List of Corporate Headquarters in HAMILTON

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Tyco Delta Limited Delta Limited Asia Global Crossing Ltd. Catalina Delta LTD. Delta Nimir Khazar Limited Delta Portfolio Holdings Limited Delta Acquisition Co (1) Limited L.P. Clover Limited 63 LTT Limited Partnership GENERAL INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE SERVICES LIMITED Amtrust International Insurance, Ltd. Elan International Insurance Ltd Hopewell International Insurance Ltd. Harrington International Insurance Ltd. British International Insurance Company Limited International General Insurance Co. Ltd. Sirius International Insurance Corporation Alexander International Insurance Services Ltd Ally International Insurance Company Ltd B & C International Insurance Company Limited Sirius International Insurance Group Ltd Sompo International Holdings Ltd Kingley International Insurance, Ltd. CONSILIDATED INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED ROCKY MOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE LTD Majestic Insurance International Ltd Suvaco Insurance International Ltd Bluegrass International Insurance Limited CONSOLIDATED INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED COSOLIDATED INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED SHIPPAN INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO., LTD Sunpoint Holdings Limited Brookvale International Insurance Limited Invesco Investments (Bermuda) Ltd. Finance and General Investments Limited Sevan Drilling Limited Capital Drilling Ltd Hiscox Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Hiscox Capital Ltd Hiscox Ltd HI SPAN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Roly International Holdings Ltd CEC International Holdings Limited Karrie International Holdings Limited Theme International Holdings Limited Halliburton International Holdings Allan International Holdings Limited Perfectech International Holdings Ltd QPL International Holdings Limited Chevalier International Holdings Limited Easyknit International Holdings Limited Pegasus International Holdings Limited Stelux Holdings International Limited Sunway International Holdings Limited Convergys International Holding Ltd. C.Banner International Holdings Limited Pacer International Holding Ltd Manulife International Holdings Limited Paliburg International Holdings Ltd Proview International Holdings Limited Wong's International Holdings Limited Emperor International Holdings Limited Everest Re Holdings, Ltd. Blue Ocean Re Holdings Ltd. Pine River Re Holdings Ltd Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd. Ariel Re (Holdings) Limited Annuity and Life Re (Holdings) Ltd Alternative Re Holdings Limited Humboldt Re Corporate Member Holding Company Ltd. Wilton Re Holdings Limited Intrepid Re Holdings Limited Sequant Re Holdings Limited Wilton Re (Canada) Limited Hampton Re Holdings Limited Olympus Re Holdings Ltd Petrel Re Holdings Limited S.A.C. RE Holdings Ltd Wilton Reinsurance Bermuda Limited Lasalle Re Holdings Limited Helicon Re Holdings Ltd. Sideris Re Holdings Ltd Arc Global Re (Holdings) Ltd Queen's Island Insurance Company Ltd Macquarie Limited Macquarie Special Situations Fund Limited Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund Limited Macquarie Special Situations Master Fund Limited NCL Corporation Ltd. NCL (Bahamas) Ltd Superior Bermuda GP Government of Bermuda Bermuda Government Financial Assistance ALEXANDER HOWDEN GROUP LIMITED Holden Limited Alexander Howden Group (Bermuda) Limited HOWDEN GROUP (BERMUDA) LTD, ALEXANDER HOWARD HOULDER (OVERSEAS) LTD HOWDEN COVER HISPANOAMERICANA (BERMUDA) LIMITED Howe Enterprising BW Shipping Limited R & H Trust Co. (Bermuda) Limited A.K. Bakri & Sons Ltd Miller & Son (Bermuda), Thomas R. THOS R MILLER & SON (BERMUDA) R K Harrison Insurance Brokers Limited R&Q RE (Bermuda) Ltd Finagrain Trading Ltd Nam Cheong Limited Global China Holdings Ltd Global Crossing Holdings Limited CA Global Holdings ProSight Global Holdings Limited Nabors Global Holdings Limited MT Global Holdings Ltd Nabors Global Holdings II Limited Global Crossing Holdings Ltd Cisco Worldwide Holdings Ltd Cisco Systems (Bermuda) Ltd Ico Global Communications (Holdings) Limited Cisco System Global Holdings Limited Cisco Systems International Holdings Ltd Automated Systems Holdings Limited Azeus Systems Holdings Ltd Cisco Systems (Switzerland) Investments Ltd. Staples Global Holdings L.P. Global Crossing Holdings II Ltd. Attorneys Liability Assurance Society (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda Trust Company Limited Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Commercial Bank Ltd Paxvax Bermuda Ltd The Bermuda Press Ltd TRENDEX (BERMUDA) LTD. Paragon Bermuda Ltd Petredec Limited Fiduciary Partners Trust Company Ltd. A & A Investments Limited Fram Shipping Ltd Carry Wealth Holdings Limited Acadia Wealth Management Ltd Weald Court Limited BSREP Bermuda Europe Holdings Limited BSREP II China DC Limited BSREP II City Gate Limited Aquarius Platinum Limited AQR Re Limited Helen of Troy Limited INTERE (BERMUDA) LTD Inno-Tech Holdings Limited First Data Mobile (Bermuda) Holdings, Ltd. Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Limited Excel Technology International Holdings Limited Butterfield Fulcrum Group (Bermuda) Limited C&G Environmental Protection Holdings Limited Karin Technology Holdings Limited Venture International Investment Holdings Limited IR Techno Holdings Company Limited Jardine Technology Holdings Limited Champion Technology Holdings Limited Kada Technology Holdings Limited PINE Technology Holdings Limited Hi Sun Technology Holdings Limited China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited Proactive Technology Holdings Limited CCT Technology Holdings Limited Shenzhen High Tech Holdings Limited China Display Optoelectronics Technology Holdings Limited James Hardie Technology Limited Flag Telecom Holdings Limited World Family English Holdings LTD Man Sang International Limited Motorola Mobility International Sales Sea Production Ltd SFL Deepwater Ltd Bryce Investment Ltd Arden Reinsurance Company Ltd Arden Holdings Ltd Far Eastern Info Service (Holding) Limited Informa Middle East Limited GAINFORD LIMITED Ace Achieve Infocom Limited Alibaba Health Information Technology Limited Infosystems (Bermuda) Ltd Hartford HealthCare Indemnity Services Ltd Paget Health Services Limited Magna Carta Insurance Ltd Bay Group Limited Digicel Holdings (Bermuda) Limited The Bermuda Press (Holdings) Limited MISC Tanker Holdings (Bermuda) Limited SCJ Bermuda Holdings II L.P. Honeywell Bermuda Holdings II Ltd North IOC (Bermuda) Limited Quovadis (Bermuda) Holding Ltd Stolt Tankers Holdings Ltd Gai Holding Bermuda Ltd WGM (Bermuda) Holdings Co Ltd Pearl Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Weatherford Bermuda Holdings Ltd Soque Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Silitech (Bermuda) Holding Ltd Yageo Holding (Bermuda) Limited Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd. MT Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Franklin Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Parkdale Bermuda Holdings, Ltd Shell Holdings (Bermuda) Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings Limited Radica Holdings Bermuda Limited Litens Holdings (Bermuda) Limited WTW Bermuda Holdings Ltd. Probitas Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Sunpower Bermuda Holdings Mcafee Bermuda Holdings Ltd Honeywell Bermuda Holdings LP Magellan Acquisition Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Acquisition Co. (5) Limited Starr Insurance & Reinsurance Limited Cedar Insurance and Reinsurance Co. Ltd. Shima Reinsurance Ltd MENDIP INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO. LTD. Somerset Reinsurance Ltd Stockton Reinsurance Limited Overseas Reinsurance Corporation Limited Sam Reinsurance Company Ltd GE Seaco Ltd. SeaCo Ltd SEACO SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD Chevron Transport Corporation Conoco Khazar Ltd Chevron Transport Corporation Ltd. Chevron Petroleum Limited Chevron International Limited Chevron Khazar, Ltd. Chevron Kuwait Limited Chevron Indonesia Company Chevron Makassar, Ltd. StarStone Insurance Bermuda Limited Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd White Mountains Life Reinsurance (Bermuda) Ltd. AIG Life of Bermuda Ltd Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd. Sirius Bermuda Insurance Company Ltd. Fireman's Fund Insurance Company of Bermuda Limited Fidelis Insurance Bermuda Limited Bermuda Insurance Institute Crown Global Life Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd Premier Life (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Life Insurance Company Limited Allianz Life Bermuda Limited FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Clarendon Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Aetna Life & Casualty (Bermuda) Ltd. CITICORP INSURANCE (BERMUDA) LIMITED Vestur Insurance (Bermuda) Limited Cathay Insurance (Bermuda) Co Ltd Amedex Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Scottish Crown Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Private Financial Holdings Limited Surestone Reinsurance Limited Parker Hannifin (Bermuda) Ltd Parker Hannifin Partner I GP Parker Hannifin Partner II GP Parker Hannifin Berlux Ltd. Schroders (Bermuda) Limited SCIB (Bermuda) Limited Oil Management Services Ltd. Quest Management Services Limited Admiral Management Services Limited Viking Services Management Ltd Yasuda Management Services Unicom Management Services Limited TROCAN MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD Dairy Farm Management Services Limited Dundee Leeds Management Services Ltd WINDSOR MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD. Syndicate and Corporate Management Services, Ltd APEX MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD Ardon Management Services Ltd Argus Management Services Limited Synergy Management Services Limited Camden Management Services Limited Globe Management Services Limited Gateway Management Services Limited Dolphin Management Services Limited HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited Invus LP Invus, L.P. Universal Shipowners Marine Insurance Association Limited Worthington Bulk Limited BIP Bermuda Holdings I Limited Aurora Group Holdings Limited Credicorp Ltd Northern Drilling Ltd Borr Drilling Limited Container Ship Management, Ltd Right Management Consultants L.P. Peregrine Investments Holdings Ltd Hal Trustee Limited Vincitas Limited Sonnedix Power Holdings Limited Sonnedix Solar L.P. Wellington Management Investors (Bermuda) Ltd Wellington Management Global Holdings Ltd Axis Capital Holdings Limited Aaxis Limited Tyco Capital Holdings Ltd Alterra Capital Holdings Limited Richards International Capital Holdings Limited Renaissance Capital Holdings Limited Hamlin Capital Holdings Limited Headway Capital Holdings Limited Pillar Capital Holdings Limited AIA Capital Corporation Holdings Limited RG Capital Holdings Limited E2-Capital (Holdings) Limited Quanta Capital Holdings Ltd ABR Reinsurance Capital Holdings Ltd Axis Specialty Holdings Bermuda Limited Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd C C Land Holdings Limited C&C Energia Llanos Ltd. C & C Industries Corporation Ltd New Star International Investment Products Ltd. PDV Insurance Company Ltd XLIT LTD. XL Investments Ltd. XL Bermuda Ltd XL Life Ltd XL Group Public Limited Company XL Group Ltd. Honeywell Bermuda L.P. HCL Bermuda Limited HLG Bermuda Limited HG (Bermuda) Limited Harsco (Bermuda) Limited Honeywell Bermuda II, Ltd. Hire (Bermuda) Limited Hardy Bermuda Limited Hampton (Bermuda) Ltd Haverford (Bermuda) Ltd Man Galileo Arbitrage Limited Man Arbitrage Strategies N Limited Mackay Shields Defensive Bond Arbitrage Fund Ltd Argent Classic Convertible Arbitrage Fund (Bermuda) L.P. Argent Classic Convertible Arbitrage Fund (Bermuda) Ltd. COLUMBIA TRADING HOLDING COMPANY Brencourt Arbitrage International Ltd Argent LowLev Convertible Arbitrage Fund Ltd Liberty HBV Multi-Strategy Fund Limited Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd. Wonderful World Holdings Limited Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited Skyworth Digital Holdings Limited GNI Ascent Trading Limited Digital Globe Services Limited GNI Technical Fund Ltd. (The) GNI Ascent II Trading Limited GNI Dynamic Capita Bond II Euro Trading Limited United Kina Brewing Group Limited Green Energy Group Limited Energy Management Group Ltd United Energy Group Limited Larmag Energy Group of Companies United African Grain Ltd Cambridge Energy Group Limited Notesco Limited Stena Ausonia Limited Stena Drillmax II Ltd Stena Investment Limited Stena Don Ltd Stena Drillmax III Limited Stena Caron Limited Stena Anglia Limited Stena Forth Limited Stena Africa Ltd Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd Bonny Gas Transport Limited N-Gas Limited BW Gas Limited Omega Insurance Holdings Limited Arch Investment Holdings IV Ltd Arch Investment Holdings III Ltd. UK General Insurance Holdings Limited Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited American Safety Insurance Holdings Ltd. Group Ark Insurance Holdings Limited Fundamental Insurance Investments Ltd. Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited ASCO INVESTMENTS (HOLDINGS) LTD. Horseshoe Insurance Services Holdings Ltd. Torus Insurance Holdings Limited WMH Walter Meier Holding Insurance Limited Geovera Insurance Holdings Ltd. ARK Insurance Holdings Limited SEVEN HOLDING COMPANY LTD. Renaissancere Holdings Ltd Catlin Insurance Company Ltd Ace Ina Overseas Insurance Company Ltd Amerinst Insurance Group Ltd. Chubb INA Overseas Insurance Company Ltd. Cassatt Insurance Company, Ltd. Canterbury Insurance Company Limited Cavalier Insurance Company Ltd. CFC Insurance Ltd Axis Specialty Limited Silverlake Axis Ltd China Resources Gas Group Limited Global China Technology Group Limited China Oriental Group Company Limited China Water Affairs Group Limited China Lifestyle Food and Beverages Group Limited China Auto Electronics Group Limited China Best Group Holding Limited Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group International Limited China CBM Group Company Limited APP China Group Limited Tata Communications Services (Bermuda) Limited Marsh & McLennan Management Services (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Aviation Services Limited ROYAL TRUST (BERMUDA) LIMITED RBC CORPORATE SERVICES (BERMUDA) LIMITED Morgan Stanley Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd. HSBC Securities Services (Bermuda) Limited HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Bermuda) Limited FIL Services (Bermuda) Limited Estera Services (Bermuda) Limited General Electric Services (Bermuda) Ltd Marsh Management Services (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Computer Services Agency Ltd Opus Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd Mufg Fund Services (Bermuda) Group Limited Validus Services (Bermuda) Ltd BUSINESS SERVICES OF BERMUDA LIMITED Bermuda Energy Services Company Limited Bermuda Computer Services Ltd. Bermuda Executive Services, Ltd. DATA SERVICES (BERMUDA) LTD. Adecco Financial Services (Bermuda) Ltd. Diversified Services (Bermuda) Ltd Sedgwick Management Services (Bermuda) Limited SOCAM Development Limited Shihua Development Co. Ltd. SOIL DEVELOPMENTS LTD. Seaborn Development Ltd Tesaro Development, Ltd. Cosco Pacific Limited Koren, Michael W. Florens Industrial Holdings Limited Total International Limited Green & Grey Financial Solutions International, Ltd. Locabail International Finance Limited Elan International Finance Ltd LSF Re III International Finance, LP STRATEGIC INVESTMENT & FINANCE CO. INTERNATIONAL LTD. INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND FINANCE LTD Ship Finance International Limited TD Financial International Ltd LSF IX International Finance LP LSF RE IV International Finance LP C.R.C. International Finance, Ltd. CITICORP FINANCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED International Financial Planning Limited Ford International Finance Corp. Ooredoo International Finance Limited Jardine International Motors Finance Limited Financial Security Assurance International, Ltd A F INTERNATIONAL FINANCE LTD International Financial Solutions Group, Ltd. LSF RE V International Finance, LP Total Home Limited Total Transport Limited RK Mine Finance Fund I Limited RK Mine Finance Master Fund I Limited Total Group Limited (THE) Suga International Holdings Limited Cinda International Holdings Limited PT Holdings Limited Northern Investment Company Limited Third Point Reinsurance Investment Management Ltd Patria Investments Limited PT & T Communications Limited KS & T Investment Holdings, L.P. Pulsar Investment Ltd. POINT OF SERVICES LTD. Bermuda Garage Door Company Limited PetroChad (Mangara) Limited Geologistics International Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Chellsons (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Coating Co Ltd Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Bermuda) Ltd CHS Bermuda GP Calson (Bermuda) Limited Citadel Reinsurance Company Limited Citadel Ltd Citadel Solutions Bermuda Ltd Citadel Kensington Global Strategies Fund Ltd Invesco Mim General Partner Ltd. Invesco Pacific Holdings Limited Invesco Ltd. Invesco Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd Invesco Global Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Invesco Pacific Partner Ltd. Invercol Limited QLI Limited Nordica Life (Bermuda) Ltd Nordic American Offshore Ltd. Nordic American Tanker Limited Norex Industries Inc Nordic Insurance Co Ltd A.I.C. Limited Boston Re Ltd Resource Re Ltd Resilience Re Ltd Brit Reinsurance (Bermuda) Limited BTG Re Ltd. Midcircle Investment Management Ltd Celetronix International, Ltd Chubb Tempest Life Reinsurance Ltd Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Red Life Reinsurance Limited Hannover Re (Bermuda) Ltd. Life Re International Ltd Annuity & Life Reassurance, Ltd Athene Life Re Ltd Veritas Life Reinsurance Ltd. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada XL Life Reinsurance (SAC) Ltd. Brookfield Life Assurance Company Limited Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited Hannover Life Reassurance Bermuda Ltd Hannover Life Reassurance Company Of America (Bermuda) Ltd Scottish Re Life (Bermuda) Limited Standard Life Assurance Company Bermuda Limited Colonial Life Assurance Company Limited National Life Assurance Co of Canada Centre Life Reinsurance Limited B & W International Ltd BW Endeavour Limited BW VENTURES LIMITED GeoPark Limited Geopark Latin America Limited Geopark Limited Black Bear Ltd Black Gold Re Limited Black Emerald Group Pontus Holdings Ltd AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Limited AXA China Region Limited Mutual Indemnity Ltd (The IPC Companies) Old Mutual (Bermuda) Ltd Old Mutual Group Limited Old Mutual Asset Managers (Bermuda) Limited Old Mutual (Bermuda) Foundation Limited Mutual Investment Limited Mutual Risk Management Ltd Mutual Reinsurance Company Limited Mutual Risk Management (Holdings) Ltd. Mutual Insurance Company Limited Mutual Foods Limited Nuclear Mutual Ltd Mutual Indemnity (U.S.) Ltd. Massmutual Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd. NATIONAL MUTUAL (BERMUDA) LTD Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association (Bermuda) Ltd. Liberty Mutual Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Mutual Indemnity (Bermuda) Ltd SARGASSO MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD New Providence Mutual Limited Signal Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd SHIPPING INDUSTRY MUTUAL ASSURANCE ASSOCIATION LTD. Bunge Finance Limited Bunge Limited Bunge Global Markets, Ltd Bunge Central America Ltd. Bunge Alpha, Ltd. Bunge First Capital Limited Tintagel International Limited Sun Life Hong Kong Limited LSF global Aggregated Irish Holdings Ltd LSF8 Hedgeco Ltd. LSF9 Hedgeco Ltd LSF9 Bond Holdings Ltd. LSF Lux Holdings IV, Ltd. LSP Investment Partners, Ltd LSF8 Bond Holdings Ltd. LSF Global Lendings LP Lsf5 Olympic LLC Ashtwo C.V. Tricon Forfaiting Fund Limited Ram Holdings II Ltd American Overseas Group Limited American Overseas Reinsurance Company Limited Glencore Finance (Bermuda) Ltd. MGPA Limited Global Crossing Portfolio Holdings Ltd. Worldwide Vision Limited Mercantile & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd China Pacific Merchants Ltd Pearl Oriental Oil Limited Schroder Merchants Finance Limited Brown & Son Ltd., Archie Merck, Sharp and Dohme (International) Limited Merck and Company, Incorporated Merck Sharp & Dohme International Inc. Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Ltd Merck Sharp & Dohme (Ireland) Ltd. Merck Sharp & Dohme Biologics (Ireland) Ltd Russian Federation First Mercantile Fund Ltd. Aquila Merchant Services - International Limited Evalueserve Ltd EP Offshore Master 2007, L. P. Nautilus Indemnity Holdings Limited Marias Falls Insurance Co., Limited Tradestream Global Ltd Worldsec Limited Lockhart Insurance Company Limited Uberrimae Fidei Insurance Company (SAC) ltd Sagicor Financial Corporation Ships Finance Ltd Sun Life Financial Investments (Bermuda) Ltd Sun Life Financial (Hong Kong) Limited Sun Life Financial Services Limited Sterna Finance Ltd Shipcraft Finance Ltd Field Nominees Limited Atmel Trading Company Ltd International Tanker Management Holding Ltd Roche Operations Ltd Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertaiment (Holdings) Limited New Corange Limited ORN Management Company Limited Orange Assurance Limited Corange Ltd. Linea Ltd Allseas Logistics Bermuda Ltd Everest Re Group, Ltd. Everest Re Advisors, Ltd. Assured Guaranty Re Ltd XL Re Latin America Ltd Monument Re Limited Ariel Re BDA Limited Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd Watford Re Ltd. S.A.C. RE, Ltd. Argo Re Ltd Hamilton Re Ltd ILS Property & Casualty Re Limited Mt. Logan Re, Ltd. LaSalle Re Limited Scotish Re Group Limited Jc Re Ltd Cathay International Limited Drayton Company Ltd Caceis (Bermuda) Limited Caceis (Cayman) Limited Blanca Flor Corporation Ltd. Queens Island Reinsurance Company Ltd The English Sports Shop Limited Astro Overseas Limited Astro Limited Stellar Insurance Ltd Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited Peak Pulp & Paper Limited Global Crossing Asia Holdings Ltd. Great Wall Pan Asia Holdings Limited ABS Holdings, Ltd. Pacific Asia Global Holdings Limited Media Asia Group Holdings Limited Asia Fashion Holdings Limited Asia Resources Holdings Limited Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited ITG Asia Holdings Ltd. Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited Chevron Asia Pacific Holdings Limited Cont'd Zurich Asia Holdings Ltd. OLS Asia Holding Ltd Datacraft Asia Holdings Ltd. Asia Dekor Holdings Limited Asia Aluminium Holdings Limited Globeleq Asia Holdings Limited Alcan Nikkei Asia Holdings Ltd Asia Pacific Resources Interational Holdings Ltd Fischer Asset Management Ltd. Bermuda Asset Management Ltd INTERNATIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD. AIG International Asset Management Ltd. GAM Limited Butterfield Asset Management Limited BCB Asset Management Limited HSBC Global Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited Strategic Asset Management Ltd Macquarie Specialised Asset management (Bermuda) Limited Jupiter Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited FBS ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD UPB Asset Management Finwest Asset Management Ltd Hermes Asset Management Ltd HFI Asset Management Ltd LOM Asset Management Limited Electris Asset Management Ltd Emerging Asset Management Ltd Centaur Asset Management Ltd J & O Asset Management Ltd Sagitta Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited Solidum Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd GLOBAL PETROLEUM LTD. Global Assurance Limited Global Alloys Ltd. Global Partners Ltd. Global Partners Ltd. Global Aviation Services Limited Global Trading Ltd Global Custody & Clearing Limited Global Sources Ltd Global Finance Limited GLOBAL COATINGS LTD. Global Crossing Ltd. Global Investments Limited Global Asset Fund Ltd. Global Asset Allocation Limited Global Directories Limited Global Navigation Ltd Global Construction Limited Global Crossing Ltd Global Gateways Limited Global Travel Limited Global Eleven Ltd Holcim Capital Corporation Ltd Lone Tree Insurance Group Ltd. White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. Asda Group Insurance Company Limited Isle of man Man Group Insurances Limited Resolute Insurance Group Ltd Select Insurance Group of North America Ltd. International Automotive Group Insurance Company Ltd Marshall Insurance Group, Ltd. Monument Insurance Group Limited Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. Group Ark Insurance Limited BF&M Limited OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd. UBS Group Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd STUART INSURANCE GROUP AlphaStar Insurance Group Limited Grow Group Insurance Ltd Orion Mine Finance (Master) Fund I LP Katanga Mining Limited L & F Indemnity Limited Shanghai Ming Yuan Holdings Limited China Tire Holdings, Ltd. China Construction Holdings Limited China Copper (Holdings) Limited China United Holdings Limited Digital China Holdings Limited Greater China Holdings Limited Evergo China Holdings Limited China Healthcare Holdings Limited Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited China Infrastructure Holdings Limited China Yuanbang Property Holdings Limited China Glass Holdings Limited China Green (Holdings) Limited China Gas Holdings Limited Henderson China Holdings Limited China Hongcheng Holdings Limited Sysco Bermuda Partners, LP. Partner Re Services Ltd Aon Insurance Managers (Bermuda) Ltd HSBC Insurance Management (Bermuda) Limited SK Innovation Insurance (Bermuda) Limited Swire Pacific Insurance Brokers (Bermuda) Limited JLT Insurance Management (Bermuda) Ltd Kane Group Limited Argentina Gold (Bermuda) II Ltd GlaxoSmithKline Insurance Ltd. Electricity Producers Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited GuoLine Overseas Limited Sea Containers Ltd. Overseas Oil & Gas Corporation Ltd Orient Overseas (International) Limited Seaboard Overseas Limited Cont'd Mattel Overseas Operations Ltd. Pepsi Overseas (Investment) Partnership American International Overseas Limited Shell Overseas Holdings (Oman) Limited Shell Bermuda (Overseas) Limited PPSA Overseas Ltd Growth-Link Overseas Company Limited Overseas Partners Cat Ltd. Holcim Overseas Finance Ltd BLF Limited FF Insurance Ltd Metlife International Insurance Ltd Metlife Reinsurance Company of Bermuda Ltd. Chia Tai (China) Agro-Industrial Ltd Ocean Lines Limited Ocean Grand Holdings Limited Bermuda Ocean Shipping Services Ltd Codan Trust Company Limited Heath Fielding (Latin America) Limited Heath Lambert Mercosur Limited Lincoln Reinsurance Company of Bermuda Limited NCL International, Ltd. Sinclair Insurance Company Ltd. Lincoln National Reinsurance Company Limited Grosvenor Global Growth Fund Limited Blue Capital Global Reinsurance Fund Limited Global Distressed Alpha Capital Limited Global Capital Reinsurance Ltd Monarch Resources Ltd Generali Reassurance (Bermuda) Ltd Standard Life (Bermuda) Limited Pinebridge Investments Asia Limited Knightsbridge Investments Limited Q Investments Ltd. Schlumberger Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Investors Guaranty Assurance, Ltd. Assured Guaranty Ltd Assured Guaranty Re Overseas Ltd Commercial Guaranty Assurance, Ltd. Climax International Company Limited Golden State Insurance Company Limited Golden Shield Holdings (Industrial) Limited XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd Cntd XL Services (Bermuda) Limited XL International (Bermuda) Ltd Oman Oil Company Limited Transworld Oil Limited Holborn Oil Trading Limited North Sea Oil Ltd Oil Insurance Limited International Oil Management Limited Coastal Caribbean Oils and Minerals Limited Oil Casualty Investment Corporation Ltd. Kyodo Oil (Bermuda) Co., Ltd Nichimo Oil (Bermuda) Company Ltd. Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited Oil Investment Corporation Ltd. Murphy Ecuador Oil Company Ltd Alliance Oil Company Ltd Crown Oil Corporation Ltd Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd Spitfire Oil Limited Oil Basins Limited Madagascar Oil Limited Napoil Limited PVM Oil Associates Ltd. Shell EP International Limited Aurum Isis Euro Fund Ltd McKesson International Bermuda Opco1A Limited Lykes Lines Holdings Limited Sykes (Bermuda) Holdings Limited Sykes Offshore Holdings Limited Lakeshore International Ltd. GES Ltd Kep Investors LP Microsoft Asia Island Limited Microsoft Global Finance Parallels Holdings Ltd CCT Tech International Limited Hankore Environment Tech Group Limited Stratus Technologies Bermuda Ltd. Con't Marvell Technology Group Ltd Coslight Technology International Group Limited BALDWIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Codelco Technologies Limited Advanced Portfolio Technologies Ltd. Pax Global Technology Limited Bally Technologies Bermuda L.P. SunCorp Technologies Limited Amgen Technology Limited TPV Technology Limited Techno Metals Ltd Lafe Corporation Limited Fairmont Management Limited. Gearbulk Management Limited Granite Management Limited Greenwood Management Limited North 22 Technology Services Group Limited DMX Technologies Group Limited Allied Group Technical Services Limited Swing Media Technology Group Limited Pembroke Tile and Stone Company Ltd. Stone Risk Services (Bermuda) Stonewood Ltd Pro-Tone Cleaning Services Ltd Nautilus Indemnity Limited Q Re (Bermuda) Ltd R&Q Quest (SAC) Limited R & Q Quest Insurance Limited Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd Elliott Capital Limited Land Valuation Department Millicent Holdings Ltd Julius Samann LTD. Meridian Capital Limited Concordia Partners LP LSF9 Affiliate Finance (US) Ltd LSF10 Affiliate Finance Ltd LSF7 Affiliate Finance Co., Ltd LSF8 Affiliate Finance Co., Ltd LSREF3 Affiliate Finance Co Ltd LSREF4 Affiliate Finance (US) Ltd LSREF5 Affiliate Finance (US) Ltd LSF10 HedgeCo, Ltd LSF10 Cedar Holding,LP LSF10 Wolverine Investments Limited LSF10 Flavum Investments Limited Chemical Insurance Company Limited Genting Hong Kong Limited Seacrest Capital Ltd Sagecrest Ltd Lioncrest Ltd Crystal Group Limited CGA Group, Ltd. The CCS Group Ltd Catlin Group Limited Hal Computer Systems Interantional Ltd. Brasil Telecom Subsea Cable Systems (Bermuda) Ltd Universal Computer Systems Ltd Gemini Submarine Cable Systems Limited Samling Global Limited Walkers Corporate Bermuda Limited VLink Global Limited Transworld Energy Limited Shell Oman Trading Limited Duke Energy International Argentina Marketing/Trading (Bermuda) Ltd Petroleum Ltd BULK OIL INTERNATIONAL LTD. OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (BERMUDA) LTD. Inter-Mediterranean Oil Company Limited International Oil Field Services Limited Oil Companies Int'l Marine Forum General International Limited General Electric Financing C.V. Resource Finance & Investment Limited FINANCE & INVESTMENT COMPANY (BERMUDA) LTD. Roche Financial Investments Ltd IRF European Finance Investments Ltd Mobicon Group Limited Music Group Limited New Star Hedge Fund Limited New Sky, Ltd New Star Accelerator Hedge Fund Limited New Skies Satellites Holdings Ltd. New Star Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited New Skies Satellites Intermediate Holdings Ltd New Star Asset Management Holdings (Bermuda) Limited New Star European Hedge Fund Limited New Star Financials Hedge Fund Limited New Star Capital Guaranteed European Hedge Fund Limited New Star Japan Hedge Fund Limited New Star Managed Hedge Fund Limited Seadrill Limited Newsat -425 Limited NewSat-1 Limited Rothermere Continuation Limited Viking Holdings Ltd Data Tech Limited Cyber-Tech Ltd C-Tech Ltd Entech Limited Dweer Technology Ltd Techtronic Outdoor Products Technology Limited 2 Tech Ltd Diamond Technology Partnership Co Diamond Technology Partnership company LTD FIL Distributors UIL Limited IBIS CORP. LTD. PINETREE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY (BERMUDA) LTD. MADISON & GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. HEMISPHERE MARINE GENERAL INSURANCE LTD KITSON MARINE & GENERAL INSURANCE CO LTD BF&M General Insurance Company Limited Catalina General Insurance Ltd Professional & General Insurance Co (Bermuda) Ltd Fong's Industries Company Limited Arkle Limited Lone Star Partners II, L.P. Suez German Capial Partners, L.P. Klesch Capital Partners, L.P. Securitas Capital Partners I, L.P. Calico Capital Ltd Europe Capital Partners IV L.P. Ochtar Capital Partners Ltd. Capital Z. Asia Partners (A), L.P Bond Capital Partners I Limited MB Capital Partners Ltd Lone Star Partners V, L. P. Stow Capital Partners Limited Jaspen Capital Partners Limited Bolton Capital Partners International Ltd Copernico Capital Partners (Bermuda) Ltd Europe Capital Partners V L.P. Capital Z Asia Partners, L.P. Copper Partners Investment Company Ltd UFG Capital Partners Limited Bond Capital Partners Management Limited AGTech Holdings Limited Athene IP Holding Ltd. Island Engineering Limited (IEL) Xerox Middle East Investments (Bermuda) Limited East River Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Starc Limited Sapstar Limited Enstar Limited Starway Company Limited ProtoStar Ltd. Gilroy Company Limited Gilbert, Robin Agility Ltd Igility Limited Tryon Assurance Company Ltd Colonnade Assurance Limited Comerica Assurance Ltd Coventry Assurance Ltd C.S.C. Assurance Ltd Canopy Assurance Limited Atlantic Containers Line Ltd. Atlantic Tool Leasing Ltd. Atlantic Medical International Ltd Atlantic Crossing Holdings Ltd. Atlantic Oilfield Services Ltd Atlantic Ocean Cables Limited Atlantic Central Enterprises Limited Atlas Group of Companies Limited Atlas Interactive Limited Atlas Investments Ltd Atlantic Security Brokers Ltd Atlantic Air Ltd Amundi Alternative Investments Ltd. Pioneer Alternative Investment Management (Bermuda) Limited Markel Bermuda Limited Alternative Underwriting Services, Ltd. Equinoxe Alternative Investment Services Holdings Limited Alternative Re Limited Choice Alternative Investments Ltd Curzon Alternative Investments Limited Acl Alternative Fund Sac Limited Matrix Alternative Investment Strategies Fund Limited Lazard World Alternative Value Fund Ltd B.N.Y. Alternative Investment Services Ltd Opal Alternative Growth Fund Ltd Alterra Holdings Limited Phoenix Alternative Strategies Fund Limited (the) ABS Global, Ltd TVB Satellite TV Holdings Limited APT Satellite Holdings Limited Catlin (WUPLC) Holdings Limited Rinaldo Rinaldini Limited Man Global Strategies Diversified Series 2 Ltd Star Energy Corporation Ltd Stag Energy Limited Star Energy Investment Ltd Star Energy Services Ltd Starman International Management Limited Resources Ltd Professional Resources Ltd Star Energy Geothermal Darajat II Limited Star Energy Geothermal Salak, Ltd EEB Energy RE Limited Starr International Company Inc. Five Star Ltd. Satronics Enterprises Ltd Cosa Liebermann Limited Cast Line Limited Tangency Capital Ltd. Staples Europe Holdings GP JS Vallis & Company Limited Domain Holdings Ltd. American Enterprise Insurance Limited W.J. Boyle & Son Limited TREND INTERNATIONAL (BERMUDA) LTD. Trent Insurance Company Ltd. Churchill Capital Limited Capital Consultants Ltd Col Capital Limited Acorn Capital Ltd Credicorp Capital Ltd. Landmark Trust Bermuda Limited Sky Swallows Ltd Golden Ocean Group Management (Bermuda) Limited Chubb Group Management and Holdings Ltd ACE Group Management and Holdings Ltd Fresenius Medical Care Risk Management Group, Limited TRAVELODGE GROUP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD. Independent Management Group Ltd Neptune Group Management Limited International Risk Management Group, Ltd. Mehta Group Management Limited (The) Somers Isles Shipping Ltd Arthur Morris Christensen & Co. S&S Reinsurance Ltd Monument Resources (South America) SOMERS ISLES INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED The Somers Fund Ltd Maersk South America Ltd. Xstrata Coal South America Ltd South American Crossing Holdings Ltd. Dufry South America Ltd S T S INTERNATIONAL LTD Somers Nominees (Far East) Limited Con't Somers Investment Company Limited Somers Construction Limited Somers Limited Equator Re (Australia) Limited Partners Security Ltd. Partners Indemnity Company Ltd Fitzwilliam Insurance Limited Sonasing Xikomba Limited Chinese Estates Holdings Limited Shire Holdings Limited Starlite Holdings Limited CBQ Finance Limited Mansarovar Energy Colombia Ltd G-Resources Group Limited Everglades Re II Ltd Eden Re Ltd Eden Re II Ltd EAGLE REINSURANCE LTD Essent Reinsurance Ltd Embarcadero Reinsurance Ltd. Tristate Holdings Limited Techcomp (Holdings) Limited Tysan Holdings Limited Team Tankers Regional Ltd Team Tankers Deep Sea Ltd. Team Tankers City Class Ltd. Team Tankers International Limited Monte Christo Limited Montpelier Reinsurance Ltd Monterey Avenue Fund Ltd Montpelier Investments Holdings Ltd Yuuzoo Corporation Limited Montpelier Associates Limited Limited Mitra Energy (Vietnam Con Son) Ltd Gold Bar Development & Consulting, Ltd International Insurance Consulting Services Ltd. BearingPoint International Holdings Limited Shoreline Consultants Ltd Wine Consultants Ltd MIDWAY INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS LTD KEMPE & WHITTLE CONSULTING Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd Trading And Commercial Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd Engineering Consultants Ltd Rio Tinto Escondida Limited Patriot Insurance Company, Ltd. Paul Y Engineering Group Limited Kaycee (Bermuda) Ltd O.N.E. SHIPPING LTD Frontline Shipping Limited Fruit Shippers Limited FLUTE SHIPPING LTD. Franor Shipping Limited Marsh & McLennan Global Broking (Bermuda) Ltd Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) Ltd Merrill Lynch Reinsurance Solutions Ltd. Kane (Bermuda) Limited Argus International Life Bermuda Limited Transfrut Express Ltd Belaya Tserkov Ltd Butterfield Trust (Bermuda) Limited Timken (Bermuda) L.P. Man AHL Diversified Strategies Series 2 Ltd Johnson Electric Intellectual Property Limited Brookfield Business Partners L.P. Brown & Co Browning-Ferris Overseas Insurance Inc Fil Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited Silverton International Fund Limited Silver Star Ltd Silver Leader Insurance Co. Ltd. Silver Cove Limited Shield Security Ltd Silvia Dasilva TURBING SUPPLIES LTD. TOKEN ENTERPRISES LTD. Bulk Acquisition Corp B+H Ocean Carriers Ltd. B + H Management Ltd E & B Trading Company Limited B UK Limited H B INSURANCE LTD Michelin Investment Holding Company Limited Everest Investment (Holdings) Limited KS&T Commodities Holdings LP Compass Investors Holdings Ltd Benfield Investment Holdings Limited Rasmala Investments Holdings Limited T T & T Holdings Limited T H Holdings Ltd Pacific Basin Shipping Limited CSL Pacific Shipping Inc South Pacific Shipping Company Limited i100 Limited Transworld Oil (Middle East) Ltd SMITH OIL TRADING LTD. Martin Currie (Bermuda) Limited Martin Currie (Holdings) Limited Martin Currie Absolute Return Funds Limited Transcon Insurance Limited SGC (HK Group) Limted RBS FX Notes Limited Old Mutual Energy Asset Managers (Bermuda) Limted Walker Arcade Company Limite (The) Man Leveraged Notes Ltd Centurion European Holdings Limted Transurban International Limited Blue Ribbon Insurance Limited AET Inc. Limited ACS 2007-1 Limited HWP Group Global Futures Fund VI Limited Twenty One Brokers Co Ltd Prop 2017-1 Limited Bosphorus 1 Re Ltd P&R Refinance Project No. 1 Ltd Bellemeade Re 2018 1 Ltd Home RE 2018-1 Ltd Eagle Re 2019-1 Ltd Home Re 2019-1 Ltd Intra-Continental Ensurers Ltd Intra Company Ltd. Intercora Limited Intercontinental Hotels Corporation Limited INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING LTD. INTERCONTINENTAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. Intercontinental Assets Ltd. Ana Sub One Co Ltd Man Directional Series 2 Ltd Smart Home Reinsurance 2006-1 Limited Home Re 2006-1 Limited Mandarin Oriental Limited. Manatee Re Ltd Refco Capital Markets Ltd Swiss Re Global Markets Limited Shell Markets (Middle East) Limited The Market Place Limited Merna Re IV Ltd Market Re Ltd Metrocat Re Ltd Blue Ocean Reinsurance Ltd Blue Water Re Ltd Blue Halo Re Ltd Blue Capital Re Ltd H.A. & E. Smith Limited Stenprop Limited Oftenrich Holdings Limited Oceania Holdings Ltd. Omnigrace Holdings Ltd Ordinance Holdings Limited Orchard Holding Company Ltd Ace International Insurance Co. Accenture Australia (1) Ltd Accenture Limited Accenture Australia Ltd Accenture Australia (2) Ltd. Accenture Australia (3) Ltd. Omnium Insurance and Reinsurance Company Limited Professional Agencies Reinsurance Ltd. Asau Reinsurance Limited ABR Reinsurance Ltd. Alstead Reinsurance Ltd. AIA Reinsurance Limited Acra Re II Ltd. Compass Ltd. Compass Partners European Equity Fund (Bermuda) l.P. Global Fund Services Ltd Communications Global Network Services Ltd Cheyne Global Service Limited Sallyport Global Services Ltd. Signet Global Insurance Services Limited GLobal LNG Services Limited Global Procurement Services Limited Gulf Global Services Ltd Appleby Global Group Services Limited Global Employment Services Ltd. Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Limited Sino Golf Holdings Limited Sinoceanic VI Limited Sinoceanic XIV Limited Sinoceanic XVI Limited Sinoceanic XII Limited Sinoceanic VII Limited Sinoceanic XVII Limited Sinoceanic XIII Limited Sinoceanic VIII Limited Sino Belgium (Holding) Limited Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited Sinofert Holdings Limited Sino Techfibre Limited Sinoceanic Shipping Investments Four Limited Sinoceanic Shipping Investments Three Limited Sinoceanic X Limited Sinoceanic IX Limited Sinoceanic V Limited Sinocan Holdings Limited Sino Union Petroleum & Chemical International Limited Sinorank Petroleum Resources Ltd. Sinoceanic XI Limited Sinoceanic XV Limited Jet Enterprises Ltd Art Jet Ltd Jet Set International Limited Westbury Group Limited China 'A' Share Fund Limited (The) Jet Aviation Reinsurance Ltd Aircraft Lease Securitisation II Limited BW LPG Holding Limited ExAlt Aircraft Holdings Ltd COPACO TRUST CO. LTD. CEDAR TRUST CO. LTD. Continental Trust Corporation Limited On Semiconductor Trading Ltd Cont Meritus Trust Company Ltd STC (Bermuda) Ltd Sterling Trust Limited Sigco Private Trustee Company Ltd Furniture Walk Ltd Bulk Partners Bermuda Ltd Brookfield Property Partners LP Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. Bermuda International Securities Limited BCB Trust Company Ltd. Schroder International Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Transamerica Life International (Bermuda) Ltd Transamerica International Re (Bermuda) Ltd Hewlett-Packard Bermuda International L.P. SES Re International (Bermuda) Ltd Zurich International (Bermuda) Ltd. Bermuda International Shipping Ltd. Bear Stearns International Funding (Bermuda) Limited Beechwood Bermuda International Ltd Quilmes International (Bermuda) Ltd Aduro International (Bermuda) Ltd McKesson International Bermuda IP2A Limited Nien Hsing International (Bermuda) Ltd. Raleigh International Bermuda Limited Elmwood (Bermuda) International Limited Fidelity International Limited FIL Limited Fil Fund Management Limited FIL Investment Advisors ILS Investment Management Limited LAEP Investments Ltd Lutece Investment Management Ltd Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited BARCLAYS PRIVATE TRUST (BERMUDA) LTD Church Bay Trust Co. Ltd IHS Markit Ltd Lone Star Global Acquisitions, Ltd Lone Star Management Co. II, Ltd. Lone Star Global Holdings, Ltd. Lone Star Fund III (Bermuda) L.P Tokyo Star Holdings L.P Lone Star Partners III, L.P. Lone Star Fund IV (Bermuda), L.P. Lone Tree Holdings Ltd XL Europe Holdings Ltd Lone Star Residential Mortgage Fund I Holdings (Bermuda) L.P. Lionstone Fund Ltd Lone Star Global Holdings III Limited Lone Star Global Lendings III Limited Lone Star Global Lendings IV Limited Lone Star Global Holdings IV Limited Lone Star Global Lendings II Limited Lone Star Partners VIII LP Grundy European Holdings Limited Lone Star Advisors International, Ltd EuroYacht Limited Eurojet Holdings Ltd Europ Enterprise '92 Limited GE Europe Finance Ltd Rexcapital Financial Holdings Limited Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited Renaissance Financial Holdings Limited Chevron Finance Holdings Ltd. Liberian Financial Holdings Limited Financial Services Holding Corp. Ltd Holcim European Finance Ltd Overseas Private Investors Ltd Exxon Overseas Investment Corp Series Overseas Investment Ltd DKR Soundshore Overseas Investors Ltd Elec & Eltek International Holdings Limited International Investment Corporation Limited General Electric Ireland Holdings Ltd Kratos Investments (Bermuda) Ltd Chevron (Bermuda) Investments Limited Mission (Bermuda) Investments Ltd SwissRe Investments (Bermuda) Ltd. Lone Star Fund V (Bermuda) LP Lone Star Real Estate Fund III (Bermuda), L.P. Lone Star Real Estate Fund (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Real Estate Fund II (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Fund VI (Bermuda) Lp Real Re Ltd RomReal Ltd Merna Re V Ltd Securis Re V Ltd Queen Street V Re Limited Lone Star Real Estate Fund VI, L.P Lone Star Real Estate Fund V (Bermuda) LP Lone Star Real Estate Fund IV (Bermuda) LP Sector Re V Limited Lone Star Fund VII (Bermuda), LP Lone Star Fund VIII (Bermuda) LP Lone Star Fund IX Parallel (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Fund IX (Bermuda) L.P. Fund Administration Service Bermuda Citco Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited Krypton Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd Capvest Equity Partners LP Capvest Equity Partners II, L.P. CapVest Special Partners LP Clermont Investments Ltd Connaught Investors Limited Warner Chilcott Limited Warner Chilcott Holdings Company III Limited Warner Chilcott Holdings Company II, Limited Mandarin Oriental Hotel Investments Limited Mandarin Oriental International Limited Mandarin Oriental Hotels Limited Mandarin Oriental Global Gift Card (International) Limited Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel Ltd Star Asset Management Limited Protostar I Ltd Bermuda Equity Funds Limited Butterfield Bermuda Fund Limited XL Trading Partners Ltd. Noble Drilling International Ltd. Key International Drilling Company Limited Nabors Drilling International Limited Nabors Drilling International II Limited Bawden Drilling International Ltd Nabors International Management Limited INTERNATIONAL FERTILIZER CORP (BERMUDA) LTD. Office Depot Overseas Limited DepoMed Development Ltd Southside Office Depot Ltd Intact Bermuda Holdings Ltd. Sterling Holdings Bermuda Limited Cooper Offshore Holdings Ltd Rubicon Offshore International Holdings Limited Swire Pacific Offshore Holdings Limited BISYS Offshore Holdings Ltd Seltrust Second Offshore Holdings Limited Seltrust Offshore Holdings Limited Old Mutual Fund Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Old Mutual Asset Managers Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Old Mutual International Holdings Limited Old Yard Trust Company Limited Old GMS Holdings Ltd Brookfield BRP Europe Holdings (Bermuda) Limited BRP Bermuda Holdings I Limited Brookfield Infrastructure L.P Brookfield Property LP Capag Foreign Holdings LP Dole Foreign Holdings Ltd Mattel Foreign Holdings Ltd KFH Holding LP Ares Asia Limited BMS Omega Bermuda Holdings Finance Ltd. Financial Intelligence Agency Bermuda FINTRAD LIMITED Griffin Mining Limited Finsurance Ltd First Data DSOS (Bermuda) Holdings Finance Ltd Finas Company Limited Finareve Ltd Yellowfin Limited Bullfinch Limited Inhold (UK) Finance Ltd James Hardie Finance Holdings 1 Limited Cal International Investments Ltd. APP CAP REINSURANCE CO., LTD. Kiwi Car Carriers Ltd Qatar Reinsurance Company Limited Castlepoint Reinsurance Company Ltd MEF Enterprises Limited CBC 2013 II LTD KPMG Advisory Limited Kentucky Fried Chicken (Bermuda) Ltd Katun (Bermuda) Ltd KFG Bermuda Ltd. KIRBY COMPANY OF BERMUDA GCX Limited GCX Services Limited China North Industries Investment Ltd. INDINT LTD. INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT CORP. LTD. Imation Insurance Ltd INDEMNITY FINANCE LTD. Man AHL ABN Trading Ltd. Man AHL Guaranteed Futures Ltd Man AHL Diversified Guaranteed Ltd Man Global Strategies Diversified Ltd Man Hedge Diversified Ltd. Christopher E Swan & Co. Golar Commodities Limited INDEPENDENT INSURANCE COMPANY OF SAUDI ARABIA LTD. Independence Insurance Company Limited INDEPENDENT INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. A.S. Cooper & Sons Limited Perinvest Whistler Fund Limited Man Balanced Strategies Limited. Emirates Man Diversified Trading Ltd. Man-IP 220 EUR Trading Ltd. Man BlueCrest EUR Bonds Trading Ltd Man Global Strategies Investment Strategies Ltd Lucent Insurance Ltd Lonmin Insurance Limited Hoplon II Insurance Ltd Latitude Insurance Limited Meyer Agencies Ltd Efficient Technologies Bermuda Ltd Chubb Tempest Reinsurance Ltd. Ascot Administration Limited Ascot Group Limited Tewksbury Investment Fund Ltd Lend Lease Asian Retail Investment Fund 1 Ltd. Perinvest Global Fund Limited Perinvest Dividend Equity Fund Limited ADIC Diversified Investment Fund Ltd Perinvest Market Neutral Fund Limited Nautilus Holdings Limited National Electronics Holdings Limited Saber Technology Limited Total Yemen LNG Company Ltd Edelweiss Holdings Ltd ILS Capital Management Ltd HSBC Private Equity Management (Bermuda) Limited Aurum Mirelis Fund Management Limited Albany Management Company Limited Kildare Management Ltd Azimuth Management Limited Northern Fund Management Ltd. Dairy Farm Management Limited ENERGY RISK MANAGEMENT LIMITED Karson Management (Bermuda) Limited Textainer Equipment Management Limited Tate & Lyle Management & Finance Limited Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (Bermuda) Limited Lombard Odier Trust (Bermuda) Limited Anchor Investment Management Limited Arcis Investment Management Limited FIE Investment Management Ltd Chubb Alternative Risk Ltd. CTC Insurance Management (Bermuda) Ltd XL Investment Management Ltd ING Risk Management (Bermuda) Limited Catco Investment Management Ltd. Arch Investment Management Ltda Kast Investment Management Limited Ardent Investment Management Limited Orbis Investment Management Limited All Insurance Management Limited INSURANCE BROKERAGE & MANAGEMENT CO LTD TRIANGLE INSURANCE MANAGEMENT LTD TSE Sui Luen Jewellery (Int'l) Ltd Triton International Limited TSM International Ltd Surety International Ltd. Reliance Globalcom Limited EAST ATLANTIC CASUALTY COMPANY LTD Claddaugh Casualty Insurance Company Ltd. Richland Resources Ltd Richmond Corporate Services LTD Capge Limited Cap RX Ltd OHIO CAP INSURANCE COMPANY INC New Cap Reinsurance Corporation (Bermuda) Limited New Cap Reinsurance Corporation Holdings Limited Capcar Enterprises Ltd Capallor Holdings Corporation, Ltd Prosight Specialty European Holdings Limited General Electric Europe Holdings CV Liberty International US European Holdings LLC HAL Trust Committee Limited Bermuda Registrar of Companies Airinspace Ltd PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Services Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd. Cooper Finance (Bermuda) Ltd Alpha Omikron Ltd Alpha Innovations Ltd Alpha Charter Ltd Saltire Holdings I Limited Kinesis Holdings I Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings II Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings IV Limited BIP Bermuda Holdings IV Limited Samson Limtied Milestone Aviation Asset Holding Group No. 9 Ltd M & K Investments Limited T&T Video Productions T H S TYME LTD. Old Mutual South Africa Growth Assets Fund Limited Canterbury Growth Fund Ltd Russia Growth Fund Ltd, The Ipoc International Growth Fund Limited Target Growth Fund Ltd. Wellington International Growth Fund Ltd Viking Traders Ltd Viking Cruises Ltd Viking River Cruises Ltd Viking Ocean Cruises Ltd Viking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd. Viking Ocean Cruises II, Ltd. Viking Ocean Cruises Ship II Ltd Viking Ocean Cruises Finance Ltd V Cruises Limited Viking Aviation Limited Viking Ocean Services Limited MONUMENT RESOURCES (CHINA) LIMITED Monument Resources Oil and Gas Limited. Monday Ltd Butterfield Money Market Fund Limited Monument Limited Monument Resources Exploration Limited Monument Resources (Germany) Ltd. MONUMENT RESOURCES (TAIWAN) LTD. MONUMENT RESOURCES (PAKISTAN) LTD. MONUMENT RESOURCES (THAILAND) LTD Monument Resources Overseas Holdings Limited Monument Reinsurance Brokers (Bermuda) Limited Monument Exploration Ltd Monument Resources International Limited Monument Resources (Caspian) Limited. Monument Resources (Overseas) Limited HSBC Corporate Money Funds Limited Sea Moss Enterprises Limited Deep Sea Metro Ltd Shell Mexico Exploration Production Investment Limited Mexican Line Limited Remex International Group Ltd. BW Pioneer Limited BW Group Limited BW Offshore Limited Berge Bulk Limited BW Loyalty Limited BW Catcher Limited BW Holding Ltd BW Corporation Limited Hafnia Limited BW Ara Limited BW LPG Limited BW VLGC Limited BW Cyan Limited BW Princess Limited BW Tankers Limited BW Prince Limited BW Liberty Limited MS Financial Reinsurance Limited Glaxo Finance Bermuda Limited Zurich Finance (Bermuda) Ltd Bluewell Reinsurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Schroder Finance Bermuda Limited CBS Finance (Bermuda) Ltd Signet Bermuda Finance Limited Global Atlantic Financial Life Limited M-M Two Master Trading Company Limited Signode Industrial Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Primary Group Limited Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd. Barnes Group (Bermuda) Limited Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd. Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd Federal Express (Bermuda) Limited Man-Fidex (Bermuda) Limited Man Index Series Ltd. Beau Port Ltd BEA Pacific Holding Company Limited Bermuda Air Medivac Limited Team Energy Asia-Pacific Limited Beal Holdings Ltd BEAUFOY LIMITED Bermuda Cleaning Ltd. Bermuda Police Service Bermuda Airconditioning Co. Bermuda Fire Service Rocon Services (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Public Services Union Armour Risk Services (Bermuda) Limited World Distributors, Limited Worldwide Transactions Ltd. WORLDWIDE PHOENIX LIMITED International Managers Bermuda Limited Crabel Re Ltd TSG Investment Management (Bermuda) Ltd LSF7 Bermuda Holdings II Ltd Menlo Worldwide International Holdings Ltd Millennium Worldwide Holdings III MT Worldwide Holdings Ltd Worldwide Aircraft Holding Company (Bermuda) Limited Sensus Worldwide Holdings Limited Worldwide Aircraft Holding Company (Bermuda) Limited Harrington Reinsurance Ltd Harrington Reinsurance Holdings Ltd Harrington Master Trust Fund Ltd Norwegian Cruise Line Limited Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LTD Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. Dream Cruises Holding Limited Seabourn Cruise Line Limited Core Reinsurance Company Limited Tri-Union Holdings Limited Gearbulk Holding Limited Hongkong Land Holdings Limited Burwill Holdings Limited Dolphin Holding Ltd Hanny Holdings Limited Herald Holdings Ltd UST Holdings Ltd U-Freight Holdings Limited NDS Group Holdings Limited D&B Holdings Co. , Ltd. D & B Holding Co Ltd Xiashun Holdings Limited Forum Reinsurance Company Limited Aurum Macro Fund Limited Quorum Services Limited Quorum Nominees Limited Aurum Fund Management Ltd Aurum Isis Fund Ltd Aurum Fortress Fund Ltd Aurum Managed Portfolio Ltd Aurum Universal Dollar Fund Ltd Aurum Investor Sterling FUnd Ltd Aurum Isis Dollar Fund Ltd Aurum Managed Euro Portfolio Ltd Aurum Isis Sterling Fund Ltd Aurum Synchronicity Euro Fund Ltd Aurum Synchronicity Dollar Fund Ltd Aurum Synchronicity Sterling Fund Ltd Aurum Aggressive Dollar Fund Ltd Aurum Atlas Euro Fund Ltd Aurum Atlas Sterling Fun Ltd Aurum Managed Dollar Portfolio Ltd Aurum Investor Euro Fund Ltd Aurum Atlas Dollar Fund Ltd Aurum Aggressive Euro Fund Ltd Athene Annuity Re Ltd. MSI Guaranteedweather Trading Ltd Kenmare Holdings Ltd. I. T Limited Peak Trust Company (PVT) Limited Allianz Global Investors Pacific Limited Allianz Mena Holding (Bermuda) Limited Seirios Capital, Ltd SHL Capital LTd Red Kite Resource Equity Master Fund Limited R.K. Carvill (International Holdings) Ltd. Challenger Mining International Ltd Arjo Wiggins (Bermuda) Holdings Limited ATC Insurance Company CHEE SHING HOLDINGS LIMITED Bay Holdings Ltd Bay Pond Holdings, Ltd S E A HOLDINGS LIMITED MOUNT STREET HOLDINGS LTD 483 Bay Street Holdings LP Vulcan Oil Limited Hewcor International Limited Vulcan Petroleum Limited Baker Hughes Eho Ltd Bristol Airport (Bermuda) Limited GMACI Holdings Company (bda) Ltd Macquarie Capital Alliance International (2) Limited Mullinger Media & Communications Ltd. Macquarie Advanced Investment Ltd Intoll International Limited Macro-Link International Holdings Limited Daisy and Mac Macquarie Storage Holdings Limited Map Airports International Limited Frequency Infrastructure Communications Assets Limited Macquarie Airports (Europe) Limited Macquarie Airfinance Ltd Macquarie Infrastructure Reinsurance Company Limited Macs Holdings Limited Macquarie Renewables Limited Seadrill Limited Seadrill Jack Up Holding Ltd Seadrill Oberon Limited Seadrill Leo Ltd Seadrill Titan LTD Seadrill Proteus Limited Seadrill Rhea Limited Seadrill Tethys Limited Seadrill Tucana Ltd. Seadrill Diome Ltd. Seadrill Mimas Ltd. Seadrill Jaya Ltd Seadrill T-15 Ltd Seadrill T-16 Ltd Seadrill Management Ame Ltd Seadrill Ltd Seadrill Rig Holding Company Limited Seadrill Gemini Ltd. Seadrill GCC Operations Ltd Seadrill Eclipse Ltd. Seadrill Jupiter Ltd Honeywell International Middle East Limited Honeywell Assurance Ltd Orient Power Holdings Limited Jupiter Power Holdings Ltd. IC Power Holdings (Kallpa) Limited NICON MANAGEMENT LIMITED Topaz Energy and Marine Limited Nicor Petroleum Bermuda Ltd Unicorn Limited BMC Insurance Company Limited San Antonio Oil & Gas Services Ltd DBS Group Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd Global Brands Group Holding Limited Centre Group Holdings Limited Textainer Group Holdings Limited Imagine Group Holdings Limited Credo Group Holdings Limited Argus Group Holdings Limited Armour Group Holdings Limited Wai Chun Group Holdings Limited Covidien Group Holdings Limited Ford Glory Group Holdings Limited Jardine Motors Group Holdings Limited Carnival Group International Holdings Limited Noble Group Holdings Limited China Distri-Park Limited Hamilton Properties Limited Belmond Ltd. Fairmont Hotels (Bermuda) Limited Elbow Beach Hotel & Development Co. Ltd. Harilela Hotels Limited GLH Hotels Group Limited Rosedale Hotel Holdings Limited Regal Hotels International Holdings Limited NEW WINDSOR HOTEL CO LTD EURO HOTELS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Palm Reef Hotel Ltd Bermuda Hotel Supplies Ltd. VILLAGE HOTELS OF BERMUDA Princess Hotels International Limited TTL 2003 Limited Global Technology Resources (Bermuda) Limited Global Execution Technologies Ltd UniCache International Ltd Zambei Nickel Ltd NGAI Hing Hong Company Limited Ngai Lik industrial Holdings Limited Bearingpoint Ireland Limited General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda), L.P. Ecoelectrica LP HCL Limited TBS Shipping International Limited Cosco Shipping International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd First International Shipping Corporation Ltd. Gorthon International Shipping Ltd. Fairline Shipping International Corporation Ltd Linear Systems Re Ltd Maple Street Indemnity Company, Ltd. Global Cloud Xchange Limited CDM Bermuda Limited Concorde (Bermuda) Limited Cosmo Oil Bermuda Ltd CAPCOUNT (BERMUDA) LTD. Cabot (Bermuda) Ltd Comerica (Bermuda) Limited CONTOURS OF BERMUDA LTD. COLORFLEX BERMUDA LTD. Computervision (Bermuda) Ltd. Coffeeworks Bermuda Limited Canopius Bermuda Limited Coastal (Bermuda) Limited Coutts (Bermuda) Limited Crane (Bermuda) Ltd, PL VEON Ltd RFH Ltd CIT Aviation Finance II Ltd Aviation Finance 3 Limited Intermodal Finance II Ltd CIT Aviation Finance III Ltd Cronos Ltd. Khronos Group Ltd Cronos Finance (Bermuda) Limited Cronos Equipment (Bermuda) Limited Cronos Containers Program I, Ltd. Cronos Holding Company Ltd. EP Master 2007, L. P. PR Beverages Bermuda Holdings Ltd Transpetrol Limited Transtrade Ltd Transportation and Railroad Assurance Company, Ltd Transact Limited Ultisol Transport Contractors Ltd Dole Fresh Fruit International Limited Ross Construction & Contracting Limited Protrack Shipping Limited AbbVie Ltd SCM Master Fund, Ltd. Estats Revolution Master Fund Limited OPI International Ltd Pequot International Fund Inc INTERNATIONAL FUND MANAGERS LIMITED Temujin International Fund Ltd Thales International Fund Ltd. Hermes International Fund Limited Thales international Fund II Ltd Scopia International Limited CrescoCap Master Fund Limited Scopia PX International Limited Hong Kong Land China Holdings Limited Prosperity International holding (H.K.) Limited AVIC International Holdings (HK) Limited Hongkong Land Limited HongKong Land International Holdings Limited Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. Tigerpack Capital Limited Teilinger Capital Ltd Timber Capital Limited Aldgate Investments Limited Holdac Limited (Cont'd) Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd Seadrill Eminence Ltd. Seadrill Ghana Operations Ltd NORTH ATLANTIC TRADING CO. LTD. NORTH ATLANTIC DATA SYSTEMS LTD. North Atlantic Drilling Ltd North Atlantic Norway Ltd NATIONAL UNDERWRITERS AGENCY LTD NATIONAL UNDERWRITERS RE-INSURANCE CO., LTD. National Museum Of Bermuda American Fidelity International (Bermuda) Ltd Lepercq Corporation Management Ltd. Teekay Corporation Teekay Tankers Ltd. Teekay Shipping Limited Cont'd THAMESFIELD SHIPPING CO LTD Tyler Shipping Limited Washington Properties Bermuda Limited Schroder Investments (Bermuda) Limited Intercity Investments (Bermuda) Ltd International Investment Company (Bermuda) Limited Sofius Investments 1 Limited Cooper Bermuda Investments Ltd Fujitsu Bermuda Investments Ltd. Hazelbrook Investors (Bermuda) LP Sol Investment (Bermuda) Limited TANHAUSER INVESTMENTS (BERMUDA) LTD. Champlain Investments (Bermuda) Inc Spectra Investments (Bermuda) Limited. Aurora (Bermuda) Investment Ltd Shoreoff Invest Bermuda Ltd Reserve Invest Bermuda Limited Bermuda First Investment Company Limited Pokhand (Bermuda) Investment Company Limited Aceto Ltd Monument Midco limited MONUMENT RESOURCES (MALAYSIA) LTD. MONUMENT RESOURCES (MYANMAR) LTD Baloise Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd ISE Holding, L.P. Valise Limited Antares Holdings Limited The Shell Trust (Bermuda) Limited Capital Markets Limited Arm Insurance Ltd Google Cable Bermuda Ltd Tyco Kappa Limited Burlington Northern Santa Fe Insurance Company, Ltd TRANSOCEAN TRANSPORTATION LTD. S DARRELL & CO LTD. =JOHN= Songa Offshore SE Asia Offshore Drilling Limited Azinam Limited Appleby (Bermuda) Limited AIA International Limited Alnylam (Bermuda) Ltd. Auctus (Bermuda) Ltd Alpstar Fund Ltd (The) Bermuda Gas & Utility Company Limited Nauatilus Leasing Limited Nautilus shipholdings No. 3 Limited European Tiles & More Ltd. Utility Services Insurance Company Limited Tile & Building Supplies Limited, Arnold The Globe Trust Company Limited Winchester Global Trust Co. Ltd Global Trade Insurance Limited Tradio Ltd Pendekar Ltd Fretrade Ltd. Globair Ltd Tradanta Limited Citrad Ltd Mergon International UL Knightsbridge Energy Services Limited Energy Services International Limited Xceedance International Limited Omega Indemnity (Bermuda) Limited A.A.L.C. One Limited X.L. Investments Private Trustee Ltd. X.L. One Ltd. Alas Investments Services Limited Atlantic Water Developement Ltd Demeter RE Ltd Deckers International Limited Guara Norte Holding Ltd Alliance Services Ltd. ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL LTD. Man RMF Multi-Style CHF Trading Ltd Davidson & Company Limited, H. H. Davidson & Co. Ltd Odfjell Drilling Ltd Odfjell Invest II Ltd Odfjell Rig III Ltd Odfjell Rig II Ltd Odfjell Capital Ltd. Sico Ltd Stuarts Limited. Chiron Blood Testing Bermuda Ltd Hopper Chiropractic Center Dea (Bermuda), Ltd. HWA Kay Thai Holdings Limited KWA KAY THAI HOLDINGS LIMITED White Rock Insurance (SAC) Limited North Rock Communications Limited North Rock Ventures Ltd. North Rock Insurance Company Limited Rock-It Cargo Worldwide Ltd. Brookfield Life and Annuity Insurance Company Limited Brookfield Renewable Investment Limited Brookfield Renewable Energy LP Split Rock Insurance, Ltd. CAT Limited CENTRE INVESTMENT SERVICES LIMITED Central Air Leasing Ltd. CENTRE CAT LIMITED Marsh & McLennan Properties (Bermuda) Ltd Reefership Marine Services Ltd Marsh & McLennan Global Broking (Bermuda) Ltd Bernhard Schulte ShipManagement (Bermuda) Limited Partnership Belguard Insurance Limited ESC Ltd Sanesco Holding Ltd Mezzanine Management Central Europe Limited Central European Media Enterprises Ltd Secad Limited Yuanta Securities Asia Financial Services Limited Security Associates Limited Adecco Reinsurance Company Limited Aneco Reinsurance Underwriting Ltd SD Partners II Lp Southern Holdings Company Limited Southern Cross Cable Holdings Limited Marampa Iron Ore Limited Wilmar China (Bermuda) Limited Kunlun Energy Company Limited S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Limited GP Investments Ltd BTG Investments LP Halley Investment Company Limited Eastern Investment Company Limited MAPLE INVESTMENTS LTD. MQA Investments Limited Investors Trading Co. SA DTT Investments Ltd TVB Investment Limited Surela Investments Limited WADERS INVESTMENT CO. LTD. NORWEST INVESTMENTS LTD. Binhai Investment Company Limited Doublard Investment Company Limited SASCO REINSURANCE LTD Transcontinental WSF Ltd Latsco Shipping Limited Wasco Energy Ltd Atasco Holdings Limited NASHUA INTERNATIONAL LTD Logic Communications Ltd Cathay International Energy Investments Limited Stratos Weather Risk Bermuda Ltd. Man-AP Stratum Limited Stratsat Technology Limited Schroder Astra Fund Ltd Waterways Ltd. WANON INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD The Resource Group International Limited Resource Group International Panvision Ltd Symphony Holdings Limited Symphony Management Ltd Moongate Insurance Ltd Moors & Mendon Offshore Fund Ltd Riverhead Investments Limited Rhombus Investments L.P. Roche Catalyst Investments Ltd Roche Financial Services Limited Roche Financial Management Ltd Roche International Finance (Bermuda) Ltd Roche Interfinance Ltd Roche Financial Products Limited One Source Holdings (Bermuda) Limited. Concordia Advisors (Bermuda) Ltd Capital Z Asia Advisors (II), L.P. Capital Z Asia Advisors (Li) Ltd. Windsor Insurance Company Limited INTERCO OILFIELD SUPPLY LTD. UFG Advisors Limited Renaissance Advisory Services Limited Otkritie Advisory Services Limited Bermuda Investment Advisory Services Ltd Republic Advisory Services Ltd. Roche Intertrade Limited Theorema Advisors Ltd C.M. Advisors Ltd Project Advisors (Bermuda) Limited Schroder Property Asia Advisors Ltd Kock Fertilizer International Marketing LP Storage Technology (Bermuda) Ltd. Teledyne Technologies (Bermuda) Limited ChipMos Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd Internap Technologies (Bermuda) Limited Bausch & Lomb (Bermuda Technology), Ltd Star Telecom International Holding Ltd HCL Jones Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd Broadcom Technologies Bermuda Unlimited Bermuda Technologies Limited Stride Rite Bermuda, L.P. LSREF4 Hedgeco Ltd Vitoria Hedge Fund Limited TMI Fund of Hedge Funds Limited Horseshoe Fund Services Ltd NOC Ltd Butterfield Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited Veritas Holdings Limited Heritage Reinsurance Company Ltd Golar LNG Limited Golar Hilli Limited Golar Khannur Limited Golar Maritime Limited Vinyltech Keytech Limited Medtech International Ltd. Sompo International Holdings Ltd Bossini International Holdings Limited Queen Street VI RE Limited Eden Re I Ltd HCM (Bermuda) High Yield Opportunity Fund Ltd CM Bermuda Limited HSBC Specialist Funds Limited Opal Strategic Residential Property Fund Limited Fauchier Allocator Fund I Limited Focus Special Opportunities Fund Ltd Strix Group Limited MATRIX INTERNATIONAL LTD Optima Emerging Markets Fund Limited Pioneer Horizon Limited Pegasus Petroleum Ltd Harpel International Limited Liberty Ermitage Management (Bermuda) Limited HSBC Managed Portfolios Limited Ephraim Fund Limited Blackhawk Fund, Limited Jupiter Financial Hedge Fund Limited