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USIF Real Estate Renova Holding Ltd. Playtech Systems Limited Solomon Brothers Limited ISLAND FURNITURE CO. LTD. Intergrain Company Ltd Dixstone Holdings Limited Market Research Inc. The D`Albenas Agency Ltd Premier Importers Limited Abaco Distributors Ltd Citi Investments Bahamas Ltd. J&P Investments Limited Paradise Enterprises Ltd Independent Petroleum Group Limited CTF BM Operations Ltd Se Rangoon Limited VIGO Trading Limited Sinochem International Petroleum (Bahamas) Company Limited Perenco Petroleum Limited Odebrecht Overseas Limited Djibouth Oil and Gas Marketing Company Limited Island Hotel Company Limited Agriculture & Energy Carriers Ltd. Sturdee Finance Company S.A. Bamont Trust Company Limited South Pacific Funds and Commerce Limited Otis Elevator Company Sani Holding Ltd Fruit Shippers Limited Atlantic Bank Of Commerce Ltd GTC Corporate Services Limited Eastern Hydrocarbon Funding Limited Kemp & Sons Ltd., Audley C. Albany Resort Operator Limited Grand Bahama Power Company Limited Davco Computer Systems Ltd. UBS Trustees (Bahamas) Ltd Freeport Jet Wash & Automart Ltd Texas Gas and Oil Limited Passerine At Abaco Holding Ltd United Shipping Company (Nassau) Limited Tourama Limited Alpen Global Investments Ltd Sun Development Limited Sun Oil Limited Honeywell Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals, Ltd. HSBC Global Asset Management Holdings (Bahamas) Limited Trans Med International Energy Corporation Competition Team Technologies Limited Aetos Holding Limited Clipper Group Ltd Finter Bank (Bahamas) Ltd Transway Trading Corporation Limited Five Oceans Life Insurance Company SAC Ltd Nowata Limited Danae Bethel Meyado Group Holdings Limited Baraterre Limited CIBC Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Alternative Consulting Corporation Citi Overseas Holdings Bahamas Limited Blue Illusions Limited Arch Ltd Sand, Edwin P. Nygard Holdings Limited Veslin Holdings Inc Fulmar Advisors Ltd Mackinnon International Limited GRAND BAHAMAS-FURNITURE & APPLIANCES CENTRE LTD. Wren Ventures Limited Andros Compania Maritima S.A. Paradise Blue Water Ltd Commonwealth Building Supplies Limited Russian Investment Insurance Management Ltd. North Bay Ltd. Citadel Management Inc. Intertrade Resources Ltd. Credit Agricole Suisse Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd. Canam Offshore Limited Clipper Bulk Shipping Ltd Baha Mar Development Company Ltd. International Shipping Agency Ltd Alpha & Omega Trade Company Limited Statoil South Riding Point LLC ISTHMUS INTERNATIONAL BANK (BAHAMAS) LTD. The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Helvetic Management Services Ltd City Lumber Yard Ltd City Services Limited Global Tile Imports Ltd Global Interlink Ltd Seer Investments Techint International Construction Corp (Tenco) MB & H Corporate Services Ltd First Trust Bank Ltd Capital One Ltd AML Foods Limited Scotiabank Caribbean Treasury Limited Vostok Enterprises Ltd Baltic Forwarding Corporation Golden Wings Chapter Limited FT Holding Limited Arcxo International Energy Holdings Inc Santa Marcelina Investments & Arbitrage Ltd. Abbvie Bahamas Ltd. ROYWEST TRUST CORP. LTD. Capital Union Bank Ltd AFP Capital Management Limited Tarpumbay Limited Inchcape Shipping Services Bahamas, Inc Cochan Limited Novus Aviation Ltd Sassoon Group Limited Kent Shipping And Chartering Limited Mayakoba Holdings Ltd Keypoint Investments Leblon Investment Fund Limited LNG Jurojin Shipping Corporation International Fertilizers Limited Euroloyalty inc. Phoenix Export Funding Limited CHEMALY, NORMA M. Bahamas Waste Limited Shayne's Department Stores Ltd. Chela