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Pine River Master Fund Ltd Healthy Harmony Holdings, L.P. Silver Mountain Health Management Limited MBK Partners LP MBK Management, Inc. Mass Energy Group Holding Ltd. Alpha Bank BANK INTERCONTINENTAL LTD Altajir Bank Bank of America Trust and Banking Corporation (Cayman) Limited Banco Fibra SA KBC Bank NV Banco ABC Brasil S.A. Alexandria Bancorp Limited Kimberly-Clark Pacific Finance Company Pacific International Finance Limited Swire Pacific Finance International Limited Pacific Star Financial Co CITIC Pacific Finance Limited Swire Pacific Offshore Financing Limited Deutsche Offshore Finance Investments (Pacific) Limited Swire Pacific Finance (Overseas) Limited Cathay Pacific MTN Financing Limited Swire Pacific MTN Financing Limited Bristow Cayman Ltd Red Entertainment Distribution (M.E) Limited. Intertrust SPV (Cayman) Limited Intertrust Holding (Cayman) Limited Intertrust Corporate Services (C.I.) Limited Intertrust Trustees (Cayman) Ltd Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited BlackRock NTR Renewable Power Fund L.P EnTrust LiquidFunds Master L.P. Dos Rios Enterprises Inc. Essar Global Fund Limited Ensco Global Limited Global Ascent Ltd EM Global Limited Next Entertainment Global Holding Tal Education Group China New Higher Education Group Limited China Online Education Group Sunlands Online Education Group Nit Education Group Limited Etonkids Educational Group Limited Aspire Education Group Co Ltd Xueda Education Group Melodious Education Technology Group Limited Global Education & Technology Group Limited New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. Hope Education Group Co., Ltd. Onesmart International Education Group Limited Sino-Canada Education Group Limited Cathay Media and Education Group Inc China Education Limited Huazhu Group Limited China Fishery Group Limited china Huiyuan Juice Group Limited China Evergrande Group China E-Learning Group Limited China Communications Media Group Co. Ltd China Properties Group Limited China Goldjoy Group Limited China Vanguard Group Limited China Dongxiang (Group) Co Ltd China Hongqiao Group Limited China National Culture Group Limited China Lesso Group Holdings Limited China First Capital Group Limited China Handi Group Limited China Aoyuan Group Limited China YuHua Education Corporation Limited China Ting Group Holdings Limited Blue Ocean Management Limited Nutronix Trading Comapny SC Lowy Primary Investments Ltd Warehouse Consulting (Cayman Islands) Limited SPI Energy Co, Ltd Transocean Offshore International Ventures Limited Transocean Secdo Forex Ventures Limited Seaboard Ventures Limited Things Camayian, Ltd. Damac Technology Partners L.P. INDORAMA INTERNATIONAL LTD. Amac International Co. DYNAMATICS INVESTMENTS LTD. Amadeus Funding 1 Limited Aviamax Aviation Ltd AMAC CDO Funding I Samaha Holdings Limited Gama Fund LP III Jamaica LLC Villamar Sukuk Company Limited Yokohama Preferred Capital Cayman Limited Agamas Continuum Fund (Cayman) Ltd Riverwood Asset Mamagement (Cayman) Limited Akamatsu Fund Ama Corporation Hamar Investments Limited Aman Capital Global Fund Ltd Ultramar Capital Ltd. Amazon Iron Ore Overseas Co. Ltd. Namax Ltd AAA Mac 53 Ltd. Samarco Finance Ltd Hadron Capital (Cayman) Limited Azerbaijan International Operating Company Azerbaijan International Operating Company Itochu Oil Exploration (Azerbaijan Inc) Azerbaijan Real Estate Holdings Ltd Razer Inc. Glazer Offshore Fund Ltd Marbles Investments Holdings Ltd Tortuga Rum Company Limited Elite Marble and Granite, Ltd. Marble Craft Ltd Marble Finance Limited PACIFIC CORRESPONDENT SERVICES LTD. Eastern Pacific Circuits Limited Pacific CDO III,LTD. Pacifica CDO IV Ltd Pacifica