noor Sukuk Company Ltd NIG Sukuk Ltd NICBM Sukuk Limited Seneca Capital International Ltd Seneca Park Clo Ltd MA Investments LDC R2 Investments, LDC Promontoria Holding Coop LDC Enterex International Limited Cavamont Investment Advisors Ltd. Aperta Investment Advisors Ltd Compass Group Investments Advisors Northview Investment Advisors Ltd Pagoda Investment Advisors Limited Roble Investment Advisory Limited Eastern Echo Long Grove CLO Ltd Manitowoc Grove (Cayman Islands) Ltd Nelder Grove CLO Ltd. Founders Grove CLO Ltd Grant Grove CLO Ltd Muir Grove Clo, Ltd Greka Drilling Limited Raimondi Holding Ltd Eole Finance SPC Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited Enviro Energy International Holdings Limited ENN Energy Holdings Limited Energy World Philippines Holdings Limited Aide Energy (Cayman) Holding Co Ltd Hong Kong Energy (Holdings) Limited Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited Third Energy Holdings Limited AAG Energy Holdings Limited Petroasian Energy Holdings Limited Bioeq Energy Holdings Primeline Energy Holdings Inc Overseas Energy Holdings Limited Britannica Energy Holding Ltd Energy World Holdings (CAYMAN) Limited White Rose Energy Ventures Holdings LP Invensense International Inc IBC Capital Limited Inventec (Cayman) Corporation Innovent Capital Ltd. Inventure Fund Ltd Kayak Investment Partners Master Fund LP