Bonaventure Holding Co. Ltd. Bermuda Sloop Foundation ATLANTIC FOUNDATION LTD., =THE= Fountainhead Holdings Ltd. Bermuda Heart Foundation (The) Apex Fund Services Ltd Omam Global Fund of Funds Limited Elementum Natcat Master Fund Ltd. SCM High Yield Reinsurance Risk Strategies Fund, Ltd. Liu Yong Ling Foundation Limited Foundation Services Limited Foundation Capital Strategies Ltd. Newfoundland Energy Ltd. The Tabor Foundation BSMART Development Foundation Limited Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Group Limited BERMUDA OFFICE SUPPLIES LTD. The Royal Gazette Limited Taikoo Motors Offshore Limited The Complete Office Ltd The Bermuda Post Office Office Solutions Northern Offshore Ltd Diamond Offshore Services Limited United Office Supply Holdings Ltd SNV Offshore Limited Swire Pacific Offshore Limited Coastal Offshore Insurance Ltd Shell Iran Offshore Limited Shell Offshore Central Gabon Ltd Offshore Derivative Investments, Ltd Offshore Derivative Investments III, Ltd Arethusa (off-shore), Ltd. Commercial Office Environments Ltd Hofflinghouse Finance Ltd B F & M Investment Services Hamilton Trust Company Limited PONT TRUSTEE LTD. Westline Private Trust Company Limited Paragon Trust Ltd Lupines Limited Pine Agritech Limited MGPA Asia Fund II, L.P. Aurum Asia Pacific Dollar Fund Ltd Con't Aurum Asia Pacific Fund Ltd Aurum Asia Pacific Sterling Fund Ltd Aurum Asia Pacific Euro Fund Ltd Citi Fund Services (Bermuda), Ltd SS&C Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd International Building Innovations Ltd Capital Z Investments, L.P. Capital Z Financial Services Fund 11, L.P. Capital Generation Capital Limited Neuralab Limited BTG Pactual Global Asset Management Limited General Contracting (UK) Limited Longcheer Holdings Limited Blue Insurance Limited Blue Ocean Ltd. Blue Danube II Ltd Three Star Insurance Company Ltd FOUR STAR INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Star Supply Company Ltd. Star Aviation Limited Sun & Star Insurance Company Limited China Star Entertainment Limited Star Design Ltd Diamond Stars Corporation Limited Starc Holdings Limited Just Cleaners, Ltd. SA Reinsurance Ltd Vtech Engineering Holdings Limited Applied Computer Technologies Ltd Asamera (Overseas) Limited Colosseum Ltd Marubeni Petroleum Co., Ltd. Clay Finlay Ltd. Cork Supply Group Ltd MERCURY RE LTD Mercury Group Limited Digicel Limited Digicel Group Limited Daido Group Limited Digicel Pacific Limited XL Latin America Investments Ltd XL International Services Ltd Mid Ocean Limited Valton Limited OPS-Servicos de Producao de Petroleos Limited N-Holdings Ltd. N I Limited Norbulk Shipping Company Limited Netherlands Shipmortgage Corporation Ltd Okra Shipping No. 2 Limited Okra Shipping No. 1 Limited NORGULF SHIPPING LTD MC Shipping Inc. Nortide II Shipping Limited Kitson and Company Ltd. Kitchen Instalation Ltd Helix 04 Limited Agora Optimal Return Limited Agora Capital Management Ltd Union Hamilton Reinsurance Ltd RenaissanceRe Specialty Risks Ltd Quanta Reinsurance U.S. Ltd Centre Reinsurance (U.S.) Limited Renaissancere Specialty US Ltd RenaissanceRe Services Ltd N-REN International Ltd Alaro Trustees Ltd HAL Trust Al-Marruna Private Trust Company Ltd Yamalo Ltd Mallette Capital Biotech Fund Ltd M.A.L.T. Management Ltd EA Bermuda Partnership Tyco International Middle East Limited Cam Pinnacle Rand Fund Ltd CAM Fund Management Limited Cam Bastion Rand Fund Ltd Cam Pinnacle Dollar Fund Ltd Cam Pinnacle Sterling Fund Ltd Cam Bastion Sterling Fund Ltd RSL COM Latin America, Ltd. Everest Capital Latin America Ltd. Latin America Reinsurance Company Limited Wartsila Latin America Ltd Chevron Latin America Holdings Ltd Latin American Underwriters Ltd Prince Street Latin America Ltd Latin American Holdings (Bermuda) II Ltd Liberty Latin America Ltd. Pacnet Network Ltd New World Network, Ltd Global Preferred Re Limited UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND (UNDERWRITERS) LTD. Western Union Management (Bermuda) Ltd Renaissance Underwriting Managers, Ltd. Union Bancaire Privee Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited Atalantaf Ltd CEO Transport Ltd Fujitsu Technology Solutions Middle East Operations Ltd Man MS Sterling Ltd Man Holdings Limited Man Sales Limited Man BlueCrest Ltd Man Vision Ltd Man Directional Ltd Man Synergy Ltd. Man Planet Limited Kerry Logistics Network Limited NT Butterfield & Son Limited Butterfield Us$ Bond Fund Limited Butterfield & Company Limited EOSON Trustees Bermuda Limited Rothschild Trust (Bermuda) Limited ADM Private Trustees (Bermuda) Limited Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Trustees (Bermuda) Limited BEFICO LTD M & M International Limited JPM Administration Services (Bermuda) Limited Armor Re Limited Armor Re II Ltd London Steam-Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association (Bermuda) Limited London Shop Ltd. Willis Investment Holding (Bermuda) Limited White Mountains Investments (Bermuda) Ltd Caterpillar (Bermuda) Investments Parent Company Arrowhead Ltd Bermuda Offshore Investment Services Limited Indocean Diamond Tools (Bermuda) Ltd Sundowner Offshore International (Bermuda) Limited Fairmont Dubai Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Bridge Re Limited LSREF3 Bermuda Holdings 2 Limited Atlantic Investment, Ltd Aaxis Investments Limited Abacus Investment Co Ltd Alster Investments Limited Tai Cheung Holdings Limited Kaissa Ltd. Altree Financial Group Ltd Scomi Oilfield Limited SVP Holdings Limited SVP Worldwide Ltd Worldwide Marketing Services Limited Sensus Worldwide Limited 3Dlabs Inc., Ltd. Centralab Limited Zillabs Inc., Ltd Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited Ingersoll-Rand World Trade Limited World Trade Corporation of Bermuda Limited World Trade Bun Kee Limited Animal & Garden House Ltd., The Harbourside Holdings Limited Hernon Holdings Limited Enerchina Holdings Limited Haverford Holdings Limited Hillcot Holdings Ltd Junefield Department Store Group Limited HKBG Holdings Limited MARINE CONTAINER INSURANCE CO. LTD. Constellation Investment Partners LLC Northern FD & D Company Ltd Gloucester Insurance Ltd Wind River Reinsurance Company Ltd Cont'd D & J Construction Co. Ltd The Sunshine Company Limited Hang Fung Gold Technology Limited Gibbons Company Limited Zobec Trust Company Limited Ford International Capital Corporation Old Ford Insurance Company LTd Berggruen Institute Innovative Office Interiors Ltd Lusher Office Interiors Limited I.C.I. International Finance Limited Maple Leaf Holdings Ltd ALEXANDER & ALEXANDER MIDDLE EAST LTD ALEXANDER UNDERWRITING AGENCIES LTD Alexander Samuel Cooper Limited Lattice Semiconductor Limited Alexander Insurance Managers Ltd Chinese People Gas Holdings Limited Kellogg Holding Company Limited Kellogg Europe Company Limited Rayner Bartkin And Kelly Advertising Ltd Fly Leasing Limited Riihuiloma's Flying Colours Ltd Iris Reinsurance Ltd. IndigoMarkets Ltd Marketplace Lt. (The) Marks & Spencer Seajacks International Bermuda Ltd Jackson National Life (Bermuda) Ltd Jardine Matheson Limited Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited North Shore Reinsurance Company Limited Mr. Jeffrey Amaral Sonora Diamond Corp. Ltd Con't Music Group Commercial BM Ltd Level 3 GC Limited Level 3 Bermuda Limited Leonardo Three, Ltd Centre on Philanthropy UFG PE Managers Ltd. FFH Insurance Company Limited BB Services Limited Bacardi Limited Livecareer Limited Carisma Limited Safecare, Ltd. Carnforth Ltd. Pancarelian Ltd Carras LTD Capricorn Executive Air Limited Worldcare Limited Reuters (Canvas) Holdings 1 Limited ICM Limited I.C.M. International Holdings Ltd. Willis Group Holdings Limited Dinosaur Group Holding Limited Fares Group Holdings Ltd Renaissance Group Holdings Limited Luxking Group Holdings Limited Northstar Group Holdings, Ltd. RETAIL SOLUTIONS LTD. Laguna Life Holdings Limited Corporate Officers & Directors Assurance Ltd Maxcorp Ltd Perella Weinberg Partners Xerion Offshore Fund Ltd Sparx Overseas Ltd Sol Limited SUNRISE SHIPPING LTD Sunrise (Bermuda) Ltd. Trinity River International Investments (Bermuda) Ltd HSBC Life (International) Limited Medical Centre Insurance Company Ltd International Medical Insuarance Company Limited Coastal Medical Insurance Ltd. Colonial Medical Insurance Company Limited MID ATLANTIC ACCEPTANCE CO. LTD. ATLANTIC CAPITAL CORP. ATLANTIC METALS LTD. ATLANTIC INDUSTRIES LTD. Atlantic Publishing Company Ltd GREAT MID ATLANTIC TRADING CO., LTD. Atlantic Security Limited Atlantic Services Limited Atlantic Brands Ltd. Atlantic Laboratories Atlantic Crossing Ltd Mid-Atlantic Crossing Holdings Ltd. Mid-Atlantic Crossing Ltd. Atlantic Luggage Company Ltd, The Atlantic Telecasters Ltd Atlan Shipping Co Ltd Atlantic Development Ltd Atlantic Ceilings Limited The Wholesale Company Overseas Maritime Ltd Shell International Gas and Power Limited Bear Insurance Company Ltd Aster Insurance Ltd. Sanlam Insurance Bermuda Limited Westlake Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd. BBP Insurance Limited BEAR SHIPPING LTD. International Gas Transportation Company Limited Trans European Natural Gas Pipeline Finance Co. Ltd. Moattama Gas Transportation Company Limited Trans Austria Gasline Finance Company Limited NY Jets Transporter Ltd Union Spring Fund Ltd. LIWACO HOLDINGS LTD Price Forbes & Partners (Bermuda) Limited Sally Beauty Holdings LP Astwood Dickinson Co., Ltd. AAA Risk Solutions Limited Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. Guoco Securities (Bermuda) Limited Nomura Securities (Bermuda) Ltd Hamilton Securities Bermuda Limited Bermuda Security Group Ltd First Bermuda Securities Ltd Security & Communication Systems (Bermuda) Ltd Kazakhstan Housing, Ltd. Bermuda Stock Exchange (The) First Bermuda Securities (BVI) Ltd. Cequent Bermuda Holdings Ltd. Golden State Re II Ltd. Brunello Ltd. Brusand Ltd Brunel Ltd. Transport International Holdings Limited Genesis Holdings International Limited K & P International Holdings Limited Vantage International (Holdings) Limited Swilynn International Holdings Ltd Fairlane Holding International Corporation Limited Yaohan International Holding Ltd. Bell Atlantic Holdings Limited Seadrill Common Holdings Ltd Seadrill Deepwater Holdings Ltd Essent Group Ltd General Atlantic Group Limited Monarch General Aviation Limited General Atlantic Partners (LBTA), L.P. Actinium Holdings Ltd. SPO Ships Limited Mannai Retailling Group Limited Manulife Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Lazard Ltd Lazard European Opportunities Ltd Lazard Emerging Income Ltd Lazard Emerging Income Plus, Ltd Lazard U S Market Fund Ltd Lazard European Explorer Ltd Lazard Global Opportunities Ltd International Advisory Services Ltd Renaissance Capital Services Limited Quest Insurance Solutions Limited Q Investments Ltd Tower Group International Ltd West African Land Holdings Limited PAPCO SUPPLIES LIMITED Bermuda Motors - The Bermuda Company Limited Bermuda Tourism Authority Bicester II GP Limited Frontline Ltd. MS Frontier Reinsurance Limited Frontier Holdings Limited Frontline 2012 Ltd. Frontline Management (Bermuda) Ltd Frontier Services Group Limited Frontier Capital (Bermuda) Ltd. Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited FACET Insurance Limited Thomas Miller Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Miles Market Ltd Thomas Miller Holdings Ltd. Thomas Miller (Bermuda) Ltd Thomas Stowe Thomas United Company Limtied Ardellis Insurance Ltd. Artex Risk Solution (Bermuda) Ltd Nautical Bulk Holding Limited SFL Bulk Holding Ltd Three Twenty Holdings Ltd Celtic Insurance Company Limited Celtic Pharma Management LP Celtic Pharmaceutical Holdings LP Bema Gold (Bermuda) Ltd BEM International Ltd Serco International Corp. Ltd. Serco Aviation Services, Inc Eurus III Ltd M. Keyes & Co. Ltd. Fashion Fabrics Ltd. ACC LTD Aces International Limited Chubb Realty Holdings Limited ACS 2008-1 Limited Ace Hardware International Holdings Ltd Gold Face Holdings Limited Grace Trading Company Limited Grace Foods Limited EIC Corporation Ltd Waterson=Peter= Mark International Partners LP HOME CARE LTD Home Re Limited Bermuda Customs Department HM Zebra Limited NORTHERN TRADING & TRANSPORT LTD. Doxa Technologies Ltd Ermitage Interest Rate Strategy Fund Limited Xoma Technology Ltd Atec International Ltd Exelon Generation Finance Company, LLC Ministry of Finance Alcan Finances (BDA) Ltd. Intelligent Polymers Limited Now Health International (Holdings) Limited Sun Healthcare Group International Limited Bermuda Air Conditioning Ltd. Cast Marine Holdings Ltd 30 St Mary Axe (Bermuda) L.P. St. Michaels Insurance Limited Orpheus Re Ltd ST VICENT INSURANCE LIMITED Steinhardt Overseas Fund Ltd Aurum Isis Institutional Sterling Fund Ltd Pestalozzi Street Insurance Company Ltd Prince Street Institutional Ltd Flex Ltd Bolton Asset Management Managed Futures Flex Program LTD (THE) FLEX LNG Ltd Chinese Percept Limited Nibbles Wholesale Snax Ltd Capital G Trust Limited HSBC Insurance Services (Bermuda) Limited GIBB HARNETT & RICHARDSON INTERNATIONAL LTD Gibb Limited Pebbles 456 Limited Edmund Gibbons Limited See Corporation Limited Cooper & Gardner Architects Cooper Investment Group Ltd Diamond Innovations Irish Operations Grand European Operations Ltd MT International Operations Ltd MT International Operations Partnership Teradata Bermuda Operation Holdings ULC Cooper Industries, Ltd Cooper Holdings Ltd Caltex Operations, Ltd. Busabout Operations Ltd. BP Flight Operations Limited 1 Cyber Network Operations Ltd. Coopers & Lybrand Associates Limited Trafalgar Operations Limited Bermuda Business Machines Ltd. East London Bus Group International Holdings Limited Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited Systems Business Integration Ltd Bermuda Business