CDO II Ltd Pacific Company Limited Pacific Mining Limited PACIFIC ASSOCIATES Pacific Resources Inc Pacifica Partners Ltd. Pacific Life Funding LLC Pacific Convergence Corporation Ltd Mapcf Gp Limited SRI Fund L.P. ESRG Securities Services Limited Lilly Del Caribe, Inc. The Maritime Authority of The Cayman Island Uniregistry Co Uniregistry Uniregistrar Corp Cayman Islands General Registry GIS Leveraged 3 Limited Babson CLO Ltd. 2003-I Kent Funding III, Ltd Kent Funding II, Ltd Kimura Fund Limited Koromas Fund Limited Kaiser Fund LP Kabare Fund Rampart Capital SPC Limited Barra Holdings LP KKR Investment Cayman Ltd KKR My Best Friend Cayman Limited KKR Debt Investors 2006 (Cayman) Corp KKR My Best Friend Limited KKR Europe III Limited KKR Infrastructure Limited KKR Selena (Cayman) LP KKR My Best Friend Cayman 1 Limited KKR PEI Opportunities, L.P. KKR European Fund III, Limited Partnership KKR Financial CLO 2007-1 Ltd. KKR Financial CLO 2005-2, Ltd KKR Financial Holdings, Ltd. KKR TRS Holdings Ltd KKR Financial CLO 2013-1, Ltd KKR Fund Holdings L.P. KKR Global Infrastructure Investors L.P. KKR Sigma Aggregator L.P KKR Adria Topco Ltd Kkr Clo 9 Ltd KKR Clo 15 Ltd KKR CLO 24 LTD KKR CLO 23 Ltd Kkr Clo 25 Ltd. KKR CLO 26 LTD KKR Home Holdings Limited KKR CLO 28 Ltd KKR CLO 14 LTD KKR Clo 13 Ltd Ace II Master Fund LP Frontfour Master Fund Ltd. Tamalpais Master Fund Ltd CVF Master Fund III LP ECO Master Fund Limited Phineus Master Fund Ltd AWJ Master Fund Ltd Atlas Master Fund, Ltd ARCM Master Fund II Ltd Raeburn Master Fund L.P. Penteli Master Fund, Ltd. Bluematrix Master Fund Limited Iroquois Master Fund Ltd Pan Asia Opportunities Master Fund Ltd. Generation Japan Master Fund (Cayman) L.P. WGP Legal Holdings Limited Tiger Global Private Investment Partners VII, L.P Providence VII Global Holdings L.P. MSREF VI Lindberg L. P. MSREF VII Acquisitions (Asia) Inc Skypower Global (Cayman) Global-IP Cayman Gems Global (Cayman) Limited Global Fastening (Cayman) Company Fine Hygienic Holding Legion Strategies, Ltd M-I Overseas Limited Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) V-AC LP Accelmed Partners II L.P. China Metal International Holdings Inc. China Wheel International Holdings Limited China International Fisheries Corp US Star International Inc. Star International Drilling Limited China Star Enterprises Limited China Great Star International Limited Minth Group Limited Great Offshore (International) Limited China Wanda International Investment Limited Great Hollow International LP Kawa Solar Holdings Limited SEI Investments Global (Cayman) DianDian Interactive Holding Jacques Scott Group Limited Access Investment Management Limited Evolution Japan Group Holding Inc. Invention Investment Management III L.P. DPK Investment Fund SPC Standard Investment Research Hedged Equity Master Fund Ltd Nevada Investments Topco Limited China Everbright Industrial Investment Holdings Limited The children's Investment Fund Management (Cayman) Ltd VPA Investment Fund Gran Tierra Colombia Inc. Gran Tierra Energy International Holdings Ltd Segantii Capital Management (Cayman) Limited GlobalSantaFe Corporation Want Want China Holdings Limited Bluepennant Limited Andante Investment Corporation Gunthers Design Licincing and Art Works Ltd Ashanti Finance (Cayman) Limited Mourant Ozannes Cayman Directors Limited Mourant (GP) Limited Mourant Cayman Limited Mourant Ozannes Cayman Nominees Limited Mourant Ozannes Cayman Secretaries Limited Mourant Ozannes Cayman Liquidators Limited Quadrant Corporation Inc. Plantana Anthracite Rated Investments (Cayman) Limited Levanto Limited GRANTDALE LTD. Cervantes, Ltd Verdant Limited Andante Limited Nanto Preferred Capital Cayman Limited Anthracite Investments (Cayman) Limited Horizon Autos Ltd. Horizon Portfolio Limited HORIZON DEVELOPMENT CORP. LTD. Horizon III International Limited Horizon International Limited MJM Foundations Inc Li Ka Shing (Overseas) Foundation GlobalFoundries Inc. JP Fund Foundations Ltd Corecommodity Management-Founders I Fund (Cayman) Ltd J A Investments ltd Inter-Mac International Inc Platinum Equity Capital Partners-A International II (Cayman), L.P. A V E International Ltd. Coller International Partners V-A, L.P. HVGPE-International A L.P. AOE International (CAYMAN) Limited J H Lane Partners Offshore Fund Ltd Oa365 International Company Limited International Air France Ltd J. Ray McDermott International Vessels Ltd Caribbean Com Inc. Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd. Yello Media Group Ltd Caribbean Investors Ltd CARIBBEAN MOTORS LTD. Caribbean Farming Ltd Caribbean Materials Co. Caribbean Chemical Company Limited CARIBBEAN MARINEWORKS LTD. Caribbean Proprietors Ltd Caribbean Diagnostics Ltd MCE Finance Limited Oakwood Financial Fund L.P. Wimbledon Financing Fund Ltd CICC Financial Fund GP, Ltd Basswood Financial Fund Inc Quartix Financial Products II Limited AO Trust Company Dark Bay International Ltd. Peel Ports Holdings (CI) Limited Maples International Holdings Limited Vallea Fund Viridian Fund Ltd Silver Tower 125 Inc Selectinvest ARV Plus 1.25X Ltd. 1776 CLO I Ltd Nutcracker Holdings Limited Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd. Reconstruction Capital II Limited Shanghai United International Investment Ltd GCCL (Cayman) Fleet Management Limited Russian Commercial Properties Partners LP Capital Guidance (Holding) Ltd Vista Capital Corporation LLC Cheyne Vista Fund L.P. Vista Diamond Limited The Tudor BVI Global Fund Ltd The Tudor BVI Global Portfolio Ltd Tudor BVI TDR Investment Ltd S.C. Fundamental Value BVI Ltd Vista Leveraged Income Fund Globalsantafe Services (BVI) Inc SR Vista Inc. Venture IV CDO Limited CFCL Ventures Limited Channel Ventures GP Limited TTI SPC Scottish Annuity & Life Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd MIGO Baring Private Equity Asia Group Limited Baring Private Equity Asia GP VI, L.P. The Baring Asia Private Equity Fund VI, L.P. 2 The Baring Asia Private Equity Fund VII L.P TPG Asia VI LP Baring Private Equity Asia GP VI Limited Baring Private Equity Asia Fund VII Limited Bering CDO I Ltda. TL Ltd Tencent Holdings Limited TPK Holding Co., Ltd. Travel Holdings Ltd Hotel Holdings Ltd. Tree Holdings Limited Taobao Holding Limited Trustview Holding Ltd. Triangle Holdings LP Tutorgroup Holding Tableau Holdings Company Thursday Holding Trauson Holdings Company Limited Torrealba Holdings, Ltd. Tcbl Holdings Ltd. Torrington Holdings Ltd TRADECO HOLDINGS LTD. TAVARE HOLDINGS LTD T.B.H HOLDING LTD TURCAN HOLDING LTD Tom Holdings Limited Taos Holdings Ltd Techwayson Holdings Limited TeamSystem Holdings LP Embraer Finance Ltd Embraer Overseas Limited Abraaj Investment Management Limited Tangent Fund Limited Saturn Ventures 2004-Fund America Investors III, Limited Saturn Ventures II Ltd GC New Vision Ventures, L.P Investure Alternative Fund Ltd Infomax Cable Investors Limited Invex Corp. Asia Infrastruture Investment Limited Investor International Cayman Ltd The HSBC Asian Ventures Fund 3 Limited Invention Investment Fund III L.P. Infinitudimacro Investment Limited Nature Elements Investment Management (Cayman) Company Ltd Inventure Fund Ltd Structured Investments Corporation Structured Investments Corporation II Structured Investments Corporation III Future Blossom Investment Limited Ozco Chancellor Citiventure 96 Partner (Cayman) Limited Eye Investment Fund Ltd Spinturn Investments Limited DV Investments Limited Klio Structured