Tech Medical Laboratory Ltd Perenco Investments S.A. Sonamer Limited Quest International Ventures Ltd Mindora Corporation Caribbean Electrical & Appliances Company Limited Ammonite Holdings Ltd Perenco International Limited Renova Industries Ltd. Inteligo Bank Limited Coles of Nassau Limited E.N.I. International Bank Ltd OBS Marine Limited Blue Don II Ltd Espirito Santo Resources Limited Commonwealth Drug & Medical Supplies Limited Asa H. Pritchard Ltd Marine & Land Industries Bunny's Adventure and Cruise Company Limited Light Blue Trading (Bahamas) Limited Blue Aquamarine Company Limited Systems Resource Group (Bahamas) Ltd. Esso Holding Company Singapore Limited Unisource Holding Inc Gonet Bank Trust Limited Franks Ice Cream Odyssey Marketing Inc Global Opportunities Trading Limited Castle Ventures Limited Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies Limited Ablemax Grace, Limited Cathay Investment and Development Corp (Bah) Ltd Paradox Security Systems (Bahamas) Ltd Orry J Sands & Co. Ltd Adanac Investment Company Ltd. Intercorp Peru Ltd HIGGS AND JOHNSON Mayfair Capital Investments Ltd. Lloyds TSB Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd Royal Fidelity Merchant Bank & Trust Limited TRANSWORLD TRADING CONTINENTAL LTD Perenco Oil Trading Inc Guta Bank Ltd (Bahamas) Ocean Club Estates Community Association Limited Oceanic Greystone Securities Inc Grand Bahama Utility Fund Advisors Limited Templeton Capital Advisors Ltd. Galmir Advisory Services Ltd Financial Hills Ltd. Finance Corporation of The Bahamas Limited Abacus Company Ltd Accu-Freight Ltd Tycoon Management Ltd Tradeco Limited Global Group International Inc. Global Bunkering Ltd Corner Bank (Overseas) Limited Clivedale Overseas Limited Odebrecht Solutions Inc The Private Trust Company Limited Santander Bank & Trust Limited EFG Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd Penn's Builders Square The Simpson C Penn Foundation The Linen Shop Limited Old Rocky Holdings Inc. Lenton Ventures Limited Consumers Choice Auto Parts and Accessories Phoenix Four Inc The Bank of Nova Scotia International Limited Caribbean World Trading Ltd Integrated Security Solutions Rimon Global Macro Fund Ltd Tsain San Enterprise Company Ltd Stratus Corporation BANK OF NASSAU (LTD.) Leggat Ventures Limited Venture Leisure, Ltd. Banco Internacional de Costa Rica Limited Agricultural Development Corporation Da Glass kitchen Jags International Services Chandler Gilbert Insurance Associates Limited Sunshine Insurance Agents & Brokers Limited Inventages Venture Capital Investments Inc Penzinvest Ltd Tropicana Holdings (Bahamas) Ltd Codaca Holding & Investment Co. Ltd. Instar AirMarketing Ltd Citi Holdings Bahamas Ltd. Bluegrass Limited CRD Holding Ltd Maridi Investment Company Limited Aston Group Inc. Chanrai Investment Corporation Limited Baron Ventures Limited Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) Limited Be Aliv Limited Chea & Sons Ltd Fueled International Limited Sienna Investments Limited Warwick Paradise Island Ltd. Lynwood Capital Management Fund Limited Primary Management Limited Burns House Limited Harborside At Atlantic Joint Venture Limited Sonic Investments Limited Tie Rack Limited Monteray Holdings Limited O'BREIN ENTERPRISES LTD. Sputnik Group Ltd Papay Shipping Ltd Fitpart fund administration services limited Continental Ventures Limited MRC Investment Fund Ltd Newco2015 Limited IM INVESTMENT FUND LTD Global Logistics Ltd Stanhope Ventures Limited RP Investment Fund Ltd Butterfly Ventures Limited Shinobu Shipping Company Limited Indorama Petro Limited Jesmond Management Limited

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