Development Agency Patton, Julia S. Business Automation Resources Ltd. Ernst & Young Business Services Limited Business Services Associates (Bermuda) Ltd Hult International Business School Ltd McKenna, Bill Merck Sharp & Dohme Manufacturing Safeguard Fire Extinguishers (S.A.F.E.) Ltd Jafer Limited Safe Harbor Re Ltd. Safeport Limited Englewood Ltd McDonald's Owner/Operator Insurance Co. Ltd CM V-Max I Limited Skyvision Global Networks Ltd. AVC Ltd Trane L.P. Crane Reinsurance Limited Trane Finance Limited Trane Bermuda Ltd Trane Foreign Trading Company Ltd Reuters Bermuda Limited Senergy Insurance Ltd Sarissa Ltd Ana Sub Two Co Ltd TK Aluminum Subco Ltd DDJ/Ontario Os Investment Sub II Ltd Man Mac Blakeney 12A Limited Man MAC Hawkwing 17A Limited Far Eastern Investment (Holding) Limited Far Eastern Apparel (Holding) Limited Far Eastern Polytex (Holding) Limited Far Eastern Polychem Industries Limited Pet Far Eastern (Holding) Limited Bluebell Far East Limited Supreme Court DOUBLE D SPORTING GOODS Great Circle Comminications Ltd. Wakefield Quin Limited Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited Smith & Co Barristers & Attorneys Star Re Ltd. Sanders Re Ltd ASO Property Services Limited Kuehne + Nagel Ltd George Mezz Limited George Fischer Finance Ltd Lloyd George Investment Management (Bermuda) Limited Geode Capital Master Fund Limited BCC St. George Leasing Limited Lloyd George Management (Bermuda) Ltd Strix Investments Limited General Professional Indemnity Ltd Parc Aviation Ltd Bermuda Marketing Limited Caritas Royalties Fund (Bermuda) Ltd. Sirius Capital Markets (Bermuda) Ltd. Smart Home Reinsurance 2004-1 Limited Aircastle Limited Analogue Holdings Limited GreyCastle Holdings Ltd Rowan Aviation & Marine Ltd. Savia International Ltd Triton Aviation Limited Milestone Aviation Group Limited (The) Skycore Aviation Ltd Palm Tree Aviation Ltd. Vitesse Aviation Limited Longtail Aviation Ltd. Aviaam Leasing Bermuda Ltd Aviation Exposure Management Limited Intrepid Aviation Limited Dipas Aviation Ltd Aviva Re Limited E- Sat International Ltd Mayho, Darren International Sports Shop Limited SPT Ltd Sutherland J. Madeiros Forest Green (Bermuda) Ltd Forest Insurance Limited FOREST PRODUCTS (BERMUDA) LTD. Forest First Holdings Ltd. Forest Global Convertible Fund, Ltd International Forex Finance Group Ltd Big Cat Holdings Limited BEAN DD & SONS JAMAICA LTD Doors & Windows Co., Ltd., The PVC Windows and Doors Ltd. Clear Choice Doors, Windows & Glass Ltd. ROYAL RE MANAGEMENT (BERMUDA) LTD New Asian Property Fund Limited (The) Princess Properties International, Ltd. SCS Resources Ltd Interlink Petroleum Resources Inc. (Bermuda) Ltd. Enovation Resources Ltd Apac Resources Limited Huscoke Resources Holdings Limited Pacific Andes Resources Development Limited Burren Resources Petroleum Limited BASIC RESOURCE SERVICES LTD Edlow Resources Limited RAINBOW RESOURCES LTD. American Resources Corporation Limited Zambezi Resources Limited Trail Ltd Galaxy Entertrainment Aviation Mundimar, Ltd. Cntd Transpetrol Marine Investment Limited Gard Marine & Energy Limited Swissmarine Corporation Ltd. Sandmartin International Holdings Limited Marvell International Ltd Crystal Martins Limited Marcus Evans Investments Ltd Instrumental Marine Services (Intl) Holding Ltd Marcus Evans Holdings Ltd Burland, Conyers & Marirea Ltd. Smartone Telecommunications Holdings Limited Waters Edge Marine Ltd. Gold Spark Limited ABS Limited Afex Global Limited Beacon Hill Corporation Ltd Intellasys Bec Ltd DeCosta Construction Ltd. Arch Risk Transfer Service Ltd Allianz Risk Transfer (Bermuda) Limited Allianz Risk Transfer AG Esprit Holdings Limited EPI (Holdings) Limited eSun Holdings Limited EMC Holding Ltd Etc Holdings Ltd eSeclending Holdings Limited Oriental Investment Corporation Limited Toisa Limited Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd. APEX OIL LTD. Apex Technology Ltd Nephila Capital Ltd. Nephila Holdings Ltd Nephila Syndicate Holdings Ltd. Nephila Catastrophe Fund Ltd Concord Enterprise Insurance Co. Ltd. Transport Intermediaries Mutual Insurance Association Limited Mainsail Insurance Company Limited Tessin Insurance Ltd and Reinsurance Company Ltd Argent Insurance Co Limited MAINSTAY INSURANCE LTD. LC LIMITED INSURANCE COMPANY CENTIMARK INSURANCE LTD Saracen Insurance Company Ltd Lancashire Insurance Company Limited Leeward Insurance Company Limited LCI Insurance Ltd Flagstone Reinsurance Limited MGPA (Bermuda) Limited Medline Bermuda LP Mylan Bermuda Ltd Beyond TV Properties FLMM Limited Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited Energy II Limited Plaskon Electronic Materials Ltd. SeaLogistics Limited Logis Limited Marine Liens Ltd Textainer Marine Containers Limited Pars LNG Limited Marshall Enterprises Limited Mari Holdings Limited. Mariline Ltd Textainer Marine Containers III Limited Avance Gas Ltd Nexus Capital Limited Allships Ltd Accord Re Ltd Rex Re Insurance Ltd Alamo Re Ltd. Alice Re Ltd Aozora Re Ltd Aeolus Ltd Aeolus LP Aeolus Re Ltd Bicester GP Limited Bicester Investors Limited Partnership Bicester Inverstors II L. P. Bicester II Nominees Limited Bicester Nominees Limited Ark Royal Asset Management Limited Ark Indemnity Company Ltd Invesdex Ltd Regga Holdings Ltd RNA Holdings Limited Internap (Bermuda) Limited Eterna Insurance Company Limited Dirnan Insurance Company Limited Minwa Internacional Holding Limited Merna Reinsurance Ltd Merna Reinsurance II Ltd DORINTAL REINSURNACE LTD Pasternak Trading Bermuda Ltd. Sampoerna Strategic Holdings Limited Triton Container International Limited Gateway Container International Limited Dream Limited GAA Investment Funds Limited Fireminds Ltd IAT Reinsurance Company Ltd. Rock On The Life Extension & Live Well Company Greenstone Assurance, Ltd. Flagstone Capital Management (Bermuda) Limited Stockton Reinsurance Limited Kingston Holdings Ltd. Randstone Ltd Eccleston Limited Dudmaston Ltd Greystone Ltd Stonley Limited Roundstone Insurance Ltd Johnston, Claudette Houston Carriers Holding Limited Chubb Atlantic Indemnity Ltd Parkcentral Global Hub Limited Shrubb International Ltd Hub Culture Limited Hub Culture Ltd. Chubb Financial Solutions (Bermuda) Limited PPH Limited American Bankers Professional and Fidelity Insurance Company Limited Pro Soccer Clinic Dba Hsbc Pro Soccer Clinic M. Communications Ltd Rpost Communications Limited Tabell Communications Ltd Electronic Communications Limited Aurora Comunications, Ltd Oxford Communications Ltd M3 Wireless Ltd RSL Communications, Ltd Globenet Communications Ltd Kouri Capital Group Ltd. Shearwater Capital Group (Bermuda) Co., Ltd Capital Media Group Limited Capital Advantage Investment Group Limited Renaissance Capital Group Limited Kinsale Capital Group Ltd Bermuda Microsystems Ltd. Bermuda Motor & Cycle Ltd White Mountains Re Bermuda Ltd. Beecher Carlson Management Ltd Global Asset Management (Asia) Limited Interpetrol Bermuda Limited Guoline Capital Limited Tyco Global Networks Ltd WorldCom Global Networks Limited Netapp Global Ltd Global Crossing International Networks Ltd. Global Crossing Network Center Ltd. Reach Global Networks Limited Greenrock Stockton Reinsurance Investments Limited Axalta Coating Systems Bermuda Co. Ltd. Omni Systems (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Elevator Systems, Ltd CONCRETE PROTECTION SYSTEMS LTD. UN Holdings Pte. Ltd. PCFG Private Equity Investment Ltd. UNION FUTURES LTD. Wasatch Insurance Limited Oriental Watch Holdings Limited Bermuda Tourism & Board Bermuda Hospitals Board Matthew Sales Agency, Ltd. Langbar International Limited Oasis Investments 2 Ltd. San Felipe Indemnity Co. Ltd. Bermuda Fire and Marine Company Limited Twizzle Marine Projects Limited Chloe Marine Corporation Ltd F.S.T.S. LIMITED S.S. & Y International Developments & Agencies Island Capital Ltd Elgo Insurance Company Limited Inkia Energy Limited Ellsmere Insurance Company Ltd ESSEX INSURANCE CO LTD Emery Insurance Company Ltd Energy Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd. Seven Energy Ltd EDESSA INSURANCE COMPANY LTD Energy XXI Ltd. Allan Gray Frontier Markets Equity Fund Limited Renaissance Institutional Diversified Alpha Fund International LP Mont Pelerin Alpha Fund Ltd Global Distressed Alpha Fund II Limited Partnership Africa Alpha Fund Management Limited Bright Capital Alpha Fund Limited Alpha Fund Management Ltd Alpha Prime Fund Limited Eagle Production Ltd Eagle & Crown Ltd Shell Trading (M.E.) Private Limited Shell International Trading Middle East Limited Carrier Middle East Limited MID OCEAN TRADERS LTD. Middle-Earth Trading Limited Haas International Trading Ltd. Fares International Trading Ltd Agromin Holdings Limited Everest Capital International Ltd. Guardian Capital International Limited Palmer Capital Associates (International) Limited Cheyne Capital International Limited Angola International Capital Ltd. International Capital Equipment Ltd Olympia Capital International Inc. Mak Capital International Ltd. Caissa Capital International LTD BP Peru Limited Validus Reinsurance Ltd Validus Holdings, Ltd. Validus Reinsurance, Ltd. Teekay LNG Partners L.P. Pioneer Global Group Limited Lion Capital Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Verizon Global Solutions Holding IV Ltd LionGold Corp Ltd Orion Tankers Ltd Nabors Red Lion Limited Jardine OneSolution Limited Javelin Connections Bermuda Ltd Verizon Global Solutions Holdings I Ltd Golar LNG Energy Limited Verizon Global Solutions Holdings II Ltd. Verizon Global Solutions Holdings III Ltd. INTERNATIONAL DIRECTIONAL SERVICES LTD. LSREF2 Hedgeco Ltd Leonardo Four, Ltd Four Seasons Furniture Ltd. Pasha Bermuda Ltd Ironshore Reinsurance Ltd Ironshore Inc. Ironshore Insurance Ltd Ironshore Investments RL 2 Ltd Ironshore Investment RL 2 Ltd Asia Standard International Group Limited Case Credit Global Investment Ltd Liverpool & Lancastire Properties Limited Telecommunications (Bermuda & West Indies) Ltd Equator Reinsurances Limited Empyrean Re Ltd Esecuritel Re Ltd Everglades Re Ltd Great Republic Indemnity (SAC) Ltd Greater Pacific Limited GeneralCologne Re (Bermuda) Ltd Aon RE (Bermuda) Limited JEH Re Underwriting Management (Bermuda) Ltd Am Re Brokers (Bermuda) Ltd Willis Re Bermuda Limited Swiss Re Underwriters (Bermuda) Limited Ariel Re Bermuda Limited Amerisure RE (Bermuda) Ltd Danish Re (Bermuda) Ltd. St. Paul Re (Bermuda) Ltd Liberty Re (Bermuda) Limited Prism Re (Bermuda) Ltd Stockholm Re (Bermuda) Ltd. Gamma Company Limited Gaming Ventures International Ltd. Radica Games Limited Procter & Gamble Global Holdings Ltd DFS Credit Systems Limited DFS Holdings Limited DFS Group Limited DFS Trading Limited DFS European Logistics Limited TWG Holdings Limited Takson Holdings Limited Yemen LNG Company Ltd Hydundai Yemen LNG Company Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers China Limited CIT Aviation Finance 1 Ltd Mezzanine Management Investments Limited Antares Investment Management Limited Shiozumi Investment Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Northbay Investment Management (Bermuda) Ltd Third Rome Investment Management Ltd Orbis Investment Management (B.V.I) Limited Field Real Estate Holdings Limited Real Estate Holdings Limited Renaissance Real Estate Holding Ltd Viking River Tours Ltd Intercity Tire (Bermuda) Limited Gaslog LNG Services Ltd Gaslog Ltd. Vtech Information Systems Holdings Limited Douglas, Alan Morning Glory Yachting Limited Marbar Ltd Airways Assurance Limited Meditor European Master Fund Limited GOLDEN OCEAN MANAGEMENT LTD. Golden Ocean Group Limited Golden Ocean Trading Limited Libra Services Limited CLIPPER OIL CO., LTD. Arcis Holding Limited Monsure Ltd EMC Group 2 Platinion Ltd TRANS-OCEAN AGENCIES LTD The Capital Tool Company Agency Service Ltd Accord Underwriting Agency Ltd OOCL Agencies Limited TBS AGENCIES LIMITED Agency program Insurance Company (SAC) Limited Belvedere Underwriting Agents Limited Bermuda Debt Collection Agency Iron-Starr Excess Agency Ltd BCS - IBM Bermuda Agency Terra Nova Underwriting Agency Limited Cal Funding II Limited Catco Reinsurance Fund Ltd Clarium Capital Fund Ltd Woodmont Trust Company Ltd MANAGEMENT RESOURCES (BERMUDA)LIMITED Design Ltd SNL INSURANCE LTD. Amstar Global Partners Ltd Head to Toe Ltd. Simsen International Corporation Limited Eships Tankers Ltd Pacnet Services Corporation Ltd Broadcom Communications Bermuda Limited Scomi Oiltools Bermuda Limited Culturecom Holdings Limited M3Com Limited CITIC Pacific Communications Limited Acomarit Holdings Limited HyComm Wireless Limited Entropic Communications Bermuda LP Qualcomm Atheros International Ltd. MetroRED Telecom Group Ltd Fortune Telecom Holdings Limited Greenwich Knight Insurance Company Ltd Peconic Partners International Fund Ltd Insight Tours International (Bermuda) Ltd Advance Partners International Limited Pak Tak International Limited Tai Ping Carpets International Limited Jeffrey- David White & Sons (Holding) Limited C.N.A. Butterfield & Son Limited John Swire & Sons (Bermuda) Ltd Gosling Brothers Limited ADDERLEY & SON LTD., T.A. Hatfield & Sons A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd ASTWOOD & SON LTD,=J.B.