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Chef Foods Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturers Life Reinsurance Ltd Wentworth Insurance Co. Ltd. Chemical Industries Ltd Rec Bitumen SRL Stoute Distributors Inc International Refills Co. Ltd Barbados Shipping & Trading Company Limited D.A.J. Manufacturing Inc. Radnor Hospital Inc Bearfoot Capital Inc Firgos (Eastern Caribbean) Limited West Indies Pharmaceuticals Ltd SX Technologies Inc Cross Island Distributors Inc Needham's Point Holdings Ltd G Adventures Inc. A.S.C Finance International Holdings Ltd Aptiv Technologies Ltd Carl Francis Mark Anthony International SRL Imagine Insurance Company Limited Rinrand Holdings Inc. Helen of Troy Ltd Holden International Inc. Botanic Naturals International Inc. Stampede Insurance Ltd Manulife Financial Corporation Miura Financial Services, Inc Multi-Flour International Corp. Kuehne + Nagel Logistic Services Limited Shoemasters Limited Cooke Insurance (Barbados) Ltd Top Synergy Services Ltd. DaCosta Mannings Incorporated Sofi Ltd Technovative Design Kayla Foods Int'l Barbados Inc. Caribbean Shipping Services, Ltd Louis L. Bayley and Sons Limited Bank Of Montreal ( Barbados) Ltd. Videoway Technologies Ltd. Watertight Insurance Limited Vale China Holdings (Barbados) Ltd AAVID Thermalloy China Holdings Ltd. Capitalretail China Investments (B) Alpha Pte Ltd BCO Inc Ocean Breeze Resort Ltd BBO Financial Services Inc Fortress Mutual Fund Limited Caribbean Centre For Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency ISLAND MEMORIES LTD. Medicorp Limited Coronation International Golf Ltd. Marileo Investment Co. Ltd. London Life and Casualty Reinsurance Corporation Martindale's Bridgetown Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited Transactel (Barbados) Inc BP (Barbados) Holding SRL Restaurant Equipment Sales And Services Ltd Platinum Port Agency, Inc. Starr Financial (Barbados) I, Inc Rogers & Jordan Ltd Hornbeam Oilfield Services Inc Belo Sun Minig (Barbados) Corp Inelectra Services Ltd PSMT (Barbados) Inc Consolidated Energy Ltd. Landmark International Inc Kocken Energy Systems International Inc Tab Building Ltd. Plumrose Holding Ltd ADAMS CONSTRUCTION LTD. Alcyone Corp SIMON, JOSHUA Standev & R K Trading Co Ltd STANLEY FOODS LTD. Pharmacy Sales Caribbean Inc. Northern Star Fund Management Inc International Sea Food Ltd. K. J's Holdings Inc. Cargo-Link (Caribbean) Inc Cellate Caribbean Limited Coral Reef Club Ing Cof I SRL Ariana Caribbean Ltd Servier Caribbean Ltd G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Limited Scor Global Life Reinsurance (Barbados) Ltd Lewis Satellite and Electronic Services Ltd Central Bank of Barbados First Cumberland Bank Inc. Dancap Bank (Barbados) Inc Paper Sales Corporation Ltd Moore International Sales Inc. PROPERTY SALES LIMITED Shell Western Supply & Trading Limited Electronics Arts Foreign Sales Corp. Gold Eagle Import and Export, Inc. Grace Kennedy (Caribbean) Ltd Caribbean Property Control Systems Ltd Trident Wines Inc Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Capital Management SRL Accedium Insurance Co. Ltd. ACME Manufacturing Company Limited De Lima (Barbados) Holding Ltd. Langevin Holdings (Barbados) Ltd. Diproinvest Limited Romlight International Inc International Clothing Company Inc. Pennengineering Global Holdings SRL European International Holding Co. Ltd. XYZ Telecom Corp SWISSART WATCH & JEWELLERY CO., LTD Container Applications Ltd JFI Global Purchasing Ltd. Federal Trident Ltd. C&W Networks (Greater Antilles) Inc Cirrus Logic International Ltd Interlogic Corporation Restaurant Associates (Barbados) Ltd STAR DISCOUNT LTD. Star Products Co. Ltd. Days Investment Ltd Michael Greaves Associates (B'dos) Inc Ocean International Reinsurance Company Limited Baffin Investments Ltd DSC Security Products International Ltd. S. O. Pilgrim Co. Ltd Federal Arctic Ltd A & R Tempro (1986) Ltd Safe Investments Limited M.D.E. Open Architecture Ltd Surfsong Properties Inc. Windward Trading Company Limited Global Trading & Development Group Ltd. GREAT NORTHERN INSURANCE COMPANY (B'DOS) LIMITED DBB Insurance Co. Ltd. CCG Capital Ltd Afriore Ltd. Biovail Laboratories (2005) Inc. Tycom Networks (Barbados) Ltd. GAS PRODUCTS LTD. Haggatt Hall Holdings Limited Gildan Activewear SRL. Benmar Agencies, Inc. Brydens Retail Inc. Barbados Port Inc Milvus 1 Reassurance Ltd BB Worldwide Investments Holdings SRL. Supreme Courts Of Barbados Reg Dept Integrated Security Systems Ltd Acacia Mining (Barbados) Corp Aim Insurance (Barbados) SCC N S R Ltd. The Canada Life Assurance Company (Barbados Branch) The West India Biscuit Company Limited Mobil Marketing Barbados Co Ltd Marsh & McLennan Companies Finance Center Luxembourg Sarl SUPERIOR OPTICAL COMPANY LTD. St. George & Associates Ltd. Exeter Holdings Ltd. Caribbean Cotton Industries Inc. Nothing Else Matters Inc Integrated Technical Services Ltd. Ameritech Global Services Ltd TCPL Insurance Services Ltd IHS Markit Global SRL Tropical Computers Ltd Sym-Tech Management Services Inc. R S Nichols and Son Ltd M.N.G. Equity Systems Inc. Cindus Group Ltd Foster & Ince Cruise World Equatorial Energy Trading Corp. Tropical Beverages Ltd CFFI UK Ventures (Barbados) Ltd CODY INSURANCE LTD. Gooding Enterprises, Ltd. Acadia Outdoors Ltd Mcal Trading International Ltd IRM Solutions Inc Sports & Games (Barbados) Ltd. Sherritt International Cuba Oil and Gas Ltd Raymond Licorish Barbados Steel Works Limited Nexus Chambers Almavico Ltd Days Books DENHAM CORPORATE SERVICES INC CBE Systems, Inc. Cartera Central Corporation Barsub Ltd. Coastal Zone Management Unit S&S Lock Indemnity (Barbados) Ltd Charlemagne Capital (Barbados) Ltd BMO Reinsurance Limited Misty Point Investment SRL Concrete Products Ltd WSS International Holdings 1 Inc Inelectra Inc. General Electric Exports Inc. Effortless Holdings Ltd. CPCS Transcom International Limited Bakers Choice Inc REGENCY COVE HOTEL J&T Bank and Trust Inc North Cariboo Air International Corporation K & M Express Optical Ltd G. C. S. Limited ARC Irrigation Inc. Global Business Alliance Corp. Multi Media Graphics Limited Magminerals Inc Merida Holding Co Ltd B.M. TRADING LTD. Caribbean Air Cargo Co Ltd CENTRAL FOODS LTD. CATELLI FOOD PRODUCTS (BARBADOS) LTD. CORAL ISLES GARMENTS LTD KD's Food Fair Ltd CARIBBEAN PEST CONTROL LTD. Lach Limited Barbados Feeds Ltd Food Service Products Limited Caribbean Painting Services, Ltd. BASARRY SHOE DISCOVERY CO. LTD. CARIBBEAN AMUSEMENTS LTD AHI (CARIBBEAN) LTD. Pinnacle Foods Inc AHI Plastics (Caribbean) Ltd CARIBBEAN CONTAINERS LTD. Durette & Co (Caribbean) Ltd Sol Antilles & Guianas Ltd CARIBBEAN INSURANCE CO LTD Fort Royal Garage Limited NATIONAL FOODS LTD. Shell Trading (Caribbean) Ltd AMERICAN FOODS LTD SMITHFIELD FOODS INC. SYSTEM CARIBBEAN LTD. Chickmont Foods (Barbados) Ltd JAY BAN LTD RCI HOLDINGS INC. Mark & Co., Ltd, R.L Restonic Caribbean Ltd. J & A Consolidated Shippers Ltd. J E Security Systems & Services Caribbean Trading Services, Ltd

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