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FIL Distributors Magna Carta Insurance Ltd Notesco Limited The Shell Trust (Bermuda) Limited Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd Vincitas Limited Worldwide Vision Limited Queen's Island Insurance Company Ltd L & F Indemnity Limited Field Nominees Limited Cedar Insurance and Reinsurance Co. Ltd. Chemical Insurance Company Limited PDV Insurance Company Ltd World Distributors, Limited Archer Limited Royall Imports Limited AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Marias Falls Insurance Co., Limited Nautilus Indemnity Holdings Limited Socap International Limited Surestone Reinsurance Limited INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT CORP. LTD. Union Hamilton Reinsurance Ltd Stellar Insurance Ltd Swissmarine Corporation Ltd. SVP Holdings Limited Chubb Group Management and Holdings Ltd Worthington Bulk Limited Marubeni Petroleum Co., Ltd. Timken (Bermuda) L.P. BMC Insurance Company Limited World Family English Holdings LTD Linea Ltd Allseas Logistics Bermuda Ltd General International Limited China North Industries Investment Ltd. Viking River Tours Ltd N-Gas Limited Sky Swallows Ltd EA Bermuda Partnership Holcim Capital Corporation Ltd FIL Limited Google SJS Bermuda Limited KFH Holding LP Lone Star Global Lendings III Limited Tewksbury Investment Fund Ltd Berge Bulk Limited Crystal Group Limited ABS Global, LTD. ABS Holdings, Ltd. Ariel Re BDA Limited Jardine Technology Holdings Limited Shell EP International Limited BSREP II PBSA Limited Ashtwo C.V. Sompo International Holdings Ltd Flex Ltd GE Seaco Ltd. Atlantic Medical International Ltd Bonny Gas Transport Limited Hal Trustee Limited Schlumberger Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Boston Re Ltd Honeywell Bermuda L.P. Church Bay Trust Co. Ltd Ceres Shipping Ltd Capag Foreign Holdings LP Core Reinsurance Company Limited SCJ Bermuda Holdings II L.P. Marampa Iron Ore Limited Sky Trade Ltd Oil Casualty Investment Corporation Ltd. Sonasing Xikomba Limited Overseas Oil & Gas Corporation Ltd Belmond Ltd. Esprit Holdings Limited QLI Limited Invesco Investments (Bermuda) Ltd. QH Property Holdings Limited LSF Re III International Finance, LP Equator Re (Australia) Limited Far Eastern Investment (Holding) Limited Lone Star Global Holdings III Limited Lone Star Global Lendings IV Limited XL Group Ltd. Viking Holdings Ltd Finance and General Investments Limited Microsoft Asia Island Limited Milestone Aviation Group Limited (The) LSF9 Affiliate Finance (US) Ltd LSF10 Affiliate Finance Ltd Aviva Re Limited ILS Property & Casualty Re Limited Opal Alternative Growth Fund Ltd TSM International Ltd Wilton Re Holdings Limited Jardine Pacific Holdings Limited Third Point Reinsurance Company Ltd SASCO REINSURANCE LTD Arthur Morris Christensen & Co. Innovative Office Interiors Ltd Bryce Investment Ltd Total Yemen LNG Company Ltd General Electric Financing C.V. William Bluck & Co. Ltd. Transworld Energy Limited Bermuda Fire and Marine Company Limited Bermuda Trust Company Limited Mergon International UL Bermuda General Agency Limited TSE Sui Luen Jewellery (Int'l) Ltd Hamilton Properties Limited Helen of Troy Limited Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Bermuda) Ltd Chubb Tempest Life Reinsurance Ltd Mundimar, Ltd. Cntd Lockhart Insurance Company Limited Lone Star Global Holdings, Ltd. Best Buy China Ltd San Antonio Oil & Gas Services Ltd BTG Investments LP Concorde (Bermuda) Limited Transworld Oil Limited Norwegian Cruise Line Limited Oil Insurance Limited Oil Casualty Insurance Ltd Amtrust International Insurance, Ltd. Inter-Mediterranean Oil Company Limited Soros Capital LP Glencore Capital Ltd Transfrut Express Ltd Fischer Asset Management Ltd. Validus