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Wentworth Insurance Co. Ltd. Firgos (Eastern Caribbean) Limited Manulife Financial Corporation Manufacturers Life Reinsurance Ltd Cooke Insurance (Barbados) Ltd Chef Foods Manufacturing Inc. Stoute Distributors Inc D & B Blades & Co. Ltd Smartmatic International Corporation Needham's Point Holdings Ltd D.A.J. Manufacturing Inc. Marsh & McLennan Companies Finance Center Luxembourg Sarl NT Nexustours Corp. BBO Financial Services Inc Ocean International Reinsurance Company Limited Baffin Investments Ltd Amphora Bank & Trust Corporation GJ`s Associates Inc. Delphi Technologies IP Ltd Aptiv Technologies Ltd PSMT (Barbados) Inc Mark Anthony International SRL Louis L. Bayley and Sons Limited Gibbs & Co. Ltd., L. E. International Refills Co. Ltd Interamericana Trading Corporation Accedium Insurance Co. Ltd. Cross Island Distributors Inc Amega Holdings (Barbados) Inc Trilon International Inc. JFI Global Purchasing Ltd. Restaurant Associates (Barbados) Ltd Helen of Troy Ltd The IGI Insurance Company Limited Coronation International Golf Ltd. London Life and Casualty Reinsurance Corporation Sofram Trading GAS PRODUCTS LTD. Pharmaceutical Technologies Corp. Miura Financial Services, Inc Windermere Bank & Trust Ltd Origo Graphics Caribe Future Development Inc Bearfoot Capital Inc Barbados Manufacturers' Association Ivy Retail SRL Carl Francis Food Service Products Limited Durette & Co (Caribbean) Ltd Fort Royal Garage Limited Shell Trading (Caribbean) Ltd K. J's Holdings Inc. Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency Sol Caribbean Ltd Servier Caribbean Ltd Moorjani Caribbean (Barbados) Ltd Johnson & Co Ltd, E Louis D'or Investment Bank Ltd. Cidel Bank & Trust Inc. Dancap Bank (Barbados) Inc Herbalife Foreign Sales Corporation Trinbar Sales & Services Barbados Shipping & Trading Company Limited ACME Manufacturing Company Limited Scotiabank Caribbean Holdings Ltd Alpharma Holdings (Barbados) Ltd Chemtrade Corporation Continuum S.R.L. Affiliated Computer Services International (Barbados) Ltd. Magna Powertrain (Barbados) Inc I.T. International Telecom Marine S.R.L. Wolverine Ice Ltd. ICE UNLIMITED CO LTD Ice Cap Enterprises SRL Rinrand Holdings Inc. Eckler Partners Ltd Goddard Enterprises Limited Financial Services Commission Hero International Ltd. Canfornav Inc RBC (Barbados) Funding Ltd A.S.C Finance International Holdings Ltd Rec Bitumen SRL Medicorp Limited S. O. Pilgrim Co. Ltd Smartco Ltd. Garrison Investments Inc. Northern Re Insurance Company Ltd University of the West Indies West Indies Pharmaceuticals Ltd A & R Tempro (1986) Ltd Stampede Insurance Ltd M.D.E. Open Architecture Ltd Commerce International Group Ltd. Global Tuition & Education Reinsurance Corporation Shamrock Trading Co Ltd CP Hotels (Barbados) Inc Nimsay Trading Co. Ltd. Transactel (Barbados) Inc BP (Barbados) Holding SRL Tycom Networks (Barbados) Ltd. Tasker & Co.,Ltd., James F.L. Amphora Life Insurance Co Ltd Goddards Shipping (Barbados) Limited Restaurant Equipment Sales And Services Ltd Multi-Flour International Corp. BROOKS, TREVOR Shoemasters Limited Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Soje Lonsdale Advertising Inc. Electronic Solutions Barbados Limited ATI Allegheny China Holdings SRL Massy Distribution (Barbados) Ltd. Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc Knight Therapeutics Barbados Inc Sym-Tech Management Services Inc. Radnor Hospital Inc DaCosta Mannings Incorporated Toronto Dominion International Inc CFFI UK Ventures (Barbados) Ltd Smart Tech International Vertex Insurance Corp Simpson Motors Limited Opinion Research Group (ORG) Ltd Multi-Foods International Ltd Chemical Industries Ltd RGA Reinsurance Company (Barbados) Ltd Harris Holdings Limited Inteva Products (Barbados) Limited Alveda Pharmaceuticals International Inc Smartmatic Services Corporation P.G. Gloumeau Inc. HERBERT LTD., T. HERBERT, CARLISLE Raya34 Sports Inc. Battaleys (Barbados) Ltd. REGENCY COVE HOTEL J&T Bank and Trust Inc North Cariboo Air International Corporation K & M Express Optical Ltd G. C. S. Limited ARC Irrigation Inc. Global Business Alliance Corp. Multi Media Graphics Limited Magminerals Inc Merida Holding Co Ltd B.M. TRADING LTD. Standev & R K Trading Co Ltd Caribbean Air Cargo Co Ltd CENTRAL FOODS LTD. CATELLI FOOD PRODUCTS (BARBADOS) LTD. CORAL ISLES GARMENTS LTD KD's Food Fair Ltd STANLEY FOODS LTD. CARIBBEAN PEST CONTROL LTD. Lach Limited Barbados Feeds Ltd Caribbean Painting Services, Ltd. BASARRY SHOE DISCOVERY CO. LTD. CARIBBEAN AMUSEMENTS LTD AHI (CARIBBEAN) LTD. Pinnacle Foods Inc AHI Plastics (Caribbean) Ltd CARIBBEAN CONTAINERS LTD. Pharmacy Sales Caribbean Inc. WYSE SHOPPERS FOOD FAIR LTD. Sol Antilles & Guianas Ltd CARIBBEAN INSURANCE CO LTD NATIONAL FOODS LTD. AMERICAN FOODS LTD SMITHFIELD FOODS INC. SYSTEM CARIBBEAN LTD. Chickmont Foods (Barbados) Ltd JAY BAN LTD RCI HOLDINGS INC. Mark & Co., Ltd, R.L Restonic Caribbean Ltd. J & A Consolidated Shippers Ltd. J E Security Systems & Services Caribbean Trading Services, Ltd CSI Caribbean Ltd Caribbean American Trading Ltd Caribbean Cigar Company Inc Silicate Caribbean Ltd CRAWFORD CARIBBEAN LIMITED ANTILLES AGENCIES INC ANTILLEAN GREETINGS INC ANTILLES INVESTMENT & MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS INC FEED & GARDEN SUPPLIES SANDY BEACH ISLAND RESORT Sandy Lane Hotel Co. Limited Kayla Foods Int'l (Barbados) Inc. Food & Agrigulture Organization of the United Nations Northern Star Fund Management Inc Silver Sands Resorts Ltd. Caribbean Shipping Services, Ltd Firstcaribbean International Bank (Offshore) Ltd Caribbean Sea Island Cotton Co. Ltd. International Sea Food Ltd. Vincent Elliott Limited Trans Island Air 2000 Boston Scientific Ltd French Trading Co. Ltd. Caribe Industrial Products Services Ltd. Caribbean Wireless Corporation Marcus Evans Ltd Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund Ltd. ETI Technologies Inc. Caribbean Anglo Speculative Holdings Inc Nature Foods Ltd J. E. Security Systems & Services Inc Capital Partners Caribbean Ltd Ernst & Young Caribbean Services Ltd Digicel Barbados Limited Mark's Auto Spares Inc. Imagine Insurance Company Limited Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation Capital Growth Investment Fund Ltd Cargo-Link (Caribbean) Inc Caribbean Consultants Ltd. Joseph Sealy Caribbean Ari Inc Europe's Best International SRL Cheryl Coward Caribbean World Travel Services Limited Bear Stearns Caribbean Asset Holdings Ltd Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre Adams Castle Development Inc ET (Barbados) Holdings SRL Star Freight Service Inc Cellate Caribbean Limited Caribbean Security Supplies Coral Reef Club Ing Cof I SRL Caribbean Airport Services Ariana Caribbean Ltd Ing Recof Holdco S.R.L. Ing Tianjin S.R.L. Ing Shanghai Hunan Ltd Caribbean Homes Ltd Prospect Bay Resorts Limited Caribbean Lighting Solutions Vermilion Barbados Ltd REGAL PRINTING CO PRINTSOURCE Enherent (Barbados) Ltd Sussex Group Ltd Printex Printery Ltd Printmax Ltd. Mountain Crest SRL

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