Investments 2005-1 Falcon Capital Management Garden Holdings Limited Maples FS Limited Country Garden Holdings Company Limited Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited Southern Management Services Ltd. South American Services Inc. HBSC HOLDINGS SERVICES LIMITED HSBC Holdings (Services) Limited Country Garden Services Holdings Company Limited Local Services Holding Limited Parhelion Ltd. Tymphany Worldwide Enterprises Limited Sin Wan Nian Holding International Company Ltd Quartz Holding Co. AZ Reinsurance Limited Southern Investments Ltd Rawsons Investments Limited Redwood Asian Investments, Ltd RCP Investments Ltd. RCP Investments II Ltd RAC Investments Ltd. Redwood Asian Investments 1 Ltd Redwood Group Ltd. A & A Service Ltd New York Broker Administration AG DBR Investments Co. Limited Cayman National Insurance Brokers Ltd MEONIA INSURANCE BROKERS LTD Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited Being Inc OEI Mac Inc Circumference FS (Cayman) Ltd. Zais Matrix CDO II-A MATRIX INVESTMENT CAYMAN LTD. Zais Matrix V-A Cayman Limited Pacific Century Matrix Limited Thracian Capital (Cayman) Ltd Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd Blue Attraction (Cayman) Limited Actions Semiconductor Co, Ltd Tri-City Funding Limited Tian Shan Development (Holding) Limited Action Corporate Services Limited Latin America Finance Company, Inc Latin America Export Finance Fund Ltd Latin America Export Finance Fund L.P. Name Administration Inc (Cayman) Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holdings Corp Ting Hsin (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. Kimberly-Clark Cayman Islands Company Alpine Cayman Islands Ltd Government of the Cayman Islands Schick Cayman Islands Ltd United Parcel Service Cayman Islands Ltd UBS Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd. Cayman Island Roofing Ltd Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd Energizer Cayman Islands Ltd Cable and Wireless (West Indies) Limited Reckitt Benckiser (Cayman Islands) Limited Survitec Holdings 1 Limited Edwards (Cayman Islands I) Limited NEWSCORP CAYMAN ISLANDS LIMITED` Qorvo Cayman Islands Ltd. Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport Ultracell BBA Financial Services (Cayman Islands) Limited Compaq Cayman Islands Vision Company WH Intermediate Holdings Ltd Infor Global Solutions Intermediate Holdings Limited August Cayman Intermediate Holdco Inc CHC Intermediate Holding LLC Drax Intermediate Holdings Limited PCGI Intermediate Holdings Limited PCGI Intermediate Holdings (II) Limited WABR Cayman Company Limited Flextronics Puerto Rico Limited Universe Holdings Limited Unimax Holdings Limited Unihan Holding Ltd UER Holdings Corporation Utstarcom Holdings Corp. Uniclover Holding Limited Gif II Ltd Gif III Ltd GIF IV Ltd Financial Integrated Services Limited Kantone Holdings Limited Kingboard Holdings Limited LMVC Holdings Kingdom Holdings Limited KrisEnergy Holdings Ltd Kascend Holding Inc Knighthead Holdings Ltd Koubei Holding Limited KMCL Holdings Ltd Kabanga Holdings Ltd Kingcan Holdings Limited KFH III Holdings Ltd KBDRCD Holdings LLC Kingfish Technology Ltd Keyne Holdings Ltd EEKA Fashion Holdings Limited Sparc II Limited Morgan Stanley OCI Mea Infrastructure Fund Management Company Limited Epic Energy Amazon Company Global Tech Co., Ltd Seagate Technology China Holding Company Remarkable Mask Technology Company Limited Glass Technology Investment Limited AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. Seagate Technology International Pactera Technology International Ltd. Global Lighting Technologies Inc. Dynapack Technologies (Cayman) Corporation L.K. Technology Holdings Limited Microchip Technology (Barbados) II