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Refinitiv (Canvas) Holdings 1 Limited Magna Carta Insurance Ltd L & F Indemnity Limited Notesco Limited General International Limited Marias Falls Insurance Co., Limited FIL Distributors Best Buy China Ltd. Cedar Insurance and Reinsurance Co. Ltd. Group Ark Insurance Limited Berco Limited Linea Ltd Google Cable Bermuda Ltd Medline Bermuda LP Field Nominees Limited Oil Casualty Investment Corporation Ltd. Oil Investment Corporation Ltd. Queen's Island Insurance Company Ltd Clear Choice Doors, Windows & Glass Ltd. Forum Reinsurance Company Limited John Hancock Reassurance Company Ltd Royall Imports Limited Harbour Assurance Company of Bermuda Limited Shell Trust (UK Property) Limited Sky Swallows Ltd FF Insurance Ltd Guoline Capital Limited Seadrill Common Holdings Ltd Nautilus Indemnity Holdings Limited Central Diagnostics Ltd EMC Group 2 Ariel Re BDA Limited McKesson International Bermuda IP2A Limited KFG Bermuda Ltd. Centaur Asset Management Ltd Europa Imports Limited Allseas Logistics Bermuda Ltd Michelin Investment Holding Company Limited Flex Ltd Investors Guaranty Fund Ltd Bermuda Trust Company Limited Surety International Ltd. R & H Trust Co. (Bermuda) Limited Aaxis Limited The Shell Trust (Bermuda) Limited B & W International Ltd Viking River Tours Ltd PT Holdings Limited Hal Trustee Limited Tyco Electronics Holdings (Bermuda) No. 7 Limited Peak Trust Company (PVT) Limited N-Gas Limited Marubeni Petroleum Co., Ltd. Transfrut Express Ltd FIL Limited Island Engineering Limited (IEL) Chemical Insurance Company Limited Baker Hughes Eho Ltd All Asia Media Equities Ltd Dole Foreign Holdings Ltd Stellar Insurance Ltd RK Mine Finance Fund I Limited INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT CORP. LTD. Belguard Insurance Limited Swissmarine Corporation Ltd. Vincitas Limited Media Asia Group Holdings Limited Exxon Financial Services Company Ltd Music Tribe Global Services Ltd. BRP Bermuda Holdings I Limited Beal Holdings Ltd Nordica Life (Bermuda) Ltd Acadia Wealth Management Ltd Mosaic Insurance Holdings Limited Forum International Equity Fund Ltd Global Fund Services Ltd Bermuda International Securities Limited Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd Total Yemen LNG Company Ltd General Electric Financing C.V. Attorneys Liability Assurance Society (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda Properties Ltd. William Bluck & Co. Ltd. A.I.C. Limited AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Worthington Bulk Limited Star Asset Management Limited Hongkong Land China Holdings Limited CEC International Holdings Limited Aon Intermediaries (Bermuda) Ltd Rothschild Trust (Bermuda) Limited FFH Insurance Company Limited Schlumberger Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Morgan Stanley Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd. BMS Omega Bermuda Holdings Finance Ltd. Lone Star Global Holdings, Ltd. Boston Re Ltd Church Bay Trust Co. Ltd Black Bear Ltd BW Group Limited Hankore Environment Tech Group Limited Capag Foreign Holdings LP Concorde (Bermuda) Limited Core Reinsurance Company Limited Stratos Weather Risk Bermuda Ltd. Antares Holdings Limited Eships Tankers Ltd Sky Trade Ltd Spear Insurance Company Limited Transworld Oil Limited Antares European Fund Limited (The) Union Hamilton Reinsurance Ltd Reliance Globalcom Limited North 22 Technology Services Group Limited Transcon Insurance Limited Equator Reinsurances Limited Google Bermuda Limited Tewksbury Capital Management Ltd Benor Tankers Limited Fram Shipping Ltd New Star Capital Guaranteed European Hedge Fund Limited AIA International Limited KFH Holding LP Legal and General Resources (Bermuda) Limited Lone Star Real Estate Fund (Bermuda) L.P. LSF Re III International Finance, LP Equator Re (Australia) Limited Central European Media Enterprises Ltd Compass Ltd. Arch Capital Group Ltd Credicorp Capital Ltd. CEO Transport