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Allseas Logistics Bermuda Ltd GE Seaco Ltd. FIL Distributors Cedar Insurance and Reinsurance Co. Ltd. Field Nominees Limited Nautilus Indemnity Holdings Limited L & F Indemnity Limited Worthington Bulk Limited Transfrut Express Ltd Marias Falls Insurance Co., Limited Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd Codan Trust Company Limited Rothermere Continuation Limited Magna Carta Insurance Ltd Morgan Stanley Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd. Concordia Partners LP Lepercq Corporation Management Ltd. Holdac Limited (Cont'd) Bicester Investors Limited Partnership Copper Partners Investment Company Ltd Vincitas Limited Cooper & Gardner Architects SASCO REINSURANCE LTD Linea Ltd SVP Holdings Limited Bermuda Fire and Marine Company Limited Locabail International Finance Limited Chubb Group Management and Holdings Ltd Toisa Limited The Shell Trust (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation Viking River Tours Ltd Lockhart Insurance Company Limited BMS Omega Bermuda Holdings Finance Ltd. Best Buy China Ltd Peak Trust Company (PVT) Limited Ceres Shipping Ltd Sky Swallows Ltd Core Reinsurance Company Limited Honeywell Bermuda Holdings II Ltd Sky Trade Ltd Holcim Capital Corporation Ltd Meridian Capital Limited Sonasing Xikomba Limited Soros Capital LP Pars LNG Limited Reliance Globalcom Limited Google Cable Bermuda Ltd Nautilus Indemnity Limited BEFICO LTD Mansel Ltd Baker Hughes Eho Ltd Harrington International Insurance Ltd. LSF Re III International Finance, LP Equator Re (Australia) Limited Capital G Limited Rinaldo Rinaldini Limited GAA Investment Funds Limited Berge Bulk Limited Aurora Group Holdings Limited INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT CORP. LTD. Vtech Holdings Limited Uberrimae Fidei Insurance Company (SAC) ltd Bermuda Provident Company Ltd MT Worldwide Holdings Ltd Gai Holding Bermuda Ltd M. Communications Ltd Clermont Investments Ltd CGA Group, Ltd. Swissmarine Corporation Ltd. Kenmare Holdings Ltd. South American Crossing Holdings Ltd. Clear Choice Doors, Windows & Glass Ltd. BTG Pactual Global Asset Management Limited Renaissance Advisory Services Limited Astro Overseas Limited Just Cleaners, Ltd. Petroleum Ltd Belcorp Limited UNITED PARCEL SERVICES LTD World Distributors, Limited Bermuda Microsystems Ltd. International Managers Bermuda Limited KPMG Financial Advisory Services Limited F.S.T.S. LIMITED Frontline Ltd. Anchor Investment Management Limited Golar LNG Limited Arthur Morris Christensen & Co. Innovative Office Interiors Ltd Bermuda Sloop Foundation Arcis Holding Limited Arcis Investment Management Limited Archer Limited CDM Bermuda Limited Vinyltech Global Fund Services Ltd Charles Taylor & Company Bermuda Guoco Securities (Bermuda) Limited CONTROL TECHNIQUES (BERMUDA) LIMITED Nomura Securities (Bermuda) Ltd Global Technology Resources (Bermuda) Limited Storage Technology (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda International Securities Limited VTL-TP (Bermuda) Limited Teledyne Technologies (Bermuda) Limited ChipMos Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd Geologistics International Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Thomas Miller Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Chiron Blood Testing Bermuda Ltd GeneralCologne Re (Bermuda) Ltd Trinity River International Investments (Bermuda) Ltd EOSON Trustees Bermuda Limited Information Technology Office Bermuda Government Hamilton Securities Bermuda Limited Internap Technologies (Bermuda) Limited Wine Investment Limited Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited Bermuda Paint Company Ltd Lantana Colony Club Limited Total International Limited Marsh & McLennan Management Services (Bermuda) Limited Shanghai Ming Yuan Holdings Limited Geolandia, Ltd. Globe Forwarding Company Limited