Incorporated Cypress Semiconductor Technology Ltd. Amkor Technology Limited Alchip Technologies, Limited Seagate Technology HDD Holdings Banian Technology Co., Ltd. Seagate Technology (Ireland) ASM Pacific Technology Limited Commtiva Technology Limited Mazoil Technologies Limited Himax Technologies Inc W2 Technology Inc. Parade Technologies, Ltd Leoch International Technology Limited Kingley Technology Co Ltd Pimco Multi-Asset Volatility Master Fund Ltd Pimco Multi-Sector Strategy Fund Ltd PIMCO Multi-Asset Volatility Offshore Fund II Ltd. PIMCO Cayman Commodity Fund I Ltd. Bristlecone Ltd Economy printers Ltd. ECONOBANK LTD. Uni-Asia Holdings Limited York Credit Opportunities Unit Trust Uni-President Southeast Asia Holdings Limited York European Opportunities Unit Trust York Asian Opportunities Unit Trust Uni-President Asia Holdings Ltd Uni-President China Holdings Ltd Unity Investments Holdings Limited Enterprise Holdings Limited LFH International Limited Leaven Insurance Company Ltd Jolt Holdings Limited JCV Holdings Julen Holdings Ltd. Janco Holdings Limited Jupai Holdings Limited JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. Justme Holdings Limited Joulon Holdings L.P. Jefferies Holdings II Limited IAT (Cayman) Holding Corporation Cayman President Holdings Ltd. DAC Holding (Cayman) Limited KPC Holdings (Cayman) Inc. Investment Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Polaris Holdings (Cayman) Limited Azurewave (Cayman) Holding Inc Arclin Cayman Holdings Ltd ITV Holdings (Cayman) Limited Falcon Group Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. CTC Holdings (Cayman) Ltd Lilly Cayman Holdings Cradle Holdings (Cayman) Ltd. AMH Holdings (Cayman) LP Osi Cayman Holding Limited TMC (Cayman) Holding Corporation Rugen Holdings (Cayman) Limited TGA Holdings II (Cayman) Ltd Dart Holdings (Cayman) Limited Worldpay Cayman Holdings Limited Carlton Holdings (Cayman) Limited Compaq Cayman Holdings Company URSA Major Rated Limited Abs Sos-Plus Partners Ltd BA-CA Finance (Cayman) 2 Limited Pearl Cayman 2 Limited NF Two (Cayman) Limited Sumo 2 Administration (Cayman) Limited. Eiketsu 2 Administration Cayman Limited Lion/Stove Cayman L.P. Lion/Heaven Cayman Limited LINSON INVESTMENTS LTD. Lion/Silk Funding Cayman Limited Corsair (Cayman Islands) No. 4 Limited Corsair (Cayman Islands) No. 1 Limited Alpha Rho Systems Inc Alpha Re Limited Avi Funding Company Limited Alpha Orca Company Cherry Creek CDO II, Ltd Cherry Blossom II Loan Co. Merril Lynch Americas Income Dollar Portfolio Merril Linch Emerging Markets Portfolio Cherry Creek CDO I Ltd SIO International Holdings Limited Synergy Group Holdings International Limited Wuzhou International Holdings Limited Belle International Holdings Limited Xiezhong International Holdings Limited Primasia International Holdings Limited Daphne International Holdings Limited Delta International Holding Limited Sa Sa International Holdings Limited Shayne International Holdings Limited Haitian International Holdings Limited YouYuan International Holdings Limited Xtep International Holdings Limited Vedan International (Holdings) Limited Huajin International Holdings Limited Stella International Holdings Limited CNQC International Holdings Limited Jumei International Holdings Limited Miko International Holdings Limited China Taifeng Beddings Holdings Limited Sino Fortune International Holdings Limited WH Group Limited Pharmally International Holding Company Limited Topbi International Holdings Limited Phoenix Media Investment (Holdings) Limited China Fortune Investments (Holding) Limited Chenavari Investment Managers Holdings SCB Investment Holding Company Limited Yintech investment Holdings Limited Ctrip Investment Holding Ltd CGP