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Bull Cameroun Sa TOTAL CAMEROUN SA Bonn Group SOCIETE COMMERCIALE DE PRODUITS ALIMENTAIRES ET MATERIELS DE CONSTRUCTION DU CAMEROUN SOCIETE CAMEROUNAISE D OXYGIENE ET D ACETYLENE CAMOA SA SOCIETE D EXPLOITATION PETROCHIMIQUE CAMEROUNAISE Par Pharm Agro Industrie SOCIETE NATIONAL DE RAFFINAGE (SONARA) Ndoe Business Corporation Holding SOCIETE CAMEROUNAISE DE REPRESENTATION African Development System And Network Connect Informatique S.A COMPUTER DEVELOPMENT EQUIPMENT SERVICES Bonn Group Company Ltd SOCIETE DES ACIERIES DU CAMEROUN AFRILAND FIRST BANK International Business Company Sa INTERIMA SARL MOBILE TELEPHONE NETWORKS CAMEROON LTD Gestion Marketing Negoce International Logistique MADINA CONSULTANTS Complexe Cosmetique De L Ouest Sarl SOCIETE ALIMENTAIRE DU CAMEROUN Eolis Cameroun COMPAGNIE CAMEROUNAISE D' ENTREPRISE Societe De Palmeraies De La Ferme Suisse SOCAR MACHINERY SARL Commerce General International SOCIETE FINANCIERE ET COMMERCIALE COTTON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DE L'ESTUAIRE Ets Mondial Textile Ets Africom COMPAGNIE COTIERE DE TRANSPORT ET DE MANUTENTION =YY HILTON YAOUNDE CAMEROON TELECOMMUNICATION Amity Bank Cameroon Sa SOCIETE FOKOU FOBERD SARL ETABLISSEMENT MARY GOLD LIMITED STE INDUSTRIELLE ET COMMERCIAL DE L'AFRIQUE CENTRALE DIANA S A0 SOCIETE DES SUPERMARCHES AUX BONNES COURSES S A CAMEROON MOTORS INDUSTRIES PLASTIQUE DU CAMEROUN SA OFFICE NATIONALE DE COMMERCIALISATION DES PRODUITS DE BASE ETS AUBERY ROGER S A Datalink SARL Societe Africaine De Commerce Industriel & De Maintenance Export International Ltd Mac International Ltd Biricha Int Inter International Oil Company Ltd Imperial International International Hotel International Society Of Services Impact International Dhl International TOTAL FINAELF EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION CAMEROUN SA ADDAX PETROLEUM CAMEROON COMPANY LLC FOURE LAGADEC CAMEROUN Ste La Reference Sarl MAISCAM S.A FROID CAM SARL Boulangerie Pâtisserie Kelvis Prodicam SOCIETE QUIFEUROU CAMEROUN Socamef Acep Cameroun Ltd Company Ms Production Services Télé Sphère Agro Product COFINEST GENERAL SERVICE AUTO 237 Contact International Zepol Cameroon Strategies & Contacts Contact Point Inc Societe National De Agricuture Cameroon Contact Services Hysacam Coop.D'Epargne&Crdt Des Promo. Cameroon Foodindustry Ltd Cameroon Education For All Network Natural Africa Cameroon Association For The Fight Against Drug Abuse & Aids African Distilling Company Essor-Team Engineering Italcam Trading Cameroon Inspection & Maintenance Consultancy Sarl (Cimc) AFRICAN INVESTMENT CORPORATION Cameroon Business Enonchong Engineering Universal Trading Company X Trade Cameroon Lanolin Ltd Africa Investment Corporation General Trading Plc Cameroon Kernel Oil Company Plc Gcn Trading Ltd General Trade Llc Cameroon Fresh Fruits Plc Cameroon Fish Meal C.O Ltd Plan Youth Cameroon Amans & Sons Lmt Anembom Consulting Society For Initiatives In Rural Development & Environmental Protection (Sirdep) Cabinet Dentaire St Charles PILCAM SASTE CAMEROUNAISE DE FABRICATION DE PILES Societe Pieces Autos Peringuey S A R L COTONNIERE INDUSTRIELLE DU CAMEROUN SOCIETE DES TELECOMMUNICATION INTERNATIONALES DU CAMEROUN (INTELCAM) SCDP Face Au Risque Aristo Deco Agro_Plants Crystal St Co Asa Africa Detective Saf Solair Afric Afridev Consulting Cameroun Afing Sports Africa Quartier Fouda African Intellectual Property Organisati Afrimar The African Antiquity House Ltd. Company(Aahc) Agric Limited African Fabrics Limited Biosante International Jk International Export International Inc International Ltd Boa International Cam Oil International Fiscalia International Intl