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Antigua Wireless Ventures Ltd West Trading Company Ltd Trans Caribbean Marketing Limited Chase Distributors Ltd. EVG Bank Limited Dr Technologies Limited Higher Consulting Management Services HCMS Akhimo Caribbean Ltd Intertops Antigua International, Gaming and Entertainment Limited Antigua Power Company Limited (APC) Hazel Roy Barnes Roberts Construction and Engineering Ltd. Caribbean Distribution Company Ltd Caricement Antigua Limited Southwest Trading Company Limited Wadadli Enterprises Limited Flat Point Development Ltd Cala Pinar Shipping Company Caribbean Wholesale Agency, Ltd Builders Merchants Limited Global Entertainment (Antigua) Ltd Nemuro Industrial Group Ltd Sun Internet Services Inc. Three Enterprises Ltd Mauren Shipping Co Ltd FTX Trading Ltd. Admiral Tinka Shipping Co Ltd Steel World Imperial E-Club Limited Caribbean Pharmaceutical Supplies Ltd Caribbean Council for the Blind Antigua Commercial Bank Ltd BROWN, URBANE Browne Brother Construction BM Short Sea Ltd Dial Holdings Ltd A.W.H. HOLDINGS LTD Antigua Computer Technology Co. Ltd RYS International Group Inc Michael Mitchell A. and Sons Mitchell A Michael Ltd Antigua International Trust Ltd Timeless Treasures Ltd Central Tyres Services (1975) Ltd. Naviblue Corporation Tech Corporation Raymond A. Smith Gomes Enterprises Ltd Shaw Brothers Enterprise Alfred Shaw North International Bank Limited Paradigm Consulting Ltd SPECIALTY SHOPPE LTD. MRL Shipping Ltd Mistral Shipping Company Limited Raeburn Generator Services Limited GENERAL TRADING AGENCY LTD. Sangai Consolidated Ltd Refrigeration Services Ltd. Cool and Smooth CITY PHARMACY LTD.,=THE= Hugh Bailey Trading As Catamaran Hotel + Marina Italy Imports Ltd. CARIBBEAN MARINE MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION CO. LTD. Liat (1974) Limited Khouly Enterprises Ltd CARIBBEAN RESORT LTD. Caribbean Forwarders Ltd. Tennis Concepts Ltd SUN FRESH CARIBBEAN LTD CARIBBEAN GEMS Caribbean Watersports Ltd European Union Bank Inc. Caribbean Educational Services Ltd. Caribbean American Bank Limited Caribbean International Insurance Company, Inc Sands Trading Financial Services Group, Inc. The Global Marketing & Financial Services Limited Caribbean Management & Trust Co Ltd Caribbean Banking Corporation Limited Bento Holdings Ltd. Ministry Of Finance European Federal Credit Bank Limited Stanford Financial Group Limited Caribbean Alliance Insurance Company Limited New Systems Ltd Caribbean Star Airlines Ltd Paragon Motors Lts Caribbean Water Treatment Limited Caribbean Maritime Services Ltd Sun Images Caribbean Limited Caribbean Sun Airlines CTA Financial Services Limited Caribbean Union Bank Ltd Caribbean Helicopters Limited Jolly Harbour Caribe Merchant Shipping (Antigua) Ltd Mi Casa Imports Ltd World Gaming PLC LINTON MARK CONTRACTORS ANTIGUA LTD. NORTH COAST MARINE LTD. Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Limited Antigua Poultry & Allied Industries Ltd The Antigua Distillery Ltd ANTIGUA POULTRY & ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTD. ANTIGUA DAIRY CO. LTD. Antigua Plumbing and Hardware Centre Limited ANTIGUA GASES LTD. ANTIGUA HOSIERY LTD. MARINE HANDLING CO LTD ANTIGUA MARINE INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT SERVICE LTD. Brisbane & Company (Antigua) Limited, OD ANTIGUA & BARBUDA FURNISHINGS (COURTS) LTD. Bank of Antigua Ltd. CANAM (ANTIGUA) LTD. MARINE AND GENERAL SERVICES St. James's Club Antigua Ltd ANTIGUA BARBUDA MEAT DEVELOPMENT CORP LTD. The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority ANTIGUA & BARBUDA CONSTRUCTION CO LTD. ANTIGUA FARM AND GARDEN SUPPLIES ANTIGUA SILVER STAR Department of Marine Services & Merchant Shipping Santa Barbara Antigua Land Development Co. Ltd. Antigua & Barbuda Broadcasting Service Ltd Antigua Brewery Limited Base (Antigua) Ltd Antigua Dairy Co Lrd Star Agency (Antigua) Ltd Courts Antigua and Barbuda Limited Antigua Management and Trust, Ltd. Budget Marine (Antigua) Ltd. Antigua Distributors Plus Limited Merit Quest Management International Limited Government of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua Sailing Week Antigua Overseas Bank Limited Allgast Marine Company Limited I Got Games Group Ltd Airport Services (Antigua) Ltd West Marine Limited Serinex Global Corp - Antigua Branch The Antigua Public Library Antigua Yacht Services CMT Corporate Services Limited Britt Antigua Limited Rodrick Brown Horizon Bank International Limited Pastry's Limited Superyacht Publications Quin Farara & Co. Ltd. Plastic Foam & Furniture Ltd Ubixo Limited United Insurance Company Limited ABI Insurance Company Limited Diamond Insurance Co. Ltd Accord Insurance Co Ltd State Insurance Corporation American Diversified Insurance Company West Point Insurance Co. Ltd. Life of Barbados Insurance Ltd St. Georges Insurance Brokers Ltd Olympian Insurance Company Ltd Tangent Insurance Co Ltd. Goodwill Agencies Company Ltd Slysoft Inc Westrading Co. Ltd. ABI Bank Ltd Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue Limited Antigua & Barbuda Port Authority Elle Ltd Sanne Shiping Co. Ltd Carina Shipping Ltd Wild Orchid Inter Island Sales & Services INTERNATIONAL MARKETING LTD First Pay Limited Payscout Ltd The West Indies Oil Company Limited Texaco West Indies Limited. West Indies Cricket Board Inc. Joseph Dew Division of Dantzler West Indies Ltd. A & W WELDING & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LTD. West Indian Sea Island Cotton Shop Ltd. World Wide Tele Sports Limited Sea View Heights Limited Pioneer Sea Shipping Co Ltd Antigua & Barbuda Tansport Board Hadeed & Sons, F.E. Global Bank of Commerce Ltd BARRETOS HOLDINGS LTD. Chemper Inc Chemtrade Limited Sea Green Air Transport Limited Robert Shoul Oyster Bay Holding, Ltd. FDS Holdings Ltd Ayenwolde Shipping Co. Ltd Oldehave Shipping Co Ltd Carib Holdings Ltd. Eworld Holdings Inc Valetta Holdings Ltd Embolden Shipping Company Ltd Big Banana Holdings Company Ltd A and D Holdings Limited Tri On Holding Inc Playstar Wyoming Holding Corp Indextrade PLC The Linen Shop Methodist Church of Antigua & Barbuda Antigua Fisheries Ltd Antigua Era Service ANTIGUA MODERN LTD. ANTIGUA LUMBER SUPPLIES ANTIGUA APPLIANCES INDUSTRIES LTD. Antigua Motors 1993 Limited Antigua Slipway Ltd. Antigua State College Michelle George Emerald Cove Group Ltd Fourth BD Feederships Shipping Limited Celina Shipping Company Limited Catena Shipping Co. Ltd Confianza Shipping Co Ltd Caribbean Shipping Ltd Coronel Shipping Co. Ltd Bluecap Enterprises Limited The Godtrypat Group Ltd Antigua & Barbuda Road Safety Group Inc Microcom Limited Boustany, Janet Michael Overseas Development Bank and Trust Co. Ltd American Pacific Bank & Trust Inc V.T.I. Bank Ltd. Banque R Supervielle ET Fils SA Maglobe Inc Skyjet Inc. INTERNATIONAL BANK TRUST CORP LTD. D Marketing Ltd The Hanover Bank Limited Barrington Bank Inc Boi Bank Corporation FPB Bank Inc Sofisa Bank Limited European Federal Credit Bank Limited Davos International Bank Ltd. Antigua Public Utilities Authority Antigua Public Utilities Authority PCS Antigua Printing & Publishing Limited