Investments (Holdings) Limited China City Water Supply Investment Holding Limited Priory Investments Holdings Limited KG Investments Holdings Limited Jinmao (China) Hotel Investments and Management Limited GLP Bidco Limited MZ Investment Holdings Limited Track Investment Holdings Limited Ali UC Investment Holding Limited Ali WB Investment Holding Limited Ali CV Investment Holding Limited Navis Manager Investment Holdco Ltd Brasilian American Merchant Bank Cosco (Cayman) Mercury Co. Ltd. Mercator Investment Fund Limited Mercury Trust Limited Gramercy Real Estate CDO 2005 1 Ltd Gramercy Real Estate CDO 2007-1 Ltd Gramercy Real Estate CDO 2006-1 Ltd Bluecrest Mercantile Master Fund Limited Gramercy Park Clo Ltd Mercury Finance Limited El Paso Merchant Energy Europe Holdings II Company Mercantil, Inc. Mercury CDO III Ltd Mercantile Group Limited Mercury MTC (Cayman) Limited. Mercury CDO 2004, Ltd Mercury Mortgage Finance-Guatemala, Ltd Mercantile Capital Partners Fund, L.P. Wine Merchant ,The Banco Mercantil de Sao Paulo S.A. Mercantile International Petroleum Inc Gramercy Emergin Markets Ltd Global Union Casualty Insurance Global Equipment Ltd Global Foods Co Global Bio-Chem Technology Group Company Limited Global A&T Electronics Ltd Global Process Systems Inc Global Advanced Packaging Technology Ltd Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands Global Palladium Fund LP Global Indemnity Limited Daqing Dairy Holdings Limited Global Energy Inc Global Summit Llc Global Houghton Ltd Global Wings Ltd Global Student Accommodation Europe Limited GlobalMEMS Co Ltd Global Gateway Development Corporation HHH Global Corporation Metals Cayman Holdco Limited The R & H Trust Co. Ltd The R & H Trust Co. Ltd H & R International Holding Ltd C&H Ltd H&F Corporate Investors VII, Ltd Health and Happiness (H&H) International Holdings Limited H/2 Investors LP C & H Ltd H&J Corporate Services Cayman Ltd. H/2 Asset Funding 2014-1 Ltd H & M Rising Sun Ltd H&F Willis AIV II, L.P. H/2 Investors Ltd H&F Corporate Investors VI (Cayman) Ltd H3C Holdings Limited M H Investments H/2 Special Opportunities IV Ltd H&F Sensor LP H&F Corporate Investors VIII Ltd H/2 Targeted Return Strategies II Ltd H. I.G Europe- Oslo Ltd HH AV Holdings Limited H&W Indemnity (SPC). Ltd. Citadel Macro Master Fund I Ltd Discovery Global Opportunity Master Fund Ltd. Magnetar Global Event Driven Master Fund Ltd. Global Commodity Opportunity Master Fund Ltd. Mount Nathan Macro Master Fund Firebird Global Master Fund II Ltd Woodbourne Daybreak Global Master Fund Ltd Argonaut Global Macro Fund Ltd Rokos Global Macro Fund LP Tael One Partners Ltd A&E Investments Ltd A & C Limited E A Investments Limited Landmark II Expert A Ltd A & L Equity Ltd Incline A Aviation Limited Partnership A&E-3 Ltd CP 603-A, LP A-Car Inc. M&A Boat Ltd A&R Technologies Ltd GF A340 Leasing Limited Double A Holdings Limited Elliott Co-Investment A-1 LP HVGPE-Domestic A L.P. GW96A Limited Kondor 2001 A Limited Gears, Ltd. 2004-A DCI Nortel (A) Limited Tahoe Subco 1 Ltd. AaaHaa Media Limited Amedeo Capital Limited MED EC GRAND CAYMAN LTD. DME Strategico Limited Network 18 Holdings Limited Tolltech Holding Ltd FHCL Cayman Ltd KGI International Holdings Limited First Capital Securities (Cayman) Limited Seaco (Cayman) Ltd. Solaise Capital Limited Scipion Capital Ltd Starsia Capital Limited Simargl Capital SEA CDO LIMITED Strongbow Capital Ltd Sesame Cayman Limited Saman Capital Limited Sapphire Capital Starcross Capital Limited SFJ Capital Limited Sibilla Capital Ltd Spring Capital Corporation Sferiq Capital Limited Steyn Capital Stephenson Capital Limited SuttonBrook Capital, Ltd Stadia Capital Limited Solar Partnership Capital Ltd Seneca CBO IV, Limited