Ltd Arch Investment Holdings III Ltd. Red Life Reinsurance Limited Gamma Company Limited DMX Technologies Group Limited Tewksbury Investment Fund Ltd Meritus Trust Company Limited Trebuchet Group Holdings Limited Surestone Reinsurance Limited Wright Express IP Holdings, L.P. Swing Media Technology Group Limited Allied World Assurance Company Limited Capital Z Financial Services Fund 11, L.P. Arch Reinsurance Ltd. International Media Services Ltd Viking Holdings Ltd Adecco Reinsurance Company Limited Mobicon Group Limited Somerset Reinsurance Ltd Microsoft Asia Island Limited Microsoft Global Finance AET Inc. Limited Merck and Company, Incorporated Fireman's Fund Insurance Company of Bermuda Limited Platinion Ltd Arrowhead Ltd BW Loyalty Limited 2 Tech Ltd American Enterprise Insurance Limited Nautical Bulk Holding Limited Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group International Limited Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited Gloucester Insurance Ltd Caterpillar (Bermuda) Investments Parent Company Astro Limited C.Banner International Holdings Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings IV Limited Alnylam (Bermuda) Ltd. Private Financial Holdings Limited Yuuzoo Corporation Limited Oil Companies Int'l Marine Forum T H S TYME LTD. TSM International Ltd Techno Metals Ltd Bunge Limited Golden State Insurance Company Limited Sinclair Insurance Company Ltd. Amedex Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Canterbury Insurance Company Limited Arden Holdings Ltd Jardine Pacific Holdings Limited Hanseatic Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Renaissance Capital Investments Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings IA Ltd RGA Americas Reinsurance Company Ltd. Darnell Financial Services Limited RenaissanceRe Europe AG Allied World Assurance Company Holdings Ltd GeneHarbor Holding Limited Ursa Re II Ltd. Quinte Limited Celestial Nutrifoods Limited Somers Isles Shipping Ltd Cooper & Gardner Architects UNITED PARCEL SERVICES LTD SASCO REINSURANCE LTD World Distributors, Limited Bermuda Microsystems Ltd. International Managers Bermuda Limited KPMG Advisory Limited F.S.T.S. LIMITED Bermuda Asthma & Allergy Relief Centre Frontline Ltd. Anchor Investment Management Limited Golar LNG Limited Arthur Morris Christensen & Co. Innovative Office Interiors Ltd Bermuda Sloop Foundation Arcis Holding Limited Arcis Investment Management Limited Archer Limited CDM Bermuda Limited Vinyltech Island Solutions (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Environmental Solutions Ltd Charles Taylor & Company Bermuda Guoco Securities (Bermuda) Limited CONTROL TECHNIQUES (BERMUDA) LIMITED Nomura Securities (Bermuda) Ltd Global Technology Resources (Bermuda) Limited Storage Technology (Bermuda) Ltd. InQuisLogic (Bermuda) Limited Teledyne Technologies (Bermuda) Limited ChipMos Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd Geologistics International Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Thomas Miller Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Chiron Blood Testing Bermuda Ltd Integrated Device Technology Bermuda Ltd GeneralCologne Re (Bermuda) Ltd Trinity River International Investments (Bermuda) Ltd StarStone Insurance Bermuda Limited Tata Communications Services (Bermuda) Limited EOSON Trustees Bermuda Limited Information Technology Office Bermuda Government Hamilton Securities Bermuda Limited Internap Technologies (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited Bermuda Paint Company Ltd ARGUS INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT LTD. Lantana Colony Club Limited Challenger Petroleum Limited Sims, Bruce Total International Limited Marsh & McLennan Management Services (Bermuda) Limited Shanghai Ming Yuan Holdings Limited Globe Forwarding Company Limited PartnerRe Ltd. The Globe Trust Company Limited Bryce Investment Ltd

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