= JOHNSON, SCOTT RAYMOND DARRELL, JOHN S. & CO . LTD FRCC Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Pyramid Bermuda Holdings LP Sky Trade Ltd Bloomberg Tradebook (Bermuda) Ltd. Berry Trade ltd. Amway Asia Pacific Ltd. Asia Pacific Investment Company Limited Pembroke Company Limited Motorola Mobility International Limited Google SJS Bermuda Limited Google Infrastructure Bemuda Limited Google Bermuda Unlimited Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited Grosvenor Land Property Fund Limited Agrenco Ltd Sea Land Construction Ltd. Sea-Land Industries (Bermuda) Ltd Pink Sands Holdings Limited Premium Land Limited Minmetals Land Limited Legal and General Resources (Bermuda) Limited Rego Sousa, Michael and Eduarda Fairchild Semiconductor (Bermuda) Ltd Daisho Microline Holdings Limited Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited MICRO (Bermuda), Ltd. The Micro Centre Ltd. Interform Ceramics Technologies Ltd Formica Bermuda Holdings Ltd DuPont Electronics Microcircuits Industries Ltd Wing On International Holdings Limited Wing On Company International Limited Fairisle Management Ltd Sirius International Group, Ltd. Sirius International Holdings Ltd. Irish Linen Shop Limited, (The) LSUS Irish Holdings Ltd LSB Irish Holdings Ltd Morgan Export Sales Ltd. Masters Limited Crystal International Limited Crystal Trading Limited Columbia Laboratories (Bermuda) Ltd 3am Labs Ltd Abbott Laboratories (Bermuda) Ltd Johnson & Higgins (Bermuda) Ltd Dolphin Fund Ltd Delphi International Ltd. UNITED PARCEL SERVICES LTD Bacardi Capital Ltd Bacardi International Limited Bacardi Jardine Distribution (Bermuda) Limited. PITTS BAY BOAT CO., LTD. BAY INVESTMENTS LTD. Curtis Bay Insurance CO.,Ltda. Pitts Bay Insurance Company Ltd Bay Pond Investors (Bermuda) L.P. Cavello Bay Reinsurance Limited International Imports Ltd Noble Group Limited Ascendant Group Limited Meditor Group Limited Guoco Group Limited Enstar Group Limited Sunpower Group Ltd. Pyxis Group Limited EMC Group 1 Limited RDS Group Ltd Glencore Grain Ltd. Glencore Exploration Ltd. Glencore Capital Ltd Wilson Sons Limited Wilson International Limited KAINES HOLDINGS LTD. Kith Holdings Limited Kader Holdings Company Limited Kyosha Holding Limited Kepler Holdings Limited Ceres Marine Partners Ltd Swiss Reinsurance Company Jordan, Leopold K-Swiss International Ltd Swiss Annuity Exchange Limited Smart Security Systems, Ltd Aurum Managed Swiss Franc Portfolio Ltd Aurum Isis Swiss Franc Fund Ltd Kore Fixed Income Fund Ltd Alphabridge Fixed Income Master Fund Ltd Concordia G-10 Fixed Income Relative Value Fund LP Precision Engineering & Technical Co Ltd. CBS Worldwide Ltd Culligan Worldwide Ltd Argent Financial (Bermuda) Ltd Argent Financial Group (Bermuda) Ltd Harbor Point Re Limited Ams Limited BSC Insurance Ltd. Archer Limited Intelsat, Ltd. World Family English Ltd Xstrata International (Investments) Limited Havens International Investors Ltd CSC International Investment Ltd TG International Investments Ltd Refco International Investment Services Ltd Mezzanine Management Fund IV Coinvest A ERIKA LTD. Central Diagnostics Ltd Aurigen Reinsurance Limited AAA Reinsurance Limtied Ascendant Reinsurance Ltd Virginia Holdings Ltd Valuetronics Holdings Limited Mansel Ltd Arcas Automotive Group (Bermuda 2) Limited AerCap (Bermuda) No. 3 Limited Thomson Consumer Electronics (Bermuda) Ltd Travelport Limited Nobel Ltd Breton Investments Limited Orbimed Private Investments Ltd C.S.F. INVESTMENTS LTD. Alpari Ltd MSS Bermuda Limited ENTERRA OIL FIELD SERVICES LTD Med Net International Ltd. International Media Services Ltd OPL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD. SILVER CHALICE PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL LTD. MALLINGCKRODT MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS Yelrihs Company Limited Comcast UK Cable Partners Limited Concomber, Ltd. Kinder Morgan Insurance Ltd American Indemnity Insurance Company Limited Pen Indemnity Insurance Company Ltd Bishopsgate Investments Limited Bison Insurance Company Limited Barkentine Insurance Company Limited BERMEAD INSURANCE COMPANY LTD Bershield Insurance Limited Bermaco Insurance Company Limited Kilimanjaro Re Limited Kizuna Re II Ltd. Kayla Re Ltd ACM Holding LP LMS Capital (Bermuda) Limited City Capital Corporation Bermuda Limited. Genpact Global Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Napco Of Bermuda Ltd Nutrisystem (Bermuda) Ltd. NKR (BERMUDA) LTD NTL (Bermuda) Limited Namchrome Bermuda Ltd NCR (Bermuda) Limited Bramid Limited FMG India Opportunity Fund Ltd Zanett Opportunity Fund Ltd DKR SoundShore Opportunity Fund Ltd EHCG Yield Opportunity Fund Ltd. Aravali Opportunity Fund Limited Dolphin Opportunity Fund II LP Schroder Emerging Market Debt Opportunity Fund Ltd Peak Forest Limited Peak International Limited Symmetry Peak LTD L & C III Limited Teccapital Limited XL Capital Products Ltd XL Underwriting Managers Ltd. L & C II Limited CP Ships Holdings (Bermuda) Limited P&O Ferries Ship Management (Bermuda) Limited CP Ships (Bermuda) Limited CP Ships (Americas) Limited CP Ships Management (Bermuda) Limited CARAVEL SHIPPING LTD. C.P. Pokhand Co. Ltd. C P Pokphand Co Ltd Charter Shipping Company Limited CI Holdings Limited CMLB Holdings Limited CIL Holdings Limited C2C Holdings Pte Ltd Best Buy China Ltd KIC LTD Scandinavian Reinsurance Company Ltd. Clarien Bank limited Bermuda National Bank Ltd LSF6 Bond investments LLC Ceres Shipping Ltd Dockwise Ltd Spheralink Ltd JSC Company B.E. Storage Limited. CONTROL TECHNIQUES (BERMUDA) LIMITED Auto Teck Syngenta Reinsurance Limited Noble Holdings Limited Appleby Management (Bermuda) Limited APL (Bermuda) Ltd Seadrill Indonesia Ltd Seadryll Hyperion Limited Seadrill Umbriel LTD Soros Capital LP Solon Capital LTD NewOcean Energy Holdings Limited Allied World Assurance Company Holdings Limited GCL New Energy Holdings Limited World E-Commerce Exchange Holdings Ltd IBM Americas Holdings Limited Quovadis Limited Hewlett-Packard Bermuda Enterprises L.P. Expertise Limited Bermuda Rentals Limited Bermuda Provident Company Ltd Bermuda Convergent Communication Ltd S.P. INVESTORS N.V. All Asia Media Equities Ltd A.C.E. Insurance Company, Ltd. America's Cup Event Authority (Bermuda) Ltd NAVIX LINE INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. Linkbermuda Ltd Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd Wright Express IP Holdings, L.P. Linberg & Simmons Limited Cubinvest Limited Zobec Services Ltd International Commodities Holding Ltd North America Export Sales Corporation Ltd FABRIC CONFIRMERS NORTH AMERICA North American London Underwriters Limited Power Systems Equipment Ltd. MP Arrow Leasing Ltd Pro Shop Limited (The) Ecopetrol Transportation Investments Ltd. Kin Yat Holdings Limited UDL Holdings Limited Wai Kee Holdings Limited Inchem Holdings Limited Midland Holdings Limited Golik Holdings Limited Yau Lee Holdings Limited Siva Limited Angel HiTech Limited Pangea Ltd Shell Trust (UK Property) Limited Triumph Insurance Bermuda Limited Dukang Distillers Holdings Limited Crump International Ltd Air Max Limited ProMatch Tour Ltd Butterfield Select Invest Fund Limited Butterfield Select Fund Limited Barbour Butterfield Holdings Limited Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Limited Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited Sateri Holdings Limited Alpha General (Holdings) Limited FL Holding CV Johnson Electric Holdings Limited Shell Electric Holdings Limited Bermuda Container Line Ltd Advertising Associates Company Ltd. Charles Taylor & Company Bermuda Charleville Insurance Limited Charnley Development Company Limited Bermuda Monetary Authority SUN EAST COMPANY LTD. Sun International Limited Biosensors International Group Ltd Framlington Investment Management (Bermuda) Limited Suber Acquisition Limited Wattlington, Hubert Under Armour International Holdings C.V. SV Life Sciencies Advisers Limited SV Life Sciences Advisers Limited Welch Life Sciences Fund Ltd Sidek Creditor Private Trustee Limited Triton Fund Ltd Triton Holdings Limited Kin Wing Chinney Holdings Limited HCH Capital Limited Hamlin Capital Limited Holcim Reinsurance Limited NewLead Holdings Ltd NWS Holdings Limited Nimir Holdings Limited Northshore Holdings Limited Nabors Holdings Ltd. Nalf Holdings Limited Bermuda Realty Company Limited Bank of Bermuda International Limited HSBC Insurance (Bermuda) Limited AmWins Global Group Limited Travelport Worldwide Limited Travelport (Bermuda) Ltd CTravel Company Limited Northern Gulf Petroleum Holdings Limited Petrochem Gulf Holdings Ltd Tiana Trust Company Ltd Grovener Trust Company Limited Thybo Trustees Limited Gauguin Trustees PVT Limited Matrix Structured Products Limited QH Property Holdings Limited Pioneer Industries International Holdings Ltd. East End Telcom Aurum India Fund Ltd IMC Holdings Limited Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited Ingersoll-Rand Global Holding Company Limited Ingersoll-Rand International Holding Limited Ingersoll-Rand Treasury Ltd. Ingersoll-Rand Funding Ltd. Afikim Investment Fund Limited Wine Investment Fund Limited (The) BulkOcean (Bermuda) Ltd Berge Helene Limited Gibraltar Insurance Company Ltd. Fine Art Insurance Ltd Singer Sourcing Ltd Singer Sourcing Ltd. Con't American Oak Hill Assurance Ltd FF Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Helios Assurance Company Limited World Wide Marina Ltd. Geolandia, Ltd. Simar Oil Ltd. Tacoma Company Limited Asia Broadcasting and Communications Network, Ltd Jetcom International Holdings Limited China Netcom Corporation International Limited Class 3 Shipping Limited Power Corporation (International) Limited MUNDO GAS SHIPPING LTD. Red Kite Compass Fund Limited Red Kite Master Fund Limited Red Kite Prospect I Master Fund Limited Red Kite Metals Limited Red Kite Compass Master Fund Limited Red Kite Select LP Mansell Shipping Limited Liverpool Limited Partnership (The) Carmel Holdings Limited Orient Lines Ltd Koch CT Europe Investments L.P. RBC Corporate Services (Bermuda) Limited Banco Nominees Limited Bankers Insurance Company Limited WTC Insurance Corporation, Ltd Medina Limited Three Crowns Insurance Company Limited Henley Group Limited Karce International Holdings Co Ltd Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited Nam Fong International Holdings Ltd Victory City International Holdings Limited K. Wah International Holdings Limited Conti Chia Tai International Holdings Ltd Internet Bermuda Limited Interclaim (Bermuda) Limited Pepsi-Cola International Limited Perennial International Limited China Systems Corporation Ltd. Certified Systems Limited Cabletron Systems Limited Shires Insurance Ltd. Cives Insurance Corporation Ltd. Isosceles Insurance Ltd Brant Point Fund International Ltd Bermutine Transport Corporation Limited Luna Transports (Bermuda) Limited Intermaritime Transportation Limited SA Jinhui Shipping and Transportation Limited Transcontinental Capital Corp. (Bermuda) Limited Product Transport Corporation Ltd OOCL Transport & Logistics Holdings Limited Shipcraft Transport Ltd Gypsum Transportation Limited Ministry of Tourism and Transport World of Transport Limited (The) Linmark Group Limited Chevron Overseas Finance I Limited Accession Mezzanine Capital L.P. Majestic Capital Ltd Aurigen Capital Limited Embro Capital Network Ltd Mazuma Capital Management Limited Equilibria Capital Management Limited Shrewsbury Underwritting Capital (Bermuda) Ltd. Meridian International Ltd. Meridian Management Limited Meridian Insurance Company Limited Mezzaninie Capital Ltd Skol International, Ltd. Golden State RE Ltd ATLANTIC PRINTING SERVICES Lantana Colony Club Limited Concordia Capital Ltd Tyco Capital Ltd Catalyst Capital, Ltd Sutton Capital Ltd Value Capital L.P. Linden Capital LP European Capital Corporation Limited Creator Capital Limited Xaraf Capital Limited Fusion Capital Ltd Capital G Limited GCI Capital Ltd. Capital G Investments Limited EXEL CAPITAL HCL Venture Capital Limited Capital Strategic Investment Limited Capital E (Bermuda) Ltd Oakley Capital GP II Limited Hermes Capital Limited Pelican Chemical Traders Ltd HSBC Insurance (SAC) Limited Aspen Bermuda Limited Live Oak Company Limited Odfjell Shipping (Bermuda) Ltd Henry Simmont Man Glenwood Multi-Strategy GB Ltd. Canadian Corporate Services (International) Limited Compass Overseas Ltd Compassion Overseas Ltd Compass Re Limited Prime Investments Managed Account Master Limited STELLAR NAVIGATION LTD Antares Reinsurance Limited BRITISH INDEMNITY LIMITED British Security Group Limited BRITTANY INSURANCE COMPANY LTD Northstar Financial Services (Bermuda) Ltd Socap International Limited A.F. Smith Trading Company Ltd. W.P. Stewart & Co. Ltd Hoegh LNG Holdings Ltd International Asset Systems Limited Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd CLSA Financial Products Ltd Western Metal Sales Limited Continental Enterprises Ltd Tyco Telecommunications Ltd Pantheon Telecom Limited Asia Telecom Group Ltd Telecom Americas Ltd. China Cement Corporation Ltd Man RMF Multi-Style USD Trading Ltd Man RMF Multi-Style Euro Trading Ltd Man RMF Multi-Style Ltd Akai Holdings Limited Hop Kin Holdings Limited Sky Holdings Limited Hop Hing (Holding) Limited OM Holdings Limited Hopson Development Holdings Limited TTC Holdings Limited Decca Holdings Limited Shun Cheong Holdings Limited HG Holdings Ltd. A.S.E. Holding Limited CPM Holdings Limited Millenium International Ltd. Dharmala Holding Limited Superior Holdings Limited Drax Holdings Ltd Mutual Fund Technologies Limited Unlimited Creativity Holdings Limited Schroder Investments (SVITT) Limited Old Mutual International Asseet Managers (Bermuda) Old Mutual Group Services Limited Old Mutual Global Assets Fund Limited J & R Holding Limited Intelsat Holdings, Ltd. Eagle Brazil Invest Ltd. Partnership African Minerals Limited MFS International Ltd Universal Genesis International Ltd Genesis Funding Limited Genesis Portfolio Funding I Limited Castle Harbour Insurance Limited RIDGEWAY INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Tokio Millennium Re Ltd Axa Financial (Bermuda) Ltd Xenia Insurance Company Limited Jade Dynasty Group Limited Benor Tankers Limited Shenzhen International Holdings Limited Said Holdings Limited Cont William Bluck & Co. Ltd. Ltd Eaton Services Limited Man-Glenwood Holdings Limited

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