Feed $ Co Ltd Mvo Oils Int Ltd Zion International Ltd Froid Et Chaud Cameroun Societe Industrielle Camerounaise De Textile Six International Limited Africaine De Produits Industries Et Coupants SET SARL. SOCIETE DE TRANSFORMATION DES PLASTIQUES DU CAMEROUN Centraco Sarl LABORATOIRE BIOPHARMA SA Societe De Prestation De Services Et De Transport MAINTENANCE EQUIPEMENT PETROLIER SERVICES Auxiliaires Du Batiment Et De Construction Sa CAMEROON DATA & RESEARCH SERVICES CO LTD TRADEX SA Entreprise Mixte Des Travaux Du Cameroun CREDIT COMMUNAUTAIRE D'AFRIQUE Cameroon Marketing International Sarl Societe Camerounaise De Distribution COMMERCIAL BANK OF CAMEROON Citibank Cameroun Sa TECHNO PLUS INFORMATIQUE Cellular Service Logistics SAFARI INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SARL PALMARES GROUP VETO BONZ SARL Expert En Services Au Cameroun SOCIETE FORESTIERE ET INDUSTRIELLE DU CAMEROUN POINT FRANC INDUSTRIEL Societe Toboh Batiments Et Services MEDIA SPORT COMMUNICATION Societe Civile Agricole Du Nord Groupe Ideal Societe Import Export Afrique ENTREPRISES CAMEROUNAISE DE FOURNITURES ( ECAF ) SOCIETE AFRICAINE DE PROMOTION DE DISTRIBUTION ET DE SERVICE Societe De Distribution De Textile Au Cameroun Takum Production Company Corn Produce Best Products Ltd Live Products Ltd Mass Products Ltd Impo Products Ltd Seeds Products Gimea Production Cocoa Production Company Co.Limited Onion Producers Real Produce COTONNIERE INDUSTRIELLE DU CAMEROUN SOCIETE CAMEROUISSE DE VERRERIE S A D. TSEKENIS S.A Transworld Express Sfid CITIBANK CAMEROON PLC Citicorp Nationwide Ventures SOCOPAO CAMEROUN International Business Center Societe Des Palmeraies De La Ferme Suisse JET SERVICES CAMEROON GEODIS CAMEROUN SOCIETE DE DISTRIBUTION DES PRODUITS Societe Forestiere Industrielle De La Doume Point Franc Industriel S A BANQUE CAMEROUNAISE DE DEVELOPPEMENT Steelcam Roll Form Industry Ltd SEREC TOP MICRO TECHNOLOGIES Ets Tanjong Tita All Pro United Sarl Union Informatique Telecommunication GROUPE D J ET FILS S A R L Service And Supply International Cameroun Compagnie D' Exploitation Industrielle Des Bois Du Cameroun SOCIETE COMMERCIALE D'IMPORTATION DE NEGOCE ET DE TRANSIT SARL Societe Camerouanise De Produits D' Aluminium Alios Finance Sa Socca Sa Sablage Peinturez Industrielle Societe Africaine De Commerce Et D' Industrie HOLDING TANKOU ET FILS XAVIER Forestiers Camerounais Associes Bel Air Cameroun Sarl Societe Camerounaise De Cartonnage Et De Fournitures SOCIETE CAMEROUNAISE DES DEPOTS PETROLIERS CAISSE COMMUNE D'EPARGNE ET D' INVESTISSEMENT AMBASSADE DE FRANCE MAERSK LOGISTICS CAMEROUN MAERSK LINE AGENCY CAMEROUN SA Societe Camerounaise De Manutention De Transit Et De Transports TECHNIQUE APPLIQUEE A LA CHIMIE INDUSTRIELLE Societe Industrielle Et De Distribution Afrique Service Societe Camerounaise D'Achats Et De Distribution S A R L Compagnie De Transformation De Bois International Trading Company STE ORANGE CAMEROUN S.A SOCIETE PANAFRICAINE DE MATERIAUX SARL Societe Marketing And Business Center S A Fankem Tayou Emmanuel Elegnance Textile General Equipment Suppliers Sarl Transport Import Export SOCIETE CAMEROUNAISE DE TRANSFORMATION DE BLE S.A SOCIETE INDUSTRIELLE ET DI DISTRIBUTION CENTRALE NATIONALE D'APPROVISIONNEMENT EN MEDICAMENTS ET CONSOMMABLES MEDICAUX ESSENTIELS BANQUE INTERNATIONALE DU CAMEROUN POUR L'EPARGNE ET LE CREDIT SA Etablissement Atemnkeng CAMEROON RAILWAY SA SYNGENTA AGRO SERVICES AS Etablissement Ondoa Joseph Marie Sales U Consulting Conti Partner Agro Sales Co.Ltd Super Partners Inc Bekolo & Partners Bekolo And Partners Partner Vision (Pavis) COMPLEXE INDUSTRIEL POUR LA CONSTRUCTION ET LE BATIMENT

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