Seneca CBO III Limited Big Fish Private Equity Fund Ltd Big Profit Investments Limited Bighorn Investments Limited Xiaomi Corporation Satelite Credit Opportunities Fund, Ltd Flite Limited Elitel Limited Centric Elite Fund Ltd. Eliteperformance SIPS Limited Melita International Ltd Cameron Russia Ltd Cainvest International Bank Ltd Averon CPP Ltd Bank of America National Association American Gold Mines Ltd. AMERICAN FINANCE CORP. LTD. HOSPITAL CORPORATION OF AMERICA LTD. Noble (Middle East) Limited Latin America Holding II Ltd Cameron Holdings (Cayman) Limited East Cameron Gas Company BBVA America Fund Managers Limited York Refrigeration Latin America SA DB Capital Partners Latin America, G.P. Limited Ingram Micro Latin America American Marine & Offshore Services Ltd British Caymanian Insurance Company Limited Latin America Holding I Ltd Anglo-Atlantic Chartering Co. Ltd. United America Indemnity Ltd South American Mineral Ventures Limited Pan-American International Insurance Corporation First Initiatives Insurance Ltd BITE Asset Management (Cayman) Limited D.M.N.Y Cayman Ltd EOGI International Company Blue Vista Shipping Ltd ASIF II AcrossAsia Limited Ajia-Rpmh Asia Absolute Return Fund Limited Gen2 Asian Opportunity Fund Limited Pasia Inc Axiom Asia Private Capital Associates Ltd. Amtd Asia Limited Kiwi UK Holdco 2, Ltd. RMF Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd TC Group Cayman Investment Holdings L.P. The Blackstone Group International (Cayman) Limited Berjaya Group (Cayman) Limited Ennovor Group (Cayman) Limited Compass Group Holding Ltd Berjaya Group Capital (Cayman) Limited Compass Group Investments Advisors Formosa Group (Cayman) Limited Berjaya Group Equity (Cayman) Limited Fosun Tourism Group Berjaya Group Portfolio (Cayman) Limited Mizuho Financial Group (Cayman) 3 Limited Mizuho Financial Group (Cayman) 2 Limited Cayman Fashion Group Ov Group (Cayman) Limited Clover Group International (Cayman), LLC Compass Cayman SPV Ltd Grand Cayman Group CA Cultural Technology Group Limited Fosun Fashion Group (Cayman) Limited Bain Capital Europe Fund IV, L.P Triaxx Funding High Grade I Ltd Traxis Fund Offshore LP Triaxx Prime CDO 2006-1 Ltd. TRAX, LTD. Triaxx Prime CDO 2007-1 Limited Drax Holdings Limited Drax Electric Limited Trax Ltd Drax Group Limited Makers Fund LP Makers Fund GP Limited Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund Borrower L P GLG Emerging Markets Growth Fund Kazakhstan Growth Fund, L.P. Growth Fund Limited Vietnam Growth Fund Limited Infinity Growth Fund Inc. Marcuard Growth Fund II Sustained Growth Fund SWGI Growth Fund Corinthian Growth Fund Asis Growth Fund Limited The Tigerford Product Limited VTB Capital I2BF Jvc (Cayman) Ltd Yi Xin Zhong Zheng Investment Management Limited Hexindai Inc Southern Enterprises (Ltd) Cayman Glass Enterprises Limited Can-Globe Enterprises Inc Globant Holdings, Ltd Cayisle Enterprises Ltd. Gejoy Enterprise Ltd Godfrey's Enterprises Ltd XAPT Solutions (Cayman) Limited Spruce Investors Limited East Lane Re V Ltd. Sociedade Brasileira De Ativos e Financas Ltda East Street Referenced Linked Notes 2002 1 Limited Republic Bank T & T Ltd T & T Sports Marketing Ltd Texhong Textile Group Limited CZ Financial Ltd Champery Finance Limited Partnership Carbon Holdings Limited Tong Yang Holding Corporation Gleneagles Funding Limited Citco III Limited Transocean Offshore Holdings Limited Transocean Offshore International Limited Transocean Offshore PR Limited Fischer Offshore Fund Ltd Kings Limited Transocean Offshore Limited Kenmare Offshore Fund Limited Long Pond Offshore Master L.P. Impala Kingfisher Limited Goshawk Trading Strategies Limited Capital Intelligence Limited Ajia Partners Inc Alpha Cape Holdings