Liverpool Limited Partnership (The) PartnerRe Ltd. The Globe Trust Company Limited Michelin Investment Holding Company Limited Bryce Investment Ltd Marsh & McLennan Global Broking (Bermuda) Ltd Axis Capital Holdings Limited Western Metal Sales Limited GuoLine Overseas Limited Digicel Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Digicel Limited Field Real Estate Holdings Limited Flex Ltd Digicel Group Limited Total Yemen LNG Company Ltd Tata Communications (Bermuda) Limited CONCRETE PROTECTION SYSTEMS LTD. Investors Guaranty Fund Ltd Investors Guaranty Assurance, Ltd. MGPA (Bermuda) Limited Heddington Insurance Limited GOLDEN OCEAN MANAGEMENT LTD. Golden Ocean Group Limited Golden Ocean Group Management (Bermuda) Limited Golden Ocean Trading Limited Regga Insurance Limited Old Main Assurance Ltd Niagara Insurance Company Ltd Omega Insurance Holdings Limited Alaro Trustees Ltd Panametrics Limited General Electric Financing C.V. Credit Suisse Life (Bermuda) Ltd Attorneys Liability Assurance Society (Bermuda) Ltd. RBC Corporate Services (Bermuda) Limited Jeffrey- David JS Vallis & Company Limited Miles Market Ltd PITTS BAY BOAT CO., LTD. Royall Imports Ltd. The Bermuda Press (Holdings) Limited BERMUDA OFFICE SUPPLIES LTD. Bermuda Motor & Cycle Ltd Bermuda Business Machines Ltd. Bermuda Air Conditioning Ltd. HOME CARE LTD Bermuda Container Line Ltd Bermuda Broadcasting Company Limited (The) Bermuda Aviation Services Limited William Bluck & Co. Ltd. Bermuda Motors - The Bermuda Company Limited Transworld Energy Limited MUNDO GAS SHIPPING LTD. Linkbermuda Ltd Bermuda Motors-The Bermuda Company Limited A.I.C. Limited PONT TRUSTEE LTD. Viking Traders Ltd ATLANTIC PRINTING SERVICES KAINES HOLDINGS LTD. Star Energy Corporation Ltd NORTH ATLANTIC TRADING CO. LTD. ACC LTD White & Sons Limited BULK OIL INTERNATIONAL LTD. MID ATLANTIC ACCEPTANCE CO. LTD. BulkOcean (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Public Transportation Board Mercantile & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd TRANSOCEAN TRANSPORTATION LTD. ACE Financial Solutions International, Ltd. ATLANTIC CAPITAL CORP. ATLANTIC METALS LTD. Appleby (Bermuda) Limited BCB Trust Company Ltd. MARINE CONTAINER INSURANCE CO. LTD. Ingersoll-Rand World Trade Limited PINETREE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY (BERMUDA) LTD. ATLANTIC FOUNDATION LTD., =THE= China Pacific Merchants Ltd ATLANTIC INDUSTRIES LTD. General Atlantic Group Limited Starr International Company Inc. General International Limited Luna Transports (Bermuda) Limited Cast Marine Holdings Ltd NORTHERN TRADING & TRANSPORT LTD. Tyco International Ltd. International Gas Transportation Company Limited Royale Resorts Leisure Holdings Ltd Atlantic Publishing Company Ltd COPACO TRUST CO. LTD. New Atlantic Insurance Company Ltd GREAT MID ATLANTIC TRADING CO., LTD. HAL Trust Committee Limited Tri-Union Holdings Limited Bermuda Trust Company Limited Bulk Acquisition Corp Pembroke Tile and Stone Company Ltd. Trans European Natural Gas Pipeline Finance Co. Ltd. Atlantic Investment, Ltd Atlantic Security Limited AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Akai Holdings Limited Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Limited Mergon International BAY INVESTMENTS LTD. Transworld Oil (Middle East) Ltd CEDAR TRUST CO. LTD. General Contracting (UK) Limited China Cement Corporation Ltd Kouri Capital Group Ltd. Four Seasons Furniture Ltd. Three Star Insurance Company Ltd Invesco Mim General Partner Ltd. Morgan Export Sales Ltd. Rowan Aviation & Marine Ltd. Glencore Grain Ltd. Treo Properties Ltd China North Industries Investment Ltd. MONUMENT RESOURCES (CHINA) LIMITED Bausch & Lomb (Bermuda Technology), Ltd Tristate Holdings Limited FOUR STAR INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Atlantic Services Limited

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