Holdings, Ltd. OOCL Transport & Logistics Holdings Limited Three Crowns Insurance Company Limited Quest Management Services Limited North 22 Technology Services Group Limited Island Engineering Limited (IEL) HCL Bermuda Limited Equator Reinsurances Limited International Imports Ltd Google Cable Bermuda Ltd Invesco Ltd. Nautilus Indemnity Limited Prosight Specialty European Holdings Limited Bermuda International Shipping Ltd. Baker Hughes Eho Ltd Sunpower Bermuda Holdings Odfjell Shipping (Bermuda) Ltd All Asia Media Equities Ltd IMC Holdings Limited Holdac Limited (Cont'd) Legal and General Resources (Bermuda) Limited Dole Foreign Holdings Ltd The Bermuda Post Office Compass Ltd. AIG Life of Bermuda Ltd Pelican Chemical Traders Ltd Sevan Drilling Limited Col Capital Limited Assured Guaranty Re Ltd Viking Cruises Ltd Viking Ocean Cruises Ltd Equilibria Capital Management Limited Monument Resources (South America) CEO Transport Ltd Chevalier International Holdings Limited Lone Star Global Lendings II Limited Estats Revolution Master Fund Limited Red Life Reinsurance Limited Shell International Trading Middle East Limited Pacnet Services Corporation Ltd RK Mine Finance Fund I Limited Sanders Re Ltd Rinaldo Rinaldini Limited Marvell Technology Group Ltd China Auto Electronics Group Limited Travelport Limited Travelport (Bermuda) Ltd Westline Private Trust Company Limited AmWins Global Group Limited Aurora Group Holdings Limited International General Insurance Co. Ltd. Hongkong Land Holdings Limited Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited Yasuda Management Services Central Diagnostics Ltd Midcircle Investment Management Ltd Uberrimae Fidei Insurance Company (SAC) ltd Swing Media Technology Group Limited Menlo Worldwide International Holdings Ltd Worldwide Aircraft Holding Company (Bermuda) Limited Genpact Global Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Yageo Holding (Bermuda) Limited Clermont Investments Ltd Primary Group Limited EMC Group 2 Mobicon Group Limited Somerset Reinsurance Ltd Kenmare Holdings Ltd. Hongkong Land Limited Unicom Management Services Limited Merck and Company, Incorporated Hannover Re (Bermuda) Ltd. Great Republic Indemnity (SAC) Ltd Berggruen Institute Marketplace Lt. (The) Watford Re Ltd. Intra-Continental Ensurers Ltd ADM Private Trustees (Bermuda) Limited Bluebell Far East Limited Group Ark Insurance Limited Ardellis Insurance Ltd. Honeywell Bermuda Holdings LP Mandarin Oriental Hotel Investments Limited Ships Finance Ltd Glaxo Finance Bermuda Limited Mandarin Oriental International Limited Cosco Shipping International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd NY Jets Transporter Ltd China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited TROCAN MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD Maple Street Indemnity Company, Ltd. Fairmont Hotels (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Offshore Investment Services Limited Chevron (Bermuda) Investments Limited Mission (Bermuda) Investments Ltd Chevron Khazar, Ltd. Starc Holdings Limited Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited Con't D&B Holdings Co. , Ltd. IRF European Finance Investments Ltd Market Re Ltd Rosedale Hotel Holdings Limited Axis Specialty Holdings Bermuda Limited Macquarie Airports (Europe) Limited Lincoln Reinsurance Company of Bermuda Limited Hafnia Limited Sun Life Financial Services Limited Fairmont Management Limited. Gearbulk Management Limited Man Global Strategies Diversified Ltd KFG Bermuda Ltd. Connaught Investors Limited Nabors Drilling International Limited Old Yard Trust Company Limited Blue Capital Re Ltd Cosa Liebermann Limited Coventry Assurance Ltd Newsat -425 Limited

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