Ltd. Alpha Achiever Company Acer Venture Associates Voyager Limited Aercap A Bordeaux Limited Newfinance (Cayman) Limited Binance Holdings Limited Debis AirFinance 320 C Ltd BRAC Africa Microfinance Ltd Global Microfinance Facility Ltd Accion Investments In Microfinance SPC AERCAP 320 Limited Newfinance Capeview SPV Aercap Corvo Limited Kiwi Holdco CayCo, Ltd. Nvidia International Inc. Credit Suisse Administration Services (Cayman) Limited Centegra Insurance Services Ltd Hua Lien International (Holding) Company Limited Hua Yang Holdings Co Ltd Hua Han Bio-Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited Hartford Holdings Ltd SRS Holdings Ltd Hazelwood Holdings, Inc. HIEDC Holdings Ltd. Hengdeli Holdings Limited Hilong Holding Limited Hailey Holdings Ltd Hedgeserv Holding LP Honsel Holdings III Ltd Hzone Holding Company Hydreq Holdings Hema Holding Limited HBM Holdings Limited HIGHTOWN HOLDINGS LTD. HUATULCO HOLDINGS LTD Hulerr Holdings Ltd. H4O Holdings Hiroca Holdings Ltd Hodor Holdings Limited Hanalytics Holding Inc. Bain Capital Wp Integral LP Magnetar Andromeda Select Master Fund Ltd Nest Master Fund Limited Arrowgrass Distressed Opportunities Fund Limited European Special Opportunities Master Fund I Limited Brevan Howard Master Fund Limited Marathon European Credit Opportunity Master Fund SPC DW Value Master Fund Ltd. Redwood Opportunity Master Fund Ltd Oceanwood Opportunities Master Fund Cevian Capital II Master Fund LP Citadel Multi-Strategy Equities Master Fund Ltd West Gate Strategic Income Fund I Master Fund Ltd. Gate Technology Incorporated Inc Golden Gate Energy Investments Ltd. Gate SME CLO 2004-1A Ltd Gate SME CLO 2005-1 Ltd Gate SME CLO 2005-2 Ltd Cody Gate Ventures G.P. Limited Cody Gate Management Company Ltd Gate SME CLO 2006-1, Ltd RedGate Media Inc. Aldgate Leasing Limited Stonegate Pub Company Limited Seagate Technology Pegatron Holding Ltd Seagate Memory Products International Worldwide Navigation Ltd Gatwick (Freehold) Ltd. BATHGATE (CAYMAN) LIMITED Agathis Capital LP Bishopgate Ltd. NatWest (Deansgate) Investments Limited Seagate HDD Cayman Bishopsgate CDO Limited Liongate SPC Blackstone Distressed Securities Offshore Fund Ltd Black Octopus Incorporation Blackstone Real Estate CMBS Master Fund Ltd. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) IV L.P. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) V-A LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman III) V-AC LP Blackstone/GSO Market Neutral Credit Master Fund LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-B L.P. Blackstone Participation Prtnership (Cayman) IV L.P. Blackstone Kailix Offshore Fund Ltd Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) V L.P. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman III) V LP Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VI IT-C LP Blackstone Real Estate Partners Europe IV LP Blackstone LR Associates (Cayman) VII NQ Ltd. Blackstone Management Associates (Cayman) VII NQ L.P. Blackstone Cayman Feeder Fund VII 2 L.P Blackstone Capital Partners (CAYMAN) VII NQ L.P Blackstone Jade Feeder Fund (Cayman) VII L. P. Blackstone Capital Partners (Cayman) VII 2 NQ L. P. Carlyle Partners VI Cayman Holdings, L.P. Antilles Trading Company SEZC Digicel Holdings, Ltd. Dairy Holdings Limited Dominion Holdings Ltd Demeter (Holdings) Ltd Derby Holdings Limited Dyxnet Holdings Limited Daito Me Holdings Co. Ltd Directel Holdings Limited Daon Holdings Limited DMM Holdings Inc Durham (Holdings) Ltd FCFC Investment Corporation (Cayman) Limited WuXi Pharmatech (Cayman) Inc. Giovanna Investment Cayman Limited WuXi Biologics (Cayman) Inc. CCP II Acquisition Holdings Cayman, L.P.

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